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Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s @sydneyflapper

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A celebration of all that's beautiful, strange and exciting about the 1920s, with a few excursions into the teens and 30s. - Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s (@sydneyflapper)
Lux advertising art 1920s @sydneyflapper

Lux advertising art, 1920s

Feisher yarn advertising art 1924 @sydneyflapper

Feisher yarn advertising art, 1924

Dalbrook silks advertisement 1926 @sydneyflapper

Dalbrook Silks advertisement, 1926

Looks like these girls are in some fabulous early @sydneyflapper

Looks like these girls are in some fabulous early beach pajamas (particularly if the seller is correct and these are c. 1929).

While they are unidentified, they may have some connection with Civil Rights leader Rev. Dr. William H. Jernagin, who appears with them in other photos.

Have not dropped off the face of the earthhave @sydneyflapper

Have not dropped off the face of the earth…have just been kicking up my heels at the Winter Art Deco event in Napier! Now taking a few days off with a friend in rural New Zealand. 

Portrait of woman in an asymmetrically embroidered @sydneyflapper

Portrait of woman in an asymmetrically embroidered dress, 1920s. Name on the back seems to read Alberta Robinson Labreu.

Holland america lines ss statendam of 1929 photo @sydneyflapper

Holland America line’s SS Statendam of 1929 (photo probably taken soon after she went into service).

As usual xavier sager knocks it out of the park @sydneyflapper

As usual, Xavier Sager knocks it out of the park. Allons enfants de la Patrie…

Phrygian caps everywhere @sydneyflapper

Phrygian caps everywhere….

You didnt think i was done with this day yet did @sydneyflapper

You didn’t think I was done with this day yet, did you?

La vie parisienne 12 july 1924 and patriotic @sydneyflapper

La Vie Parisienne 12 July 1924 and patriotic French postcard…

La vie parisienne 6 july 1929 you have to hand @sydneyflapper

La Vie Parisienne 6 July 1929.

You have to hand it to La Vie Parisienne - they never run out of ideas for ways to wear the the tricolour.

La vie parisienne 7 december 1918lets tear that @sydneyflapper

La Vie Parisienne, 7 December 1918…let’s tear that Bastille down!

July 14 down under time to get my francophilia @sydneyflapper

July 14 Down Under - time to get my Francophilia on and start celebrating la Fête nationale!

Illustration from la vie parisienne for 23 april @sydneyflapper

Illustration from La Vie Parisienne for 23 April 1910 - La Neuve de Marianne. Nothing like political cartoons from 105 years ago!

We’re still a day away down here from celebrating la Fête Nationale, but crack the champagne and storm the Bastille…I’m kicking things off with an early start.

I dont know what raymondism is but it looks like @sydneyflapper

I don’t know what Raymondism is, but it looks like my kind of thing.

(Kidding - Maurice Francois Raymond Saunders, known professionally as The Great Raymond, was one of the early 20th century’s great illusionists. I also like to imagine from this that he had a thing for Champagne).

Martial et armand styles 1924 @sydneyflapper

Martial et Armand styles, 1924

Champagne and the champagne industry have just @sydneyflapper

Champagne and the Champagne industry have just been granted UNESCO world heritage status - hurrah!!!!

Tu seras depute 1932 french film @sydneyflapper

Tu Seras Depute! 1932 French film