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This is just a bunch of stuff that gets me going. Very open for messages. And have kik - Sissy pages (@tara960)
Modelmylove yara love @tara960


Yara love.

Learntoeatowncum lick it up @tara960


Lick it up

Godessalexia ask me something dirty @tara960


Ask me something dirty, sissyboiis! ;)

40 wife for more related content visit my blog @tara960


For more related content visit my blog at:

Hotwifetexts this is a series of texts my fuck @tara960


This is a series of texts my fuck buddy and I had last night, we’re not officially a couple but she seemed really into cuckolding me when I told her about my fetish.  She said Yes!!!

=-=-=-HotWifeTexts Comments-=-=-=

Here’s the submission I received awhile back from the guy who said that he convinced his FWB to “cuckold” him.  You guys said that you were interested in seeing it, so here you are.

Hotwifetexts her trip to see her first official @tara960


Her trip to see her first official hotwife lover finally here.  This is the start of our convo when she arrived.

=-=-=-HotWife Texts Comments-=-=-=

Another submission from @irluva. I have a lot of trouble following these submissions and making sense out of them.  But I pieced these three together… I think they go together, but I’m not 100% sure on it.  Anyway, here you go.

Women hit the p spot when i run into this one i @tara960


When I run into this one I have to share it again. She thrusts so good. She would own me forever!

Submissions/questions KIK womenhitthepspot or email

Women hit the p spot she wins and its ok @tara960


She wins and it’s ok

Submissions/questions KIK womenhitthepspot or email

40 wife for more related content visit my blog @tara960


For more related content visit my blog at:

Needyhotwife husband just filled me up @tara960


Husband just filled me up 11/03/2015

Ashandj another hot text we stubbled on @tara960


Another hot text we stubbled on

Ashandj fucking hot @tara960


Fucking hot!

Oknow1975 godamnshe drives me crazy @tara960


GODAMN…she drives me crazy!!

Wildandsweetsquirts source of photo sex @tara960


Source of photo Sex Messenger. Thank you!

Oknow1975 asked my wife to write down exactly @tara960


Asked my wife to write down exactly what happened last time I let her go fuck

Cheatingandbreakupsluts i beat jake off today @tara960


“I beat Jake off today, babe.”
“Ha-ha don’t you mean up?”

Jerseyfresh328 prettyyylady27 seems to have @tara960


prettyyylady27 seems to have really put me in the mood for this today… Maybe she’ll be super nice, and let me use her after she’s finished with her daddy? Fingers crossed/cock at attention!!!

Ineedahotwifenow anglflw i really need to @tara960



I really need to find a man who wants other men to fuck me.

It would for me too

Takeher69 trying on and making me take pictures @tara960


Trying on and making me take pictures of the Victoria Secrets lingerie she made me buy her to go fuck her bull tomorrow night. She only let me take the pics I couldn’t touch her while she was in it.

Hotwifescuck2015 pitslayer nicole cf @tara960



Nicole cf

Damn! So sexy!

Mandbcouple im perfectly ok with and itll @tara960


I’m perfectly OK with and it’ll help you ease into hun. Plus he may be losing interest and think we’re fake :/

Creampieating another submission hot cum clean @tara960


Another submission. Hot cum clean up and creampie eating. Thank you Petr.

SUBMIT your own creampie eating/ cum kissing photos (you can send them via site or by e-mail:

Cumpussyeatinghubby explosive creampie pussy @tara960


Explosive creampie pussy! Look out below!

Cumpussyeatinghubby body glazed with loads of @tara960


Body glazed with loads of spuzz… it’s a buffet!

Cumpussyeatinghubby watching or helping @tara960


Watching, or helping…

Cumpussyeatinghubby strap on finger cock @tara960


Strap on, finger, cock, dildo… I like being fucked in the ass

Cumpussyeatinghubby sometimes she does get laid @tara960


Sometimes she does get laid without me, but I always get a great story and usually a hot wad of cum!

Cumpussyeatinghubby @tara960






Yes I have

Yes, often, so sexy„„„

Yes I have.

Yes I have, many times!!  Love it!

Oh hell yes. Best kisses are filled with jizz!

Sallymolay women who give no fucks about sexual @tara960


Women Who Give No Fucks About Sexual Labels

And the women are (from top):

  • Taylor Schilling
  • Missy Higgins
  • St. Vincent
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Lykke Li
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Maria Bello
  • Cate Blanchett

More cool statements about sex and gender liberated women here!

Cheatersandcucks it was dated from two months @tara960


It was dated from two months after she started dating you.

Kaylathegirlwithinblog having fun at home with @tara960


Having fun at home with some new looks that I will probably do some photo shoots in

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun so im the male @tara960


So I’m the male in this photo. My roommate/best friend is out of town. His gf always sees me bring girls over and hears them screaming. The other day I was at home watching football and someone knocked on the door. It was her. We started talking. 30 minutes later I’m deep in her pussy and she’s screaming her lungs out. She’s came over twice since then and says she plans on continuing to come over to fuck me. Even when he’s back. She also said she’s never creamed like she did when I fucked her so we had to take a picture for proof.


Beyondshannonsthoughts lpride swolizard @tara960





Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3

This made me so happy

this is beautiful


Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun shes cheating @tara960


She’s cheating on her boyfriend because she wanted something bigger….

Hot picture! Thnx!

Sissymaidk i understand the directive @tara960


i understand the directive

Sissymaidk yes it does make me very hard and @tara960


Yes it does make me very hard and excited.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun sorry anthony @tara960


“Sorry Anthony! I still love you!” *

*As requested by one of my loyal followers. I think this fits the description you gave me pretty well ;)

Cuckold me daddy hotwifescuck @tara960



The next time I fuck a hard cock is when I want you to help me out by dressing me up c; I want you to make me fuckable, and then I want you to send me away to fuck someone else c;


Young cheating couple because you know ill @tara960


“Because you know I’ll leave you if you get mad at me for being unfaithful.”

Impregnationfreak oh god yesi want you to @tara960


“Oh god yes….I want you to fuck me like this every time my husband is away!!!”

“Mmmm….you got it, babe.  His loss for neglecting this beautiful, tight pussy of yours!”

“Oh baby…you feel so good…I want you to cum in me…”

“Fuck yeah….you on birth control?”

“No…I always make my husband wear a condom…”

“You sure you want me to blow my load in you?”

“Oh god yes….I need to feel it….I haven’t felt a cock shooting in me for so long…..please baby…let me feel your hot load deep inside…”

“I cum big baby, this might knock you up!”

“Ooohh….I don’t care….go ahead, knock me up….come on, baby, shoot your hot load in me and make me pregnant….please, I need to feel it so bad!”



Maritaldepravity last nights midnight snack @tara960


Last night’s midnight snack.

My wife didn’t drink much last night. She stopped by to see her Bull and they fucked for a few hours and then she came home right after.

I was nestled between her legs with the intention of making her cum when I got a mouthful of what he’d left behind.

I don’t recall ever having it so fresh when it wasn’t my own. I nearly came in the panties I was still wearing before she tore them off of me and let me fuck her, too.

Unlike her Bull, however, I sprayed my load all over her pretty belly.

Maritaldepravity tonight as soon as she gets @tara960


Tonight. As soon as she gets home.

Becomingsissy want to look this fabulous sissy @tara960


Want to look this fabulous, Sissy ?

Longball8t indeed it does @tara960


Indeed it does.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun photo of me and @tara960


Photo of me and my fuckbuddy and his huge dick! Sent this pic to my boyfriend while he jerked off his tiny dick at home…


Curiouslyhotwifing absolutely @tara960


Absolutely !!

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun my friend from @tara960


My friend from friend’s confession #1 kind of looks like this chick. 

Ashandj found another potential hotwife text @tara960


Found another potential hotwife text online

Katrinajadefetishmodel then its my husbands @tara960


then its my husbands turn. he spreads my filled pussy open before he fucks our friends cum deep into me. then he pulls out and cums all over my freshly fucked cunt 😍😍

Mfmfun371222 wifes new boyfriend looks like @tara960


Wife’s new boyfriend, looks like she is going to be busy next weekend!

Hotwifetexts i only have two things to say @tara960


I only have two things to say about this one… “Wow!” and… “I’ve got to find out what happens next.”

Littlenikkicd ask me anything and ill answer @tara960


Ask me anything and I’ll answer in as much detail and as truthfully as possiblle x x

Mfmfun371222 shes been texting him all week @tara960


She’s been texting him all week, she finally let me in on what they’ve been texting. I have a feeling they’ll be fucking soon.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun we were on @tara960


We were on vacation last year in Florida with 2 other families we have been friends with for years.  I had messed around with my husbands friend (we will call John) one time about a year earlier.  It was exhilarating, exciting, and so much fun. I have since masturbated so many times to that tryst. But we decided it was a bit too risky to do it again.  We both have young children and we are all friends.  At the same time, every once in a while we texted about it, and it would get me so excited and horny, but we hadn’t taken it any further than that.  One day on the vacation we all chartered a sail boat.  Everyone was going down to pick up the boat and they were going to me up on the dock in about an hour.  John looked at me winked and then told everyone he had a conference call and he was going to stay behind but he could be picked up on the dock with me.  Well, we didn’t say a word.  We watched them walk out the door, get in the car, and before they even drove off we were taking each others clothes off.  He threw me on the floor and ate me out until I came on his face.  I literally lasted for 2 minutes before I gushed on his face and began convulsing.  I tried to push him off of me because I couldn’t take it anymore.  But he pinned me down and just kept sucking on my clit.  I came for what seemed like a few more minutes. He then pulled out his dick and put it right inside of me.  He only lasted a few minutes, pulled out and came all over my belly.  It was so much cum.  He told me he hadn’t slept with his wife in about a week and hadn’t cum since then.  We both went out back and jumped in the pool to cool off.  After some talk about the how hot the sex was, we got out, went over to the lounge chair and dried off.  He grabbed his phone and asked to take a picture of me lying on the chair.  I told him I would do one better.  I crawled over and started sucking his dick which was already hard again. He started taking pictures.  He was moaning so loud as i stroked his dick.  He started talking dirty to me about how we are going to fuck all the time when we get home from vacation and I got so turned on.  As I fingered myself and sucked his dick, I came a few times in just a few minutes.  I never do that with my husband.  Don’t get me wrong, our sex is hot, but this was so new and exciting for me and John is so sexy.  I told him to tell me when he was going to cum.  He said he wanted to cum in my mouth and I said fine.  So right when he was about to cum, I jumped up and slid his dick into me and let him cum inside my pussy.  It was so hot.  Still the best sex I have ever had.  We had texted about it the past few months, but haven’t had a repeat session yet.  I have plans to meet him for lunch next week and can’t wait. 

Enough said.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun my exs load @tara960


“My ex’s load dripping from me after taking his nummy cock. I told my boyfriend I was going to a study group. I kinda want him to find this picture on my phone… My ex has a good three inches on my bf and I’ve always missed his penis ever since we broke up. It’s not my fault he was born with more testosterone!!! Let me know what you think :)”

good pic. more please!