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I am a 32 year old crossdressing sissy with a wife that I am begging to cheat on me. This is just a bunch of stuff that gets me going. Very open for messages. And have kik - Sissy pages (@tara960)
Help me cheat on her using your pussy the way @tara960


Using your pussy the way he never will.

Help me cheat on her i got the promotion at @tara960


I got the promotion at work honey!! Aren’t you proud of me!

Help me cheat on her as soon as my wife leaves @tara960


As soon as my wife leaves for work my neighbor stops by.

Becomingsissy would you love to be taking a @tara960


Would you love to be taking a dick in your ass right now ?

Sharingwifes do you like amateur swinger @tara960


Do you like amateur swinger pics?Follow us at…

Dreamsofsharing xoxgracex dreamsofsharing @tara960



dreamsofsharing can I?

It’s all yours.

Sissyrulez remember how it felt to try on @tara960


Remember how it felt to try on panties for the first time? You know right away that this was your destiny - sissy wisdom

Meanttobreed even though we were all best @tara960


Even though we were all best friends for years, we could never get on the same cycle. She always ovulated a week ahead of me. So all I could do this week was play with my clit while watching him fertilize her, knowing I had another week to go before I would be on my back, feeling his semen fill my fertile recesses.

Meanttobreed p i watch your face below me @tara960


<p>I watch your face below me, begging you to fill my vagina. Your eyes open wide as I think I finally am going to experience you releasing your sperm into my unprotected womb. I watch you just lay back, giving up on the fight, pressing the head of your penis into my cervix and as you let out a yell I feel an incredible spasm inside my vagina and a warmth filling my womb. I love knowing how much pleasure I am bringing your body as you impregnate me. The look on your face as your semen poors into me and pleasure fills your body.</p>

Fiveonetwocouple love this pussy @tara960


Love this pussy ;)

Hessomuchbigger she could feel the head of @tara960


She could feel the head of Tom’s huge cock grinding against her cervix and pushing up even further into her.  The feeling was intense, but she liked the way he ‘bottomed out’ inside of her so easily, something her husband wasn’t even aware could happen.  She could feel Tom starting to throb and it excited her to think about him exploding that deep inside of her.  Especially since she’d convinced her poor, unsuspecting husband that it was time to have a baby and she’d thrown away her pills last month.  Now her husband was at work and she was working on making it happen.  The thought of Tom impregnating her behind her husband’s back was driving her wild and she was desperate to feel that fountain of warm sperm gushing up inside of her.  She started cumming again just thinking about it, her whole body quivering, and it put him over the edge. “I’m gonna cum!” he said behind her, pulling her hips down against him as hard as he could, as she felt his massive cock throb over and over, pumping load after load of his potent, alpha male seed deep within her.


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