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I am a 32 year old crossdressing sissy with a wife that I am begging to cheat on me. This is just a bunch of stuff that gets me going. Very open for messages. And have kik - Sissy pages (@tara960)
Longball8t indeed it does @tara960


Indeed it does.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun photo of me and @tara960


Photo of me and my fuckbuddy and his huge dick! Sent this pic to my boyfriend while he jerked off his tiny dick at home…


Curiouslyhotwifing absolutely @tara960


Absolutely !!

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun my friend from @tara960


My friend from friend’s confession #1 kind of looks like this chick. 

Ashandj found another potential hotwife text @tara960


Found another potential hotwife text online

Katrinajadefetishmodel then its my husbands @tara960


then its my husbands turn. he spreads my filled pussy open before he fucks our friends cum deep into me. then he pulls out and cums all over my freshly fucked cunt 😍😍

Mfmfun371222 wifes new boyfriend looks like @tara960


Wife’s new boyfriend, looks like she is going to be busy next weekend!

Hotwifetexts i only have two things to say @tara960


I only have two things to say about this one… “Wow!” and… “I’ve got to find out what happens next.”

Littlenikkicd ask me anything and ill answer @tara960


Ask me anything and I’ll answer in as much detail and as truthfully as possiblle x x

Mfmfun371222 shes been texting him all week @tara960


She’s been texting him all week, she finally let me in on what they’ve been texting. I have a feeling they’ll be fucking soon.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun we were on @tara960


We were on vacation last year in Florida with 2 other families we have been friends with for years.  I had messed around with my husbands friend (we will call John) one time about a year earlier.  It was exhilarating, exciting, and so much fun. I have since masturbated so many times to that tryst. But we decided it was a bit too risky to do it again.  We both have young children and we are all friends.  At the same time, every once in a while we texted about it, and it would get me so excited and horny, but we hadn’t taken it any further than that.  One day on the vacation we all chartered a sail boat.  Everyone was going down to pick up the boat and they were going to me up on the dock in about an hour.  John looked at me winked and then told everyone he had a conference call and he was going to stay behind but he could be picked up on the dock with me.  Well, we didn’t say a word.  We watched them walk out the door, get in the car, and before they even drove off we were taking each others clothes off.  He threw me on the floor and ate me out until I came on his face.  I literally lasted for 2 minutes before I gushed on his face and began convulsing.  I tried to push him off of me because I couldn’t take it anymore.  But he pinned me down and just kept sucking on my clit.  I came for what seemed like a few more minutes. He then pulled out his dick and put it right inside of me.  He only lasted a few minutes, pulled out and came all over my belly.  It was so much cum.  He told me he hadn’t slept with his wife in about a week and hadn’t cum since then.  We both went out back and jumped in the pool to cool off.  After some talk about the how hot the sex was, we got out, went over to the lounge chair and dried off.  He grabbed his phone and asked to take a picture of me lying on the chair.  I told him I would do one better.  I crawled over and started sucking his dick which was already hard again. He started taking pictures.  He was moaning so loud as i stroked his dick.  He started talking dirty to me about how we are going to fuck all the time when we get home from vacation and I got so turned on.  As I fingered myself and sucked his dick, I came a few times in just a few minutes.  I never do that with my husband.  Don’t get me wrong, our sex is hot, but this was so new and exciting for me and John is so sexy.  I told him to tell me when he was going to cum.  He said he wanted to cum in my mouth and I said fine.  So right when he was about to cum, I jumped up and slid his dick into me and let him cum inside my pussy.  It was so hot.  Still the best sex I have ever had.  We had texted about it the past few months, but haven’t had a repeat session yet.  I have plans to meet him for lunch next week and can’t wait. 

Enough said.

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun my exs load @tara960


“My ex’s load dripping from me after taking his nummy cock. I told my boyfriend I was going to a study group. I kinda want him to find this picture on my phone… My ex has a good three inches on my bf and I’ve always missed his penis ever since we broke up. It’s not my fault he was born with more testosterone!!! Let me know what you think :)”

good pic. more please!

Empoweredcheatinggirlfriendfun id love to send @tara960


I’d love to send my boyfriend (once I find a new one, that is) a pic like this. It’s subtle, so he might not even notice at first… but when he sees it.

PS– I’m not bi, but dat ass doe

Ashandj wow found some follow up texts from @tara960


Wow found some follow up texts from this couple that I posted awhile back!

Hotwifetexts ashandj this sounds like its @tara960



This sounds like its getting hot! Someone is about to become a hotwife!

the flow is a bit off but otherwise it’s a good tease

Hotwifetexts not really my kind of thing but @tara960


Not really my kind of thing, but maybe some of you will enjoy it.

Help me cheat on her using your pussy the way @tara960


Using your pussy the way he never will.

Help me cheat on her i got the promotion at @tara960


I got the promotion at work honey!! Aren’t you proud of me!

Help me cheat on her as soon as my wife leaves @tara960


As soon as my wife leaves for work my neighbor stops by.

Becomingsissy would you love to be taking a @tara960


Would you love to be taking a dick in your ass right now ?

Sharingwifes do you like amateur swinger @tara960


Do you like amateur swinger pics?Follow us at…

Dreamsofsharing xoxgracex dreamsofsharing @tara960



dreamsofsharing can I?

It’s all yours.

Sissyrulez remember how it felt to try on @tara960


Remember how it felt to try on panties for the first time? You know right away that this was your destiny - sissy wisdom

Meanttobreed even though we were all best @tara960


Even though we were all best friends for years, we could never get on the same cycle. She always ovulated a week ahead of me. So all I could do this week was play with my clit while watching him fertilize her, knowing I had another week to go before I would be on my back, feeling his semen fill my fertile recesses.

Meanttobreed p i watch your face below me @tara960


<p>I watch your face below me, begging you to fill my vagina. Your eyes open wide as I think I finally am going to experience you releasing your sperm into my unprotected womb. I watch you just lay back, giving up on the fight, pressing the head of your penis into my cervix and as you let out a yell I feel an incredible spasm inside my vagina and a warmth filling my womb. I love knowing how much pleasure I am bringing your body as you impregnate me. The look on your face as your semen poors into me and pleasure fills your body.</p>