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Female Domination is Beautiful. - Tease & Denial Girls (@tease-and-denial-girls)
Naughty boy getting so hard for mewhen you @tease-and-denial-girls

“naughty boy, getting so hard for me..when you know my pussy is not for you..”

“.but I want it Princess”

“Really? My goodness..I bet you do..of course..I just happen to be really hot don’t I? Too good for you though..fuck yeah…way out of your league slave.”

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Are you ready for some pussy yesyesoh @tease-and-denial-girls

“Are you ready for some pussy?”

“Yes..yes..oh please hurry Mistress”

“Hurry? Oh why is that baby? You got somewhere to go?”

“ know why…pleaseeeee”

“Oh I get it. You’re about to blow your load all over yourself during the foreplay…just like last time…and the time before that…fuck this…. you have no control do I’m just going lock you back up…

“noooo please nooo”

“Yes. You will fetch the fucking chastity cage and your cane..and then you will beg me to teach you some discipline, And this cock is staying locked until you earn yourself another attempt.”

“Yes Mistress. i’m sorry”

“One day you may still get to fuck your Mistress. But the chances are receding with every failure. Your inability to hold your cum is crippling you slave. The problem seems to getting worse.”

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Cocktease femdom you want to go inside me @tease-and-denial-girls


“You want to go inside me. Thrust up into me, have me ride your cock until you can’t take anymore. Flooding my pussy with your submissive spunk, draining those balls of all that pent up frustration…such relief that would cum hard into your Mistress”

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Cocktease femdom oh boyswhats it like @tease-and-denial-girls


“oh boys…what’s it like watching us so much…all over the place…and you can’t cum at all..penis locked away, as it should be.”

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Cocktease femdom hold it for your @tease-and-denial-girls


“Hold it for your Mistress….no….hold it….don’t you dare”

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Cocktease femdom ive decided youre not @tease-and-denial-girls


“I’ve decided you’re not cumming after all. Let’s do some more edging..then you can lick my pussy again…I’m really horny and I want more orgasms”

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Big tit lovers skinny with big tits @tease-and-denial-girls


does my pet have a big load in his balls, just aching to get out?

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Jerk off instruction ok petyou may suck my @tease-and-denial-girls


Ok pet…you may suck my heels while you jerk your cock..don’t cum…no messes

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Shadowartist58 @tease-and-denial-girls


(Source: enigmadoamorepadre via alternativefemdom)

Men love being used by strong dominant women..they so need it 

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Missdannisdesires real men get inside of me @tease-and-denial-girls


Real Men get inside of me. You have to get me off a LOT before you do. Can you do that for me? You won’t squirt after a few pumps when you feel my tight, hot, wet heaven will you? You don’t want to disappoint me, trust me.

Being told to hold it, threatening them with consequences….in your tight wet heaven….mmmmm… just gets those subby cocks even more worked up than usual

Femdom brats and princesses princess wanted a @tease-and-denial-girls


“Princess wanted a quiet time to reflect on her own beauty. She wanted silence, which meant absolute silence from me in my corner. One noise and there’d be consequences…because in these moments, nothing else exists. Just Her…She is Everything “

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He was frightened now scared of hertheyd been @tease-and-denial-girls

“He was frightened now, scared of her…they’d been going all night, and he must have shot 6 loads but She still wanted more…I watched from my cage with awe, as Mistress sexually destroyed yet another lover…”

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Cuckold sissy femdom the hotwifecuckold @tease-and-denial-girls


The hotwife/cuckold relationship. Constantly evolving, much more common than we realize, and surely the way forward for lots of couples.

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Cuckold sissy femdom cuckolds soon become @tease-and-denial-girls


Cuckold’s soon become experts at eating pussy. Like they were born to do this.

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Femdom marriage come slave we want to punish @tease-and-denial-girls


“Come slave, we want to punish you some more.”

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I know you can do this princess ilast @tease-and-denial-girls

“I know you can do this.”

“ Princess I….last night you said I could cum”

“I tricked you, because I thought you were a strong boy  who could handle the tease”

“But I want you so much”

“Lots of boys want me, what makes you so special.”

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He followed on his kneestrembling with @tease-and-denial-girls

He followed on his knees,trembling with anticipation and the fear of the unknown..

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Cuckold sissy femdom oh honey you know i love @tease-and-denial-girls


“oh honey you know I love your cock…but not as much as I love this one…”

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Cuckold sissy femdom i felt complete filled @tease-and-denial-girls


“I felt complete filled with his cock and I came hard all over it. My cuck was watching from his corner. He gets so jealous of my lovers, but he accepts that he’s sexually inadequate, and cannot hope to ever please me in that way. But he’s a good boy, submissive and obedient and when my lover has gone I may let him out for some edging, as a reward. “

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Give me what i wantwhilst i deny you the same @tease-and-denial-girls

Give me what I want…whilst I deny you the same

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Bringing him back to the edge once again i love @tease-and-denial-girls

Bringing him back to the edge once again… I love confusing a cock…

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Submissivefeminist a major part of many kinky @tease-and-denial-girls


A major part of many kinky dynamics is a focus on discipline. While “discipline” can be a fun part of your everyday activities, it can also mean something more specific in terms of punishment. “Punishment” differs from the general sense of discipline in that it has a specific goal to focus on that changes a submissive’s behaviour.

Many people engage in what can be called “funishment,”–punishment-type activities, like regular spankings or other forms of play, that are not meant to alter the behaviour of the submissive but rather to provide enjoyment to either/both/all parties. However, it is important to distinguish the difference between playful discipline and serious punishments. Punishments are consequences of negative actions, whether this is based on officially-written regulations or unspoken general behaviours like brattiness, defiance, or dangerous behaviours.

The idea of punishment is based largely on psychological research in the area of behaviourism. It consists of techniques that are supported by science to effectively alter the behaviour of an individual. (If you want to learn more about the research behind punishments, look up B. F. Skinner’s work in this area.)

Two types of punishments exist: positive punishments, which add undesired consequences to the behaviour, and negative punishments, which take away desired privileges.

Now, before I get into some specific ideas for punishments, there are some important key points I’d like to make. Please be sure to read all of these before deciding on a specific punishment.

  • Punishments do NOT negate the right to a safeword. Some people are mislead into dangerous situations by being told they cannot safeword during a punishment. This is completely untrue. All parties have a right to safeword at any time during any kind of play or punishment. Taking away the right to safeword equates to abuse, plain and simple. Don’t ever tell your partner they cannot safeword or ignore their safeword for the sake of punishment. This is not effective and is extremely harmful to your partner’s mental and/or physical well-being. 
  • NEVER punish out of anger. Anger is never a healthy motivation for punishment. Punishments are meant for the submissive’s benefit, at the core. If the submissive’s behaviour has made the Dominant angry, they should have a cooling-off period where they can calm down, think about an appropriate punishment, and resolve the matter at a later time, after healthy discussion about what happened.
  • Limits are NOT to be used as punishments. Many people have activities they don’t particularly enjoy that aren’t on their limits list. Some people have specific ideas for punishments that suit them best. However, regardless of you or your partner’s experience with punishments, it needs to be understood that hard limits are not punishments. Hard limits are never to be used for punishment’s sake because “hard limit” means “I do not want to do this under any circumstance.” Using a hard limit as a punishment would be an abusive act, as hard limits come with an automatic safeword attached, since they are specificly stated as things the person does not feel comfortable with. Never, ever, threaten or use hard limits to punish a submissive. 
  • Use healthy discretion. This one should seem obvious, but don’t follow through with punishments if rule-breaking was out of the submissive’s control. Say the submissive has a 11PM bedtime, but they recently suffered a trauma or loss and can’t sleep. Let them engage in healthy coping skills instead of punishing them for something they aren’t doing on purpose. Above all else, make safety and well-being a priority.
  • Make the punishment fit the crime. Punishments that are relative to the defiance are much more effective at changing the behaviour than random punishments. For example, if the submissive cums without permission, try a punishment from the “orgasm control” section. This will better reinforce the reasoning in the submissive and more effectively guide them to make better choices in the future. There are also punishments that work best for specific dynamics like for littles or pets, so be sure to read into those, below.
  • Aftercare is absolutely required. Like any kind of play, aftercare is required at the end of the scene. This is especially important during punishments because often times, the submissive is consumed with feelings of guilt and disappointment. After a punishment, Dominants need to give their submissives aftercare that includes a conversation about why they were punished, how proud the Dominant is for them taking the punishment so well, and that there are no negative feelings between them. The submissive should leave the punishment scene feeling forgiven for their mistakes and proud of themselves for making things right with their Dominant. Do not leave your submissive alone after a punishment without aftercare, ever! This is highly abusive and can seriously harm your partner.


A great way to get a submissive to stay in line is to humiliate them when they’ve done something wrong. There are several ways to go about this, depending on your dynamic and kinks, but it’s an effective and amusing way to get the message across. 

Clothing Restriction

Clothing restriction can be done both domestically and in public. Restriction can be as much as not allowing any clothing (in legal or private settings), ordering a certain amount of skin be showing, or choosing a specific outfit or collar for the submissive. For shy submissives, clothing restriction can be intense. This is an especially good punishment for submissives who have said negative comments about their bodies.


For ABDL or little submissives, this can either be a reward or a punishment. Depending on the comfort level with diapers, they can be used as a punishment that ties into humiliation. Making them relieve themselves in only the diaper for a set amount of time or wearing it around the house as their only clothing can be very humiliating for some people.


Sissification is a kink that is most common in submissive men. It’s the act of dolling a man up like a girl and humiliating him based on his presentation as such. This can be very effective for some people but can be very problematic to others. Be careful not to use this kink as punishment with trans or gender non-conforming subs without their explicit consent, as it can very easily trigger dysphoria and cause severe emotional problems. 

Public Humiliation

Public humiliation can be done in any subtle way that embarrasses a submissive without breaking any obvious laws. Some examples include making them wear an anal plug or remote-controlled vibrator to dinner, public leashing, or making them kneel at social gatherings. Work this idea into the submissive’s specific kinks and limits to be sure it’s just enough to embarrass them, without making them unbearably uncomfortable.

Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is simply that–controlling the submissive’s orgasms. Most of these types of punishments are used for submissives who break rules about orgasms, be it without permission or when they were told not to touch themselves. Controlling orgasms is an amusing way to teach the submissive who their orgasms belong to.


Edging is the act of getting your partner right to the edge of orgasm, then denying them release. This can be done multiple times, even in short amounts of time. It’s a little psychological torture, best for those who cum without permission.

Toy Restriction

For a submissive, like myself, who is accustomed to using toys during masturbation or play, toy restriction is a very effective punishment. This is especially good for submissives who have a difficult time reaching orgasm without toys, as it makes things very frustrating very quickly. An evil punishment may even combine toy restrictions with a quota of orgasms for the day that they must reach in order to get off restriction. Desperation will sink in very quickly and this lesson will be easily learned.

Forced Orgasms

Forced orgasm is another great punishment for submissives who cum without permission. It turns a great sensation into a torturous experience very quickly. This is especially great with toys like the Hitachi or a Sybian. Focus on a goal–either for number of orgasms, or a specific amount of time. An hour spent riding a Hitachi can really be the most agonizing thing for some people due to heightened sensitivity after each orgasm. 


Denial is the complete opposite of forced orgasms. It’s like edging, but there is no orgasm at the end of the scene. This can be doing while using toys and not allowing the person to orgasm or it can be done by restriction orgasms or even touching oneself for a longer period of time.


Chastity, much like denial, is the refusal of orgasms. However, with chastity, the submissive is completely unable to touch themselves, even if they wanted to. Devices for people with penises and vaginas are available to purchase online to assure your submissive is following orders properly.

Domestic Discipline

Domestic discipline includes things that can be done within the home. Some of these include behaviour modifications or restrictions. While some of these can be done outside the home, these are good examples of things for couples who live together can do for punishments.


Chores not only benefit the entire household, but they can also be an effective punishment for unruly subs. Added chores can be especially fun if you make her clean the bathroom with a toothbrush or make him do dishes with nipple clamps on. Combine with other punishments for your amusement!

Furniture Restriction

Especially fun for people into pet-play, furniture restriction involves limiting where the submissive can sit or lie down. Require that they sit on the ground instead of the couches or sleep on the floor next to the bed if they’ve been defiant.


Another good one for pets, especially. Caging can be used to make the submissive reflect on their reasons for being punished. Be sure to use a cage small enough to confine them, but still large enough so they aren’t going to hurt themselves by spending too much time in the cage.


A great one for littles! Bedtimes are good for college students who don’t do their homework, or easily distracted adults with work to do. Set up rules that require all obligations get done and enforce an early bedtime to be sure they are well-rested (and easily frustrated) when they don’t follow these rules.


Another punishment for reflection. Time-outs are good for brats and littles because it makes them analyze what they did wrong. Put them in a corner or a special “time-out chair” so they know they are being punished. Increase the time or add in other punishments if they break rules more than once.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a lot like time-out, but can be used for added psychological torment. Plug the submissive’s ears or use headphones, blindfold them, bind them to a bed or chair, and completely ignore them for a set about of time. This desensitizes them and not only makes them reflect on their reasons for punishment, but makes it very uncomfortable, assuring they won’t want to end up in isolation again.


Objectification is fun for Dominants who like their submissives in service to them during punishment. Make them kneel and become your footstool or coffee table while you watch TV or catch up on work. This is even better when you make them do it completely naked and/or in front of guests.

Dietary Restriction

If a submissive has done something against the rules, you can make them follow a strict diet. This is especially useful for those using behaviour modification to lose or gain weight. However, be careful to ensure the submissive is still getting enough nutrition. For littles, see how much they want to be a brat after you take away their dessert privilege. For pets, try making them eat out of a bowl on the floor for each meal.

Speech Restriction

For disrespectful submissives, punish them by taking away their right to a personal pronoun, making them refer to themselves as “this girl,” “Your slut,” “Master’s puppy boy,” or anything else you want to use. You can also make it a rule that they must refer to you by your Dominant title at all times, even in public. Having to remember their restrictions on speech will keep them thinking about their punishment all day.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is enforcement by physical contact. These types of punishments involve pain, which is a tricky subject for punishing. Typically, pain punishments don’t work as well to change behaviour, especially if the submissive is also a masochist. Be sure to carefully choose what kind of pain if you’re going with one of these methods.


If your submissive likes thuddy pain, use stingy pain. If they like stingy pain, use thuddy. Push their limits carefully, but make it clear this is a punishment and not for fun. Have them apologize as you strike them. Tell them why they are being punished and make it clear that they are to be good and learn from their mistakes. 

Rice Kneeling

Kneeling on uncooked rice is an age-old technique that leaves painful marks. Be careful with time, as this can scar if done for long periods of time or used constantly. Be present during this to be sure the submissive can take it and listen carefully for safewords. Use this as a time out or have them recite an apology to you as you do this.


Figging is done by carving a plug out of ginger and inserting into the anus. This causes a stinging pain that ranges in intensity depending on the person. Frozen ginger is a milder form of this punishment.

Writing Assignments

Writing assignments are usually meant to bore a submissive into obedience. Whether it’s writing lines or a random homework assignment, the punishment focuses on making it undesirable for the submissive to misbehave.


Writing lines is effective if you use it reflectively. For example, for a submissive who is disrespectful, you can have him write, “I will always be polite around my Sir,” a hundred times. For a submissive who cums without permission, you can order, “I will ask permission from Mistress before I cum,” until they fill up five pages. What’s even more fun is making them be stuffed with a toy or on their knees with nipple clamps on while they write.

Apology Letter

An apology letter is a simple task meant to make the submissive think about what they have done, analyze why it was wrong, and have them apologize formally by writing it down. Have them read their letter to you our loud or crumple it up and put in their their underwear for that added perk of remembering all day that they were punished.


An essay is a good assignment for submissives who don’t seem to understand their rules. Make them come up with reasons as to why these rules are in place and write a formal essay about the reasoning and purpose of these rules. Making them analyze the fact that this is for their benefit will remind them that rules are not just there to be mean, but to guide them to healthier behaviour.


Especially fun for people with school girl or teacher fantasies, assign a random homework assignment. Ever wonder about a certain subject but never have time to actually research it? Assign a paper to your submissive about a subject of your choosing and have them report back to you–because knowledge is power! Grade their paper and reward/punish again as necessary for the quality of their work.

It’s important to remember that reinforcements are also important in addition to punishments. When your submissive follows directions, reward them. Give them a treat or praise them and thank them for being so good. If you mix positive reinforcement with punishments when necessary, they’re sure to be trained in no time!

xx SF

Can you feel it slave im sure you can @tease-and-denial-girls

“Can you feel it slave? I’m sure you can. Yesterday I took your maleness away, that is your ego, your aggression, all that male bravado you had when we met. I took it from you and crushed it, right in front of you, so you could see how pathetic it was. Today I gave it back to you, but what happened? You did not want it, you threw it away. See? You are not incapable of making the right choices.”

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Her relentless tease shows you the way guiding @tease-and-denial-girls

Her relentless tease shows you the way, guiding you along the path of submission”

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Mmmmm such a good boy trying to hold it for his @tease-and-denial-girls

“Mmmmm such a good boy, trying to hold it for his Princess. But she knows how to get him to the edge…in superfast time. He’ll soon be begging for relief, like they all do.”

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Did you know when we started this that you would @tease-and-denial-girls

“Did you know when we started this, that you would become my slave?”

“No Mistress”

“That’s quite extraordinary. That you came to me not even knowing how to submit to a woman.Cocky, brash, all mouth. But after a few short weeks here you are, beautifully subdued, gazing up at me, waiting for my orders. Quite a transformation.”

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Just a few minutes before he goes off to work @tease-and-denial-girls

“Just a few minutes, before he goes off to work, teasing the head of his cock through his shorts. Then I send him off into the world, with his balls full of cum.”

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Ok baby its time for your cage no please no @tease-and-denial-girls

“Ok baby, it’s time for your cage”

“No please no Mistress”

“No? Did you just say no to me?”

“I’m sorry..I…I didn’t mean no…it’s just…I can’t…well..I need to…ohhh….”

“Can’t find the words huh? Well let me find them for you. You most certainly do NOT need to cum, you must NEVER say no to your Mistress, and you WILL go fetch your ice and your cage.  Come back here, get on your knees and beg me to put it on you.” 

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Femdom marriage slave whimpered in the @tease-and-denial-girls


“slave whimpered in the corner…nursing the fresh welts on his ass and cute….but now it was time for me to go kick some more male ass in the office….those boys are going to work hard for me today, I will make sure of it”

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Femdom marriage business woman and her adoring @tease-and-denial-girls


Business woman and her adoring assistant. He’ll do anything to please his Goddess.

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Lets just forget about your cock shall we @tease-and-denial-girls

Let’s just forget about your cock shall we? 

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Were controlling everythingalways finding new @tease-and-denial-girls

“ We’re controlling everything..always finding new ways to dominate you…”

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You will let me cum soon wont you mistress @tease-and-denial-girls

“You will let me cum soon won’t you Mistress?”

“Oh ask such pertinent questions”

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Getting what she wantsall the timeselfish of @tease-and-denial-girls

“Getting what she wants..all the time…selfish?… of course…”

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Are you willing to serve mebecome my adoring @tease-and-denial-girls

“Are you willing to serve me..become my adoring little pet?

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Xxx sex @tease-and-denial-girls

“I don’t fuck on a first date, but this…mmmmm”

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And then he came so deep inside mehe was so @tease-and-denial-girls

“And then he came so deep inside me..he was so deep..and he shot out masses of thick alpha cum. He loves fucking me just as much as you do…if you you can remember what it’s like. It’s been a while since I let you. Can you remember?”

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Groovergirl mmmmm baby are you holding @tease-and-denial-girls



“Mmmmm baby are you holding on ok? Not struggling already are we?”

“Please…you’ve got to slow….”

“OMG I can’t go any slower…are you serious?

“Nghhh nghhhh Mistress”

“Lol..don’t you dare cum…get your tongue ready you pathetic little bitch..I’’m going to be needing it.”

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Another fantastic orgasm for meanother day of @tease-and-denial-girls

Another fantastic orgasm for me..another day of tease and frustration for you. 

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Om my goodnessall this hardnessand some @tease-and-denial-girls

“Om my goodness..all this hardness..and some precum wetness…poor baby…has some mean girl been teasing you?

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Oh miss pleaseim so close dont move stay @tease-and-denial-girls

“Oh Miss please…I’m so close..”

“Don’t move, stay absolutely still. Can fill your cock head throbbing against my pussy. You were dangerously close that time. Can you do another edge for me?”

“Miss..I..I can’t..I can barely move without wanting to shoot”

“That’s absolutely fine my pet, your body is letting you know how much you want to cum, and you can’t take anymore. I’ve pushed you to your limits. And every boy is limited in his abilities”

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Oh slaveyou did not tell me you had such a huge @tease-and-denial-girls

“oh did not tell me you had such a huge dick. The length and thickness..mmmmm.. This puts your Mistress in a delightful predicament.. because when she finds a cock as beautiful as this one..she can’t help but want it inside her. Do you think that is something my pet would like to do? Fuck his Mistress..make her cum with this huge slab of a cock?”

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Oh boys we want to help you develop your @tease-and-denial-girls

“oh boys.. we want to help you develop your fetishes…sheer stockings, high heels, shiny latex…we encourage your obsessions, then use them as tools of control.”

Goddesses, Cuckolds, Play Partners, Slaves..all at

As long as princess cums everything will be @tease-and-denial-girls

“As long as Princess cums, everything will be ok….I know that much”

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Awesome means they have to really be desperate @tease-and-denial-girls

“Awesome. means they have to really be desperate before crying it”

Goddesses, Cuckolds, Play Partners, Slaves..all at

Love it when they strugglemaking them fight for @tease-and-denial-girls

“love it when they struggle…making them fight for every breath…turns me on so much”

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Must feel so good to have his balls resting on @tease-and-denial-girls

“must feel so good to have his balls resting on her butt.. male chastity is so much fun…”

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Strapon mistress you like my dick yeah i know @tease-and-denial-girls


You like my dick? Yeah I know it’s huge…it’s going to turn you into my boi…I can see that look in your eyes…I think they call it submission…

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My petso desperate with all my teasinghe must @tease-and-denial-girls

“my desperate with all my teasing…he must be wondering if I’ll ever let him cum….trouble for him is..I love the effects of total chastity…the wanting never stops…”

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