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tease and denial captions @teaseanddenialcaptions

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Captioned images of beautiful, sexy women teasing the hell out of you, denying you any orgasm, playing games and keeping you horny in your chastity cage. - tease and denial captions (@teaseanddenialcaptions)
The button @teaseanddenialcaptions

Regarding recent events on reddit :)

Does he still think people will eventually stop pressing „The Button“? *giggle*

I don‘t know he doesn‘t speak much lately…Hey sweety, do you hear us? Should we tell them reddit-users that your edging machine won‘t stop until the countdown reaches zero?

Haha Naah, let‘s wait a few more days. I wanna see him passing out a few more times, before we go public.

Male improvement facility @teaseanddenialcaptions

Welcome Mister and good morning. In case you wonder why you are so dizzy: Your wife drugged you last night and brought you here. “Here” means the MIF - the Male Improvement Facility.

Our goal is to funnel all sexual desire of every man delivered to us into a deep wish of serving his woman. Obviously you did not the best job of being a husband, so your wife thought to give this a try.

My name is Amy and I am here to introduce you to what is waiting for you over the next few months. You are going to have a very strict schedule on every day of the week without exceptions.

Also, you will be handcuffed, locked up in a chastity belt, gagged, naked, and observed almost every second you are in here. The better you behave the better we will treat you. The better you obey, the sooner you will be a free husband again.

There will also be no contact to other “clients” and the only male person you’ll see is yourself in the mirror. So let’s take a look around and give you some information about your weekly schedule.

This is Betty, your physical coach. 3 times a week you will do some sport. While training with Betty you’ll always wear an electro-shock collar. If you can achieve the goals Betty is setting for you, nothing will happen, except your body getting in shape.

If you cannot achieve what Betty has in mind for you, you won’t like your training so much, I guess. Usually she wants all their boys to keep a nice boner during their sessions and although she is pretty hot and will even help you out to stay hard, 

it’s going to be a challenge to pump blood into your wee-wee while doing crunches into her pussy. 

We also want you to become a little bit less smart and a little bit more stupid, if you know what I mean. Our studies showed that smart men are far less obedient, so together with our best psychologists (this here is Claire)

we developed a therapy that let’s you forget your intelligent thoughts and brings your focus to more important things like giving massages to your wife. Some call it brain-washing, but we prefer the term “guided relationship improvement”.

As for all your courses, you will be better off the sooner you accept your fate. Some men try to resist our methods, but eventually they start to behave like they’re expected to.

The main reason for this is the thing you’re going to do most: Not having an orgasm.

Speaking of sex…Remember the part I told you earlier? About funnel all of your sexual desire? Your main activity every day will be pleasuring one of our apprentices. 

These are only a few application photos of the women wanting to get this well-paid job. We picked redheads for you, because your wife told us that they make you really weak.

This job means that they either edge you over and over again for as often as they want to OR that they use your tongue to lick them and to improve your oral skills.

We often hear our clients scream in agony. They yell about how horny they are and how much they deserve an orgasm.

But after a few weeks of denial, they start to accept what’s coming to them. This is the point when visible improvements are made.

And finally our shipping chamber. These two gentlemen were passed in our care two years ago. They were unrespectful, rude and didn’t treat their wives like they should. As you can see, we improved them quite drastically.

Today they will be picked up by their better halves. They learned how to obey, how to take care of their bodies and most importantly how to serve. As a cool side effect most of our clients show a significant improvement regarding stamina in bed.

So, to wrap it up for you: You are going to stay here until we are confident that you will be a good husband.

You will never have an orgasm during your stay and only when you start using your frustration and horniness to be a better man, you’ll have the chance of getting out. Any questions?

Massage my butt @teaseanddenialcaptions

Would you please massage my butt for a bit? Maybe 30 minutes or so. But don’t touch anything else or it’s one more month in chastity for you, understood?

Tied to the boom @teaseanddenialcaptions

How you doin’ up there? Are you feeling good? All tied up to the boom, swinging around from time to time and enjoying the fresh breeze tickling your dripping dick? You should be, because this is the only way I allow you to cum

during our yacht trip. If the air blowing you and the salty water splashes ain’t enough for you to cum, then you might not yet be horny enough to spread your load over my titties, right? So how long do you think this is gonna take?

Don’t worry though, I’m just working on my tan lines here. The autopilot is doin’ fine and we still have a couple of hours left, before we might meet another boat out here.

Who is wetter @teaseanddenialcaptions

You know, sometimes I wonder who gets wetter. You from all the precum or me from being horny thinking about your chastity cage.

Torment heaven @teaseanddenialcaptions

It’s 9 AM and me standing in front of them sleeping devils. While I was making their breakfast my locked cage was still dripping precum when I thought about the last few days. They are edging me in shifts, each girl for 3 hours, but never ever let me reach an orgasm. In between these shifts I have to prepare them something to eat, give them massages, or thank them for teasing me by licking them until my tounge hurts. 

The girl on the right just moved a little bit…I guess she smells the fresh coffee. Soon they’ll wake up and a new day of tor-ment heaven will come over me. 

The flaccid look @teaseanddenialcaptions

I love the flaccid look. Would you please either put on this permanent skin-colored sheft or cut these blood vessels

to prevent it from getting hard? It won’t change anything about you being horny or something. You just can’t get hard anymore.

That’s all. I’d really love that.

The knowing stewardess @teaseanddenialcaptions

“Have you seen my black pants? I hope I haven’t lost them in Chicago…I kept this funny looking cellar door key you gave me in them *giggle* 

A few months ago I thought I had the perfect plan to play out my fetish without telling anyone: I searched for a hot stewardess as my new flatmate. 

When I actually found one, I gave her the keys to my HolyTrainer and told her that they are for some unimportant cellar door.

That way I could always take her bunch of keys to open my cage when she’s home, but would be forced to stay chaste while she’s flying around.

I guess what I didn’t think of was that she might become suspicious about the strange shape of the key…Today I’m pretty sure she searched the key number and found out about the HolyTrainer, 

because now she always runs around like this in the flat and mentions her keys from time to time…with that knowing smile on her pretty face. But we never talk about what’s really going on.

Am i crazy @teaseanddenialcaptions

Hey you, are you awake? Or is my little pussy licking slave still dreaming about what is was like to cum whenever he wanted to? 

Aaaah there you go, wakey wakey, I’m here for my weekly visit. Is everything in order? Are the chains tight enough and the cage still without scratches?

You still remember your month with the spikes in it, don‘t you? So don’t try again to remove the cage, you little sweety pie!

Well, seems like everything is okay. You know…yesterday I was downstairs blowing my other slave. You may have heard him, did you? Screaming in agony, desperate to cum and completely going mind-numb after a few hours of being teased.

Gosh, sometimes I think I really might be crazy. You know: Like psychic-crazy. Just think what they would do to me, if anyone found out that I keep 7 boi-toys locked up in this abandoned barn. I like the number seven. One boy for each weekday.

And then they’d aks me: “Why the hell did you do this to them?”. And I could only answer: “I don’t know really..I loved to watch their dicks going drippydrippy whenever I played with them. And all these noises you do, while seeing me fooling around with your blue balls…I just loved it so much”

What do you think? Am I crazy?

Well, you probably can only think about when to cum…hmm..not today, but if you want to cum soon, I want you to tell me how crazy you think I am, while I play with my pussy in front of you.

I did the same thing on Monday with slave number two and it gave me an earth-shaking orgasm. I wanna do that again now, let’s start, ok?

New timer @teaseanddenialcaptions

Babe, I want you to be less frustrated, so I bought a timer for us. From now on, whenever I want, I’ll suddenly set the timer to…let’s say 4 minutes and give you the key to your chastity cage.

You then may unlock you, try to cum and lock you back up again. All in 4 minutes, yes. Of course, I hardly will do this while we’re at home…more like while we’re in a restaurant or so.

So running to the mens room is also included in the 4 minutes. Cheating will of course be punished by waiting a very very long time for your next chance!

5 balls @teaseanddenialcaptions

Oh man, sometimes I wish you had 5 balls, so I could make you even hornier! Come over here boy. Let’s make your 2 balls overflow and let them drip drip drip some precum for me.

Say hello to throbby @teaseanddenialcaptions

He was brought to his new mistress. He was told that it’s her 21st birthday and he was her present. When she unwrapped his package her eyes started glowing like a full moon in a clear night.

“Wow sis, look how big it is! Now I know why you were talking about this secret birthday present for so long, haha. This is so cool, thanks! How often did it have a cummy?

NEVER?! Really? Gee, I love you sis! I’ll never get tired of playing with it…yeahh, of course I’ll be careful. Why would I want it to spurt?! It’s much more fun watching them being hard and drippy *giggle*.

Can I start playing right now? I mean..I know that summer holidays have just started and I can tease it for the next few weeks whenever I want…but just look at it, how adorable it twitches!

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy a nice tiny cage for it, to keep it safely locked away…I think I name it Throbby haha. Thanks again sis! You’re the best!”

The new therapy @teaseanddenialcaptions

Wow, I can’t believe it. Here we are after two years of preparation. The day of your…of our last and final injection. The day we are going to change the world together!

But this will not happen without your consent, baby. So here is your last chance, your last point of return. Do you want me to put this needle into your flesh, squeeze the syringe and finally make you unable to reach an orgasm ever again?

Before you answer think of it: We both know that this experiment is going to work. We’d have a therapy at hand which makes men become constantly horny, but no matter how much they stroke, no matter how often they watch porn and 

most importantly no matter how often they pleasure their girlfriends. They will never cease to want more. Their desire to cum will grow endlessly as will yours. Please think about this before you answer me.

Are you okay with that? Do you want to make me happy and make the world a better place?

Study hard @teaseanddenialcaptions

Okay my little freshman, here’s the deal: Don’t worry about me just locking you in this thingy, I do this every semester and it is always very easy to trick you greenhorns into it. Your first college party, getting drunk n stuff, meeting this hot chick (“me” *giggle*), one thing leads to another and here you are. Pants down, dick locked in a chastity cage. So let me tell you what’s going to happen from now on. You will wirte some of my tests for me and by that compete against my other 3 chaste-bois. For every A you get me, you get to jerk off once during spring break. At the end of the semester is your chance to actually fuck me. But only the one of you with the best grades will earn the honor to enter my pussy, my mouth, my ass or whatever you prefer.

And because I am acutally a really nice girl, I offer you to be my official boyfriend for your first year here in college. But in that case you won’t be allowed to cum at all, but to lick me to orgasms, whenever I want you to. Your choice sweety. Take your time with your decision, I’m in no hurry, since I am the only one with a key to your cage *giggle*

Chastity is not funny @teaseanddenialcaptions

Well this is something you totally got wrong, my dear: Chastity is not supposed to be fun. So as long as you “are quite horny” or “really want to come today” it hasn’t really started.

Your chastity training will only begin as soon as your dick leaks pre-cum without you being stimulated at all. I expect this to start in a year or so. When the time comes I’m going to call 

your secretary Sofia at any time of the week. Yes, she already knows about you wearing the cage, don’t worry. Sofia will then go into your room, drop your pants and check your shorts for precum. 

If there is a fresh stain of precum for four weeks in a row, I’m going to start thinking about starting your edging sessions. But all in good time…

The machine @teaseanddenialcaptions

No, I won’t turn it off, we just bought this edging machine and is was quite expensive. Also, you took 2 weeks of vacation for this and already lost 2 days, because you couldn’t keep your hands of you and jerked you over the edge without permission. 

Now you’re tied up and will stay that way until the 2 weeks are over. End of discussion. So be quiet and maybe I’ll let you watch some porn later on instead of me watching you leaking pre-cum like a broken faucet.

Candle game @teaseanddenialcaptions

Wow! I’m really impressed, baby. That’s very romantic of you, thanks so much! All the flowers and candles are beautiful. And don’t worry, also your gift-wrapped penis is kinda sweet. 

Seeing all these candles I have an idea: How about you watch me taking this bath with your hands cuffed behind your back. This should turn you on a little bit and give you a head start, since you’ve been so nice today.

After that I’m going to uncuff you and light a match. As long as the match burns you can then try to jerk off to me. Should be at least 15 seconds, right? More than enough after four months without a cummie, right?

Four drops are too much @teaseanddenialcaptions

Mmmmh good morning, babe, how did you sleep after yesterdays experiment? Babe? Hey, what’s wrong? What?!! Oh. my. god. You are STILL paralized from the drops? 

*1 blink for yes* 

And are they STILL keeping you as “insanely horny” as the packaging promised?

*1 blink for yes*

Let’s see how your dick looks like…WOW look at the bed sheets, they are SOAKED in precum. This is awesome, I’ve never seen so much precum at once in all these years of denying you!

Or did you manage to get an orgasm while I was sleeping?

*2 blinks for no*

Well I guess next time we shouldn’t use 4 drops..maybe 2 are really enough, right, hehe. You know what? Since you had such a helpless night, all horny, unable to move and always your hot girlfriend naked beside you, I’ll give you a little treat.

How about I do you a sexy favor and lick all this precum off your blue balls?

*2 heavy blinks for noooo*

No? Do you think this will make things even worse? That you’ll get even hornier and dribble more precum out of your dickhole? Well, that would mean that I have even more precum to lick and this circle won’t stop until I stop licking…Is that what you fear, honey?

*1 blink for yes*

Hmmm, I see. But you know…I am actually quite horny myself and the thought of my personal precum fountain turns me on a lot…So I am going to spread your legs now and start licking my breakfast off your cock.

Enjoy the view my dear, let’s see how long it takes until the drugs wear off hihi.

Begging @teaseanddenialcaptions

I want you to watch me masturbate, while tied to the chair and your hard throbbing dick dripping precum for me.

While I go for my first orgasm I want you to beg and plead me to be allowed an orgasm after five weeks of chastity.

After I came I will continue to play with myself in front of you. Until I reached my second orgasm I want you to beg and plead me to be kept in chastity for another months.

After my second orgasm I will decide which orgasm was more intense and make your wish from this one come true. I am looking forward to find out what turns me on more: You desperately wanting to cum or you wanting desperately to be denied even longer.

Raising the allowance @teaseanddenialcaptions

Okay slave, now after two hours of edging we can start talking about raising your weekly allowance.

So tell me: What are you offering your princess in return for a few bucks more to spend?

Bick dick locked up @teaseanddenialcaptions

Nooooo, honey you know I LOVE your dick. When I first saw it I remember having an inner giggle of joy, because it has such a hot shape and is just a little bit bigger than the usual cocks I used to fuck. 

It felt like unwrapping the first gift on Christmas and find out that it is just the thing you wished for most. But you stood behind me, when we searched for bigger chastity cages. There is no supply for those.

So all I can do is be a good girl and let it out for stretching from time to time. It’s such a shame to keep something so big in such a small space. But it’s for the better and we both know it.

No silly you know the drill you watch mine @teaseanddenialcaptions

No silly, you know the drill. You watch mine locked up in the bra and I watch yours locked up in the cage. The first one to have a problem with that can’t cum for a week.

Tribbing girlfriend @teaseanddenialcaptions

I don’t remember how I got into this situation, but here I am: Tied to a chair, my dick in a steel chastity cage, watching my bi-curious girlfriend and her best friend tribbing in front of me.

But it’s not as much fun for us as it may look like. Our master is watching and the rules are clear: The girls are allowed to cum, but only together at the same time. If one of them cums early without the other one, there will be severe punishment for both of them.

I am, on the other hand, only allowed to cum if one of them fails this way. So the only way for the three of us that goes without any punishment is that the girls are having both a huge orgasm that built up for an hour trying to get the timing right, and me watching them in my cage and stay hornier than ever before.

These are the good times whem i am allowed to @teaseanddenialcaptions

These are the good times. Whem I am allowed to touch her for as long as I want, wherever I want. As one can see, she enjoys it, too. Especially since she is going to move a little upwards later and rub her wet pussy on my face, watching my locked up cock tiwtch and shiver while she spreads her juices over me from ching to forehead.

The stewardess @teaseanddenialcaptions

She smiles at me, because she knows who I am and what I am wearing under my pants. I am one of their chaste-bois she keeps for herself all over the world. Whenever she meets a cute guy during her flight she invites him to spend the evening with her.

Then she takes the poor guy to her hotel and tricks him into locking up his dick for her until she is in town again. Nobody knows how many men are under her control, kept horny sometimes for many weeks, thinking of her expression when she very very slowly turned around the only key to their cock prison.

A new present @teaseanddenialcaptions

Happy birthday, my dear! Look what I got you: A new chastity cage with a neat new feature: It has many little openings on the inner side. I can use a syringe to inject nearly any fluid imaginable into the cage and it will cover your penis instantly. The main idea is that we don’t have to remove or even open your cage anymore, just to clean your wee-wee. I can just inject some disinfecting gel and we’re done! 

But of course this won’t be the only thing coming through your cage. From now on I will pump some arousel gel on your cock every day before you leave for work and every evening before you go to sleep. And I’m sure that I will come up with other funny possibilities soon.

Just delay it @teaseanddenialcaptions

Yes I know, sis. In the beginning they are all strong and manly. Just delay their orgasm day by day, week by week and watch how they weaken until only a blue-balled, precum-dripping mess is left.

At this point you broke your boy and he will do anything you want him to just to be allowed to stretch his wee-wee for a few minutes in fresh air. Trust me on this! I kept all my boyfriends in chastity and you can do it too!

Holiday @teaseanddenialcaptions

We both know how you will show this photo of our holiday to your friends and brag about how you fucked this hot chick every night. Sometimes twice, because she couldn’t get enough of you.

We both also know that the truth is that this hot chick locked up your cock the very first night and the closest thing to her pussy was your tounge.

Start to regret @teaseanddenialcaptions

After 20 days of her constantly teasing me, wearing stuff I didn’t even know she had and seemingly endless hours of edging, I start to regret that I said yes to this chastity game…

Finally @teaseanddenialcaptions

Finnnaaallyyy. This took really long this time until we found the right setting of your vibrator! You hold still now, while I go shopping for a while…as if you could move an inch, tied down to the bed…

I’m looking forward to see the bed sheets soaked with precum like last week! The vibrator should keep you aroused, but it’s also set slow enough to not bring you over any edge *giggle*

So see you later, honey! Bye, love you!

At the dentist @teaseanddenialcaptions

Honey, I must confess something to you: You know how I met the assistant of your dentist and how we met for some drinks the last weeks….well, she told me some interesting inside facts of their ambulance.

I am sure you noticed how only women work there, right? The thing is, that they are all members of some sort of sect that believes in male chastity. Can you believe it?! Of course, I immediately told her how we lock you up from time to time and how we like to keep you horny for some days before you are allowed to cum again.

Boy, did we laugh at this coincident that night! And then she told me something else about their ambulance: Their X-Ray scanner does not only make jaw scans…it’s also able to locate and destroy the part of a mans brain that is responsible of triggering an orgasm. I couldn’t believe it, but from time to time they take away the ability to cum from one of their male patients. Just because they can and nobody knows about this! It’s redicioulus, right?!

So…now here is my confession…when you were there yesterday…I…well I asked them to do this to your brain, too.
Please don’t get mad at me. I just couldn’t resist…you know how horny it makes me, when you are in a chastity cage, right? And to think of you never being able to cum again…well…I just snapped and signed the papers.

But look on the bright side: You’ll never have to wear a CB6000 again. You can always have a hard-on and fuck my little pussy with it as long as you want. There is just no way that you can spurt your load anymore.

Actually..I’m pretty wet right now…so…do you wanna try out how it feels to stay on the edge for…like…forever?

Your choice @teaseanddenialcaptions

What do you think? I jerk you off right now and then you get back in the cage for at least three months or you can wait another two weeks and be allowed to fuck me for three minutes however you want to.

Your choice…

Ball injections @teaseanddenialcaptions

She often sais that she is the luckiest mistress in the world. She keeps me and my twin brother in a chastity cage since we agreed to a threesome two years ago.

Every other week she edges us for a few hours. We are allowed - yes even urged - to cum during these teasing sessions. Whenever one of us reaches an orgasm, she stops teasing the other one and collects every drop of the others’ cum. Then she injects all the cum into the other ones balls.

It’s very painful and the balls are so much heavier afterwards. When the pain goes away you feel the weight even more. And since you haven’t cum for at least two weeks it makes you even hornier than before.

One more week @teaseanddenialcaptions

I know I also said this the last two weeks, but whenever I think of how horny you must be after all this time, I don’t want you to come…so pretty pleeeasse one more week? 

For me?

Evil little sister @teaseanddenialcaptions

Oh yeah? You gonna tell my big sister? I’d suggest you think twice, because here is your situation: Before she went shopping she tied you to this chair and put the Venus2000 on your dick. The reason she set its strokes on very slow is, because she keeps you in strict denial. Everybody knows that.

What no one knows is that I just took off the Venus2000, sucked and fucked you with every hole I can offer, until you couldn’t hold it back anymore. Now I’m gonna fill your cum into the Venus2000 and put it back on your cock.

And now think again. What (and more important “who”) will my sis believe? The crazy truth? Or are you gonna blame her? Tell her that it’s her fault, because the strokes were too fast and you came into the device?

Here’s a good tip, cutie: Say that it’s all your fault. You were weak and couldn’t control yourself. You did it wrong and you can only beg for mercy. This way you will not be punished as hard as if you come up with some stupid and insulting story like her little sister is a crazy bitch. Think of me when she decides how to handle your little outbreak *giggle*

Youve been very good the last weeks you always @teaseanddenialcaptions

You’ve been very good the last weeks. You always did your chores, you gave me mindblowing orgasms every day and hardly complained that I never even considered to unlock the CB-6000. So I thought I let you give you a little bit more freedom with your chastity training. 

From now on you may choose if you lick my soft for an hour or if I force you to watch your favorite porn for an hour. Another change is that I will start giving you teasing sessions. During these sessions you will be tied to a chair or to the bed an I will keep your dick rock-hard for a very long time.
One thing though will not change: You won’t cum until I decide so.

Dont worry @teaseanddenialcaptions

No, don’t worry baby. This is really just some crazy fantasy of mine…but just imagine how incredibly horny you would get if I kept you forever in your cage. Think about it how it would be after five years without a single orgasm, without a single hard-on!

And I’d tease you so hard every day that you’d dribble precum 24/7 *giggle*. But as I said, I won’t do that to you, I promise. Just one more month or so, okay?

Time triggered safe @teaseanddenialcaptions

I believe you that your dick hurts and your balls feel like they’re gonna explode. Just look at them. Blue and heavy. But what can I do? We both put the key into the time-triggered safe

and you agreed to set the timer to four months. I must admit that you’d agreed to about anything at this moment…after keeping you on the edge for a few hours. But I’m pretty sure the orgasm back then was worth it, right?

Wakey wakey @teaseanddenialcaptions

Wakey wakey, baby! How do you feel? I already spoke to the doc. Both operations were a success. From now on I won’t have a chance of being weak and give you an early release.

This was really a great idea and worth the effort: The little thing in my clit will count my orgasms and whenever this count reaches 50 your little thing on your cock will unlock.

Not a second earlier, so no more early cummies for you. And many many orgasms for me, just as we always wanted it to be *kiss*

Set the release @teaseanddenialcaptions

So you think I kept you in this chastity cage for too long? I desagree, but I don’t want to be a cruel bitch. I say that you tell me for how long you wanna try not to cum after your cummie tonight. If I’m satisfied with the duration then it shall be. If I think it’s too short, you gonna stay twice as long locked away!

And don’t even dare to suggest something less than one month!

Not so innocent @teaseanddenialcaptions

This is such a strange situation, don’t you think, Mr. Smith? Me, a more or less unexperienced cocksitting girl. And you, denied by your wife for years and dripping precum  only by seeing a half-naked little girl like me. I could learn so much from you. Please tell me in detail how desperate you are to cum again and what you would do with me, if it weren’t for that steel-cage around your twitching cock. I will listen to your stories until your wifes comes back home and pays me to keep you horny for her.

In the name of science @teaseanddenialcaptions

Thank you so much for helping me with my study on behavioral effects caused by long-term chastity, mister! It’s still a few more weeks before I can unlock your chastity cage again, but I already recognized significant changes in your attitude. Actually, not only you, but also the two other participants of my study are showing remarkable changes by getting more and more attentive to what I want and how to make my life more comfortable.

That’s the reason I decided to append another phase to my study: On the planned date of re-opening your cage, you three are going to stay locked up for another month. During this month I want all of you to give your best in serving my wishes. After 30 days I will decide who of you did best, but here’s the catch: I won’t tell you if I unlock the best or the other guys. Of course, this happens all in the name of science!

Its called postcum @teaseanddenialcaptions

You know chaste-boi, I never even considered to let you cum again. Mayyyybe if you behave extraordenary good for a long long time…but I don’t think you can do this. And since that means that you already had the last orgasm of your life, I decided that from now on your precum is called postcum, okay?

So let’s stroke your cock a little bit, so I can see some of your sweet postcum.

The oath @teaseanddenialcaptions

So, you decided to turn around the key of your CB-6000 and hand it over to me, just to be my chaste boyfriend. Fair enough. We can then proceed to teach you the right attitude. I want you lick my pussy by writing this oath with your tounge: “I will never cum again. This pussy now controls my life. I will do anything to make this pussy feel good.” Do so until I tell you to stop.

The new girl @teaseanddenialcaptions

So, since when does your wife keep you locked up like this? I mean, she told me that I will only be your cocksitter until my 27th birthday. After that, she said, she wants to give the job to a new girl. Then she told me that I am not even the first girl taking care of you while she is on business trips and that you got never unlocked since then…

The look @teaseanddenialcaptions

Oh come on…don’t give me such a look. We both know that you saying “Yes, I want to cum” means acuatlly “No, please tease me for another week”. And we also know that every “No, please stop” means actually “Oh god yes, please go on”…so relax and be patient. The day will come when I want you to orgasm again.

Five spurts @teaseanddenialcaptions

Alright, I counted five big spurts and 2 little spurts. That makes 5 months and 2 weeks until your next release.

You know what: Let’s do the full six months, okay? I’m sure you can do it…again

Smooth pussy @teaseanddenialcaptions

You like my pussy, don’t you? I shaved it for you and put some lotion on it to make it extra smooth. If you want to, I allow you to hover your unlocked cock over it..less than an inch, if you want to! I’m sure you could feel how warm she is and how badly your dick wants to touch her and look what pleasures are hidden inside her. But if you touch her accidently you will pay for that! Two weeks for every touch I feel. As soon as you have enough of it you are allowed to go down on me and feel with your tounge how soft she is and how delicious she tastes.

Slideshow @teaseanddenialcaptions

Hey babe, listen: I just set up a random slideshow of 50 of your porn pictures. Come over here and tell me which one of these is your favorite and as soon as I started it, you may start to stroke your cock.

You have to keep yourself on the edge and you better keep yourself close, because you are only allowed if you favorite picture is shown! Every picutre is visible for 5 seconds…that should be enough for you to get yourself over the edge.

I’d say we play the game for around 20 minutes. This should give you five times the chance to cum, okay? If you don’t cum we try this again in 2 weeks. If you cum to another picture we try this again in 2 months. Are you ready?

Hello no your girlfriend isnt home this is @teaseanddenialcaptions

Hello? No, your girlfriend isn’t home, this is Katie, her new roommate. What? No, she is not here…didn’t she tell you? She traveled to Europe for a few weeks.

No, she said nothing about a key…But it’s great that you’re calling, because she suggested that you come over sometimes, so the two of us get to know each other….Yeah sure, we can watch a movie or something. Ok, see you tonight. Bye!

A few hours later I arrived at my girlfriends place.

Hi, I’m Katie, nice to finally meet you. I already heard a lot about you from your girlfriend. To be honest, I know quite a lot about you *giggle*

Actually I even know that your wee-wee is caught in a tiny cockcage and that she is the only one who has the key to open it. But I didn’t lie to you on the phone: She really didn’t say anything about the key when she left.

But she did ask me to call you over every other day to check on you and to play with you a little bit, so you stay horny and frustrated when she comes back from Europe.

Oh look, she is calling right now!

Heeeeyy!! Yeah he is here and I was right about to let him smell my pussy for a while. Is it okay for you if I let him lick me a little bit…cool, thank you!!

I begin to understand why you put him in this cage…the thought of him being fucking horny all the time without a chance of release reallly gets my juices flowing hehe.

So see you in a few weeks, have a fun holiday! Bye!

Her on top @teaseanddenialcaptions

Sometimes I ask myself how stupid I must have been to introduce her to TnD. She immediately was into it and until now she doesn’t really care how many times a year I may have an orgasm or not. She enjoys to watch me suffer and her favorite sex is her on top. First she rides my cock until I’m close to cum, then she puts her wet pussy on my face for a few minutes. After that it’s back on my cock again. Most of the time she has three orgasms before she has enough and puts my dick back in his CB-6000s. Sometimes I ask myself if this is heaven.

Chastity heaven @teaseanddenialcaptions

Yes, you are dead and this is your personal heaven. Yes you are in heaven, because you were a good human being for most of your time. There were only two things that you weren’t able to understand: First, you always complained that right after an orgasm, men lose all interest in sex and aren’t horny at all anymore. Second, You also often complained that there are too many ugly women out there. So we decided that we will hear your complaints and give you a heaven without these flaws.

In your personal heaven there are no ugly women at all. Actually there are only women that are exactly your type and no men at all, except you. Also, you won’t be able to lose interest in sex, because we took your ability to reach an orgasm, so you can enjoy us hot angels every second of your eternities in this place. Looks like you’re going to have a good time up here, doesn’t it?

Wobbling in the nuts @teaseanddenialcaptions

She once told me that sometimes she thinks that she can feel all this built-up cum wobbling around in my heavy aching balls…But as long as there is enough room for it to wobble around, they are not completely full, right? So until this happens she won’t let me cum and put my dick back in its cage after she sucked and stroked it for a few hours.

Fucktoys @teaseanddenialcaptions

It’s not that she was into tease and denial that much. It’s more that she is somehow nymphomanic and chose the two of us to be her fucktoy. As a fucktoy - according to her - it is our duty to ALWAYS have a hard-on for her to use, which means that we are not allowed to cum. Ever. We have to control oursevles for her pleasure or she will punish us by putting our dick in a CB-6000s and use the other one as fucktoy until he loses control again. If we fail threetimes, she told us that she won’t open the lock for at lease six months. It’s not that she wouldn’t find other guys to pleasure her.

Whenever she has sex with one of us, the other chaste-boi has to watch. Right now I am locked up and she sees the desperation in my eyes. The hope that the other guy can’t hold it back anymore. It turns her on so much to see my dick dribble precum while listening to her wet pussy gobbling the other guys helpless cock.

Deal with it @teaseanddenialcaptions

All I ever hear is „Pleeeaasse let me out!“ and „I can‘t take it anymore!“ or „We really need to stop this!“…But I tell you what: It‘s called Tease and DENIAL and not Tease and letting him cum. 

So deal with it: You are going to stay in that cage for a very long time. And you are going to watch me masturbate over and over again right in front of you. And you are going to lick me from orgasm to orgasm while staying chaste until I decide that you earned one little release.

If that day comes, you may spurt it all over me. Maybe even twice. But after that I am going to lock you up again and living hell will be right over you again. That‘s the way it will be for the rest of your life, because that‘s the way I want it to be!

The reading @teaseanddenialcaptions

Whenever she reads me a TnD story, it feels like it is always the man who askes his girlfriend to put him in a cage. Not so with us…I woke up one morning and could just hear the click from the key. From that moment on I had no chance, but to do whatever she wants me to, if I ever want an orgasm again. It wasn’t my idea to watch my girlfriend laying naked on the floor, forcing me to watch her hot body while reading sexual stories to me and becoming hornier and more frustrated than I ever knew was possible. It was her idea and I love her for that.

On the wall @teaseanddenialcaptions

You are so much bigger and stronger than me. You could just press me against the wall and fuck me until we both pass out. I would be your helpless bitch. Your horny cum-dump. Nevertheless, I am in charge and this is only because I am in control of your cum. I say when you are allowed to let it out of your balls. I say when you have to close the lock to your chastity cage again. You aren’t even allowed to touch yourself without my permission. So get the cage and put it on. This time it is going to stay on for a reeeaallly long time!

The tattoo @teaseanddenialcaptions

Sure you can watch my tits…In fact, I’m going to allow you much more the next few weeks, because I gave the keys to you chastity cage to my tattoo-artist. I told him to give it back to me only when my arm is finished.

Amy the cocksitter @teaseanddenialcaptions

Okay honey, open your eyes! This is Amy, your new cocksitter. She will take care of you when I‘m out with my girls or when I‘m on vacation or whatever…Together with Amy you got a new chastity cage. It‘s a lot bigger than your last one, so you almost can get hard in it…almost! At the tip of the cage you will find a little button and whenever you get so hard that your dick presses this button, Amy is getting paid a little bit more. That way I motivate her to keep you hard and horny for me. Of course, Amy has no keys to your cage, so don‘t even bother her with silly questions about it, ok?

I leave you two alone now and come back in a few hours to see how you get along with each other. Have fun, honey and be nice to Amy since she will be very nice to you *giggle*

Chilling vibrator @teaseanddenialcaptions

Ever since she had the idea to tie her vibrator to the tip of my cock, it became our sleeping ritual that I was handcuffed to the bed licking her ass, while she fell asleep to the humming sound of her vibrator keeping my cock rock-hard without the slightest chance of getting me over the edge. She said that this way she gets the most peaceful dreams. When waking up the next morning, she licks all of the precum off my dick and balls and puts everything back into the CB6000.

Drink all of it @teaseanddenialcaptions

One evening she told me to drink one beer after another. First I thought she wanted me to get drunk, because she knows that I’m much hornier then. But when I wanted to empty my bladder after two beers, she ordered me to stay in the room and keep drinking. After two more beers I was already tipsy and my bladder was really full already, but I still wasn’t allo-wed to pee. After the next bottle I couldn’t stand it anymore. My bladder was about to burst and I was sure to pee my pants in the next few se-conds. I desperately begged her to go let me go to the toilet. This was the moment when she spoke to me in a calm voice: 

You haven’t cum in over four months now and you constantly begging me to unlock your cage. Now you’re begging me to let you pee. So I guess this is your own decision now. What’s more important to you? If you go peeing I won’t let you cum for another month. If you want to cum today, you just have to drink one more bottle without making a mess. What’s your choice, honey?

Just do the math @teaseanddenialcaptions

We met in evening classes learning some math. She is actually quite nerdy, but in a cute way…at least that’s what I thought when we started dating. After some weeks of learning higher mathematics togethter we ended in bed and started a relationship. Things went very well and one day she said that she wanted to exponentially grow the intensity of our sexlife. It sounded very hot and I had to close my eyes. Her on the other hand closed the lock of the most secure stainless steel chastity cage on the market. 

First I didn’t see how this would lead to an exponentioally growth of anything, but she just smiled and told me that this very lock will be opened again in 1 week. After that in 2 weeks, then in 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks and so on. 

This was 63 weeks ago and by now I know that she somehow was right: I experience a level of horniness I never imagined to be possible. Today I get out of the cage again, but I’m not sure if that is a good thing, because after she makes me cum, she is going to close the lock again for the next 64 weeks. Over one year of chastity. And I don’t even want to think about the next interval of 128 weeks… 

Everything is fine sister @teaseanddenialcaptions

Yes, he’s doing great, sis! We have a lot of fun together *giggle* Yesterday I even tickled his blue balls for a while…I hope you don’t mind…Of course, I’m always wearing the key around my neck for him to see it, but to be honest: He’s mostly watching my legs or boobies haha. Yeah, alright. Have a nice holiday! See you in a few weeks. I promise you to give him back to you even hornier than you gave him to me. 

Graduation day @teaseanddenialcaptions

When scientists found out that the quality of sperm increases significantly when men are constantly kept horny and denied for several years, the government made a law that every boy has to wear a chastity cage from his 18th birthday on. 

In school, every boy in class is assigned to one girl. Twice a week they are unlocked and the girls practice with them how to edge a man most effective. 

On graduation day, it became tradition that every girl may decide, whether “her boy” gets unlocked or not. Most of the girls keep their boys safely locked away and trade orgasms in return of services. 

I dont really care @teaseanddenialcaptions

..and does it hurt? Yes? Your wife told me that ever since she put you in this thing, you are really frustrated sometimes and beg her to let you out again. Hmmm poor hubby, I wish I had the key to let your cock out and suck on it until it spurts all this saved up cum. 

…but on the other hand I don’t really care. I get paid to tease the hell out of you and make you as horny as possible until she returns tomorrow evening. So let get started, right? 

Count the seconds @teaseanddenialcaptions

Sometimes, after hours of edging you over and over again, I feel sorry for you. It’s so sad that we have to put this rock-hard cock back into his safehouse without the orgasm it is aching for. But then again I get so horny thinking about how much cum is already waiting in this heavy full balls…Let’s count the seconds until he gets soft again. Every second means one more day until I let him out again. Maybe.

Cagewatch @teaseanddenialcaptions

This is the third summer that the girls do their “Cagewatch” at the beach: They look out for single men, start a conversation, get some drinks, take them home to their place and start playing nasty games with each other. 

Right before the guy has his orgasm, they both go down on him, softly lick the tip of his throbbing cock, look up to him and let him choose between:

  1. To go home immediately and not being allowed to finish his threesome with the girls or
  2. Get locked up in a CB-6000 for one year, coming back to the beach and being allowed to fuck them both in any way imaginable for three days. 

Until now every boy was locked up and came back dependably one year later. Insanely horny, blueballed and dribbling precum 24/7.

Grab a coffee @teaseanddenialcaptions

That’s him. He approached me in a cafe and we started to talk. After a while, I told him that I just turned 18 and suddenly he wanted to ask me something personal. I was afraid that he turns out to be some sort of freak, but I never would have thought of what he really wanted. He told me about this chastity fantasy of him and that he searches for a keyholder young, innocent and unattached enough to resist his beggings for a cummie. I never heard of this stuff and was both a little bit shocked and somehow very curious. So I said yes and he gave me the only existing key to his chastity device. 

Wow this is so hot! I mean…you’re now 22, so that was over four years ago. How often did you let him cum since then?

Well, let’s say you won’t need more than two hands to count every little cummy he earned *giggle* 

In retrospect I laugh about how often I let him out to jerk off during the first weeks, but soon I realized the power he gave me over him. I guess that’s what he meant with “innocent” haha! Nowadays he is lucky to get a release every few months and I gradually turned him into my personal slave. So if you want anything - and I really mean ANYthing - from him, just tell him to do so and he will behave, if he wants his aching cock to be unlocked anytime soon.

Take me to your mistress @teaseanddenialcaptions

Hello human man and welcome to your new life. I may introduce myself: I am mucerp-X42 and from your point of view I am an alien. Yes, we exist. And yes, we do abduct humans. But the reason we do this changed over the years. At first we were running tests on you to find out how your bodies work and if there is anything we can learn from you. Well…there isn’t. 

But by running these tests and exploring your sexual behaviou liquid you call “precum” and as it turned out this was a groundbreaking finding. Let me explain why: Since we almost overcame a life based on material experience, we can live by using almost exclusively our minds. Therefore we have a very low metabolism and naturally need very little nutrition. And here comes the interesting part: The precum of a human man has exactly the right amount of nutrients our body needs to stay in perfect health. 

You can imagine the consequences. A single food means that we don’t even have search for anything else to eat or drink. As soon as we realized this we started to develop the technology that I injectinged into your body a few moments ago. It’s some sort of nanobots that control your hormones. They do several things: 

First they make you very responisve to sexual stimulation of any form. Second they increase the amount of precum and lower the threshold you need to be aroused before you produce it. And finally and most important: They prevent you from reaching an orgasm. 

In our experience these nanobots will cease in 4-6 years. You will know it when you are able to get closer and closer to an orgasm during their last weeks of existence. When their lifespan is over they destroy themselves and release a mixture of hormones that will give you such an intense orgasm that you won’t be able to control your muscles for about one hour. This is our way to say thank you for your precum. 

And one more thing: As I said, we have a highly developed mind. It is so powerful that I am able to project images into your underdeveloped brain. Actually what you see is not the reality, but what I want you to see. I analyzed your sexual interests and I will use this knowledge to make you built even more precum. Just think of something sexual and I will let you see it. 

Okay, so that’s basically it. From now on your only purpose is to think of sex and produce precum in vast quantities. 

Virgin slave for life @teaseanddenialcaptions

They got together when she they both were 18. He was still a virgin and eager to find out how it feels to put his dick into the wet, hot pussy of a girl. Unfortunately, she was already a lot more experienced and tricked him into closing the lock of his CB-6000 during their third date. Today it’s her 23rd birthday and she never let him out since then. Four years ago, she has created her own virgin-slave for the rest of her life.

Squeeze the cum out of the balls @teaseanddenialcaptions

No silly, you don’t have to cum yet. I want your balls so full of cum that I only have to squeeze them to make your little hole dribble some cum. As soon as you built up that much cum, you can shoot your load all over me and I’m gonna swallow every drop of it. But until then you don’t need to ask again for permission to orgasm. Understand? Good. 

Serve the princess @teaseanddenialcaptions

And this is the last one, my princess. You nearly chose him last year, if you remember. We kept him denied and horny ever since and also conditioned him to the smell of your pussy. He’ll start drooling and licking as soon as you get near him. Of course, you can give it a try right now.

Mmh, this is indeed a very nice collection to choose from this year. You excelled yourself again, lady royal! I’m going to think about my next pet and let you know until tomorrow which one may serve me as my chaste-pet for the next 12 months.
I want you to give all of them some hope by teasing them a few hours overnight. But don’t let them cum, of course!

Very well, my princess! It’s such a pleasure to work for you!

Its just about motivation @teaseanddenialcaptions

Look at you. You came back. I wondered how long it will take until your brain stops being oh so proud and your dick starts to take over with thinking? Let’s see…it took you 10 days to make the right decision and come back to me to unlock you from the CB-6000s.

Of course, I still have the key, but 10 days means 10 more weeks for you to suffer and to show me your will to worship me, your lovely keyholder.

Do you think this is fair? And you better think twice or live with the consequences of a wrong answer.

Yes, I think this is fair.

Well, congratulations to the right answer. Now start licking my pussy. And to give you even more motivation I will remove one day of chastity for every orgasm you can give me within the next hour.

Everytime im facesittin @teaseanddenialcaptions

She can’t decide whether to smile or to moan, while one little thought is bringing her over the edge: To put his dick back into his little cage without even having touched it, while she had three orgasms right into her slaves nose. 

Then again, she came so hard that her shivering body forced her to moan loudly and even drool a little bit on her slaves face. He knew that he would never experience such an orgasm for the rest of his life, but that the very next day he will give her this pleasure again.

Fill the bottle threetimes @teaseanddenialcaptions

You know, I’m tired of counting days until your next release, so I thought of a new method to determine your cummies: I’m going to put a condom over your CB6000 and you’re gonna wear a vibro egg from now on. The egg is set to vibrate every hour for a few minutes. Just enough to stimulate your prostata and give your dick the chance of releasing some of the built-up cum without having a real orgasm. We will empty the condom every day and collect everything in a 0.5 litre bottle. 

  • Everytime the bottle is full the first time you can choose between jerking off while only watching me wearing this lingerie or to wait until you filled another bottle.
  • Everytime the bottle is full the second time you can choose between getting a hand- or blowjob or to wait until you filled another bottle.
  • Everytime the bottle is full the third time I’m gonna let you out of your cage and you may fuck me for a whole night as often as you want. 

I think that’s a fair deal, isn’t it? Good! So turn around, so I can put in the egg. 

Elfish tounge orgasm please @teaseanddenialcaptions

That went very well, my dear. How did you lure him into the cockcage?

Oh that was easy. I told him that I was an elfish prisoner and may only return to my tribe when I bring home a human man with his dick safely locked up. I promised him that I will release him as soon as I got back in *giggle* 

Now to back to you, foolish human: As you may guessed already we are not expelled from our tribe. Actually we are hunters FOR our tribe and we hunt for men like you. From this day on your life will only be about serving us in every way we please..especially sexually. Yes you heard right, big whoop, elfs can be mean, too. Let’s start your training right here by giving us your first elfish-tounge-orgasm. 

And don’t worry when you start to feel much homier than ever. This is because elfish cum makes humans instantly very horny. So serving us with your tounge will from now on be the happy things in your life, except you will never be able to cum and release this happiness. 

I know you like the look of my tits hanging down @teaseanddenialcaptions

I know you like the look of my tits hanging down like this, right? Soon you can see something like this whenever you want. Wanna know why? 

Yesterday I mixed a drug into your breakfast that we developed by accident in my lab. All male mice stopped to reabsorb unspoiled cum, so their balls grow quite big by the time. Also they cared significally more about their women and became much hornier, of course. I gave you a small dose for starters, so we will see how you react on the drug. Soon your balls will become not only as blue as my eyes, but also as big as my tits! Maybe in two months I grant you a little big cummie *giggle* 

Build the closet @teaseanddenialcaptions

Four months ago I started to take evening classes in German. In my class there were these two super hot girls. No man could take his eyes off them and then one night, after the end of our lesson, they came up to me and asked if I wanted to have a drink with them. Of course, I said yes and so the three of us went out. 

During our talks they mentioned that they just moved in together and that they are searching for someone to build them a walk-in cupboard. Since I actually have some experience in building these things I offered my help. It was already late and we all were a little bit drunk, but they were very happy about my offer and promised me to be “especially grateful”. 

When I came over a few days later to start measuring the room and make a plan on how to build the closet, they made me this crazy thank-you-offer: They would make out in front of me, but they were worried that I would rape them or something. So the only condition for me was to wear a chastity cage, while they do this. At first I was completely perplexed, but they really meant it. 

After the first time that they gave me their show (with my dick being safely locked away and hurt like shit, while trying to get hard in this cage), they denied me to open the lock. They begged me to keep wearing it, until I finished my work. They said how cool it must be, when I get hornier and hornier from day to day and that they are even considering to let me fuck them, if I do a good job with the closet. 

What choice did I have? And I really got very very horny! The cupboard took me over a week and they were teasing me nearly all the time. After 10 days of building, getting teased, being locked away and cum building up in my balls, my work was done. It was the best thing I ever built! 

Only on this day the girls told me the truth: They found the chastity cage from the former tenant and the thought of a guy being their slave, being denied to cum for a long time and always forced to watch them doing kinky stuff, really turned them on! So they decided to get them such a slave. Additionally, they installed an electric buzzer on the cage to control me and this is how I became their slave. But the worst part of all: The former tenant left no key to the cage which means that there is no chance for me to ever cum again!

Push the button @teaseanddenialcaptions

Can you move, honey? Did I tie you up good enough on the bed? Good. Of course, you realized that I removed your chastity cage and replaced it with a cock-vibrator. Maybe you are thinking now things like “Oh my god, she is letting me cum today” or “Please let this be my biannual orgasm”. Maybe you will cum tonight…we’ll see. But do you see this red button here? I explain to you what it’s good for: 

I also put a vibrator in my pussy and whenever I press this red button, your vibrator and mine will switch from on to off and the other way round. That way, either me or you get stimulated and the other person has to watch without anything moving on its private parts. Your vibrator will start first and I am going to press the button whenever your dick is fully erected. Then it’s my turn until your dick is soft again. 

We will do this until either I reached three orgasms or until you cum with a half-erected cock. So maybe this really is the night you waited for… 

Welcome home my dear hubby how was your day at @teaseanddenialcaptions

Welcome home, my dear hubby! How was your day at work? Guess what: I was lonely today and also quite horny, so I masturbated a few times thin-king of your imprisoned dick. You know how this brings me always over the edge…And thinking of you, I realized that you haven’t cum in almost 4 months now. So I decided to give you the chance to earn yourself a little orgasm. I want you now to drop your pants and handcuff yourself to the bed. You gonna stay there the whole weekend and either watch me masturbate with my pussy only inches away from your face or being teased and edged over and over again. 

You must accomplish only two little things to get your mindblowing orgasm on sunday night:

  1. You must be stiff for at least 40 hours in total.
  2. You must reach at least 350 edges.

If you can do that you may use me as your fucktoy for a full 2 hours. I will do whatever you want me to without complaining and without any consequences for your next lock-up time. You are even allowed to cum more than once during this time. So let’s get started, it’s gonna be a hot weekend! 

Sim controlled cock cage @teaseanddenialcaptions

Happy Birthday, baby! You can now open your eyes and look what I just put on you: A chastity cage that not only keeps your cock In it, but also holds your balls! Of course, I chose the smallest model, so it always fits as thight as possible. 

And guess what: This thing has a built-in SIM-card!! Meaning that I can text some codes to control your cage! I can make it vibrate a little bit, I can make it smaller and I can even control its temperature! Isn’t that great? Now I can tease you anytime, even when I’m at work! Hope you like it as much as I do!! 

Try harder and stay softer @teaseanddenialcaptions

You see, baby: You are making progress! Last month you had a boner before I even took off my bra. This time i almost dropped my panties before you lost your self-control. It’s getting better from month to month! At this rate it shouldn’t take longer than another 6 months before you stay soft until I’m completely naked. And you know what that means: One night of fucking your girlfriend senseless in every way you wish! Should be worth it, right? 

Ok then..get soft again and close the lock. In 4 weeks we try that again. 

Just crush the cage @teaseanddenialcaptions

Pfff, you speak of “MUST cum” for so long now that I even cant remember when you started with this silly expression. Look, I even switched you steel cage to a plastic cage and you were watching me how I chrushed one of these plastic cages with a hammer. So if you really “MUST cum”, why does the “oh so big” pressure of your cock not simply break the small plastic thing? Hm? Why not? Right, because you are far away from “MUST cum”, trust me on this. I know exactly when you really need to cum and when the time has come, I will be the last person standing between you and the key. But until then you stay locked up! 

Horny mushrooms @teaseanddenialcaptions

Hey sis, thanks so much for these mushrooms!! You won’t believe it, but he just passed out of horniness! Don’t worry though, I checked his vitals and everything is fine except his cock is still twitching and dribbling precum like he has done for the last 3 hours. You were right, it was so much fun! When the shrooms kicked in, he got rock-hard immediately and I only had to tickle the tip of his cock to make him shiver and moan. Then after one hour or so he wasn’t able to articulate himself. All he could do was groan and he even cried a little bit. And then, only minutes later, I asked him a few times, if he wants to cum now, but all that left his mouth was uncontrolled salivation. Of course I took this chance to make him lick me until I came so fucking hard over his wet face. 

Now he’s lying there as if he had fucked me the whole night…“as if” haha. So, if you purchase another pack of these drugs then order the big pack! I think this opens a whole new level of frustration for our cute husbands, right? 

Four months ago i got a package from the daughter @teaseanddenialcaptions

Four months ago I got a package from the daughter of my associate, containing this picture, an opened chastity cage without a key and the following text: 


My name is Tara and I got 18 last week, so I guess one cant consider me jailbait anymore. So the reason I write you is not to put you in jail, but to put your cock in jail. If you like what you see on the picture and you want to play with this once a month, then put on the chastity cage and close the lock. After you sent me back a picture of your sealed cock I will wait 4 weeks until I tell you where and when you can meet me and do nasty things to me. Of course, you are going to leave our meetings with your dick locked up. To shorten your waiting time until you see me again, I will send you some sexy pictures of me from time to time. Are you in? Then close the cage! 

xoxo Tara. 

Of course I willingly put my dick in the cage and made the photo to send it to her. She actually kept every promise she made. I regularly get hot pictures of her and every 4 weeks I meet her to play with her and bring her to several intense orgasms. What I didn’t realized is that she never said something about unlocking me and unfortunately she shows absolutely no intention of doing so. She made me her chaste-boi without even talking to me one time! I am now the secret slave of my associates’ 18 year old hottie-daughter and my balls are getting fuller and heavier from day to day… 

Good boy @teaseanddenialcaptions

Okay, honey, this is enough. Please stop now to stroke it and get some ice. Good boy! 

Think of something else @teaseanddenialcaptions

No, I already told you that your wife gave me no key to your chastity cage. She just told me that she will be gone for a while, I should take care of the house and dress always as sexy as possible. I know its been over a month now, but she pays me weekly so I’m sure she will be back sometime. Does it hurt when your cock tries to get hard in that thing? Yes? I’m sorry, but I wanna keep my part of the deal…so I guess you have to find a way to cope with me being around you half-naked all the time… 

Hey, maybe you can give me a nice massage like you did last week? That felt very good and maybe it makes you think of something else than your imprisoned cock. Just watch me taking a shower and then you can start right away, okay? 

Challange accepted @teaseanddenialcaptions

Baby, I just talked to Kelly and she told me that she put her boyfriend in chastity, too! Isn’t that great? You know how competitive we are, so now we can challenge us to see who can resist longer to let her chaste boyfriend cum! The good thing is that I’m already ahead, since your last spurty was 2 months ago. Tomorrow we will exchange the keys to your cages to prevent each other from cheating! I’m so excited! 

We also talked about her coming over tease you, and me going to her place to boyfriend, Tom!
Maybe you and Tom are even getting a girl-on-girl show to make you even hornier, until one of us has pity and decides to free her bf. This is gonna be so much fun! I’m getting already wet by thinking about you and Tom sitting side by side and your dicks pressing against your tiny prisons! Please come over here and lick me to orgasm - I’m sure it won’t take long…

Caught and caught up @teaseanddenialcaptions

Good morning sweety! Do you notice anything different? Maybe below your waist *giggle* Remember, when I caught you masturbating last month? It’s not that I don’t trust you, but of course, I didn’t like the thought of you having an orgasm without me, so I bought you a new toy. Well…actually I’m the one playing with it. From now on, I will keep you chaste and deny you every orgasm as long as I’m not in the mood for letting you out of your little prison. 

But look on the bright side: No more morning wood, no more misplaced dick in your pants and always the warm fee-ling of being horny. For starters we are going to wait 4 weeks before I consider letting you cum again. Now be a good boyfriend and make me breakfast, ok? Love you, honey! 

Make it one year @teaseanddenialcaptions

Look at him, all twitchy and throbby…When was the last time that cum left this little hole? I think nearly 6 months, right? Nearly half a year…you must be a damn horny chaste-boi, right? Well..let’s make it a whole year I’d say. I just wanted to see him without the cage. I’ll get the ice and then we let him out again in 6 long months of strict denial. 

Sleeping beauty @teaseanddenialcaptions

A few weeks ago she told me that she always wanted to sleep naked, but before she was my keyholder, she was afraid of me humping her all the time. Since every time I touch her now, means one more week of denial for me, she is not afraid the least bit anymore. So now I can watch her almost every night. Her sweet, sexy body, naked right in front of me, but all I can do is watch her and feel my cock trying unsuccessfully to get hard in the cage. 

I still have nine weeks to go, but I’m so goddamn horny and not sure if I can resist much longer. I wanna grab her tight ass and play with her perfect tits, although I now that I will never be able to cum while I’m caught in this tiny cage. 

The secretary knows @teaseanddenialcaptions

Last month my wife picked me up from work and had a little small-talk with my secretary. A week later they met each other for a coffee. Another week later they went out together. I learned today that my wife told her about my chastity cage in one of the clubs they have been together. 

Since that night my workplace is not a tease-free area anymore. Until then I didn’t even know how sexy skirts my secretary possessed.. .But now I see her every day in short outfits and an evil, knowing look on her face. 

Pray the rosary @teaseanddenialcaptions

Well good morning, my dear! And look at you and your new tiny cock prison. I’m glad that I could convince you yesterday to close the lock and give me the key. Actually, I planned this all out very carefully. Maybe I should have told you that I always drank water shots instead of vodka shots like you *giggle* But anyways, it was your own decision…more or less… 

Now say hello to your new daily breakfast, lunch and supper: Ms. Pussy. You will lick her so often from now on that her sweet taste will hardly leave your tounge. I’m not sure if you remember this, but you also agreed last night that you will only be released as soon as you gave me so many orgasms as this necklace has pearls. Its going to be something like praying the rosary…so go on and start praying! 

Last girl on earht @teaseanddenialcaptions

If I let you out of your cage when we would be the last two people on earth?? Hmm, I don’t think so, because I’m pretty sure that there would be a very good reason that all mankind died. Plus: That way I can at least enjoy you being the horniest and most frustrated man on earth and me being the girl with the most orgasms a day…by the way: I want one now, so stop asking stupid questions and start doing something useful with your tongue. chop-chop!

The joke @teaseanddenialcaptions

Okay baby, you can now turn the key, but don’t be scared: I bought this dick cage at the joke shop… 

*click* *pssssshhhh* 

Hahaha I can’t believe that you actually did it!! The joke is that the key is melted within the cage, as soon as someone closes the lock with it *giggle* Maybe I should have told you, but I wanted to see your face, when you realize that you just willingly gave up all orgasms you may ever had. Oh my god that was funny… go and make me something to eat, okay? 

Count the hearts @teaseanddenialcaptions

Since you had your release yesterday, I thought about how long I will deny you this time. So during shopping today I had an awesome idea: You see the hearts on my new stockings? Each heart means one week in chastity for you, okay? Now lick my tushy while I count the weeks to your next orgams. I am going to count loud and very slowly so you can hear me and realize that this is going to be a very very long time until your little boy can spurt again *giggle* 

New method @teaseanddenialcaptions

Honey, I came up with a new method to determine the date of your releases. Don’t worry, nothing will change much. You still won’t have more than a few orgasms a year - its just to make things a little bit different: We are going to start counting at 365 meaning 365 days and for every of my orgasms we will substract one day. As soon as we reach zero days I will allow your dick to catch some fresh air and to have a little cummie, ok? The game starts today, so your scheduled orgasm this week is canceled, but I find this an acceptable price for the fun Fm going to have from now on. *giggle* 

Stick to it @teaseanddenialcaptions

That was a really nice teasing session! I’m satisfied with the amount of precum you dribbled for me, so I will give you the chance to earn yourself a little cummie: As soon as I stand up in a few seconds, I want your face burned deep between my ass cheeks. I want it there for the whole day, which means that you have to kneel and crawl behind me to follow me everywhere I go. At least your tongue or your nose has to stimulate my asshole. If you can do that until the evening, I will open your cage, give you a nice blowjob and swallow all the cum you saved up for the last 6 weeks. If you can’t follow me fast enough, I am going to count how many times your face leaves my butt and edge you this often later on without a happy end. Good luck! 

Caught in the barn @teaseanddenialcaptions

When I first met her sh as an innocent country bumpkin who inherited a little farm. After one year of dirty, filthy fucking she heard about chastity cages for men and asked me to try one out. I agreed, since it sounded very kinky, but everything changed on this very moment, when she closed the lock of my CB6000. This was four years ago and by now I am one of her 5 „stallions" as she calls us ironically. We all live naked in her barn, chained to our feeding dish, wearing tiny cock cages and ball-gags. 

Once a month we get milked by her or by her maid, and once a day they tease one of us for several hours. Twice a day she feeds us with concentrated feed which means vitamins and proteins mixed with powdered viagra and heavy aphrodisiacs. But before we are allowed to eat, we have to lick either their tushies for five minutes or their pussies until they cum. 

I’m not sure if I will ever get out of this chastity cage or if I will ever have an orgasm again. I couldn’t imagine being so insanely horny 24/7 and hardly able to think of something else than unloading the pressure of my boiling balls. There is absolutely nothing left of the country bumpkin. She and her maid will tease us, milk us, feed us and keep us horny and denied for the rest of our lives. 

Mr spikey @teaseanddenialcaptions

I’m really sorry, honey. I wish I could grant you an orgasm, but you cannot control yourself. Why are you always trying to get a boner in your cage only seconds after I touch you? I cannot remove it that way and therefore cannot give you the blowjob you are waiting for since I locked you up. I mean, we can try it another time next month, but we did that already four times, didn’t we?

What do you think? How can we teach you more self-control? Should we let out the built-in spikes in your cage, hm? Should we change it to a little Mr. Spikey? Do you think that will help you staying soft? I’d say we give it a try, okay? Maybe you won’t get hard then in four weeks. Now take off my panties and lick my pussy for a while, so you and Mr. Spikey get to know each other.