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The Cruel Cowboy Sole @thecruelcowboy

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WARNING!! ADULT MATERIAL, 18+ ONLY! THIS BLOG IS INTENDED FOR AN ADULT GAY MALE AUDIENCE. POSTS ARE GRABS FROM THE INTERNET. IF YOU REQUEST I WILL REMOVE A PHOTO. I'm a masculine guy who gets turned on by view of the sole of real man's cowboy boot sole. Something about that wide, yawning, leather sole makes me rock hard! - The Cruel Cowboy Sole (@thecruelcowboy)
Beautiful @thecruelcowboy


Bootmenblog you boys up for some boot play @thecruelcowboy


You boys up for some boot play?

I’m gonna stare at those boots to catch every toe flex and wiggle!

Fuck yeah i wanna suck that motocross cock @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah I wanna suck that motocross cock!

Beautiful superior penis @thecruelcowboy

Beautiful, superior PENIS!

Penises ready for a fags mouth @thecruelcowboy

Penises ready for a fag’s mouth.

Fuuuuckk @thecruelcowboy


Fuck yeah i want those sexy powerful soles @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah, I want those sexy, powerful soles pressed against my tongue!

Fuck yeah love that second helmet pokin out @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah, love that second helmet pokin’ out!

Gorgeous dude in perfect boots lick @thecruelcowboy

Gorgeous dude in perfect boots! Lick!

Roughcutcowboy new boots oh man my tongue @thecruelcowboy


New boots!

Oh man, my tongue is quivering at licking those gorgeous new smooth soles. Fuuuuuck!

Superiorstraightwhiteman big cock series 5 @thecruelcowboy


Big Cock Series #5

Fuck I love the shape of that helmet!

Fuck thats hot @thecruelcowboy

Fuck that’s hot.

Im such a fag for brantley gilberts boots @thecruelcowboy

I’m such a fag for Brantley Gilbert’s boots!

Mastergrizz mastergrizz fuck yeah i wanna see @thecruelcowboy



Fuck yeah! I wanna see critters die under that boot!

Fuck i love this pic @thecruelcowboy

Fuck I love this pic.

Want that in my mouth @thecruelcowboy

Want that in my mouth!

I wanna serve him in so many ways @thecruelcowboy

I wanna serve him in so many ways….

Mmm yeah superior white alpha jizz in my face @thecruelcowboy

Mmm yeah superior white alpha jizz in my face!

Fuck yeah lick up that superior straight white @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah, lick up that superior straight white semen!

Fucking intense @thecruelcowboy

Fucking intense!

Fuck i wanna tongue that head and make his cock @thecruelcowboy

Fuck, I wanna tongue that head and make his cock rock hard!

Yoururinal fuck yes @thecruelcowboy


Fuck yes!!

Fuck yeah it is @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah it is!

I wanna suck his cock and his boot soles @thecruelcowboy

I wanna suck his cock and his boot soles.

Beautiful white military missile i wanna nuzzle @thecruelcowboy

Beautiful white military missile. I wanna nuzzle that until it explodes on my tongue.

Mmm yeah military penis in your face suck it @thecruelcowboy

Mmm yeah, military penis in your face! Suck it, faggot!

Fuck yeah fucking hot redneck cock pokin out of @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah! Fucking hot redneck cock pokin’ out of those jeans! Slurp!

Okiefastball redneck417 redneck fuck @thecruelcowboy




Always a hot ass pic.  Love seeing the soles of those Double H boots in the air. 

Me too, fucking love those cowboy boot soles!

Fuck i love everything about this guy the truck @thecruelcowboy

Fuck, I love everything about this guy! The truck, the hat, the boots…

Fuck yeah big buckle and cowboy cock @thecruelcowboy

Fuck yeah, big buckle and cowboy cock!

Country singer sam riggs flexes and shows off his @thecruelcowboy

Country singer Sam Riggs flexes and shows off his sexy sole, ready for your tongue!

Akentuckyboycansurvive i love new boots the @thecruelcowboy


I love new boots. The feel of em, the smell of the leather and most of all how turned on I get when I slip them bad boys on. Ya’ll ain’t livin till ya know this feel'n.

Me too, that smell gets me rock hard!

Raunchygay slurp then repeat 3 times d piss @thecruelcowboy


Slurp! Then repeat 3 times :D Piss from dozens of hot college students at the bar.

Fuck yeah, best way to farm straight jock piss!

Midsouthmen todays boots lucchese @thecruelcowboy


Today’s boots - Lucchese

Midsouthmen todays boots lucchese hornback @thecruelcowboy


Today’s boots - Lucchese Hornback Caiman Tail in Cognac

Midsouthmen todays boots nocona black @thecruelcowboy


Today’s’ boots - Nocona Black Legacy Calf Skins

Midsouthmen todays boots ariat @thecruelcowboy


Today’s boots - Ariat

Midsouthmen todays boots twisted x @thecruelcowboy


Today’s boots - Twisted X

Sknpss more piss httpsknpsstumblrcom @thecruelcowboy


More piss?

Straight from the source!

Houseofwolff84 hows it look from down there @thecruelcowboy


How’s it look from down there?

Fuck, I wanna unbuckle and nuzzle on the country boy cock!

Okiefastball oh hell that sole is begging @thecruelcowboy


Oh Hell!

That sole is begging for a fucking tongue!!!

Yoururinal thirsty i want that aimed straight @thecruelcowboy



I want that aimed straight at my mouth!

Beuker71 4 pm taking a fuckin piss i wanna @thecruelcowboy


4 pm: taking a fuckin’ piss.

I wanna lick that wall when he’s done pissin’!

Piss on me @thecruelcowboy

Piss on me!

Oralexplorer httporalexplorertumblrcom @thecruelcowboy


Fuck! Love that gorgeous ginger boner!

Restroomsnaps modelhunt24 i couldnt resist @thecruelcowboy



I couldnt resist.

Send Restroom pics on Snap Chat: restroomsnaps #mensroom #dickpic

Fuck I wanna sniff those shoes and drink his piss!

Gaymasturbait dustin 32 @thecruelcowboy


Dustin. 32.