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THE DADDY LIST Welcome, Daddies and Admirers, to my site where I will post photos of attractive daddies that I have collected from the daddies themselves, or online. An addition to this site will be available daily. Warning: The following content in my blog is for Adult Men only. You must be of legal age within your country to view the naked male content which follows in my blog. I make no claim to the ownership to any of the photos posted in my blog. The content posted on my blog is considered to be public domain and the content was found from the world wide web through other free public domains. If you spot an unauthorized picture or any other content that should not be posted here, please use the email that is provided in the profile listed at this blog and indicate that you are the legitimate copyright owner. You must provide the posting name and the link to that specific content within the email for this content to be removed. Enjoy - THE DADDY LIST (@thedaddylist)
Daddiesbyeze submission from ken one of the @thedaddylist


Submission from Ken (one of the daddies on the blog). Inspiration for our next shoot together!

Woof daddy

Daddiesbyeze daddy david daddydave67 just @thedaddylist


Daddy David ( daddydave67 ) just hit 1,000 followers! Damn, that was fast! Congrats to my studly friend! (Who’s gonna give him the congratulatory blowjob?)

Loafersnsox oh sweet goodness admiral @thedaddylist


Oh, Sweet Goodness - “Admiral Keating”.!!!

Daddiesbyeze ken 2 yes @thedaddylist


Ken 2.


Planesdrifter follow planesdrifter truethat if @thedaddylist


Follow planesdrifter: trueTHAT if you’re an admirer of older, hairy natural and muscular men.

Check it out and the archive too.

Hyoung17 @thedaddylist



I miss working for my old boss he always knew how @thedaddylist

I miss working for my old boss, he always knew how to keep me motivated and working HARD…

Daddytude amateur hour 157 you wont find @thedaddylist



You won’t find them at a “MAJOR” porn studio. Even if you knew their real names, you would’ve never heard of them.  But what they do in front of a camera is hardly ‘MINOR”, and anything BUT “amateur!”

Lfrye realguyla david pevsner in a @thedaddylist



David Pevsner:  “In a Dream”

More at

Reblogging the pictures that make my hardbeercan cock shoot a load of hot cum!

Bikemassager happy fathers day @thedaddylist


Happy father’s day!

Daddy david @thedaddylist

Daddy David

Meet malcolm turnbull australias 29th prime @thedaddylist

Meet Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, and my new #1 crush 😍

Handsomedadhunter xbigboss hmmmmmmm good @thedaddylist




Good fuck

Son40uk hot @thedaddylist



I do @thedaddylist

I do

Stevie21yo hung daddy yummm @thedaddylist


Hung Daddy Yummm

Yes @thedaddylist


Menofage briefs6335 long drive this will @thedaddylist



Long drive. This will keep me from being bored


The jv very hot daddy @thedaddylist


Very hot daddy.

Xlbigmanstuff more big man stuff at @thedaddylist


more big man stuff at over 35,000 followers!

Mydaddyishairy my daddy is hairy over 28000 @thedaddylist


My Daddy is Hairy - over 28,000 followers: Archive

Tombianchiphotos dignity ben and i were @thedaddylist


Dignity. Ben and I were married 10.3.13 in California and today we celebrate. All our sisters and brothers in America are entitled to that right - the dignity of our love is honored as Constitutional human right today.

Daddy fluffer boom goes the dynamite @thedaddylist


Boom goes the dynamite.

Stevie21yo sexylicious andre @thedaddylist



Publicjerker public fuck 67 31 minutes hd @thedaddylist


public fuck 67 (31 minutes) HD video

a hairy daddy fucked me in public. i was jerking in my car with the door open at a beach. a bicyclist caught me. he came to me and sucked my cock. there was other people at the beach so we moved to the bushes where he fucked me hard. this married man (ring on his finger) knows how to fuck a mans ass ! then he shot his load all over my stomach and i shot my load too. i hope i will meet him again to get fucked by his big daddy meat in my tight ass ! filmed with 9 cameras. HD video (1280 x 720 pixel)

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Lucky kid @thedaddylist

Lucky kid

Thedaddylist ever since i was a little kid i @thedaddylist


Ever since I was a little kid, I had a crush on my next door neighbor. I would see him mow his lawn on hot summer days with his shirt off. That hairy chest, the furry belly, the nice bulge, that round butt…made my cock hard instantly. Fantasized about him for years, wanting him to fuck me, breed me, make love to me like he did to his wife.

Last week I went home to see the family. There he was, again with that chest hair looking fine as ever. Told him how often I fantasized about him back in the day. His bulge grew. He leaned over and said, “Is that right, boy?”

He fucked me that night.

Stevie21yo yummy hot hung daddy @thedaddylist


Yummy Hot Hung Daddy 😍😘😜

Story boi you have a responsibility coach @thedaddylist


“You have a responsibility.” Coach bucked his hips, throating me completely, “A duty to the team… to me.”

I tried not to gag around his knob, but it kept pressing against my tonsils.

Suck boi… swallow…” He continued, “Let me show you what victory tastes like.”

Beachbatorfucker my daddy jerkoff @thedaddylist


My Daddy jerkoff

Perfect body dad @thedaddylist

Perfect body dad

Hungolddaddy hot sexy daddy @thedaddylist


hot sexy daddy

Stevie21yo holy yumm sexy hott daddy @thedaddylist



Furbucket dad told me to kneel so i can help @thedaddylist


Dad told me to kneel so I can help him out.

Could watch this loop all day @thedaddylist

Could watch this loop all day

The jv rub that cock daddy i am more than @thedaddylist


Rub that cock daddy, I am more than happy to come take care of it for you.

Andre is probably the hottest man ive seen @thedaddylist

Andre is probably the hottest man I’ve seen.

Son4daddynl sexy daddy face @thedaddylist


Sexy daddy face!!

1010 @thedaddylist


Handsomedadhunter good fuck @thedaddylist


Good fuck

Handsomedadhunter silver baby @thedaddylist


Silver baby

I love getting fucked in the pool as much as i do @thedaddylist

I love getting fucked in the pool as much as I do in bed.