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Just a girl that happens to enjoy wearing diapers and using them for there intended purpose. - The Daily Crinkle (@thedailycrinkle)
Imarriedthecookiemonster i like it when her @thedailycrinkle


I like it when her shirt is caught on her diaper and she doesn’t know 😉

Imarriedthecookiemonster the wife has become @thedailycrinkle


The wife has become much more comfortable wearing while out running errands. Just got done shopping and about to make some dinner. She always does little things like this to keep the day to day grind as sexy and kinky as possible!

Imarriedthecookiemonster doing laundry and @thedailycrinkle


Doing laundry, and getting weird 😜

Maggielovesotters little otter feels safer with @thedailycrinkle


Little otter feels safer with her bodyguard watching her back.


Thebambinogirl i went hunting again yesterday @thedailycrinkle


I went hunting again yesterday and seen some nice deer but nothing I want s to shoot. We had to much equipment inside the truck so Daddy used the tailgate of the truck as a diaper changing table. I felt like a real baby having my diaper changed outside where anyone could see. Daddy told me to stop worrying because people see babies get their diapers changes all the time in public. He put down my changing pad on the tailgate and I got on the tailgate and laid back. He began undoing my pants and pulling them down to my knees. It is nice not to have to take my boots and pants all the way off to have my diaper changed. This diaper was really wet! I was in it for 7 hours….part 2 of 2

Whatdoyousaybaby wendys mom has had it with @thedailycrinkle


Wendy’s mom has had it with the wet panst of her daughter.

First thing she tried was making Wendy put on the most childish underwear she could find.

When that didn’t work she made her daugther walk in her wet pants for a while

Even then the wetting didn’t stop…….. When she found her daughter in the shoppingmall with wet pants again she knew it was time for more drastic messures.

She bought her daughter a poty chair and an potty watch and told her she was back in potty training.

So now she is wearing the watch wich gives an alarm every 30 minutes as an reminder to go potty like an big girl.

Her mom takes her to the embarrrasing thing and even pulls her pants down for her. When she did make it to the potty her mom wipes her and dresses her again.

This treatment is embarrasing enough when they are at home but her mom takes the hatefull potty everywere they go.

So now Wendy is sitting on the pottyi n the living room  at the family reunion every 30 minutes for everyone to see.

Every time Wendy is taken to the potty she protests and ends up crying on the pottychair. Her much younger niece even got her an stuffed animal to cheer her up.

The most embarrasing is the applause and compliments she gets when she makes it in time…..

Cargifs predator vs predator @thedailycrinkle


Predator vs. Predator

Bellesplayroom sasaq via lillatiara @thedailycrinkle



(via @lilla_tiara | Websta (Webstagram) 1, 2)

“Look at me I’m fabulous!”

Disneyfy reblogged from my official blog a @thedailycrinkle


href="" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank"(reblogged from my official blog)

A surprisingly quick painting of Ariel. One of the frames was so charming that I just had to do something more with it than just a sketch. Took about two hours. I know I screwed up the water, I know.

Badlilblubunny scrubs and a dip why not @thedailycrinkle


Scrubs and a dip? Why not. 😏

yes scrubs and dips

Littlelexxx padded in my onesie absolute bliss @thedailycrinkle


Padded in my onesie, absolute bliss

Lunuer my whole heart rosey days @thedailycrinkle


my whole heart

Cbf89 one can never have enough different types @thedailycrinkle


One can never have enough different types of gloves >:)

#abdl #gloves #medicalfetish #medfet

Kayla wolf white ink tattoo @thedailycrinkle


White Ink Tattoo

Abgirlanddaddy deltafox80 chubblesbear @thedailycrinkle




Okay, be a good boy, grab a diaper and hop up on the bed for a change ^^

… too good to be true…

*whimper* It’s just so neat and organised!!

Sweetdreams75 dlgirl81 time to head out @thedailycrinkle



Time to head out….


Heyrockinrobin pajamaveners assemble the @thedailycrinkle


Pajamaveners… Assemble!!

The Pajamavenger Sticker set is now up-to-date in my online store. Get yours HERE for $1.50 each, or all 13 for just $10! Free U.S. shipping!

Daddyiwantthis thank you daddytoholdyou for @thedailycrinkle


Thank you @daddytoholdyou for gifting me the Cuddlz diapers! And thank you for always participating in our live periscopes, making brilliant suggestions and for your continued support!

I appreciate you!

-Lo <3

PS: When Daddy was changing me he noticed that there’s only 1 tape on each side. He loves that! 💕

Animalcell recalled pencils from a 90s anti @thedailycrinkle


recalled pencils from a 90’s anti drug campaign

Poutineprincess poutineprincess abdreams @thedailycrinkle





Guys! That’s me! <3

That one time I was a model

Cheerfully disney piglets big movie 2003 @thedailycrinkle


Piglet’s Big Movie (2003) - The gang recreating Piglet’s memories.

Myclassywife dress with no panty is always a @thedailycrinkle


Dress with no panty is always a good fashion choice!

Cutelittletattoos watercolor style tattoo of a @thedailycrinkle


Watercolor style tattoo of a dandelion flower on the shoulder. Tattoo artist: Sol Tattoo

Maggielovesotters otter doesnt care if youve @thedailycrinkle


Otter doesn’t care if you’ve just caught him and his friend after they’ve had a cheeky afternoon snooze…


Wittlebabypumpkin sfwgoodlittlesub littles @thedailycrinkle



Littles with a stuffie

@daddy-pumpkin this made me giggle

Floatycrownythingz little halloween aesthetic @thedailycrinkle


Little Halloween Aesthetic

Kinkylittlezombie so guess i dont need a new @thedailycrinkle


So.. guess I don’t need a new skirt after all….(; ☣🎀♥Daddy’s Little Zombie Kitten♥🎀☣

Littlefallenprincess wiggles happily i made @thedailycrinkle


*wiggles happily* I made dis lunch. Was difficult, had to be an adult for a while, which I didn’t like. Can’t wait to get a mommy so I don’t hafta do it myself!

Dom wolfy kiggor me on my way to fuck shit @thedailycrinkle



me on my way to fuck shit up


Ageplaydepressionpeernetwork just a reminder @thedailycrinkle


Just a reminder y'all!! Let’s try to take our medication today!! And a big congrats to those of you who already have!! Good job guys!!

Sticker design by @diaperpailarkham

Live the lake life because i love this shot @thedailycrinkle


Because I love this shot #wakelife #wakeboarding

The world travel longboard girl walk on @thedailycrinkle


longboard girl 

walk on  longboard

Jennarusso i miss this awesome day skating the @thedailycrinkle


I miss this awesome day skating the coast

Photo: Dan Parish

Holy shit thats a big bear @thedailycrinkle

Holy shit thats a big bear 

Mutineer123 one of my favorites @thedailycrinkle


One of my favorites..

Resonantyes loungin in yoga pants cause @thedailycrinkle


Loungin’ in yoga pants. ‘Cause diapers.

Mommydommejane its 1116pm i just had pizza @thedailycrinkle


It’s 11:16pm. I just had pizza delivered. I finished smoking a blunt and I’m dressed like this and going to the liquor store to get bourbon and cigarettes. I love being a 14 year old and a 35 year old whenever I feel like. I always get carded though. Lol

Littlestbabybear being a little is a wonderful @thedailycrinkle


Being a little is a wonderful thing 🌸

Tirednshit this is literally my body @thedailycrinkle


this is literally my body

Abdreams lexi rainbow having fun together at @thedailycrinkle


Lexi & Rainbow having fun together at the Chicago Age Play Convention (CAPcon)

Yay for new space diapes abdl diaperlover @thedailycrinkle

Yay for new space diapes #abdl #diaperlover #ageplay