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Just a girl that happens to enjoy wearing diapers and using them for there intended purpose. - The Daily Crinkle (@thedailycrinkle)
Malformalady lizard nestled in a rose photo @thedailycrinkle


Lizard nestled in a rose

Photo credit: Cmycherrytree

Nekokawaiikitty heya man i havnt been on for @thedailycrinkle


Heya! Man I havnt been on for awhile! Hope everyone had been having amazing days. Been swamped with work!! The other day I finally got to get some down time and one wonderful way to do that was pad up and play video games. I’m playing WoW here. :)

Resonantyes to all who helped report the person @thedailycrinkle


To all who helped report the person who stole our pics and encouraged him/her remove them, thank you. A little gift from both of us.

35 24 35 get your goal body @thedailycrinkle


get your goal body 💕

Bobbyindiapers candimcbride all i wanna do @thedailycrinkle



All I wanna do is get high by the beach get high by the beach get high


Thats hot @thedailycrinkle

Thats hot 

Bumblebearon going shopping with my baby girl @thedailycrinkle


Going shopping with my baby girl. Isn’t she the cutest? I’m one lucky daddy.

Thelittlekeekee ohmygoodness @thedailycrinkle



Mistress maya some more entirely accurate @thedailycrinkle


Some more entirely accurate animal / bird / reptile names

Lesbianswelcome happy gay days to my fellow @thedailycrinkle


Happy Gay Days to my fellow lgbtq people. May we always celebrate the diversity that lies within us 🎃🌈#rainbowflagadventures #gayok (at Disneyland)

Diaperbabe mood not really just a comfy t @thedailycrinkle


not really just a comfy T 😉 gnite!

Candimcbride afternoon pre game nap before @thedailycrinkle


Afternoon pre-game nap before celebrating tonight #vegas #pullups

Crinklebug baby blossomed into more i haz a @thedailycrinkle


Baby blossomed into more.

I haz a JellyCat bunny too CrunkleBug

Wittlebabypumpkin you can always tell when this @thedailycrinkle


You can always tell when this pumpkin is sad if she’s cuddling pinkie.

The unblakeable littlestmoonshine i like @thedailycrinkle



I like diaper changes that take two hours and leave me sweaty and sore afterwards. 💖😇💖

Fuck this was amazing… I was SO sore the next day.

Crinklebug cute as a button @thedailycrinkle


🌸cute as a button

Voknowsbest i was messies for daddy for the @thedailycrinkle


I was messies for daddy for the first time and it was fun then we watch monster high and tried to take a nap

Aballycakes i feel so little and cute today @thedailycrinkle


I feel so little and cute today 😽

Abdreams little girls who dont want to use the @thedailycrinkle


Little girls who don’t want to use the potty get put back in diapers.

Lovealittleee this baby loves tye dye @thedailycrinkle


this baby loves tye dye :)

Prettyxlittlexbaby getting ready for bed @thedailycrinkle


Getting ready for bed!


Daddys fucktoys you have two more miles to go @thedailycrinkle


You have two more miles to go so let’s speed it up now. Maybe next time you think you’ll talk back to me you might consider otherwise.

Babykatziii playtime @thedailycrinkle


playtime 🍭🍼🎈💕

Diaperedbabyt2 baeforever25 trying on @thedailycrinkle



Trying on clothes at the mall in my diaper! I’m such a happy baby girl when I’m in my diaper and with my daddy diaperedbabyt2

My baby’s so gorgeous, especially when I know she won’t have any accidents cause I got her all padded up!

Thebambinogirl subnancy what a diabolical @thedailycrinkle



What a diabolical arrangement of devices.  I couldn’t resist enlarging the photos and examining each one in sequence, although it is stressful to vicariously experience her torment.

(Click on a photo to enlarge, move with arrow keys and Esc to return.)

I think wearing this belt would be worse than being put back in diapers. At least I can still hump the arm of the couch or a pillow. This would be a very harsh punishment!

Princess trixie morning uber cute @thedailycrinkle


🎀 morning 🎀

Uber cute 

Lilnegirl good afternoon kisses @thedailycrinkle


Good Afternoon Kisses💞💖💕

I want to be held @thedailycrinkle

I want to be held

Littleprincette littleprincette anybody can @thedailycrinkle



Anybody can be a little! No matter your gender, color, height, weight, sex, religion, number of limbs, ability, no matter. The only thing that means you can’t be a little is not feeling like a little!!

corollary: as long as you’re over 18

Abgirlanddaddy kinkylittlezombie @thedailycrinkle





This is my favorite photoset on the internet 😂

What. A. Twist.

Littlehandful hello third day in a row all @thedailycrinkle


Hello!! Third day in a row all padded up!! Running around doing errands and daddy didn’t want me having any accidents!! I love wearing my overalls, they make me feel so little!! Any who, hopefully no one noticed my diapee bulge!! 😱👯😁

Fuck yea @thedailycrinkle

Fuck yea

Itsageplaybaby daddyiwantthis typical sunday @thedailycrinkle



Typical Sunday at 7 am with Daddy

Me: *wakes up and stretches*

Daddy: *stirs awake and smiles at me* hi baby

Me: wafflessssssssss 😋

Daddy: *laughs lovingly* no sweetheart not right now- it’s too early

Me: *cries and pouts*

Daddy: *gently plays with my hair* oh sweet pea you’re okay. Don’t fuss. Daddy sees you

Me: but…. But…. waffles Daddy 😢

Daddy: *smiles* shhh darling. Where’s your paci? *pops paci into my mouth and rubs my back*

5 minutes later…..

Me: 😴😴😴

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Cheshirepussy a magical moment on vacation with @thedailycrinkle


A magical moment on vacation with Daddy 💖

Tigerlily3103 littleb1993 tigerlily3103 @thedailycrinkle




Using my batman underwear to cover up my diaper so people will think I’m a big girl :3

She’s awesome :)

Hehe thank yew :3


And this is why i need a big to help me @thedailycrinkle

And this is why I need a BIG to help me. :-(

Swapped out my oem vanity lights for pure white @thedailycrinkle

Swapped out my OEM vanity lights for Pure White 5000k LED vanity lights. Just the beginning.

My new baby 2013 honda accord ex i named her apple @thedailycrinkle

My new baby 2013 Honda Accord EX I named her Apple for now.

My dinner @thedailycrinkle

My dinner

Adriansurley laying on the couch in my bambino @thedailycrinkle


Laying on the couch in my Bambino diaper - love relaxing at night - this was a selfie I sent Peter ;-)

Wittlebabypumpkin i am so lucky to be @thedailycrinkle


I am so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people, most of them I’ve met through tumblr and it’s just very humbling. I love you all💕

Littlehandful hello so some big things @thedailycrinkle


Hello!! So some big things happened today for me and my little side! Now I wear diapees on a regular basis, but usually only at night! Well today I wore them all day!! I wore them to work and out shopping and at home around my family! 😁

And not only did I do that, but I got my first public diapee change at the mall too!! I actually had an accident in the baby isle looking at more diapers! So daddy suggested I needed a change before I did anymore shopping! 😱

It was all so exciting and very blushy! But it also felt so right! I felt little and comfortable in who I am today! 👍👯

My daddy was there the whole time on the phone supporting me and telling me what a good girl I was and how proud he was of me! It was such a great day, that I think I am going to try to for 48 hours now! 💏😁

Any who I wanted to share with tumblr what an amazing day I had!! Happy diapering yall!! 😆💗

P.s. Those are boys Goodnights, I like blue!

Mutineer123 god i love her in these shorts @thedailycrinkle


God I love her in these shorts! Yummy! #princessvlovesyou.

Lesbianswelcome bewbs @thedailycrinkle



The hashslingingslasher rawshyt the power of @thedailycrinkle




look at the gravitational pull of her vagina! he gets sucked right into it


omfg dat ass grab yo

O dam can i come and play @thedailycrinkle

O dam can I come and play

Livvy my bunny @thedailycrinkle

Livvy my bunny

My paci for mommy @thedailycrinkle

My Paci for Mommy

And this happened @thedailycrinkle

And this happened

Look what i caught wylonn watching @thedailycrinkle

Look what I caught Wylonn watching

Tigerlily3103 translittlenetwork @thedailycrinkle







Transgender Littles Matter and are SUPER IMPORTANT.

Transgender daddy’s matter too!!!!!

If you would like an image for transgender caretakers, please request one instead of attempting to steal the limelight from the group who the post was made about. 


Transgender Littles and Caregivers matter. There no need to leave anyone out in the community.

…no one is being left out. You shouldn’t, however, shove someone out of the spotlight of a post made for them to go “BUT THESE PEOPLE TOO!” It’s like shoving women aside to yell “but men too!”. That’s nice. Why not ask for me to make an image 100% for that thing? Because I have requests open.

As a trans little myself I see where you are coming from but I personally think a small comment like that doesn’t shove anyone out of the spotlight, it just makes the spotlight bigger and easier to fit more people in :)

Ssshhh dont tell anyone i hope no one notices at @thedailycrinkle

Ssshhh don’t tell anyone I hope no one notices at work. #Ageplay #DiaperLover #ABDL

Tigerlily3103 going out in public diapered @thedailycrinkle


Going out in public diapered :) Needed to run to the store quick but I didn’t want to waste this diaper by changing out of it. Wish me luck. Maybe someone will see me waddling through the store and change me in the bathroom ;)