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Hi! My name is Darina, and I'm from Russia. This blog is about all I'm interested in: fashion, jewelry, la belle epoque, design, boys, sex - it became too tight in my head - Don't show 2 yo momma (@thegirlisbad)
Eurovision 2015 a million voices russia @thegirlisbad

Eurovision 2015 - A Million Voices (Russia)

Too bassoon unexplained events victor @thegirlisbad



Victor Noir’s Magic Metallic Boner

Located in the  Père Lachaise Cemetery is the current home of French journalist Victor Noir and his magic boner. His grave-site comes with a pretty big legend.

As the story goes,those who place a flower in Victor’s top hat, kiss the statue on the lips, and rub its genital area, will find themselves with enhanced fertility, a blissful sex life, or, in some versions, produce a husband within the year.

Fact: the gold colored part is from the oils on peoples hands. This metal dick has seen a lot of action

Ann blyth gets into costume for mr peabody and @thegirlisbad

Ann Blyth gets into costume for Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948)

Little bone cupboard runes and wands hey @thegirlisbad



Hey little-bone-cupboard those look like either angel/rainbow aura plates or spirit quartz. I love that raw finish, the druzy top. I have an amethyst charging plate but it’s not as pretty in photos as these!

Oooh thank you! It’s definitely got just a lovely “aura” to them. I feel happy looking at it. Thanks!

Vintagegal burlesque dancer misty ayers c @thegirlisbad


Burlesque dancer Misty Ayers c. 1950s

Indigodreams redpenscommaredshoes jugend @thegirlisbad



“Jugend: Münchner illustrierte Wochenschrift für Kunst und Leben,” 30 September 1899, page 641, via.
Thegryphonsnest exceptional bureau in the museu @thegirlisbad


Exceptional Bureau In The Museu Del Modernisme, Barcelona!

Artnouveaustyle art nouveau stained glass balcony @thegirlisbad


Art nouveau stained glass balcony found in Sant Sadurní D'Anoia, Spain, via Barcelona PhotoBlog.

Artnouveaustyle perceptionsoftheworld casa @thegirlisbad



Casa Galimberti - Milanese Art Nouveau - 1903/1905 - Milano

ex brothel(?)


Asylum art life ball 2015 shines in precious @thegirlisbad


  “Life Ball” 2015 shines in precious gold - Style Bible

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A glamorous party will be celebrated under the banner of solidarity and tolerance during the flashy AIDS charity event on 16 May. We can look forward to a large number of celebrities at the Life Ball again this year, including designer Jean Paul Gaultier and Hollywood star Charlize Theron. A benefit concert will be held the evening before in the Burgtheater with opera greats such as Anna Netrebko and Plácido Domingo.

The Life Ball is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world. The party on May 16 in front of Vienna’s City Hall promises to be flashy, colorful and loud, in order to generate donations for AIDS relief projects and to promote public awareness of HIV and AIDS.

The Viennese Secessionists provided inspiration for this year’s motto “Gold – Ver Sacrum | Santa Primavera | Sacre du Printemps”. “Ver Sacrum”, the spring festival which originates in ancient Rome, is reflected in Gustav Klimt’s golden paintings and in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet music “Sacre du Printemps” (The Rite of Spring). This year, the stage will consist of an scaled-up replica of the Vienna Secession and following the Life Ball will be part of the Eurovision Village for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fashion show by Jean Paul Gaultier

Artnouveaustyle a dandelion illustration most @thegirlisbad


A dandelion illustration (most likely from Jugend).

reblog/repost from artdeandra

All thats interesting more gems you wont believe @thegirlisbad


More Gems You Won’t Believe Are Naturally-Occurring

My God. How incredible is it that the Earth just makes this stuff? It’s like living in a video game— just below the surface are big, purple crystals. It’s no wonder that people think these give you meditative powers.


C0ssette karl wilhelm diefenbach hadamar @thegirlisbad


Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (Hadamar 1851-1913 Capri), “Question to the Stars”

Fuckyeahvintageillustration little red riding @thegirlisbad


‘Little Red Riding Hood’ by John Hassall, a poster advertising a pantomime. 


Vintagegal ghosts no1 oct 1971 @thegirlisbad


Ghosts (No.1, Oct 1971)

Vintagegal audrey hepburn photographed during the @thegirlisbad


Audrey Hepburn photographed during the filming of Funny Face, Paris, 1956 (via)

Vintagegal fred astaire and cyd charisse in the @thegirlisbad


Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in The Band Wagon (1953)