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THIS BLOG IS NSFW AND MAY CONTAIN PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES. Im a Kinky Perverse Married guy who loves Traps CD's,Sissies & Femboys. Im Here to post and share the owning,training,& feminization of my crossdressers and sissies, as well as others. And to receive Comments & Ideas,Share ideas… (ect) Maybe even find someone that i have chemistry with and can make my girl. ^_* This Blog will Be Sexual as well as non sexual. I fully adore and respect sissy’s, but i also love humiliating,degrading and owning them. :) i LOVE editing & captioning pictures as well.My goal here is to create a place for crossdressers & sissies to explore and expose themselves without having the power to simply “delete” who they are and what they post. Make sense? In my opinion self acceptance is the most important thing in a femboys life. i Will also often blog about other topics such as current events,music,random shit (ect) from time to time but the reason im here remains. - The Sissy Master (@thesissymaster)
Submission from a fan who wouldnt mind finding @thesissymaster

Submission from a fan who wouldn’t mind finding some big cock on here.

” If you submit with your general location I can possibly help you out. TsM
How does your mouth feel about cock at the @thesissymaster

How does your mouth feel about cock at the moment?



3 simple steps to sissy bliss stop thinking @thesissymaster

3 Simple Steps To Sissy Bliss


Humiliate me i want some submissions from you @thesissymaster


I want some submissions from you sissy boys out there doing this to yourself!


Paint your fucking nails bitch just some random @thesissymaster

Paint Your Fucking Nails Bitch! 

Just some random thinking here….
i have been noticing alot of females on tumblr with some pretty fucked up looking nailjobs. WTF?!? There are feminine guys out there who would gladly trade places with you and be able to openly flaunt these things. Yea the picture of your asshole and cunt look great but your hands look like they’ve been chewed on by a rabid beast and rubbed with fucking sandpaper. ^_^

Im really not surprised at this for it’s why i more prefer submissive FemmeGuY’s because they care more & they actually try. E is for EFFORT! Learn about it.

Nobody is perfect, but you will only ever amount to what you allow yourself to amount to. That’s in ANY area of life.

Just saying…. if you’re a female,do your fucking nails. 

Njf505 cdscott66 please i @thesissymaster




            i would say firm but we can go with calm & firm. ^_*

I recently saw a post of someone saying im a @thesissymaster

i recently saw a post of someone saying “im a sissy BOY and i usually pee standing.”
NEWSFLASH! That is UNACCEPTABLE!!! SissYboY’s do NOT pee standing up. Period.
And you are disrespecting REAL femme’s out there who actually give an effort. 
If you piss standing up, you are NOT a feminine male. if you pee standing 20% of the time, then you are 80% Sissy. See the LOGIC here? 

I want to see a sissy femboy doing this to @thesissymaster

i want to see a sissy femboy doing this to herself…. anyone up to make me a gagging video? i will feature you on my blog ^_^

Make yourself more feminine paint your nails @thesissymaster

Make yourself more feminine, paint your nails.
Then everytime you look down at your sissy toes you will be reminded of what a girl you are ^_* 

Work that mouth find some face fucking porn and @thesissymaster

Work That Mouth.

Find some face fucking porn and emulate what you see,

Push yourself hard… do this for as long as you can & time yourself.

Start doing it every other week adding 3 minutes to the time.

If you fail to meet the times set slap yourself with the dildo 20 times for each minute and do it hard. Take Pictures or Video of this.

Train your guypussy stay positioned like this @thesissymaster

Train Your guyPussy.

Stay positioned like this with your cock tucked in front and your boypussy filled for 

AT LEAST 10 minutes! or as long as you can hold it. TIME YOURSELF.

Start doing this once every other week, increasing the time  by at least 3 extra minutes each time. Take Pictures of this, Preferably video.

if you don’t have a dildo or plug…. improvise 

One of the many ways that a sissy should @thesissymaster

One of the MANY ways that a sissy should masturbate. 
Anyone open to the task of duplicating this pose?