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The Transgender Bride on Tumblr @thetransgenderbride

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Every girl dreams of being a beautiful, blushing and breathtaking bride. Some boys also dream of being transformed into a beautiful bride, too! Bridal beauty does not know the bride's sex at birth...just her beauty on her most special day, whether it be for a bridal photo shoot, a commitment or renewal of vows ceremony, or an actual wedding. This is a bridal blog exclusively for the CD/TV/TS/TG community. - The Transgender Bride on Tumblr (@thetransgenderbride)
Such a beautiful picture on her most romantic day @thetransgenderbride

Such a beautiful picture on her most romantic day.

Rachel irene is a beautiful canadian bridal @thetransgenderbride

Rachel Irene is a beautiful Canadian bridal crossdresser. This picture was taken in the 1990s.

Transstudent trans liberation doesnt come from @thetransgenderbride


Trans Liberation Doesn’t Come From a Military Uniform

The mainstream LGBT movement is eyeing transgender military inclusion as the next goal of assimilationist politics. But true liberation looks like something else.

Transgender people in the U.S. have a long history of being ignored by the mainstream LGBT rights movement. This movement, built off the struggle of trans activists and organizers in the 1960’s and quickly co-opted by white, middle-to-upper class gay men and women, has long fixated on assimilation, marriage, normality, and equality, but not justice. However, after the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage in June 2015, the movement has been echoing a new line: time for transgender rights. But which rights?

By Lily Zheng
Read the full article here.

Yet another picture of beautiful british tv bride @thetransgenderbride

Yet another picture of beautiful British TV bride Becki.

Heres three more of miss tosie itsuki a @thetransgenderbride

Here’s three more of Miss Tosie Itsuki, a beautiful Japanese bridal crossdresser.

Heres some more pictures of japanese bridal @thetransgenderbride

Here’s some more pictures of Japanese bridal crossdresser Tosie Itsuki.

Heres a beautiful and romantic closeup of bridal @thetransgenderbride

Here’s a beautiful and romantic closeup of bridal crossdresser Angie. Having the blusher over the bride’s face adds romantic mystery to her wedding day.

This breathtakingly beautiful bride all dressed @thetransgenderbride

This breathtakingly beautiful bride, all dressed in red, is Brazilian transsexual Maite Schneider.

Some more breathtakingly beautiful and romantic @thetransgenderbride

Some more breathtakingly beautiful and romantic pics of bridal crossdresser Sarah Rose.

Queerthestreets please report as if trans @thetransgenderbride


“Please report as if trans people are people too: A portrait of Mayang Prasetyo” Last week in Australia a woman was murdered, and because she was a transgender sex worker most of the news stories chose to sensationalize the story, and use insulting language to talk about her. The articles rarely mentioned the very horrible statistics of violence against trans people. This is infuriating. Its bigotry, and its perpetuated on a mass scale through media outlets. I usually try to focus on positive things, but with this paste I wanted to put a little information out there, that any of the articles could have covered.

Weneeddiversebooks nationalbook an epic @thetransgenderbride



An epic UPDATE of Molly Wetta’s graphic guide to LGBTQ titles in YA literature now up on YALSA’s website

Wow, this is a wonderful flow chart!

Remanence of love follow for more relatable @thetransgenderbride


Follow for more relatable love and life quotes!!

Randomtgirl isis king shes in a beautiful @thetransgenderbride


Isis King

She’s in a beautiful, curve-hugging wedding gown.

Her dress is perfect for the bride in an informal @thetransgenderbride

Her dress is perfect for the bride in an informal, daytime or courthouse wedding.