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The Transgender Bride on Tumblr @thetransgenderbride

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Every girl dreams of being a beautiful, blushing and breathtaking bride, even if she was born a boy. PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THIS TOPIC FOR SEXUAL PERVERSIONS NOT WELCOME. - The Transgender Bride on Tumblr (@thetransgenderbride)
Geekygothgirl micdotcom watch this video is @thetransgenderbride



Watch: This video is so important — and could even save trans teen lives.

Oh that tiny child wishing for their father to be supportive just breaks my heart. No child should ever have to wish for parental love and support. 

Two more pictures of beautiful bridal crossdresser @thetransgenderbride

Two more pictures of beautiful bridal crossdresser Riddhima.

Welcome to Tumblr, Riddhima!

Chanelle a crossdressing bride models a gown @thetransgenderbride

Chanelle, a crossdressing bride, models a gown that accentuates her curves.

The members of the Transgender Bride group on Yahoo! Groups selected her as their T-Bride of the Year for the period September 2014 to August 2015.

More romantic pictures from indian bridal @thetransgenderbride

More romantic pictures from Indian bridal crossdresser Riddhima.

Bedpartymakeover kevynaucoin like any @thetransgenderbride



“Like any person living with a physical anomaly that requires correction, Eveline, too, had a physical challenge - she was born into the wrong body. Transgendered people are probably the most misunderstood on this planet. How can any of us know how it feels to be living inside a shell, not of our own making, that we are desperate to break free of? They say ‘don’t judge another person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.’ Let me tell you, I couldn’t walk a block in Eveline’s stilettos. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly, but I don’t think I could handle the hurt and pain she has had to endure - herself, and so many others faced with the same issues.”

-Kevyn Aucoin

lethalmami it was the 90s ok! Re: “transgendered”

Mediamattersforamerica thank you janet mock @thetransgenderbride


Thank you, Janet Mock. This is what we need to be seeing. Right now, aside from Mock’s segments, violence against trans women of color doesn’t exist on cable news. And that’s simply unacceptable.

Heres another picture of beautiful bridal @thetransgenderbride

Here’s another picture of beautiful bridal crossdresser Hannabeth.

This beautiful and romantic bride is bridal @thetransgenderbride

This beautiful and romantic bride is bridal crossdresser Donna.

Top10vendors do you forgive me @thetransgenderbride


Do you forgive me?

Randomtgirl kelly van der veer this @thetransgenderbride


Kelly van der Veer

This beautiful bridal gown is modeled by the well-known Dutch post-op transsexual model Kelly van der Veer.

Heres a beautiful new picture from bridal @thetransgenderbride

Here’s a beautiful new picture from bridal crossdresser Hannabeth.

Maybe a drama could be a better way to do this @thetransgenderbride

Maybe a drama could be a better way to do this?

Christinebazz protect trans people by @thetransgenderbride


[Protect Trans People] by christinebazz / ComingOutChristine

Riddhima is a young and beautiful bridal @thetransgenderbride

Riddhima is a young and beautiful bridal crossdresser from India.

Taylorstrans transgender pride transcouple @thetransgenderbride


#Transgender #Pride #TransCouple #He #Him # His #lovewins #loveislove #TransPride #TransLove

Beautiful couple!

Thatfeministkilljoy found these pics on @thetransgenderbride


Found these pics on Twitter, thought Id share them

This happens to cis women and transgender women.

Simplybridal be confident on your bridal shoot @thetransgenderbride


Be confident on your bridal shoot. Express yourself. Let the camera captures one of the most beautiful moments in your life.  

Effyeahweddings doctor who fans throw themed @thetransgenderbride


Doctor Who Fans Throw Themed Wedding

How many have thought about a themed wedding, especially the T-Girls? This is a Doctor Who-themed wedding.

Fats fats yay part 2 of the 100 places @thetransgenderbride



YAY!!!! Part 2 of the “100 places to shop for plus size clothes” is up! This post is extra is super important to me cause I think so often we leave a lot of our larger fat babes outta the loop when it comes to clothes. 

I hope you enoy it!

<3 fave post ever

I’m going to add a couple places to it in the next week too which I’m super excited about!!!!

I wonder if this includes bridal salons.

Translittlenetwork transgender littles matter @thetransgenderbride


Transgender Littles Matter and are SUPER IMPORTANT.

Whodoesntloveawedding who doesnt love a @thetransgenderbride


Who doesn’t love a wedding?

The words tattooed on this bride’s back…this is true.

Datapit praise the witch praise the witch @thetransgenderbride





I want to post this story here, next to photos of us playing live last night, to put it in context.

Last night I was assaulted at DEADFEST by a man named Heath Baron. He waited until the end of the night, waited until I was alone, and followed me behind the main stage when I went to start packing our gear. He started calling me by a transmisogynist slur then pulled out his phone, interrogating me about some nonsense and trying to provoke me. His flash came on and it was obvious he was recording video. I told him to leave me alone and to stop recording video of me, putting my hand up to block it, and in that moment he used his other hand to suckerpunch me in the face. He broke my nose in multiple places and ran away, leaving me crumpled in a puddle of blood.

Heath books shows under the moniker “Santa Cruz Pirate Schmucks” and has a band called Agnostic Blunt (I am actually serious, as silly as it sounds). He is a known rapist and violent bro and I’m not the first person he has attacked.

I am asking anyone in the Bay Area to take a stand against this man. Hold him accountable for his actions. I can’t deal with this anymore. My face is broken because of his hatred. What are you going to do about this violent rapist in your scene? How many people does he have to attack before y'all kick him the fuck out, or beat him down?

His Facebook:

THIS MAN IS VERY DANGEROUS! This is especially for our fans in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you encounter him, don’t be afraid to call the police.

This beautiful bridal crossdresser is wendi this @thetransgenderbride

This beautiful bridal crossdresser is Wendi.

This is the 2,000th upload to this blog.

Heres another picture of beautiful bridal @thetransgenderbride

Here’s another picture of beautiful bridal crossdresser Tammie.

These beautiful pictures of tv bride lorraine from @thetransgenderbride

These beautiful pictures of TV bride Lorraine from Coventry in the U.K. appeared in a 1994 edition of World of Transvestism.

This beautiful tv bride is sandra jayne @thetransgenderbride

This beautiful TV bride is Sandra Jayne.

This young and beautiful tv bride is alexandra @thetransgenderbride

This young and beautiful TV bride is Alexandra.

Yelyahwilliams housewifeswag this really @thetransgenderbride



this really makes me happy. I’m so thankful that domestic violence is being talked about more.

This is so powerful and SO IMPORTANT. 

This young and beautiful tv bride is sophie marie @thetransgenderbride

This young and beautiful TV bride is Sophie Marie.

Simplybridal how to wear a flower crown @thetransgenderbride


How to wear a flower crown. 

Transstudent another black transgender woman @thetransgenderbride


Another black transgender woman, Amber Monroe, 20, was found shot and killed today. She was a student at Wanye State University. Learn more about her. Read our statement on Black Trans Lives Matter here. You can order Black Trans Lives Matter stickers here. Support queer and trans youth of color at FIERCE! here. Support trans students here.


Littleprincelogan protect trans littles i @thetransgenderbride


I don’t see why I have to say this so much but I’ll continue saying in until my lungs run out of oxygen because it is so important that trans littles are respected and treated just the same as cis littles. 

This beautiful wedding gown is modeled by russian @thetransgenderbride

This beautiful wedding gown is modeled by Russian androgynous model Kirill Sadovy.

Heres another beautiful picture from german @thetransgenderbride

Here’s another beautiful picture from German  bridal crossdresser Marabella.

When the time comes to propose @thetransgenderbride

When the time comes to propose…

Randomtgirl farada outama a beautiful @thetransgenderbride


Farada Outama

A beautiful transsexual woman in bridal attire.