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Straight married male who likes wearing womens panties, with a special fondness for pretty bows. Pink is my favorite, not very original, but it is what it is. Pokeadots are high on the list too for some reason. Lace and ruffle trim is always a winner, but too much spoils the effect. Seeing other men in panties is erotic, perhaps its fantacy, I don't know, but I do know it stops at the panties and garter. In my case more is not better, this is refelcted in my reblogs. I only seek out waist down solo male and full male-female photos, somehow this seems more straight to me, go figure. Generally I perfer a limp/partial-erect dick that is contained within the panty, but I make exceptions. I also find garters and stockings rather hot, but not past the knee; shoes, bras, makeup and the whole gurly thing doesn't float my boat. Oddly there is something about a stubby shaved dick with a bow on it that does capture my attention and I don't know why? When I'm wearing I like thongs for the feel up my crack, after all what's the point if you can't be reminded you're wearing her panties. With a thong I can feel my pants rub against my ass cheeks, and there's nothing like finding a metal bench on a cold winter day to "get the sensation"! I usually wear under my jeans, there's just something magic about sliding the heavy denium over the pettie panty. I guess that's enough talking, were're not really here for the reading are we? :-) - TheWifesPanties (@thewifespanties)
Pantystud a man of many thongs is a wise man @thewifespanties


A man of many thongs is a wise man indeed.

Gaynnylons very naughty sissy out in the woods @thewifespanties


very naughty sissy out in the woods

Mandykg getting dressed for dinner my wife @thewifespanties


Getting dressed for dinner - my wife really likes the pink ribbon and she chose the extremely tight red thong for me tonight. She so much enjoys me in that sissy outfit underneath my normal clothes.

Shesuspects swimsuit saturday @thewifespanties


“Swimsuit Saturday” 


trying on housemate’s side tie bikini…..

Sexylitlsecrets last one off to bed @thewifespanties


Last one off to bed :) 

Sexylitlsecrets here is another set @thewifespanties


Here is another set

Shesuspects gaynnylons likelickvid wore @thewifespanties




wore housemate’s cotton panties to work again today….

And we wouldn’t expect you to NOT to wear panties to work.

“Bump Day”

Rini52 gorgeous @thewifespanties



Igl1234 bend me over and fuck my boy pussy @thewifespanties


Bend me over and Fuck my boy pussy

Latinoguyinpanties sheerheaven 163 @thewifespanties


Sheerheaven 163

Mmmmdick as a thank you for reaching 1000 @thewifespanties


As a thank you for reaching 1000+ followers I bought some new outfits! I took a ton of new pics last night and will be uploading them throughout the day so stay tuned and feel free to reblog and send me a message if you like what you see. 😘

Hertoy39 and expose the black satin bow like a @thewifespanties


And expose the black satin bow like a slutty panty boy

Hertoy39 why is it that each morning as i slide @thewifespanties


Why is it that each morning as I slide a pair of panties on, it still hits EVERY submissive nerve in my being. It’s such a simple act but my reaction is so complex and I’m honestly having trouble articulating it. As the soft sexy fabric caresses my skin, I simply feel like such a dirty little submissive SLUT. I don’t know why my reaction is so strong and shifts me so rapidly to different headspace. Any thoughts?

What are your feelings about panties. How do you use them in your play. Talk to me Tumblers. Reblog or message me.

Hertoy39 she prefers me in panties everyday @thewifespanties


She prefers me in panties everyday (quite frankly so do I now) but the sensations of certain pairs are electric. Instantly turned-on the minute i slid these on this morning. i’ve been semi-aroused most of the day. They just make me feel like such a sub slut. Why is that? Directly wired to my “sub"conscious I guess.

Switchsissycuck kik a horny sissy @thewifespanties


Kik a horny sissy

Pantiesllove packed them @thewifespanties


Packed them

Mr lace this is me to if i dress up like this @thewifespanties


This is me to.

If I dress up like this, my wife fucks me like girl, with her strap-on. Filling my boypussy.

Shesuspects bump day plikespanties @thewifespanties


“Bump Day”


Another Pic From Friday

Bright Pink Lace Mini Brief With Ribbon Tie Sides.
How cute are my balls 😉 ?

Shesuspects bump day @thewifespanties


“Bump Day”

Henryoscarr77 last nights outfit after @thewifespanties


Last Night’s Outfit After Midnight….Early Valentines Day For My Lady….~HO77~

Stilllookingaroundstuff happy st patricks day @thewifespanties


Happy St Patricks day!

Shesuspects bump day tina khu the rain @thewifespanties


“Bump Day”


The rain makes me feel so sexy .

Shesuspects bump day @thewifespanties


“Bump Day”

Shesuspects bump day complete feminized @thewifespanties


“Bump Day”


What a nice little accident …

Pantyfag the four rows of lace continuously @thewifespanties


The four rows of lace continuously caress my hairless bottom with each step taken making it impossible to ever forget what i am… a real pantywaist. It a long way removed from when i was still wearing manly jockstraps and misguidedly thinking somehow i was a real man.

Pantyfag sissyboys should experience wearing @thewifespanties


Sissyboys should experience wearing sheer rhumba or tennis panties on occasion for a nice jolt of excitement.

Pantyfag just imagine how exciting it feels to @thewifespanties


Just imagine how exciting it feels to sit down on those rows of black lace covering my hairless sissy bottom.

Pantyfag thongs and panties of all styles can @thewifespanties


Thongs and panties of all styles can be exciting to wear… Sometimes thongs can serve a special purpose and nylon, satin or silk panties can just feel so good to wear… But sometimes i find myself drawn back to the ruffled lace of rhumba panties like these. Something about them that constantly reminds me of what I really am and they do feel really good, too.

Gingerandmaryann wet spot @thewifespanties


Wet spot.

Kayskinks all lacy underneath @thewifespanties


All lacy underneath

Friendofpanties polka dots @thewifespanties


Polka Dots!!  

Friendofpanties red poly panties with pink trim @thewifespanties


Red Poly Panties with Pink Trim and a Rear Ruffle!

Friendofpanties black gray thong hmmm you can @thewifespanties


Black & Gray Thong…  Hmmm you can see the outline of the OTHER panties I was wearing on top of these!

Vspinkguy heading out to work @thewifespanties


Heading out to work

Vspinkguy im going shopping at my fav store @thewifespanties


I’m going shopping at my fav store! Going to get my rewards cards redeemed;)

I wish you could come over so I could suck your cock, I want to swallow your cum. Then I would like you too fuck my ass, & shoot you load deep inside of me..
Vspinkguy worked out tonight @thewifespanties


Worked out tonight…

Pantiesllove stuffed @thewifespanties



Thepantiedman if i have to go to work on this @thewifespanties


If I have to go to work on this crappy snowy day, I’m going to wear something comfortable and cute.

Stilllookingaroundstuff too cute not to share @thewifespanties


Too cute not to share, the panties that is 😊

Skysky214 my pantie @thewifespanties


My pantie