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Ripping It With Ripped Muscle X @thickbush

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Get Shredded Tumblog - Ripping It With Ripped Muscle X (@thickbush)
Recoverystuff day 3 of the butt challenge i am @thickbush


Day 3 of the butt challenge. I am soon going to the gym  for 1h of spiing. I need to get rid of the fat on my body in order for the butt challenge to pay of as I want it to. I missed booking myself on a lot of next weeks workouts so I guess I’ll be going to the gym on my own a lot next week. That’s ok. I need to build up more muscles so I need to go to the gym a bit more.
I am so motivated now!

Fuckingfangirlfaggot harry edward styles one @thickbush


Harry Edward Styles | One Direction ♥