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Thick Indiscretion @thickindiscretion

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n·dis·cre·tion/ˌindiˈskreSHən/ Noun: Behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment: "sexual indiscretions" This blog is full of thick, juicy indiscretions from a straight guy in his 20's. Many are from myself , others are what I find to be hot, sexy, fun, or in fine taste. You'll probably see lots of cock , lots of beautiful women, sexual writing , as well as marijuana and other fun substances . To browse by my favorite tags and learn more, click here . I'd love to include more of what you're into, answer your questions , and post submissions when you feel like sharing. Don't be shy. Unlike the name, I can be very discrete. - Thick Indiscretion (@thickindiscretion)

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