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18 and older only! Just a place for me to vent and post adult thoughts, dreams and visions of life. - Thoughts of Men (@thoughtsofmen)
So love itty bitty titties and curves damn what @thoughtsofmen

So love Itty bitty titties and curves. Damn, what a weekend she would make.

Womenofasimilaragetoo partial to a pair of long @thoughtsofmen


Partial to a pair of long pointies.

Totally want her.

God i love nature @thoughtsofmen

God I love nature!

Fatgranniefucker do you want to lick my clit or @thoughtsofmen


Do you want to Lick My Clit or just Suck & Fuck me Son?

Thegrannyadmirer donnywest love your body @thoughtsofmen



Love your body

So erotic!

Did you enjoy your weekend outside @thoughtsofmen

Did you enjoy your weekend outside?

Kono1958 phxhng sweetieive been wanting @thoughtsofmen



“Sweetie….I’ve been wanting to try a much younger man on for size but….I wasn’t expecting an `extra large’ one!  My biggest is half that size! I know a young man can get pretty enthusiastic….just be easy with me sweetie….you could screw me to death with that big thing!”


Mom and me this weekend @thoughtsofmen

Mom and me this weekend.

Shortsmalltwo as the family get together wound @thoughtsofmen


As the family get together wound down and people started leaving for the night, my sister-in-law asked me what I wanted for breakfast in the morning. “You!” I whispered to her. The next morning I went to the kitchen and there she was, naked. “I hope your hungry,” she said.

Make it all better mom @thoughtsofmen

Make it all better mom.

Daddy ill bet mom never watched tv with you like @thoughtsofmen

Daddy, I’ll bet mom never watched TV with you like this…

Usethatgranny amateur matures enjoying the @thoughtsofmen


amateur matures

Enjoying the great outdoors.


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