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Doctor Placer @tiodesevilla

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With just a touch of my burning hand, I send my astro zombies to rape this land. Prime directive: EXTERMINATE the whole human race. And your face drops in a pile of flesh. And then your heart, heart pounds till it pumps in death Prime directive: EXTERMINATE Whatever stands left THE MISFITS, ASTRO ZOMBIS 18+ only. You can be fired if you get caught at work watching this shit.If you have any problem with the pics, just write me and I will remove. - Doctor Placer (@tiodesevilla)
Amalgammaray sigalit landau standing on a @tiodesevilla


Sigalit Landau. Standing on a water melon in the Dead Sea, 2005

Amalgammaray sylvie fleury his mistress toy @tiodesevilla


Sylvie Fleury. His Mistress Toy. 2000


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