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Also known as Tits, Tops & Tea. Aspiring burlesque dancer. Painter. Vegan. Student of the arts. A future designer. Cat momma. Not a porn blog, but I often post myself and others in various states of undress. I like boobs and butts, so expect a lot of naked ladies here. If that offends you, buh-bye. NSFW 18+ (HOVER OVER NUMBERS FOR LINKS) - Kitty Levesque (@titstopsandtea)
Mxcleod bernie sanders wrote a letter he @titstopsandtea


Bernie Sanders wrote a letter he published in the early 1970’s, when he was a candidate for governor of Vermont from the Liberty Union Party, Sanders invoked freedom to call for the abolition of all laws related to homosexuality.

Notice that not only did Sanders call for equality (whereas Clinton had been a major opponent of same-sex marriage and equality till 2013) and an end to the drug war, he also talked about the need to tax corporations, end unjust overseas wars, heal the environment, women’s rights (including abortion!) and empower working people.

If nothing else, Sanders has been extremely consistent for the last FORTY years.

#BernieSanders2k16 #FeelTheBern

4nimalparty old taal volcano by oliver nelson @titstopsandtea


old Taal volcano (by oliver.nelson)

Mulberry cookies dolce gabbana spring 2015 @titstopsandtea


Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 (Details)

Psicomana ellen von unwerth amber laura heard @titstopsandtea


Ellen von Unwerth

Amber Laura Heard

Nicolejanelle screams internally at the beauty @titstopsandtea


*screams internally at the beauty of opal rings*

by capucinne on Etsy. 

Bobaliciousbby kvmg samlemerle today i @titstopsandtea




today I ate a vegan cinnamon donut sundae with salted caramel peanut butter icecream. it was a good day.
instagram: fithealthyproject


Holy shit


Screamingcolourswift im so happy right now @titstopsandtea


I’m so happy right now

Findchaos just a few of the federal benefits @titstopsandtea


(Just a Few of) The Federal Benefits of Marriage Equality

What we didn’t have yesterday.

Tentxcity me and my dog pandora adopted from @titstopsandtea


Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street

© Sergei Sarakhanov

This has got to be one of the best photos I’ve seen in a while.

Burleskateer lynne oneill aka the original @titstopsandtea


Lynne O'Neill   aka. “The Original Garter Girl”..

As a side business to her exotic dancing career,– Lynne also made (with help from her Mom) and sold her own line of custom-designed Garters; which she sold to patrons attending her shows.. Here’s a look at what the packaging art for these looked like!

Retrogasm coffee and a smoke @titstopsandtea


Coffee and a smoke


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