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Today i lust 4... @todayilust4

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trying to trump sloth with lust- - Today i lust 4... (@todayilust4)
Majinorc as i am writhing this there is only 20 @todayilust4


As I am writhing this there is only 20 hours left en it still needs $6000
please look at the in-game content, spread the word!
we really want a game like this on our mobile devices n_n

Click here to check out the campaign page!!!

Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth Funding

This is the time to contribute if you want to help support a faster translation for this game. Remember, if the project doesn’t make its goal you’ll get your entire contribution refunded, but if it does make its goal, you can feel proud that you helped this game get a better start in the western market, and hopefully show more developers that content like this is desired outside of Japan. I hope everyone that has been following the game for the past month, or if you’re just learning about it now, will consider giving the campaign a closer look and contribute. It’s still possible! :)
Click here to check out the campaign page!!!


Bombom powerfulbattery i love the situation in @todayilust4


I love the situation in which white daddy has a wank with cigar

From what'ive seen it’s not really popular in japan, but man you’ll find lots and lots of this stuff in western sites,tumblr included! As a fan of this fetish myself i feel obliged to help you
, just try going on and searching the word “cigar” for starters!

Aside from his cartoon series toons the horny @todayilust4

aside from his cartoon series , toons the horny wolf had a comic book too. The stories were quite similar to their animated counterparts: basically toons spent the episode fawning over some sexy herbivore toon, and his pig friend Rosco would try to help . Almost every time though the plans conceited by Rosco would backfire terribly on Toons, putting the horny wolf in humiliating situations. In this particular episode Rosco is victim of his own plan too and ends up hopelessly drunk along with his wolf friend , while having shameless sex in front of everyone in the club.

hehe just a fun thing for the awesome donkeypunch. I love  his toon wolf character to death <3

Ero boros i like my new form howls @todayilust4


i like my new form

*HOWLS INCOHERENTLY* OwO c’mere you <3

Dpunch toons 3 toons 3 @todayilust4


toons <3


I wanted to do a nice picture with all the fan @todayilust4

i wanted to do a nice picture with all the fan bowler hat ghosts (ghostsonas? XD )people made to thank them for their support.

At the top, we have Sucker, a vampire fanboy who managed to realize his vampire fetish by becoming a ghost (he belongs to  Lacimehc)
just below him ,there’s Butts, a boy whose already insanely high sex drive was amped up by the curse of the bowler hats and is now completely lost in a frenzy of subby lust and hedonistic revelry. (belongs to  ryuk51)
after him we have Husky, a timid, shy young man whose rational nature made it possible to his mind to remain somewhat intact even under the curse.Or at least that’s what he thinks: he’s really just as horny and slutty as every other bowler hat,and becomes more so when his true nature comes up and he transforms in a doggy/human hybrid (belogns to  BrandonTheHusky)
the penultimate ghost is Books, a nerdy and book-smart teen who entered the fitzgerald mansion for a dare and became infatuated with Pudgy after some interactions.During his stay he lost his life for an unfortunate accident but was promptyl added to the gang’s ranks (belongs to  kageichi he wrote a story for him here
the last one si whizzer, wich is a particular case amongst the bowler hats since he was originally a female that got tempted and corrupted into a male ghost after running into a particularly inspired Boss. (  Jadebutterfly his origin story is here

thanks to these amazing guys and gals for doing these sexy fellas and all of you for following this weird fetishy series, love ya all <3

Lacimehc buttz and sucker having a naughty good @todayilust4


Buttz and Sucker having a naughty good time together. <3

Buttz belongs to lonestar511 and my ghost form, Sucker, was created by todayilust4

I unfortunately didn’t have the right copic markers to color this so I had to improvise a bit… ^_^;

Heeeck yeah two of my favourite bowler hats going at it <3 awesome job laci!

Chubbyhusky this is how me and my fursona would @todayilust4


This is how me and my fursona would look like if we were part of todayilust4 ‘s “Gay Ganster Ghosts” series. Why did I wait so long for this one?

Anyway, I went a little overboard because I never made one piece of artwork in both digital and traditional. Well, I guess this would make me the youngest member of the Bowler Hats gang…

I hope you like it! ^_^


You can also see it here: (link)

Look at these dapper fellers <3

Punkassweasel these bluth villains are gonna be @todayilust4


These Bluth villains are gonna be the death of me.

Oh god the umholy american tail trio of villains/appearing for a second hunks <3

Rubberskunkadditionally todayilust4 and i have @todayilust4


TodayILust4 and I have been discussing some things to draw together! He’s a big fan of Flips so here’s a doodle I did to cheer him up recently. Sorry it’s been a while since asks, guys! I hope this placates you!

hahah flips would be a perfect gang member , such a pervy lil guy <3 thanks so much rubber this is super hot! <3

They invited him over it seemed like they were @todayilust4

they invited him over, it seemed like they were super excited about something.Turns out Tarketto and Hob wanted to try something they saw on the net, an experiment involving a three-way hypnosis.Billcat wasn’t sure about this, he just wanted to hang out with the guys, but they were so damn pushy and excited. And so the three began . Tarketto started his hypnosis routine at the same time as Hob, trying to make Billcat relax. Soon enough ,things got out of control: hob’s words were affecting both Billcat and Tarketto, and Tarketto’s words were influencing his other two peers. Unable to stop, all three went under a deep hypnotic state, their desires,kinks and lusts pouring from their brain and influencing their perception of reality, until all they could perceive was their wildest fantasies made reality and a sea of lust that quickly drowned them.

so, this is a gift for the amazing marcothecat  on furaffinity ,who is always super kind and awesome to both me and donkeypunch. we decided to do a collab and merge our styles X3 

Ywsf raspbeary so one of the questions @todayilust4



So!!!!!! one of the questions i get the most asked is how to get out of a creative funk or how to get out of an art rut, nowadays i cant really afford to be in an art rut so i kind of just go until it goes away, but something that DOES help me get the creative juices flowing is to re-think an idea, i live for redesigns and reimaginations of things, not only are they fun, but they are great to get ideas and creativity going! so here’s this challenge!

edit: had military twice there, sorry!

Ooh, neato

also this.. i think i’ll merge the goblin thing with this one? XD

Goblinweek goblin week is january 25 through @todayilust4





(I’ve been too busy to hype it up much this year! i will say more about it soon!)

sincerely evan

holy shit this is interesting , i might want to partecipate >:3

Bontxt universe and universe universal allow @todayilust4



Allow me to give you a quick lesson in economics to describe to you how royally screwed we are.

A network is a based off of one thing only; not to make you happy by keeping shows that only you like, but rather to make as much money as possible.

Money is usually brought in by merchandise and commercials.

And when a show loses a lot of air time, guess what happens? It becomes less popular. Meaning it can only bring in so much revenue. 

This is of course, means that Steven Universe is basically being thrown under the rug. And might be treated like LOK was by Nickelodeon.  

So we HAVE to bring in more viewers & profit. Or else… We will lose an entire story that we will remember as “What could have been”

My solution? Make as much noise as possible. Bring it up on all social media. Make your friends watch the next episodes. Do whatever you can. We don’t want to lose this. Trust me.  Please just don’t let this go unnoticed. That is all I have to say.


Here’s the thing guys. Cartoon Network is notorious for cancelling shows with large female audiences, which I’m almost certain Steven Universe has garnered (arguably Adventure Time has a large female audience as well, but are still able to reach that 7-12 year old little boy demographic with their wacky humor).

Steven Universe has a large female cast that they aren’t afraid to dip into. Hell, Sadie is a side character at best and has gotten a front spot in two episodes (joking victim and island adventure come to mind, but i’m sure there are others where she’s at least partially present.) Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are ALWAYS there, and play just as vital a role in the episodes as Steven does. Which I am 100% all for! I’m in love with what Rebecca Sugar is doing. Sadly though, Cartoon Network isn’t so much.

See, with so many female characters, you’re gonna bring in a large female audience. CN does not want their shows to be watched by girls. Or at least, they don’t want as many female viewers as male viewers.

Why is that? Because supposedly, girls don’t buy toys. Here’s an interview with Paul Dini, creator of Tower Prep, on how shows like his along with Young Justice and Green Lantern got cancelled because of large female audiences who Cartoon Network felt would not buy toys.

“‘Boys, boys, boys. Boys buy the little spinny tops, they but the action figures, girls buy princesses, we’re not selling princesses.’”

This is a really shitty industry specific occurrence. I wish there was more we could do to change it, but for the time being, there really isn’t.

I agree with op in that We need to make a fuss about SU. We NEED to watch new episodes when it airs. No more watching on fucking animenow dot com or whatever. Steven Universe is lucky if it breaks about 1.6 million views. Adventure Time was breaking 2 million by it’s first fucking episode. Idk. Maybe that means absolutely nothing. But Cartoon Network see’s Adventure Time as it’s crown jewel. If Steven Universe doesn’t start getting higher ratings, we’ll be lucky to see another season.

Watching the new episodes isn’t the only thing we can do though. In fact, it’s probably less important than buying merchandise. Like I said, there’s nothing we can do to change television executives greedy Mr.Magoo ways. But if we want more SU, we need to play into their system. We need to buy merchandise. There aren’t currently any toys as far as I know, but there are some shirts being sold on the CN website. There may be some stuff on welovefine as well, so be sure to check that out.

And that’s really it. Cartoon Network is Scrooge Mcduck looking to swim around in a pool of Steven Universe merchandise money, and as as far as I know, there’s not a lot we can do to change that corporate mindset. So don’t forget, 1.) Buy Merch. Buy all of it. Buy some for ur friends. And 2.) Watch it when it airs rather than online. Don’t have cable? Watch it at a friends.

Don’t let this show die. Don’t reinforce the idea that shows with heavy female casts don’t sell. Don’t let Rebecca Sugars hard work be for nothing.

Damingo somethings gone wrong the spell didnt @todayilust4


Somethings gone wrong. The spell didn’t work. Rechecking the sigil marks Damingo notices some extra glyphs he never added before, his spells been tampered with. Suddenly the sigil starts to glow, faint at first and then bursts into life as plumes of ominous green smoke ascend from a swirling vortex. Distant laughter and sexual moaning grew louder until four purple ectoplasmic bodies emerged from the swirling abyss. Flying around the chamber in their bowler hats, puffing on big cigars, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake. Damingo eyes the ghosts curiously, taking note of their hard cocks leaking a fluorescent liquid. Before he can react the four distinguished ghosts descend on him, licking and sucking his body in a frenzied lust. Trying to chant a spell a cigar is shoved in his mouth and the smell of it instantly makes him take a puff and he feels his senses begin to dull as the strange aphrodisiac makes him swell. ‘Suck him dry boys, this demon cream will make us rich’ one of them says. Damingo groggily mutters a spell and summons some replicas of his dick to help battle fuck the horny ghosts. Sucking and fucking their way to multiple orgasms the ghosts take turns sucking out greedy amounts of thick demon seed until both their mouths and asses are filled. Then as quickly as it started the four horny ghosts disappear back into the vortex with their creamy loot as it closes behind them with a sharp snap. Dazed and confused Damingo starts to come back to his senses, his plump purple dick still oozing his hot splooge. He notices the jumbo sized cigar they used on him still smouldering on ground, picking it up he distinguishes it in a tight fist and all he can think is - revenge.

Art trade I did with awesome blazingcheeks he’s the best x3

so much demon, so little time!! this trade was a blast man!! <3

Well even if some of my followers are like @todayilust4

well.. even if some of my followers are weird straight porn bots?? or somethign? it seems i reached 2000 followers today, so i wanted to take the chance and thanking you all for your awesome support . You guys have been amazing so far and made my stay here on tumblr really fun and enjoyable! again,thank you from the bottom of my heart, you make this ol’ pervert really happy, and you push me to do better and better!

Bobo hooked with the shy bearcat on a dating site @todayilust4

bobo hooked with the shy bearcat on a dating site. His timid nature was something that was extremely enticing to him, he wanted to grab the guy and do all kind of stuff to him. He would occasionally mention having a dark secret, something evil lurking inside him. but hey , everyone had that phase right? bobo was telling around he was a secret government experiment when he was a kid after all. So the boys meet ; bobo insists on trying the harness damingo had forgot outside his closet, the bearcat starts to blush and pitches a tent, drinks are passed around and before long the guys are screwing their brains out. Now bobo never knew if this evil, demonic shit the bearcat was talking about was real, but boy he sure was a really really good fuck X3

an art trade with the super sexy damingo, over at furaffinity! ( hope you like it man!

A gift for the super talented and cute @todayilust4

a gift for the super talented and cute greenendorf, over at fa! ( )

So a little bit of context for the trade with @todayilust4

so a little bit of context for the trade with nickwolf X3 

i’m not sure if the bowler hat gang is going to exist in the modern time, but let’s suppose they are still around and kicking.

This ghostly fat fella is mr. Micheal Bailey. He was the executive director for the first tennesse bank in 1980 and he LOVED his job and employees. He gave everything to mantain the institution orderly and clean until a stroke cut his life short at 40. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t still help his beloved workplace! he continued roaming the place as a ghost, helping relieving the stress levels of the workers, aiding the clients and checking that everything was ok from beyond the veil.

it was all fine and dandy until the bowler hat gang arrived and decided that they needed a bank accountant in their ranks.Now he’s Moolah, and he takes accounts for the gang’s spectral income, aside from being the favorite spot to park the gang’s dicks when they’re bored with his financial talk X3


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