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trying to trump sloth with lust- - Today i lust 4... (@todayilust4)
Fun fact about ghost biology the body of a ghost @todayilust4

fun fact about ghost biology: the body of a ghost is psychoactive, so it can change its shape according to how the ghost is feeling. In this case we have Tiny who, overcome with the curse, is feeling extremely subby. A normal person with a virgin anus would have troubles fitting Slim’s girth… but right now Tiny is so hungry for cock he could sit on a skyscraper and freefall to the base without problems. So, in reaction to his powrful desire , his ghost body becomes elastic enough to fit one, two, how many ghost dongs he wants!

anyways aside from all the sillyness. Hope you like this one guys! XD

Apparently boss didnt really had the time to @todayilust4

apparently, boss didn’t really had the time to think twice about baron samedi’s offer, because his pals kind of jumped to the prospect of getting a second chance at protecting him before he could do anything. And tiny’s motivations, well he’ll probably take those to the tomb with him. 

Anyways, hope you like it, guys!

Cue musical number performed by baron samedi nah @todayilust4

cue musical number performed by baron samedi. Nah i’m kidding (or am i :0)

the gang was separated after dying because tiny and slim died some hours before boss and they wandered around for a bit before he too was killed, so it’s basically the first time they’re seeing eachother after dying.

anyways i hope you like page 17 guys!

Boss seem to have mantained his smug attitude even @todayilust4

boss seem to have mantained his smug attitude even in death, i guess that’s one of the things that made the baron choose him specifically.

Anyways, page 16…this probably will be longer than the previous one if i keep this pace… hope you’ll like it guys!

What do you know its pop cultures favorite @todayilust4

what do you know , it’s pop culture’s favorite loa, baron samedi.
Since his purview consists in resurrection , cigars, sex , death and all sort of indecencies and pranks, he was always the prime candidate for the creator of the bowler hats’ curse. Hints about him were dropped in the first comic, when one of his veves appeared on the chest of pops while he was smoking the bowler hats’ cigar. I guess it’s a bit trite and overused as a choice, but i just love the guy, you don’t encounter such hedonistic and ambiguous spirits in religions and mythologies, expecially when death is involved.
oh also , It’s not a completely traditional depiction of him because like most gods and spirits in this setting his shape is fluid and changes to accomodate the viewer expectations or what the entity wants to communicate. In this case baron samedi is appearing as a plump sexy giant man since he wants to entice boss while still communicating superiority.The same happened with shezmu ,that wanted to instill fear in lord bradley’s heart.

anyways, hope you like it guys!

Welp this moment had to arrive @todayilust4

welp, this moment had to arrive. Hopefully “justice” will be served soon. And yeah, Romano is not all there with his head, But Boss was also too full of himself and too careless to catch sight of that in time.

Anyways, hope you like it anyways guys!

We shift to romanos perspective put on your 3d @todayilust4

we shift to romano’s perspective, put on your 3d glasses now! nah not really it’s just a silly chromatic aberration, i thought it would fit with his vision of the world, that is supposed to be unhinged and sociopathic. I guess that’ll help ease up a bit with what’s about to come.

anyways, hope you like it guys!

Captaingerbear a bunch of screen dumps from @todayilust4


A bunch of screen dumps from Bastard Bonds. Probably going to change the title image to be less booby, maybe leaving this one in as a bonus optional thing.

Pictures here is character creation, bits from some dungeon screens, and the world map, showing the locations of all 150ish maps so far. Aiming for 200 areas, I think. Seems like a nice round number.

Bastard Bonds, for those who aren’t familiar, is a tactical RPG without battle menus, so the flow is nice and snappy. If you like turn-based tactics, but find them a little on the slow side, you might like this.

Also if you like to dink around with character creation for much, much too long (you know who you are) you might like this, as all characters you create are added to the game world, whether you actually play them or not. This means you can make dozens of convicts and then randomly encounter and recruit them while playing. The hero of one playthrough is a supporting character in the next.

Characters can also be easily shared and swapped. Case in point - the image at the bottom of this list IS the save file for that hero. All information necessary for the game to reconstruct that character is saved directly within the PNG icon that the game generates upon creation.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Got more levels to design!

Can’t wait for this to be finished
Buy today your gentleman suit boss with monocle @todayilust4

buy today your gentleman suit boss (with monocle action!), your vacation suit boss (with real hay hat!) and devil suit boss,complete with satanic trident! only 10 dollar a piece, what a steal! 

the events that will lead to the gang’s death are in full motion so soon we’ll have to part with those fleshy mans .Sorry guys >_<

anyways, hope you like it and i want to thank you for you support! see you on the next page!

Theres a first time for everything i guessthis @todayilust4

there’s a first time for everything i guess.This is the first time for both of them…don’t ask me where boss got his moves tho, i guess he learned them from a prostitute or something? i doubt there were dirty magazines at the time…

anyways hope you’ll like it guys! 

Meet pudgys parents doubt anyone would care @todayilust4

meet… pudgy’s parents? Doubt anyone would care about them, but they had to appear in order to set things up for pudgy’s situation. Their names are Mario Baldoni and Graziella Costanza. The dad is a second generation immigrant, while the mother transfered from south italy to marry with him, that’s why she’s so old fashioned.

anyways hope you like it guys!

Apparently even gangsters can blush what a @todayilust4

apparently even gangsters can blush. What a shocking revelation.

anyways ,page 9, sorry if it’s a bit late! hope you guys like it!

Page 8 pudgy makes his appearance even though @todayilust4

page 8, Pudgy makes his appearance, even though the gang doesn’t seem too keen on meeting him on friendly terms.

hope i’m not going too fast with this, and i hope you guys will like it!

Strangefleshgame taking over minds is hard @todayilust4


Taking over minds is hard work. The Bartender is just taking a quick smoke break.

Thanks to our 50 followers.

Puff puff <3

Tiny and slim join the gang tinys background and @todayilust4

Tiny and slim join the gang!
Tiny’s background and introductory scene is a little different from what i posted before, but i think this is a more effective way to introduce him.

anyways, hope you guys like it X3

This page and the next one were going to be a @todayilust4

this page and the next one were going to be a single page, but i thought the recruitment of Tiny and Slim deserved a little more space. Hope you like it nonetheless and you don’t find it too tedious! 

Second time im showing boss grabbed and @todayilust4

second time i’m showing boss grabbed and threatened like this, it’s becoming a trend now . So, page 5, this is the moment in wich romano seals his fate by hiring Boss as a goon.

hope you like it people!

Soflashback time boss wasnt that succesfull @todayilust4

so,flashback time. Boss wasn’t that succesfull back then, it seems.

hope you guys enjoy it! X3

Sorry if this is too grim guys but i really @todayilust4

sorry if this is too grim guys, but i really enjoying the concept of possession w/bodily harm and sex (that episode of gravity falls with dipper possessed by bill cipher really gave me conflicted feelings | 3 )

anyways it’s flashback time from here onwards. We’ll learn how boss became a gangster,died and eventually sealed his fate in the afterlife. 

If the gun thing mystifies you a refresher from @todayilust4

if the gun thing mystifies you, a refresher from the DAA booklet (

“what was a physical,legal or emotional property of an immigrant remains as such after
biological interdiction”

this means that the gun in Dan’s possesion that we saw in the previous issue is the property of Pudgy, since it was the weapon that he used to kill himself.

“an immigrant can inhabit any of his properties,and can allow other immigrants to reside in his property for the time it takes for the authorities to collect them”

This means that Pudgy, as we saw in the last issue can inhabit the gun, and can allow whoever he wants (in this case Boss) to inhabit it.

“an USL that comes in contact with something legally owned by an immigrant is a tacit agreement to allow acces to their body”

this is kind of a loophole. Normally That means that Pudgy can access the body of any living person who touches the gun. But the curse that binds the bowler hats allows them to share all their properties since for the other world all bowler hats kind of counts as one entity. And so, by touching Pudgy’s gun, Romano can now see and be possessed and manipulated by Boss.

Soo here we go again hope ill manage to keep a @todayilust4

soo.. here we go again. Hope i’ll manage to keep a stable schedule with this , i’m kind of rusty.
Also be warned, this chapter might get pretty creepy ,there will be more death than the previous one, but i hope i’ll manage to put enough naughty bits in it to satisfy you people. The middle part will be less porny since it won’t feature the bowler hats in their ghost form, but the start and the ending will feature lots of it.

Potatovodka pic for @todayilust4


pic for blazingcheeck’s birthday. happy birthday

Thanks so much gator! This one is so cute <3

Lacimehc super classy bobo happy birthday @todayilust4


Super classy Bobo.

Happy Birthday Blazingcheeks!

Chubbyhusky happy birthday todayilust4 im @todayilust4


Happy Birthday todayilust4!

I’m sorry if I didn’t come up with something original but I hope you like it. :3
You are a real inspiration to me, stay awesome!

You can also see it here: (link)

Majinorc as i am writhing this there is only 20 @todayilust4


As I am writhing this there is only 20 hours left en it still needs $6000
please look at the in-game content, spread the word!
we really want a game like this on our mobile devices n_n

Click here to check out the campaign page!!!

Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth Funding

This is the time to contribute if you want to help support a faster translation for this game. Remember, if the project doesn’t make its goal you’ll get your entire contribution refunded, but if it does make its goal, you can feel proud that you helped this game get a better start in the western market, and hopefully show more developers that content like this is desired outside of Japan. I hope everyone that has been following the game for the past month, or if you’re just learning about it now, will consider giving the campaign a closer look and contribute. It’s still possible! :)
Click here to check out the campaign page!!!


Bombom powerfulbattery i love the situation in @todayilust4


I love the situation in which white daddy has a wank with cigar

From what'ive seen it’s not really popular in japan, but man you’ll find lots and lots of this stuff in western sites,tumblr included! As a fan of this fetish myself i feel obliged to help you
, just try going on and searching the word “cigar” for starters!

Aside from his cartoon series toons the horny @todayilust4

aside from his cartoon series , toons the horny wolf had a comic book too. The stories were quite similar to their animated counterparts: basically toons spent the episode fawning over some sexy herbivore toon, and his pig friend Rosco would try to help . Almost every time though the plans conceited by Rosco would backfire terribly on Toons, putting the horny wolf in humiliating situations. In this particular episode Rosco is victim of his own plan too and ends up hopelessly drunk along with his wolf friend , while having shameless sex in front of everyone in the club.

hehe just a fun thing for the awesome donkeypunch. I love  his toon wolf character to death <3

Ero boros i like my new form howls @todayilust4


i like my new form

*HOWLS INCOHERENTLY* OwO c’mere you <3

Dpunch toons 3 toons 3 @todayilust4


toons <3


I wanted to do a nice picture with all the fan @todayilust4

i wanted to do a nice picture with all the fan bowler hat ghosts (ghostsonas? XD )people made to thank them for their support.

At the top, we have Sucker, a vampire fanboy who managed to realize his vampire fetish by becoming a ghost (he belongs to  Lacimehc)
just below him ,there’s Butts, a boy whose already insanely high sex drive was amped up by the curse of the bowler hats and is now completely lost in a frenzy of subby lust and hedonistic revelry. (belongs to  ryuk51)
after him we have Husky, a timid, shy young man whose rational nature made it possible to his mind to remain somewhat intact even under the curse.Or at least that’s what he thinks: he’s really just as horny and slutty as every other bowler hat,and becomes more so when his true nature comes up and he transforms in a doggy/human hybrid (belogns to  BrandonTheHusky)
the penultimate ghost is Books, a nerdy and book-smart teen who entered the fitzgerald mansion for a dare and became infatuated with Pudgy after some interactions.During his stay he lost his life for an unfortunate accident but was promptyl added to the gang’s ranks (belongs to  kageichi he wrote a story for him here
the last one si whizzer, wich is a particular case amongst the bowler hats since he was originally a female that got tempted and corrupted into a male ghost after running into a particularly inspired Boss. (  Jadebutterfly his origin story is here

thanks to these amazing guys and gals for doing these sexy fellas and all of you for following this weird fetishy series, love ya all <3

Lacimehc buttz and sucker having a naughty good @todayilust4


Buttz and Sucker having a naughty good time together. <3

Buttz belongs to lonestar511 and my ghost form, Sucker, was created by todayilust4

I unfortunately didn’t have the right copic markers to color this so I had to improvise a bit… ^_^;

Heeeck yeah two of my favourite bowler hats going at it <3 awesome job laci!

Chubbyhusky this is how me and my fursona would @todayilust4


This is how me and my fursona would look like if we were part of todayilust4 ‘s “Gay Ganster Ghosts” series. Why did I wait so long for this one?

Anyway, I went a little overboard because I never made one piece of artwork in both digital and traditional. Well, I guess this would make me the youngest member of the Bowler Hats gang…

I hope you like it! ^_^


You can also see it here: (link)

Look at these dapper fellers <3

Punkassweasel these bluth villains are gonna be @todayilust4


These Bluth villains are gonna be the death of me.

Oh god the umholy american tail trio of villains/appearing for a second hunks <3

Rubberskunkadditionally todayilust4 and i have @todayilust4


TodayILust4 and I have been discussing some things to draw together! He’s a big fan of Flips so here’s a doodle I did to cheer him up recently. Sorry it’s been a while since asks, guys! I hope this placates you!

hahah flips would be a perfect gang member , such a pervy lil guy <3 thanks so much rubber this is super hot! <3

They invited him over it seemed like they were @todayilust4

they invited him over, it seemed like they were super excited about something.Turns out Tarketto and Hob wanted to try something they saw on the net, an experiment involving a three-way hypnosis.Billcat wasn’t sure about this, he just wanted to hang out with the guys, but they were so damn pushy and excited. And so the three began . Tarketto started his hypnosis routine at the same time as Hob, trying to make Billcat relax. Soon enough ,things got out of control: hob’s words were affecting both Billcat and Tarketto, and Tarketto’s words were influencing his other two peers. Unable to stop, all three went under a deep hypnotic state, their desires,kinks and lusts pouring from their brain and influencing their perception of reality, until all they could perceive was their wildest fantasies made reality and a sea of lust that quickly drowned them.

so, this is a gift for the amazing marcothecat  on furaffinity ,who is always super kind and awesome to both me and donkeypunch. we decided to do a collab and merge our styles X3 

Ywsf raspbeary so one of the questions @todayilust4



So!!!!!! one of the questions i get the most asked is how to get out of a creative funk or how to get out of an art rut, nowadays i cant really afford to be in an art rut so i kind of just go until it goes away, but something that DOES help me get the creative juices flowing is to re-think an idea, i live for redesigns and reimaginations of things, not only are they fun, but they are great to get ideas and creativity going! so here’s this challenge!

edit: had military twice there, sorry!

Ooh, neato

also this.. i think i’ll merge the goblin thing with this one? XD

Goblinweek goblin week is january 25 through @todayilust4





(I’ve been too busy to hype it up much this year! i will say more about it soon!)

sincerely evan

holy shit this is interesting , i might want to partecipate >:3

Bontxt universe and universe universal allow @todayilust4



Allow me to give you a quick lesson in economics to describe to you how royally screwed we are.

A network is a based off of one thing only; not to make you happy by keeping shows that only you like, but rather to make as much money as possible.

Money is usually brought in by merchandise and commercials.

And when a show loses a lot of air time, guess what happens? It becomes less popular. Meaning it can only bring in so much revenue. 

This is of course, means that Steven Universe is basically being thrown under the rug. And might be treated like LOK was by Nickelodeon.  

So we HAVE to bring in more viewers & profit. Or else… We will lose an entire story that we will remember as “What could have been”

My solution? Make as much noise as possible. Bring it up on all social media. Make your friends watch the next episodes. Do whatever you can. We don’t want to lose this. Trust me.  Please just don’t let this go unnoticed. That is all I have to say.


Here’s the thing guys. Cartoon Network is notorious for cancelling shows with large female audiences, which I’m almost certain Steven Universe has garnered (arguably Adventure Time has a large female audience as well, but are still able to reach that 7-12 year old little boy demographic with their wacky humor).

Steven Universe has a large female cast that they aren’t afraid to dip into. Hell, Sadie is a side character at best and has gotten a front spot in two episodes (joking victim and island adventure come to mind, but i’m sure there are others where she’s at least partially present.) Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are ALWAYS there, and play just as vital a role in the episodes as Steven does. Which I am 100% all for! I’m in love with what Rebecca Sugar is doing. Sadly though, Cartoon Network isn’t so much.

See, with so many female characters, you’re gonna bring in a large female audience. CN does not want their shows to be watched by girls. Or at least, they don’t want as many female viewers as male viewers.

Why is that? Because supposedly, girls don’t buy toys. Here’s an interview with Paul Dini, creator of Tower Prep, on how shows like his along with Young Justice and Green Lantern got cancelled because of large female audiences who Cartoon Network felt would not buy toys.

“‘Boys, boys, boys. Boys buy the little spinny tops, they but the action figures, girls buy princesses, we’re not selling princesses.’”

This is a really shitty industry specific occurrence. I wish there was more we could do to change it, but for the time being, there really isn’t.

I agree with op in that We need to make a fuss about SU. We NEED to watch new episodes when it airs. No more watching on fucking animenow dot com or whatever. Steven Universe is lucky if it breaks about 1.6 million views. Adventure Time was breaking 2 million by it’s first fucking episode. Idk. Maybe that means absolutely nothing. But Cartoon Network see’s Adventure Time as it’s crown jewel. If Steven Universe doesn’t start getting higher ratings, we’ll be lucky to see another season.

Watching the new episodes isn’t the only thing we can do though. In fact, it’s probably less important than buying merchandise. Like I said, there’s nothing we can do to change television executives greedy Mr.Magoo ways. But if we want more SU, we need to play into their system. We need to buy merchandise. There aren’t currently any toys as far as I know, but there are some shirts being sold on the CN website. There may be some stuff on welovefine as well, so be sure to check that out.

And that’s really it. Cartoon Network is Scrooge Mcduck looking to swim around in a pool of Steven Universe merchandise money, and as as far as I know, there’s not a lot we can do to change that corporate mindset. So don’t forget, 1.) Buy Merch. Buy all of it. Buy some for ur friends. And 2.) Watch it when it airs rather than online. Don’t have cable? Watch it at a friends.

Don’t let this show die. Don’t reinforce the idea that shows with heavy female casts don’t sell. Don’t let Rebecca Sugars hard work be for nothing.

Damingo somethings gone wrong the spell didnt @todayilust4


Somethings gone wrong. The spell didn’t work. Rechecking the sigil marks Damingo notices some extra glyphs he never added before, his spells been tampered with. Suddenly the sigil starts to glow, faint at first and then bursts into life as plumes of ominous green smoke ascend from a swirling vortex. Distant laughter and sexual moaning grew louder until four purple ectoplasmic bodies emerged from the swirling abyss. Flying around the chamber in their bowler hats, puffing on big cigars, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake. Damingo eyes the ghosts curiously, taking note of their hard cocks leaking a fluorescent liquid. Before he can react the four distinguished ghosts descend on him, licking and sucking his body in a frenzied lust. Trying to chant a spell a cigar is shoved in his mouth and the smell of it instantly makes him take a puff and he feels his senses begin to dull as the strange aphrodisiac makes him swell. ‘Suck him dry boys, this demon cream will make us rich’ one of them says. Damingo groggily mutters a spell and summons some replicas of his dick to help battle fuck the horny ghosts. Sucking and fucking their way to multiple orgasms the ghosts take turns sucking out greedy amounts of thick demon seed until both their mouths and asses are filled. Then as quickly as it started the four horny ghosts disappear back into the vortex with their creamy loot as it closes behind them with a sharp snap. Dazed and confused Damingo starts to come back to his senses, his plump purple dick still oozing his hot splooge. He notices the jumbo sized cigar they used on him still smouldering on ground, picking it up he distinguishes it in a tight fist and all he can think is - revenge.

Art trade I did with awesome blazingcheeks he’s the best x3

so much demon, so little time!! this trade was a blast man!! <3

Well even if some of my followers are like @todayilust4

well.. even if some of my followers are weird straight porn bots?? or somethign? it seems i reached 2000 followers today, so i wanted to take the chance and thanking you all for your awesome support . You guys have been amazing so far and made my stay here on tumblr really fun and enjoyable! again,thank you from the bottom of my heart, you make this ol’ pervert really happy, and you push me to do better and better!

Bobo hooked with the shy bearcat on a dating site @todayilust4

bobo hooked with the shy bearcat on a dating site. His timid nature was something that was extremely enticing to him, he wanted to grab the guy and do all kind of stuff to him. He would occasionally mention having a dark secret, something evil lurking inside him. but hey , everyone had that phase right? bobo was telling around he was a secret government experiment when he was a kid after all. So the boys meet ; bobo insists on trying the harness damingo had forgot outside his closet, the bearcat starts to blush and pitches a tent, drinks are passed around and before long the guys are screwing their brains out. Now bobo never knew if this evil, demonic shit the bearcat was talking about was real, but boy he sure was a really really good fuck X3

an art trade with the super sexy damingo, over at furaffinity! ( hope you like it man!

A gift for the super talented and cute @todayilust4

a gift for the super talented and cute greenendorf, over at fa! ( )

So a little bit of context for the trade with @todayilust4

so a little bit of context for the trade with nickwolf X3 

i’m not sure if the bowler hat gang is going to exist in the modern time, but let’s suppose they are still around and kicking.

This ghostly fat fella is mr. Micheal Bailey. He was the executive director for the first tennesse bank in 1980 and he LOVED his job and employees. He gave everything to mantain the institution orderly and clean until a stroke cut his life short at 40. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t still help his beloved workplace! he continued roaming the place as a ghost, helping relieving the stress levels of the workers, aiding the clients and checking that everything was ok from beyond the veil.

it was all fine and dandy until the bowler hat gang arrived and decided that they needed a bank accountant in their ranks.Now he’s Moolah, and he takes accounts for the gang’s spectral income, aside from being the favorite spot to park the gang’s dicks when they’re bored with his financial talk X3

Nickwolfart some trade stuff i did with @todayilust4


Some trade stuff I did with BlazingCheeks. Cartoon cigars can be a useful prop for characters!

THIS GUY, ladies and gentlemen ! you can’t go wrong with nice ol’ nickwolf
This is ludwig a fancy placid shy and straight @todayilust4

this is Ludwig : a fancy, placid ,shy and straight gentleman by day. come the full moon , he transforms into an aggressive black furred werewolf ,unashamedly gay and hungry for any kind of sex

a belated happy birthday gift for lacimehc over at pixiv , who created him X3

Soo i asked what i couldve drawn today on @todayilust4

soo.. i asked what i could’ve drawn today on twitter and i got bara dudes drawn in a turn of the century cartoon style , cigar smoking rhinos, and gorillas… this is the result of that toomfolery: Randy rupert is a horndog who is totally sexually insatiable and goes around the world searching for hot dudes to have sex with… sometimes he fails and ends up in trouble, sometimes he manages to score and sometimes,like in this case, well.. a bit of both!

hope you like it guys XD

Eroborus had to take a crack at bobo been @todayilust4


had to take a crack at bobo been  crushing on him  for ages  

This is fuckin spot on man !!wendell for chu of the year <3<3

Eroborus i wont stop till hes outta gas @todayilust4


i won’t stop till he’s outta gas!  plug’em up with more booze 

oh god i can’t resist much longer <3<3

Cant stop wont stop 3 you wont have a second of @todayilust4

CANT STOP WONT STOP | 3 you won’t have a second of peace, you little pervy chu! >: 3

Eroborus cant get enough of this guy @todayilust4


can’t get enough of this guy

dammmmnnn this guy is gonna drive me crazy <3<3 

No sexy deeds will go unpunished d now its @todayilust4

no sexy deeds will go unpunished! >: D now it’s your turn to be on top ero ! XD

Eroborus something for this guy with a drunk @todayilust4


something for this guy with a drunk  pikachu and  koffing, hob looks like he’s enjoying himself~

awww yeah <3 my  koffing Hob partying hard with a super cute eroborus’ super cute chu <3<3 thank you so much man, this is bomb <3

Sumoboy69 basically my idea of how id be trying @todayilust4


Basically my idea of how id be trying to learn to be the best sumo ever.

this one instead was made in collaboration with grisser for the same issue of B.i.g. i drew the layouts ,wrote the dialogue and colored/grayscaled it, while the grisser drew it .. good times

Oh this is my cover and the story i did for @todayilust4

oh, this is my cover and the story i did for project b.i.g. thanks for putting it up nice and readable like this X3

Lovmykuma trade between me and blazingcheecks @todayilust4


Trade between Me and blazingcheecks.

The first done by me - The Bowler Hat gangsters meeting the Beagle Boys during a bank assault.

The second done by blazingcheecks - My character Enzo in a date with Jesse, a massive powerlifter duck.

I really loved this trade <3

Lacimehc a quick drawing of blazingcheeks @todayilust4


A quick drawing of Blazingcheek’s ( character, Detective Bentley. I absolutely adore his ghost characters, and this guy is one of my favorites.

I ended up using pencil crayons instead of my copic markers for this one… I hope it turned out okay… ^_^; 

dammit look at this horny fella, all ready to party with his gang fellows, dude you did an awesome job on him, he’s super duper sexy <3

Chubbyhusky heres a little sketch of one @todayilust4


Here’s a little sketch of one of todayilust4’s characters that I really like of his comic “Gay Gangster Ghost 3”. (By the way, his blog is NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised).

This guy name is Blotto, formerly known as Sir Bradley. He appear naked in his ghost form at the end so I gave him a bright red suit.

afskxsjl aaa lookit what chubbyhusky drew! daamn man, this is amazing <3 he’s super cute with that suit !! thank you so much |3

I have a bad flu today so please forgive me if @todayilust4

i have a bad flu today so please forgive me if this looks a bit rushed. I really wished to post this on halloween but being sick and all i couldn’t. Oh well >_

Well the conquest of a powerful household is @todayilust4

well, the conquest of a powerful household is done, three new addition to the gang has been made, and apparently Boss is ready to take this thing to the next step, so i think it’s time to move to the epilogue of this sordid story,and possibly see what Derek and Dan have been up to in the meanwhile.

in the meantime i found out what the gang will be calling their new members. Sir Bradley will become Blotto,Sir Francis will be called Stinko and Mr. Clayton will go for the moniker of Woozy.

It’s been a wild ride and it’s been super fun, thank you so much for all the support and i hope you like this penultimate page guys! X3

Ghostly incest soul corruption virility @todayilust4

ghostly incest! soul corruption! virility boasting! …and of course ghost butts and dicks

Oh well so long for now shezmu well see how @todayilust4

oh well .So long for now, Shezmu. We’ll see how you’re going to exact you revenge in another story,i guess?

and with that the conquest of the fitzgerald mansion by the bowler hats gang is pretty much complete. Time to wrap up the story.(three or four pages left i think.)

thanks for the continuous support guys, i hope you like this one too!

Aand the other piece this one was so hot even as @todayilust4

aand, the other piece. This one was so hot even as a sketch i barely had to do anything

Since its orctober lets break the week with @todayilust4

since it’s orctober, let’s break the week with some green beef.
There’s a challenge over at FA indicted by captaingerbear ( if you want to take a peek at the rules ) ; the rules are basically you submit a sketched orc and you finish and color two other people’s sketches. Since i had super fun doing this imma post it here on tumblr too.
This first one was super silly but also super challenging, i’m kind of happy with the result, even if i could’ve done more.

Soooshezmu seems really pissed off i guess @todayilust4

sooo…shezmu seems really pissed off. I guess that’s the end for Sir Bradley. Or is it?

uh..maybe i’m being too graphic?>_

Genchiart inktober day 5 boss a messy pen @todayilust4


Inktober Day 5 - Boss

A messy pen sketch of todayilust4’s Gay Gangster Ghost leader, Boss.

The comic is NSFW, but I love the character designs so much :>

Aaaa look at this super cute boss genchiart drew!! Thank you so much dude,always loved your stuff
Grisfur the book is called kuro obiblackbelt @todayilust4


The book is called kuro-obi!(blackbelt) san hon me!(third bout!)
It is 226 pages big and features 34 color pages

I was asked to participate (hooray~!) My comic is only 5 pages long and is a collaboration between me and blazingcheecks! It is a sequel to Mushobu

The first prints will be sold at Kansai Comiket in Japan on October 13th
The book can then be ordered from for international order (as in all of us outside of Japan)

Sadly I do not have any other information at the moment, but more information should roll in after the initial comiket event is over :)

Note: The final printed work will be censored as is the law in Japan

Meow page 17 were close the conclusion @todayilust4


page 17..! we’re close the conclusion guys |3
hope you guys like it!

I dont think bradley understands how the bowler @todayilust4

i don’t think Bradley understands how the bowler hat’s sex-addled mind works XD
oh well, open wide, boss!

soo, page 16. This thing is getting super long! thank you for your continuous support guys! Hope you like this one!

Ok last one i really just wanted to draw pudgy in @todayilust4

ok last one, i really just wanted to draw pudgy in his days as a gangster too, since i was assembling the other ones in a group shot that i’ll probably use as a cover of sort for ggg3 or some other story featuring the bowler hat gang.

pudgy was 30 when he shot his brain out after being literally teased to death by his ex-friends,some years after they were all killed. His name was Piero Baldoni (though he never went with that name in the states, he preferred people calling him Pete,before the gang started calling him Pudgy) , and he was an italian immigrant.He was also gay and really, really into Boss, who reciprocated. They had a very intense and painful romantic story unbeknownst to everyone. Everything ended when he sold the bowler hats to the local boss, Romano, who killed all the members of the gang.

i guess i’ll tell that story in the future, but for now this’ll have to do ? :0

hope you like it guys!

Thomas mayberry who later in his life would be @todayilust4

Thomas Mayberry, who later in his life would be ironically known as “Tiny” was a lonesome 27 years old man , someone who barely ever spoke a word, always immersed in who knows what kind of thought. Boss met him after being pummeled almost senseless by the huge thug during a bar brawl. Before passing out, Boss managed to compliment Thomas and his fighting skills and offered him a place in his gang. When he woke up The man was at his side, and he never left since. Boss doesn’t still know why he accepted in the first place, or where the man comes from or what does he want from life and undeath: the simple request of being at Boss’ side was apparentyl the man’s motivation, dream and hope for the future, and since then Tiny risked his life countless times to protect the interest of the gang. This is apparently true even in death.

hope you like it guys X3

Gordon pollard who would later be known as slim @todayilust4

Gordon Pollard ,who would later be known as Slim, was a simple man.His nature was placid and calm, he liked peace and tranquility more than anything else. The idea of a life of crime wasn’t really what he had in mind for his future, but his friend Boss needed him. They spent their childhood together, dreaming of big things for when they would finally be grownups , things that society made ever so distant as they aged. He just wanted to help his friend achieving his dreams, he wanted to placate that raging fire behind his eyes. And so he helped him steal. He helped him beat up people. He helped him kill and torture. Because Boss was his friend, he was more than willing to share at least part of his burdens.

And as a true friend, he shared boss’ ultimate fate, in a rainy summer night that cut his life short at only 24

so here, Slim as he was when he was alive, hope you guys like it ! X3

So today work was kinda slow so i decided to @todayilust4

so, today work was kinda slow, so i decided to doodle Boss, when he was alive.
His real name was Martìn Juan Bautista, but everyone called him Boss : the name was mockingly given to him by the older gangsters because he was particularly exuberant ,proud and promising… kind of like a miniature “boss”.
In this pic we see him as he was some days before his death: 25 years old, secretly gay and ready to tackle the world with his ambition.

What was the name of that carnival attraction @todayilust4

what was the name of that carnival attraction where you shoot water in the cardboard clown mouth to inflate the balloon on their head..? but yeah, that’s pretty much the first half of this page XD

seems the tide has turned, and boss has to face the loss of his entire gang..

hope you like it guys!!

One could wonder why tiny is still hard as a rock @todayilust4

one could wonder why Tiny is still hard as a rock even after being absorbed by shezmu’s curse, a curse that doesn’t involve being eternally horny.

Thing is, those curses the ghosts are passing around like joints don’t really overwrite one another. They stack on top of eachother like jenga pieces: that’s why Francis and Mr. Clayton were still eternally drunk as skunks even after being converted to the bowler hat gang.

so tiny is now condemned to be eternally drunk, subservient to Bradley and with an unsatiable and bottomles hunger for cock till the curse is lifted or he cease to exist.

sorry for the big explanation, i wanted to make sure you guys understood what was going on with tiny’s pecker being pent up like a flagpole |3

anyways ,page 14, hope you guys like it!

Well seems like sir bradley doesnt want to go @todayilust4

well.. Seems like sir Bradley doesn’t want to go down without a fight.and so..TRANSFORMATIONS, FOREVER AND ALWAYS CRAZY TRANSFORMATIONS.

you’re not there yet, bowler hats…

anyways , hope you guys like it, and thanks for the support you’re giving me on this silly project! i love you all dearly

One little two little three little ghosties sir @todayilust4

One little, two little, three little ghosties… Sir bradley is all alone now, the only thing that remains for him is the god that cursed his name. Can the bowler hats confront a murderous spirit AND an ancient egyptian god or sir bradley will win and transform all their souls into something unspeakable?

page 12! i can see the light at the end of the tunnel * w *

hope you guys like it!

Adventures in the magic world of the human brain @todayilust4

adventures in the magic world of the human brain! too bad the bowler hats had to access to it through the backdoor. anyways will the two fitzgerald lackeys accept boss’ offer? (like they have a choice >:3)

anyways, hope you guys like it!

Shortest fight ever i guess anyways seems like @todayilust4

shortest fight ever i guess? anyways seems like the gang’s smoke have some strang effects on other ghosts..

hope you like it guys!

Slash tv remember when i mentioned drawing @todayilust4


Remember when I mentioned drawing todayilust4’s boozy murder ghosts? WELL HERE THEY ARE

That’s Sir Bradley Fitzgerald on the left and his brother Francis on the right! I drew Francis with uni-ball signo pens and Sir Bradley with a Kuretake brush pen. I’m really pleased with how these came out—I think I learned a lot about volume and character design from working with BC’s characters. I really like them a lot, I definitely recommend y’all go check out the comic he’s uploading right now :^)

omg look how precious they are!! thank you so much ,i’m glad you found them useful and took the time to draw them pal, you super made my day!!
Pow sock snuh bort poo newt mint etc etc @todayilust4

POW! SOCK! SNUH! BORT! POO! NEWT! MINT! etc. etc. the fitzgeralds don’t seem to want to go down with a fight.. but apparently Tiny has something in mind. I guess this is one of the very,very few occasions where you’ll hear him talk, even if it’s through Dan’s mouth.

Ruh roh seems there are problems in paradise or @todayilust4

ruh roh ,seems there are problems in paradise or something like that. Also introducing Derek 2.0 , the 2 stands for the number of hungry ,drunk and murderous ghosts that resides now within him-

hope you like it guys!

No mr clayton you cant bail out of this one @todayilust4

no, Mr Clayton, you can’t bail out of this one that easily it seems!

page 7! having a load of fun with this series hah XD

hope you guys like it!

So the boys are back at it and ready to cause @todayilust4

so, the boys are back at it and ready to cause some mayhem. Sir fitzgerald doesn’t seem to be liking the new course of events..

hope you guys like it!

So decided to put down some of the rules that @todayilust4

so , decided to put down some of the rules that govern the setting of GGG.
this is a booklet that any deceased person receives and that tries to instruct them about their rights and duties. Think of it like a mix of the rules for the use of the death note and the book of the recently deceased from beetlejuice (christ love that movie and setting)

hope the official-ish jargon doesn’t make it too hard to understand, if you have any questions just ask!

Seems like these ghosties are way too drunk to @todayilust4

seems like these ghosties are way too drunk to realize what is actually going on.. a nasty surprise awaits them | 3

page 5! hope you like it guys!

Oh frick the only character that spoke current @todayilust4

oh frick the only character that spoke current english is gone :0 this comic will be inintelligible from now on .. UNLESS… >: D

so yeah, another page! the ghost of sir bradley fitzgerald makes his appearance ,and he instantly decides to replenish his stash of blood liquor thanks to his minions. You can see the backstory of these drunk fellas here but i’ll probably put something in the comic itself so people don’t have to read all that stuff.
anyways hope you like it guys!

Page 3 introducing the narrators of the intro @todayilust4

page 3.. introducing the narrators of the intro tale, Derek Carpenter (the thin guy ) and Daniel McGargan (the stocky guy) , two lowly young goons searching for a place to hide his boss’s gun stash.

Sorry it took so long, i explored the possibility of going with a different style than usual after trying the mignola style in the intro, but in the end i came back with my usual style ,as it’s the fastest way to get this thing done. Hope you guys like it anyways!

Man egyptians were weird 0 as you probably @todayilust4

man, egyptians were weird :0. As you probably noticed, this is pretty much just an intro to the comic proper, wich will probably have my usual style. The mignola inspired one is really comfortable and fast for me, but it wouldn’t feel right to just draw the rest of the comic like this, this was just an experiment and an homage to one of my fav artists out there XD hope you guys like it!

So lets start ggg3 i really hope ill manage @todayilust4

so.. let’s start ggg3 . I really hope i’ll manage to finish it. Hope you guys will like it!

I think im satisfied with this ill probably use @todayilust4

i think i’m satisfied with this, i’ll probably use these guys as the rivals of the bowler hat gang.

i drew their ghost form and the moment their soul was damned behind them, just to add some backstory.

the big guy in the middle is the responsible for the existence of this randy band of damned souls; his name is Sir Bradley Fitzclarence.He was the owner of a big manor surrounded by wineyards, a heirloom of his late father whose wine company he inherited. His father was a genius in the field of winery, and bradley couldn’t ever compete with him: once he inherited the company after his father death , sales began to quickly fade without him being able to do anythign to prevent it.Desperate with the desire to not disgrace his family traditions, his sanity quickly eroded as he searched for bizarre methods to improve his product. At brink of insanity ,he decided to delve in the occult, and started performing abominable rituals in honor of the egyptian god Shezmu, the god of slaughter,blood and wine . Smashing the head of sacrifical victims in a wine press he filled several casks with a foul concoction that he was convinced would grant him immortality and would sell for millions on the market. He finally enraged the ancient dead god, who rose from his crypts at the edge of the universe. One fateful night Sir bradley awoke in a feverish stupor and guided by the invisible strings of the angry god forced himself onto one of the wine presses and crushed his own head in a impossible feat of suicidal strength.

But the dead god wasn’t done with him and his cohorts, and damned him and his two accomplices to wander the earth as spectral apparitions until the end of time, forever in the throes of lust like the beasts they were and their mind clouded by the mists of the sacred wine they dared to insult with their abominable rituals.

the thin guy on the left is bradley’s brother, Francis Fitzclarence.He was a pursuer of the finest sensual pleasures of life, and he wasted all his money in the pursue of expensive lifestyle and prohibited thrills. He eventually squandered all his allowance, and he turned to his brother bradley to mooch his capitals and continue his lifestyle for as long as he wanted.
He eventually ended in one of the caskets , killed by his brother. His soul was damned because he witnessed bradley’s descent into madness and did nothing, afraid his brother would cut his financial support.

the chubby guy on the right is Robert Clayton; his father worked as a butler for bradley’s father, and he ended up doing the same thing for his son. A gentle and caste man, he always sought to explore the mysteries of the universe as a scientist,but his lazy and conservative demeanour had him stuck into the same job his father did until his death. Bored out of his mind with the menial work of the butler he grew disinterested in everything happened in the manor,and didn’t notice the weird demeanor of his employer.He ended up spending his days in the cellars where one day he dared to taste the new batches Bradley was producing. He ended up hopelessly addicted to the esoteric alcoholic sludge extracted from bradley’s victims, to the point he developed a sexual desire to become completely filled by the ritual concoction.One night he snuck in the cellar, red with sexual desire. After drinking an entire cask and relieving several loads in the dank place , his heart and stomach failed him.He was later found by bradley and squashed in the same casket his brother was in. His soul was damned because shezmu, as an egyptian god thought that servants had to share the afterlife with their masters and damned him to be with bradley forever.

phew, that was a lot! but i had super fun drawing and writing them. Hope you guys like them as i do XD

aand they’ll probably end up in a future comic with the bowler hats, so stay tuned for more X3

Boss has always been a top dominant sexual @todayilust4

boss has always been a top, dominant sexual partner since he returned to the world as a ghost. he always refused to get his boys anywhere near his orifices because “i’m the boss,you’re the ones who take the shaft”. But the more he fucks, the more he grows horny, and only one way to do it starts to be insufficient for the insatiable gangster boss.

tiny and slim on the other hand would never question their boss orders; tiny is despite being a though enormous guy an extremely avid bottom,and would not have anything but his ass plowed, while slim kind of lacks the guts to actually fuck his boss like he so desires.But despite their inclinations, their supernatural lust can be contained only so much, expecially since boss started teasing his two subordinates suggesting they should just go and have their way with him.

One tease too much and the two obedient lugs, overcome by animal instinct bonked their boss in his dead skull, teared a hole in the fabric of reality and took him in the netherworld ,where they fucked him for days, much to boss’ enjoyment.

a commission done by the awesome cureboltium! you can check his stuff on fa or on his site

hope you like it guys >| 3

Dpunch billy the cats gang is back @todayilust4


billy the cat’s gang is back!

This guy is called doku hes from an artist @todayilust4

this guy is called doku, he’s from an artist called lachimec that i found on pixiv ( i love this character and his vampire fellow edmund, so i decided to do a quick pic today since i didn’t have much work to do .

also i took the chance to try and emulate a bit the night scenery of jhon aktinson grimshaw , with mixed results haah XD

well anyway hope you guys like it , expecially the character owner! love your stuff dude!

Dpunch my rabbit in smokey ghosty version 3 @todayilust4


My rabbit in smokey ghosty version : 3

So someone asked if the gang was about to pay a @todayilust4

so someone asked if the gang was about to pay a visit to their professor, and what do you know, they definetly did!
again featuring Boss Billy Thug Tark and Mook Hob, my so often neglected fursona XD
hope you like this quick sketch dudes X3

If someone brings you over a movie who no one @todayilust4

if someone brings you over a movie who no one knows nothing about but you heard “it’s pretty darn good” DON’T WATCH IT.

just a mindless and quick hypnosis/thugification sketch for billy and tark, those two adorable cards

Dpunch transform into were rabbit 3 @todayilust4


transform into were rabbit : 3

A picture suggested by the tumblr users about @todayilust4

a picture suggested by the tumblr users about people getting transformed into sex crazed animals by a mysterious company. Hope you like it guys!

reports for the year 2014:

batch 213 “hog stogies”: the product was confiscated from the locker of the client, who unbeknowst to the company wasn’t of age to order our products.Instead mr. Fallows , 49 , married , used the product on the night of 15 september 2014. The usual effects occurred when mr fallows tried one of our cigars. The man has been on a sexual rampage ever since and has become a happy customer of our company

batch 23 “ol’ beaver” : was sneaked off as a birthday present to the weightlifting champion Karl Weston. The buyer has been revealed to be buying from us under a fake id, so it’s possible that our product was used to damage the athlete carreer. Apparently batch 23 was defective and it induced its effects on all the persons present during the celebration. They’ve all become happy customers of our company, and Mr. Weston in particular is one of our most avid clients.

Batch 636"exotic lizard" : the batch was bought by the university of pennsylvania. Apparently a fraternity used our product as a hazing test for a freshman that goes by the name of Stephen Mc Allister. The product had its intended effect and mr. mc allister has become an happy customer of our company. He phoned on the morning of 20 november to inform us that he’s going to bring our product to his fraternity to share it with his “bros”, we expect more orders of our product in the coming future.