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Loads of guys in there very personal (?) moments here. Most of them are snatched from the internet. รวมรูปภาพ เรื่องเล่า และคลิปของผู้ชายกับภารกิจส่วนตัว - TOILET PEEPER (@toiletpeeper)
Gayshitlover sit on my face stud @toiletpeeper


Sit on my face stud!!!

Duhhdudes hot @toiletpeeper



Inneedofrelief bud you have no idea how much @toiletpeeper


“Bud, You have no idea how much I needed this shit. Fuck off with the camera won’t you.”

P1040349 by rumikoji715 on flickr @toiletpeeper

P1040349 by rumikoji715 on Flickr.

By robbie520 on flickr @toiletpeeper

by ROBBIE520 on Flickr.

Img2081 by robbie520 on flickr @toiletpeeper

IMG_2081 by ROBBIE520 on Flickr.

Untitled by robbie520 on flickr @toiletpeeper

untitled by ROBBIE520 on Flickr.

Throne by tgruszewski on flickr @toiletpeeper

Throne by tgruszewski on Flickr.

S stevens multitasking @toiletpeeper



Look closely you can see hes having diarrhea @toiletpeeper

Look closely. You can see he’s having diarrhea.

Too dark to see the dick and shit @toiletpeeper

Too dark to see the dick and shit.

Back to china series @toiletpeeper

Back to China series

Inneedofrelief even porn stars have to take a @toiletpeeper


Even porn stars have to take a dump. Giving and taking cock in the mouth and ass for the camera is one thing, trying to strain a thick pile of logs out of your muscular ass and avoid it being captured on film is another. 

By the time lunch had come and gone the morning enema was pretty much ineffective against the firm logs stacking up in the muscle stud’s tailpipe.

“Just a few more shots, Bud, then we can get outta here.” 

“You gotta wait a few minutes while I take a…break”. 

The crew knew there were a few fans of this hunk who’d pay big bucks to see him doing anything - including squatting bareassed to push a thick urgent pile of shit from between his hard asscheeks. They’d seen him frowning at intervals and tightening his crack between takes for the last 2 hours. When he stepped behind a tree to piss it was clear from his expression and posture that he was holding something else. His surreptitious grabbing of a few paper napkins from the lunch table tipped his co-workers off that they needed to follow him…quietly, and set up a camera behind a couple of bushes.  

Already nearly butt naked for the scene, he trotted off by himself and squatted down in a nearby clearing just in time to open his crack and heave out log after log. Shutting his eyes and bracing himself against a nearby tree, he concentrated on pushing and finishing his business as soon as possible and getting the workday over with. He furrowed his brow and screwed up his handsome face with the effort, feeling fresh musky sweat break out all over his hard body.

“AWWW…UNGGHHH…FUCK! Feels like another goddam cock in my ass!” 

Keeping his cheeks wide apart, he dug in the crack of his buttocks with the napkins and stood up. He cussed a blue streak when he saw the grinning cameraman and realized his most personal, private moments, down to the expressions on his face, were captured for…posterity.

The hefty chunk of change he pocketed from the eventual sale of the video, and the response of his fans, however, went a long way towards restoring his pride, and opened up a whole new career in hidden-camera videos. 

All in a day’s work. 

- Michael

Inneedofrelief attending to his relief @toiletpeeper


Attending to his relief.

Manthrone bad boy2011 by yougourt 2010 @toiletpeeper


bad boy…2011 (by yougourt 2010)

Dsc1493 by celine massa on flickr @toiletpeeper

DSC_1493 by Celine Massa on Flickr.

Manthrone dsc03472 by robbie520 @toiletpeeper


DSC03472 (by ROBBIE520)

Temple of apollo the naked men of ancient @toiletpeeper



Temple of apollo taking a dump @toiletpeeper


taking a dump….

Ineedtopiss4u sometimes the nearest latrine is @toiletpeeper


Sometimes the nearest latrine is days away

Nice angle @toiletpeeper

Nice angle.

Bubble ass with bubbly shit @toiletpeeper

Bubble ass with bubbly shit.

Japanese vintage scat porn 6 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn #6

Japanese vintage scat porn 5 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn #5

Japanese vintage scat porn 4 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn #4

Japanese vintage scat porn 3 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn #3

Japanese vintage scat porn 2 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn #2

Japanese vintage scat porn cover 1 @toiletpeeper

Japanese vintage scat porn cover #1

Japanese model squatting @toiletpeeper

Japanese model squatting

Asian guys shitting @toiletpeeper

Asian guys shitting

Marina beach chennai india by chimck on @toiletpeeper

Marina Beach, Chennai, India by chimck on Flickr.

อินเดียนั่งขี้ริมหาด กินลมชมวิว

James franco น งข ย งหล อ @toiletpeeper

James Franco นั่งขี้ยังหล่อ

Dumpboy me on the toilet @toiletpeeper


me on the toilet

Temple of apollo blonde on a toilet @toiletpeeper



อ านหน งส อระหว างน งข @toiletpeeper

อ่านหนังสือระหว่างนั่งขี้ อาจจะทำให้ติดลมจนขี้แห้งติดตูดได้

Manthrone geoff stults on bones @toiletpeeper


Geoff Stults on “Bones”

Interesting. I’ll have to find the video.

Squat 10 good looking guys @toiletpeeper

Squat #10

Good looking guys.

Squat 9 sequential continued @toiletpeeper

Squat #9: Sequential


Squat 8 sequential following them to the @toiletpeeper

Squat #8: Sequential

Following them to the toilets.

Squat 7 sequential looking closely how it came @toiletpeeper

Squat #7: Sequential

Looking closely how it came out.