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HEY THERE:D The Name Is THOMAS JOHN G. LOZADA AND I LOVE SCANDAL BAND!! Specially The Bassist Ms.TOMOMI OGAWA:D This Blog Is Now Mostly Dedicated To SCANDAL Band,Japan,Japanese Band ^_^ And Some Random Stuff!^_^................... NiCKname:TOM,TIJEYTeeeeej!,TOM TOM,~Tomo-kun...THOMAS.AND MUCH MORE(IM A NAMEFUL GUY):D NATIONALITY:FILIPINO(PROUD TO BE ONE!)... B-DAY:Aug,13,1993... LOCATION:Philipppines... AgE:18... JOINED Tumblr:MARCH 15,2011... Favorite Genre OF MUSIC:JPOP and Jrock...UKULELE MUSIC,Classic music,acoustic,ALL ROCK MUSIC,R&B,DubStep!!,AND LOTS OF MORE..MUSIC IS MY LIFE..No MUSIC NO LIFE!!... HOBBY:Updating SCANDAL Fans About SCANDAL ^_^...Singing(Not Much Of a Pro But yeah...I sing)...Exercise Must Stay Fit ^_^...Admiring The Beauty Of Both NetWorld And the Real World...Listening To A Lot Of Music..Just like I Said "NO MUSIC NO LIFE".... Fav. Japanese Actress/Actor: Mikako Tabe Shun Oguri Takeru Satoh Emi Takei Takeshi Kitano Tatsuya Fujiwara Yukie Nakama Aya Ueto Horikita Maki Takayuki Yamada Yuma Ishigaki Hiro Mizushima Haruma Miura Kenta Kiritani Sousuke Takaoka Haruka Ayase Erika Sawajira Toma Ikuta Kazuki Namioka FAV.BAND/Artist:SCANDAL(For The Win!!) ONE OK ROCK! ACID! SID! SPliT BoB,TOTALFAT,Joe Inoue,LM.C,Triceratops,FLOW..and More Jrock Bands!..... FAV.INTERNATIONAL SINGER/Artist: Tomomi Ogawa Haruna Ono Mami Sasazaki Rina Suzuki TAKA(O.O.R),DAVID COOK, David Archuleta Joe Inoue Tyler Ward.... FAV. LOCAL ARTIST:ARIA DANIELLA H.CLEMENTE(WCOPA 2007 JUNIOR GRAND CHAMP) YENG CONSTANTINO Yael(spongecola) Gloc 9 Chito Miranda ..... INTEREST:Everything ABout Scandal And Everything About Scandal And Tomomi Ogawa <3 <3 <3 And Japan Culture And Other Countries Culture ^_^... AMBITION: To Live In Japan And Meet Scandal:D....TO BE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER,GREAT UKULELE GUITARIST,GREAT SINGER,GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGNER:D..FOR SHORT I WANT TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL FOR MY FAMILY AND LOVE ONES:D MOTTO:IF YOU KEEP ON LIVING YOU KEEP ON GROWING AND LIVING,TIME IS GOLD,NO MUSIC NO LIFE...Keep On Doing What You Love And Like In Life As long As You Are In The Right Path... THAT's IT FOR NOW.WISH ME LUCK FOR MY LIFE:D AND I WILL KEEP THE SCANDAL FANS UPDATED With This Simple Tumblr Blog Of Mine TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS:D #SCANDAL4EVER #TOMOMI4EVER#Music4ever!! ~Tomo-kun.... - Scandal=ToHaRiMa Invading Philippines :D (@tom8loz)
Fuckyeahscandalband scandal in korea @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “in Korea” blogpost by RINA☆

We’re in Korea! We arrived in the evening, and everyone had beef samgyeopsal in the night. To eat it on the spot, all the more that even your mood changes. It was delicious. After the meal, we went to request for desserts at SHINE TREE, that’s the boom in Korea right now…manga shaved ice and powdered shaved ice. It’s soft and fluffy like fallen snow, ice that’s delicate. It’s so unique!

As night fell, colourful neon lights begun lighting up, and the streets were extremely lively. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s live! Please, may it be sunny!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal club scandal for @tom8loz



Today, SCANDAL will perform live at Korea’s Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2014! All Twitter and blog updates have been tagged and translated accordingly. Kindly check them all out at Fyscandalband HERE!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal august has come @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “August has come! These photos are other shots from a TV programme appearance and magazine interview in July. And we will go to Korea from tomorrow because we’re to appear at Incheon pentaport Rock Festival!” - SCANDAL’s Official FB [edited]

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal reached korea @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Reached Korea☺” - RINA

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi mami @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & MAMI; “Thank you very much for those that listened to BEHIND THE MELODY~FM KAMEDA! After the recording, here’s a 3-shot with Kameda-san, TOMOMI and MAMI! Stay tuned as J-WAVE continues!”

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal on scanomics @tom8loz


SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “Fanmail from listeners on ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’! Plus something additional about ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’??”

Rock deities tomomi arena live 2014 @tom8loz


Tomomi - Arena Live 2014 

A jaggedpulse arena live photoshoot h a r u n @tom8loz


Arena Live Photoshoot
H a r u n a

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal haruna tomomi @tom8loz



Fuckyeahscandalband scandal the publics gaze @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “The Public’s Gaze And The Camera” blogpost by RINA☆

The whole of today was a TV recording day☺︎ Yesterday, the 4 of us talked about「Which moment in a day do you like the best?」. TOMOMI says tour, MAMI says lives and production, and the conversation faded out as HARUNA and RINA were racking our brains. As I got home, the scene kept repeating itself in my head for some reason, and I still recalled dimly playing while I was on the bed.

When I was young, during the times as a primary school student and bad at contemplating things, I cried unknowingly although I was just reading my compositions in front of classmates. That has changed. People find things they like and might naturally change. I like lives and photography. The days where I’m surrounded by the public’s gaze and the camera are good ones.

“※Extra: I’m playing Pokemon☺︎ (Desperate to level up)

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi rina on @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & RINA; On GiGS Magazine August Issue

Tomami im speechless with that tomo photo @tom8loz

~ToMami …im speechless with “that” tomo photo

©Sir WS

Tomomiss yoake no ryuuseigun @tom8loz


Yoake no Ryuuseigun

Fuckyeahscandalband this years summer the @tom8loz


This year’s Summer, the SCANDAL SHOP will continue to be in operation! Following the Shibuya branch in Tokyo, the shop will now also open for the first time at Shinsaibashi in Osaka!! As the time period is limited, don’t let your chance to visit slip by this Summer♪

Regarding the SCANDAL SHOP → It carries plenty of original goods, such as tour goods, SCANDAL MANIA, Feedback!, CANTA goods and SCANDAL-related items. The largely popular SCANDAL Gacha-gacha Original Frame will also be brought back, and for the first time ever, the shop will also feature a Purikura (Japanese Photobooth) machine! Not to mention, the Shinsaibashi shop will also feature Osaka-Shop-Limited items.

If you can, come and have fun at the 3rd installment of the SCANDAL SHOP♪

The official limited store at Shibuya and Shinsaibashi will be open from 19th July (Sat) till 31st August (Sun). For exact opening hours and addresses of each shop, click HERE.

※ To note: The time-limited Purikura machine will only be situated in the new Shinsaibashi branch. Above translations by me. Do also follow the official shop’s Ameba blog HERE for more shop-related posts!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal scandals dream @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “SCANDAL’s dream realised for a 2nd time, on the ground where they first begun. First ever 360° stage in all of band history sees 12,000 people in wild enthusiasm, a report of the one-night-limited Osaka-Jo Hall Live!

Original photos at Kansai Pia Japan HERE, comes with report (in Jpn only). Similar report translated earlier HERE.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal interview on barks @tom8loz


SCANDAL; Interview on Barks Japan

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal new visuals @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “New Visuals” blogpost by RINA☆

※Extra: Those who gathered at Osaka, thank you very much once more! I was reading the comments received on Twitter and on the blog while heading towards Tokyo. It was a wonderful group effort. I will value all of this. You’re at work or school today while dealing with muscle ache am I right? Once again, there begins the days where you’ll be attacked by all sorts of things but please push ahead till the next time that we meet! Holding onto the energy and increased confidence I got from yesterday, it’s on to the Yokohama Arena!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal 360 at osaka jo @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “360° at Osaka-Jo Hall” blogpost by RINA☆

Osaka’s the best! 360°, it was overflowing with smiles. This year, there were plenty of orientations on the yen-shaped stage. I was happy to have absolutely relished in the atmosphere of the Osaka-Jo Hall! In this picturesque view, I’m glad to have felt the strongest of feelings.

“Ah! Yes yes! ↑ There was a head change for the use of tonight! Have you seen it? (drum set photo) Also, the World Cup in the dressing room. ☺︎ Coming back to Osaka, a lot of energy was received from both the streets and the people. I really like it. Tonight, standing and looking out from this stage, I gain the conviction that this is forever our sacred ground after all. I want to continue seeing the figures of everyone in joy here, as like just now.

We’ll come back again! Thank you very much!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal osaka jo hall @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Osaka-Jo Hall” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

「360°」. It was the best night ever! The pressure of 12,000 people in a yen-shaped setting felt so good it almost felt wrong. As like the supporters of the World Cup being touched with wild enthusiasm, the incredible power I felt as I looked at everyone’s figures from the stage at today’s live had me trembling. There’s no doubt about it, today’s MVP were all of you supporters!

Going backstage, there are the comments from everyone. Thank you!!!!! A second time at the Osaka-Jo Hall. I got a good taste of it properly. It’ll be done no matter how many times, as this is called our home ground.

※ tricot came to have fun! My men

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal 360 pamphlet @tom8loz


SCANDAL; 360° pamphlet

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals mami お誕生日おめでとう @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s MAMI; お誕生日おめでとう★ Happy 24th Birthday

Advance birthday celebration at shin domoto @tom8loz

Advance Birthday celebration at Shin Domoto kyoudai

Kanbiiru cddlでーた 5 6月号 shiu wisely @tom8loz


CD&DLでーた 5~6月号 • © Shiu Wisely

Rock deities photos from their blog @tom8loz


Photos from their blog.

Haritomi scandal x pokemon 05092014 @tom8loz


SCANDAL x POKEMON [05.09.2014] (´・益・`*)
Will be uploading the individual chibis at my deviantart account later for those who would want to print it or something. (If there is someone who would want to that is. థ౪థ)

I should actually be studying for my test tomorrow right now but… ugh. whatever. 
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Just kidding ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

Aitaiscandal j wavetokio hot 100 from @tom8loz



from Rina’s twitter

Aitaiscandal rina blogpost @tom8loz


~Rina blogpost

Aitaiscandal from haruna blogpost @tom8loz


from Haruna blogpost

Aitaiscandal 函館山からの絶景rina行方不明 @tom8loz



Scenery from Mt. Hakodate (RINA’s missing)

Awkwardotaku scandalfan all scandal single @tom8loz


All Scandal single covers (part 2/2)

^_^    ^_^

Awkwardotaku scandalfan all scandal single @tom8loz


All Scandal single covers (part ½)


Fuckyeahscandalband hi everyone it took me a @tom8loz


Hi everyone. It took me a long while to arrive at this decision but since I’ve given it a lot of thought, I’ll be grateful if you read it~

As you might know, fyscandalband has been an active SCANDAL band dedicated blog since October 2010. That is equivalent to over 3 and a half years worth of constant updates, constant translations and constant devotion to the band’s activities. It started out of pure admiration for the band and nothing’s changed as to why I persevered till today.

The unfortunate part in this message is that I find running this site to no longer be as enjoyable as it was before. What many might not realise is that while the site is fairly popular, I also do get negative messages or things said about this blog / me elsewhere that can get very discouraging. Things from certain inaccuracies in my translations or if I’ve forgotten to credit original sources in some posts or my translation style etc, aka things you could’ve easily dropped me a message about to correct me if you’ve realised. There are also the things I’ve clarified in my ‘About’ page (but idk, some don’t bother to read it), and also the times where my translations are posted elsewhere without credits to the blog (not even going to go there.)

Fyscandalband is and has always been a solo person’s effort. I don’t claim to be some Japanese-language guru and I’m always still learning but no matter what, everyone should understand human errors are inevitable. That applies to my managing of the site also. Even if I do not voice it out, I sometimes see things around the internet being very against this blog and it hurts me, especially because I put a lot of effort and time into this. What I feel now is not sudden, but accumulated over a period of time.

I know there are also many wonderful people who visit the site daily, supported it for years even, and whom care to drop me lovely messages at times as well. I can’t thank all you people enough. All I wanted to do was to be able to help international fans know more about this amazing band through my translations and information and that intention has never changed. If you got to like or know SCANDAL better through this blog, then I’m glad.

However, I don’t believe in continuing to do something that isn’t making me happy. This is supposed to be a leisure, happy place for me to spread the love for SCANDAL and I would hate myself if I ever begin to dislike having anything to do with them. Thus from 2 May onwards, FYSCANDALBAND WILL BE PUT ON HIATUS.

This is just so I can take a break from all this and hopefully come back, ready to do this again. Thank you all for always having supported fyscandalband and I hope to see everyone again soon★

xx Elaine, fuckyeahscandalband, 1 May 2014

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal on jfnsface to @tom8loz


SCANDAL; On JFN’s「face to face」!

Broadcast on 24th Apr (Sat), SCANDAL looked back at the past 5 years on this radio programme, which they are guesting on for the very first time. The band said time have passed quickly but it’s been a completely fun journey, going from uniforms to right now. We also hear about SCANDAL sharing more about their upcoming Arena lives, and how they also feel they’ve grown up a lot through their songs (be it lyrics or the entire feel of their music etc.)

Of course, we also talk about “Departure”, where Mami shares the back story of the song’s lyrics / title. The DJ also says even by looking at the covers, she can see how much they’d changed. She also asks what sort of conversation they usually have, for example what they were talking about right before this recording. Rina says it’s surprisingly quite heated up (laughs). They’re really regular girls but when they chat about things regarding the band and things that they want to do (like with the Arena, how PRINCESS PRINCESS have done it before etc.), it becomes all heated up. Haruna says they’ll even talk about things that are years into the future.

You can listen to the broadcast HERE.

Photo above from JFN Online HERE, quick translations by me.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi shin @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; Shin Domoto Kyoudai 600th Ep on “TV Navi“ June Issue!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal thanks to @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Thanks to everyone who listened to FM Yokohamaー! It was funー! As its a weekend for the Yokohama Arena 2 days in June, please do come. Because somehow or rather, we really prepared a lot.” - RINA

Regarding radio broadcasts, SCANDAL were also on TOKYO FM’s「Skyrocket Company」yesterday. Click HERE to check out for more!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal excite @tom8loz


SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview

In this time’s new song「Departure」, it’s a tune whose studio live footage was shown on 3rd March.

  • HARUNA: Yes. Starting this year, I also had the theatre play (※ “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu The Fourth Chapter Latter Chapter ‘Clash’”), and the activity between the 4 of us couldn’t quite wait. In that time, the other members created a lot of songs for us but this was just 1 song out of that bunch. In midst of presenting this song, I can say that our activities are once again starting. Since I think this song will be good for our fresh start, we released the studio live footage on 3rd March, which is an really important day for us.

  • RINA: HARUNA had her theatre play till 2nd March but to us, 3rd March had really became an increasingly important day for us. 3rd March was our indies debut, and the first time we (played) at the Osaka-Jo Hall. It’s also the Hina Matsuri / Girl’s Day right. Somehow, in our band story, it’s a day which we feel we’re fated with.

It seems that much of the fan’s voices patched things up.

  • MAMI: There were really a lot of voices awaiting (for this). Up till now, including the coupling (songs), the members haven’t got to personally create and release singles. Since we voiced out saying we want to create this ourselves, many of the fans were elated. The fans were thinking highly of this, knowing how very important it was to us, and to announce this on 3rd March made me / us extremely happy.

The title「Departure」was also really good.

  • TOMOMI: We were really troubled over it at the start, all of us.

  • MAMI: The word “sakura” also popped up in the lyrics of this song, leaving us with the impression of a scenery where sakura flowers bloom so we thought about incorporating the word inside. However, we already had the song「SAKURA Goodbye」(※ Released in year 2009, 2nd single.) Somehow in 1 word, plus the feel of the Japanese melody in this song, an English title would be something new. That’s why we decided to go with this word.

  • HARUNA: Our imagination really puffed up right? The meaning and scene is distinctly presented in our lyrics so when you sing it, you can also feel,「Eh? Don’t I have such experience myself too?」It’s also true that even though Sakura flowers bloom for a short period, it can also be seen as something painful.

  • MAMI: This, it’s really Sakura flowers that you often see along the shopping streets. Coming out from the convenience store, till you lose the florist and the sight around you changes slowly, the Sakura trees are the only thing that always stays there, blooming all at the same time. Yet during the times where the flowers don’t bloom, isn’t it true that it’s so plain that everyone including myself won’t stop for it? With these thoughts and scenes, I think I wrote this with mixed (feelings).

Interview at Excite Music HERE. There’s still 2 more parts (on SCANDAL becoming adults and “It’s not about being in a band, it’s about being in SCANDAL”), which I’ll also do. Will get to it real soon, kindly give me some time~ ♪♫ Enjoy this one.

Some random tomomi screenshots i took from @tom8loz

~Some Random Tomomi Screenshots i took from Departure DVD ^w^

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal were on tokyo @tom8loz


SCANDAL were on TOKYO FM’s「Skyrocket Company」radio broadcast earlier yesterday (23 Apr)! The hosts were extremely surprised by how pretty the members are but SCANDAL assures that they’re really just a normal band.

SCANDAL also discusses how their band name came about, how they even learned to play (using the internet), and despite the uncertainty at first they really pushed forth. It also makes them happy to see that youngsters are copying them. SCANDAL also speaks about their upcoming 2 days at the Yokohama Arena, and how things have been progressing well.

It’s out of the topic but the hosts asked about who’s the member that cries the most, and it turns out to be Tomomi. Tomomi answers that it’s not because there’s a lot of things that touch her but somehow tears just flow out these days. Like when she see those idols on the TV doing bungee jumps and tearing up (and those are good tears), she’ll tear up too. The host says she’ll probably cry on the stage of the Yokohama Arena too then, but she answers that she’ll keep herself together because she wants to see the scenery from there.

You can listen to the entire radio broadcast HERE now.

Pictures and the radio broadcast in text form at Skyrocket’s blog HERE. Apologies for the late update today~ I’ll get to it all bit by bit.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal tower records @tom8loz


SCANDAL @ TOWER RECORDS Shibuya; “Today’s SCANDAL’s new single『Departure』’s release date. Following, everyone from SCANDAL has came to the shop! At the exhibition area, they’ve autographed the panels and also gave hand-written comments on their cards! (Y)

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal tsutaya to @tom8loz


SCANDAL @ TSUTAYA; “To everyone who heard the CD, thank you. I’m happy if we’re holding onto the same CD. Since there’ll be plenty stocked up tomorrow, for those who were unable to get it in your hands today (sorry) because it was sold out and thought, “I won’t get it after all”, please don’t give up. Tomorrow, the 4 of us will work hard as well.” - RINA

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi done @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; “Done with Domoto Kyoudai’s recording! I was nervous today as well. It was fun. I did a 20-minute session with Tsuyoshi-san and Kavka-san. However, it won’t be aired!

On today’s recording, Tomomi got to meet Momoiro Clover Z and also got to do a session on Kudo Shizuka’s “Gekijou”. Tomomi also played Kikuchi Momoko’s “Sotsugyo-GRADUATION-” (to be aired 4th May) and David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” (to be aired 18th May), with everyone from the Domoto Brothers Band.

For more of Timo on Shin Domoto Kyoudai, the tag is HERE.

Info from Kikuchi P HERE.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal on 813mhz @tom8loz



This week, we welcome everyone from SCANDAL, whose the most powerful girls band right now. We got a feel of TOMOMI-san and MAMI-san, who’ve gotten their drivers license, and whom are fellow members but also go for drives (together). Be it work, in private or as part of the band, it feels the unity (between them) is getting stronger and stronger. This sort of SCANDAL has started the ticket sales of their East-West Arena live from today onwards!

22nd June’s Osaka-Jo Hall, following with 28th-29th June’s Yokohama Arena! It’s another new stage for these girls who are continuing to evolve as a girls band. As they move steadily with the preparations, that’s what we have today later on. Osaka and Yokohama, it seems that the set list and the stage set is different. In front of a huge stage and also filled with excitement, these are fulfilling days. An accumulation of each of the members’ personalities, do look forward to SCANDAL from now onwards.

The radio recording of this can be found HERE, with thanks to sun201009 @ YT. Not translating that (because if you’ve been keeping up with all the info on SCANDAL from fyscandalband, you’ll pretty much know what’s going on already). An above feel of what SCANDAL’s guesting was about is in the above blogpost.

Original blog post at J-WAVE HERE, other off-shot from @SATURDAY_SONIC HERE. Translations by me.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals mami tomomi @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s MAMI & TOMOMI; “Ate Garigari-Kun Neapolitan flavour” - TOMOMI

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal later on from @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Later on from 18:00 onwards, on 83.0MHz FM-FUJI「STADIUM ROCK」, these 4 will be going live on ARTIST STADIUM’s corner!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals haruna tomomi @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s HARUNA & TOMOMI; “General sales for the East-West Arena lives will start going on sale tomorrow. I hope you’ll come and have fun” - TOMOMI

Fuckyeahscandalband chays blog scandal san @tom8loz


CHAY’s blog; “SCANDAL-san♪”

Mamiscandalfan mamis eye blinking d @tom8loz


MAMI’s eye blinking :D