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Scandal=ToHaRiMa Invading Philippines :D @tom8loz

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HEY THERE:D The Name Is THOMAS JOHN G. LOZADA AND I LOVE SCANDAL BAND!! Specially The Bassist Ms.TOMOMI OGAWA:D This Blog Is Now Mostly Dedicated To SCANDAL Band,Japan,Japanese Band ^_^ And Some Random Stuff!^_^................... NiCKname:TOM,TIJEYTeeeeej!,TOM TOM,~Tomo-kun...THOMAS.AND MUCH MORE(IM A NAMEFUL GUY):D NATIONALITY:FILIPINO(PROUD TO BE ONE!)... B-DAY:Aug,13,1993... LOCATION:Philipppines... AgE:18... JOINED Tumblr:MARCH 15,2011... Favorite Genre OF MUSIC:JPOP and Jrock...UKULELE MUSIC,Classic music,acoustic,ALL ROCK MUSIC,R&B,DubStep!!,AND LOTS OF MORE..MUSIC IS MY LIFE..No MUSIC NO LIFE!!... HOBBY:Updating SCANDAL Fans About SCANDAL ^_^...Singing(Not Much Of a Pro But yeah...I sing)...Exercise Must Stay Fit ^_^...Admiring The Beauty Of Both NetWorld And the Real World...Listening To A Lot Of Music..Just like I Said "NO MUSIC NO LIFE".... Fav. Japanese Actress/Actor: Mikako Tabe Shun Oguri Takeru Satoh Emi Takei Takeshi Kitano Tatsuya Fujiwara Yukie Nakama Aya Ueto Horikita Maki Takayuki Yamada Yuma Ishigaki Hiro Mizushima Haruma Miura Kenta Kiritani Sousuke Takaoka Haruka Ayase Erika Sawajira Toma Ikuta Kazuki Namioka FAV.BAND/Artist:SCANDAL(For The Win!!) ONE OK ROCK! ACID! SID! SPliT BoB,TOTALFAT,Joe Inoue,LM.C,Triceratops,FLOW..and More Jrock Bands!..... FAV.INTERNATIONAL SINGER/Artist: Tomomi Ogawa Haruna Ono Mami Sasazaki Rina Suzuki TAKA(O.O.R),DAVID COOK, David Archuleta Joe Inoue Tyler Ward.... FAV. LOCAL ARTIST:ARIA DANIELLA H.CLEMENTE(WCOPA 2007 JUNIOR GRAND CHAMP) YENG CONSTANTINO Yael(spongecola) Gloc 9 Chito Miranda ..... INTEREST:Everything ABout Scandal And Everything About Scandal And Tomomi Ogawa <3 <3 <3 And Japan Culture And Other Countries Culture ^_^... AMBITION: To Live In Japan And Meet Scandal:D....TO BE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER,GREAT UKULELE GUITARIST,GREAT SINGER,GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGNER:D..FOR SHORT I WANT TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL FOR MY FAMILY AND LOVE ONES:D MOTTO:IF YOU KEEP ON LIVING YOU KEEP ON GROWING AND LIVING,TIME IS GOLD,NO MUSIC NO LIFE...Keep On Doing What You Love And Like In Life As long As You Are In The Right Path... THAT's IT FOR NOW.WISH ME LUCK FOR MY LIFE:D AND I WILL KEEP THE SCANDAL FANS UPDATED With This Simple Tumblr Blog Of Mine TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS:D #SCANDAL4EVER #TOMOMI4EVER#Music4ever!! ~Tomo-kun.... - Scandal=ToHaRiMa Invading Philippines :D (@tom8loz)
Fuckyeahscandalband scandal in korea @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “in Korea” blogpost by RINA☆

We’re in Korea! We arrived in the evening, and everyone had beef samgyeopsal in the night. To eat it on the spot, all the more that even your mood changes. It was delicious. After the meal, we went to request for desserts at SHINE TREE, that’s the boom in Korea right now…manga shaved ice and powdered shaved ice. It’s soft and fluffy like fallen snow, ice that’s delicate. It’s so unique!

As night fell, colourful neon lights begun lighting up, and the streets were extremely lively. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s live! Please, may it be sunny!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal club scandal for @tom8loz



Today, SCANDAL will perform live at Korea’s Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2014! All Twitter and blog updates have been tagged and translated accordingly. Kindly check them all out at Fyscandalband HERE!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal august has come @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “August has come! These photos are other shots from a TV programme appearance and magazine interview in July. And we will go to Korea from tomorrow because we’re to appear at Incheon pentaport Rock Festival!” - SCANDAL’s Official FB [edited]

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal reached korea @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Reached Korea☺” - RINA

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi mami @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & MAMI; “Thank you very much for those that listened to BEHIND THE MELODY~FM KAMEDA! After the recording, here’s a 3-shot with Kameda-san, TOMOMI and MAMI! Stay tuned as J-WAVE continues!”

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal on scanomics @tom8loz


SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “Fanmail from listeners on ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’! Plus something additional about ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’??”

Rock deities tomomi arena live 2014 @tom8loz


Tomomi - Arena Live 2014 

A jaggedpulse arena live photoshoot h a r u n @tom8loz


Arena Live Photoshoot
H a r u n a

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal haruna tomomi @tom8loz



Fuckyeahscandalband scandal the publics gaze @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “The Public’s Gaze And The Camera” blogpost by RINA☆

The whole of today was a TV recording day☺︎ Yesterday, the 4 of us talked about「Which moment in a day do you like the best?」. TOMOMI says tour, MAMI says lives and production, and the conversation faded out as HARUNA and RINA were racking our brains. As I got home, the scene kept repeating itself in my head for some reason, and I still recalled dimly playing while I was on the bed.

When I was young, during the times as a primary school student and bad at contemplating things, I cried unknowingly although I was just reading my compositions in front of classmates. That has changed. People find things they like and might naturally change. I like lives and photography. The days where I’m surrounded by the public’s gaze and the camera are good ones.

“※Extra: I’m playing Pokemon☺︎ (Desperate to level up)

Fuckyeahscandalband scandals tomomi rina on @tom8loz


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & RINA; On GiGS Magazine August Issue

Tomami im speechless with that tomo photo @tom8loz

~ToMami …im speechless with “that” tomo photo

©Sir WS

Tomomiss yoake no ryuuseigun @tom8loz


Yoake no Ryuuseigun

Fuckyeahscandalband this years summer the @tom8loz


This year’s Summer, the SCANDAL SHOP will continue to be in operation! Following the Shibuya branch in Tokyo, the shop will now also open for the first time at Shinsaibashi in Osaka!! As the time period is limited, don’t let your chance to visit slip by this Summer♪

Regarding the SCANDAL SHOP → It carries plenty of original goods, such as tour goods, SCANDAL MANIA, Feedback!, CANTA goods and SCANDAL-related items. The largely popular SCANDAL Gacha-gacha Original Frame will also be brought back, and for the first time ever, the shop will also feature a Purikura (Japanese Photobooth) machine! Not to mention, the Shinsaibashi shop will also feature Osaka-Shop-Limited items.

If you can, come and have fun at the 3rd installment of the SCANDAL SHOP♪

The official limited store at Shibuya and Shinsaibashi will be open from 19th July (Sat) till 31st August (Sun). For exact opening hours and addresses of each shop, click HERE.

※ To note: The time-limited Purikura machine will only be situated in the new Shinsaibashi branch. Above translations by me. Do also follow the official shop’s Ameba blog HERE for more shop-related posts!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal scandals dream @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “SCANDAL’s dream realised for a 2nd time, on the ground where they first begun. First ever 360° stage in all of band history sees 12,000 people in wild enthusiasm, a report of the one-night-limited Osaka-Jo Hall Live!

Original photos at Kansai Pia Japan HERE, comes with report (in Jpn only). Similar report translated earlier HERE.

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal interview on barks @tom8loz


SCANDAL; Interview on Barks Japan

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal new visuals @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “New Visuals” blogpost by RINA☆

※Extra: Those who gathered at Osaka, thank you very much once more! I was reading the comments received on Twitter and on the blog while heading towards Tokyo. It was a wonderful group effort. I will value all of this. You’re at work or school today while dealing with muscle ache am I right? Once again, there begins the days where you’ll be attacked by all sorts of things but please push ahead till the next time that we meet! Holding onto the energy and increased confidence I got from yesterday, it’s on to the Yokohama Arena!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal 360 at osaka jo @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “360° at Osaka-Jo Hall” blogpost by RINA☆

Osaka’s the best! 360°, it was overflowing with smiles. This year, there were plenty of orientations on the yen-shaped stage. I was happy to have absolutely relished in the atmosphere of the Osaka-Jo Hall! In this picturesque view, I’m glad to have felt the strongest of feelings.

“Ah! Yes yes! ↑ There was a head change for the use of tonight! Have you seen it? (drum set photo) Also, the World Cup in the dressing room. ☺︎ Coming back to Osaka, a lot of energy was received from both the streets and the people. I really like it. Tonight, standing and looking out from this stage, I gain the conviction that this is forever our sacred ground after all. I want to continue seeing the figures of everyone in joy here, as like just now.

We’ll come back again! Thank you very much!

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal osaka jo hall @tom8loz


SCANDAL; “Osaka-Jo Hall” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

「360°」. It was the best night ever! The pressure of 12,000 people in a yen-shaped setting felt so good it almost felt wrong. As like the supporters of the World Cup being touched with wild enthusiasm, the incredible power I felt as I looked at everyone’s figures from the stage at today’s live had me trembling. There’s no doubt about it, today’s MVP were all of you supporters!

Going backstage, there are the comments from everyone. Thank you!!!!! A second time at the Osaka-Jo Hall. I got a good taste of it properly. It’ll be done no matter how many times, as this is called our home ground.

※ tricot came to have fun! My men

Fuckyeahscandalband scandal 360 pamphlet @tom8loz


SCANDAL; 360° pamphlet