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Scandal=ToHaRiMa Invading Philippines :D

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HEY THERE:D The Name Is THOMAS JOHN G. LOZADA AND I LOVE SCANDAL BAND!! Specially The Bassist Ms.TOMOMI OGAWA:D This Blog Is Now Mostly Dedicated To SCANDAL Band,Japan,Japanese Band ^_^ And Some Random Stuff!^_^................... NiCKname:TOM,TIJEYTeeeeej!,TOM TOM,~Tomo-kun...THOMAS.AND MUCH MORE(IM A NAMEFUL GUY):D NATIONALITY:FILIPINO(PROUD TO BE ONE!)... B-DAY:Aug,13,1993... LOCATION:Philipppines... AgE:18... JOINED Tumblr:MARCH 15,2011... Favorite Genre OF MUSIC:JPOP and Jrock...UKULELE MUSIC,Classic music,acoustic,ALL ROCK MUSIC,R&B,DubStep!!,AND LOTS OF MORE..MUSIC IS MY LIFE..No MUSIC NO LIFE!!... HOBBY:Updating SCANDAL Fans About SCANDAL ^_^...Singing(Not Much Of a Pro But yeah...I sing)...Exercise Must Stay Fit ^_^...Admiring The Beauty Of Both NetWorld And the Real World...Listening To A Lot Of Music..Just like I Said "NO MUSIC NO LIFE".... Fav. Japanese Actress/Actor: Mikako Tabe Shun Oguri Takeru Satoh Emi Takei Takeshi Kitano Tatsuya Fujiwara Yukie Nakama Aya Ueto Horikita Maki Takayuki Yamada Yuma Ishigaki Hiro Mizushima Haruma Miura Kenta Kiritani Sousuke Takaoka Haruka Ayase Erika Sawajira Toma Ikuta Kazuki Namioka FAV.BAND/Artist:SCANDAL(For The Win!!) ONE OK ROCK! ACID! SID! SPliT BoB,TOTALFAT,Joe Inoue,LM.C,Triceratops,FLOW..and More Jrock Bands!..... FAV.INTERNATIONAL SINGER/Artist: Tomomi Ogawa Haruna Ono Mami Sasazaki Rina Suzuki TAKA(O.O.R),DAVID COOK, David Archuleta Joe Inoue Tyler Ward.... FAV. LOCAL ARTIST:ARIA DANIELLA H.CLEMENTE(WCOPA 2007 JUNIOR GRAND CHAMP) YENG CONSTANTINO Yael(spongecola) Gloc 9 Chito Miranda ..... INTEREST:Everything ABout Scandal And Everything About Scandal And Tomomi Ogawa <3 <3 <3 And Japan Culture And Other Countries Culture ^_^... AMBITION: To Live In Japan And Meet Scandal:D....TO BE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER,GREAT UKULELE GUITARIST,GREAT SINGER,GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGNER:D..FOR SHORT I WANT TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL FOR MY FAMILY AND LOVE ONES:D MOTTO:IF YOU KEEP ON LIVING YOU KEEP ON GROWING AND LIVING,TIME IS GOLD,NO MUSIC NO LIFE...Keep On Doing What You Love And Like In Life As long As You Are In The Right Path... THAT's IT FOR NOW.WISH ME LUCK FOR MY LIFE:D AND I WILL KEEP THE SCANDAL FANS UPDATED With This Simple Tumblr Blog Of Mine TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS:D #SCANDAL4EVER #TOMOMI4EVER#Music4ever!! ~Tomo-kun....

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