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Lovecircumcisedmen 18 7 london england @tonsofcock


18 | 7” | London, England | 4 Stars

18yo cut Londoner. A Great British Circumcised Penis.

It is good to see male circumcision is becoming popular in the UK.

Aguywholikesguys calboner back from the gym @tonsofcock



Back from the gym (Feb. 2012); see all my self-photos at Calboner

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Bears2boys mine @tonsofcock



Straightboysaintshy a hot photoset of a @tonsofcock


A hot photoset of a BEAUTIFUL dude who isn’t shy to show it off! YUM!!!!

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Goodboyhypnotoy42 the master was walking back @tonsofcock


the master was walking back to his locker after a nice workout at the gym, thats when he noticed this boy had picked his way into the masters locker and was smelling the masters dirty jockstraps. the master thought to himself already gay, taking this boy down is going to be easy. The master silently approached the boy, put a hand on his shoulder and mutter the word SLEEP. just like that this boy sunk into a deep trance and with in a few minutes the boy was covered in his masters jockstraps super horny and begging for his masters cock

2hot2bstr8 omfg this guy is so fucking @tonsofcock


omfg this guy is SO fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in loveeeeeeee!!!!!

Look at his body, his cock, his legs, and that CUM

Bubblebuttland i love when macho guys go slutty @tonsofcock


I love when macho guys go slutty over a dick

Liammartin101 liam martin @tonsofcock


Liam Martin