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Ocarina0fslime freethenipple original @topfreeliving



–original artwork,–

Circlingindizziness if my boyfriend took his @topfreeliving


. If my boyfriend took his top off because he is warm, he is cooling off. If I took my top off because I was warm, it would be illegal. FREE THE NIPPLE ♥

Bellvmy today i decided to free the nipple an @topfreeliving


Today I decided to free the nipple. An important step on the progress of destroying a sexist social structure that censors and hyper-sexualizes females bodies and also punishes public breastfeeding. Let’s normalise shit. 


Kaatjekilled sometimes i like to be naked and @topfreeliving


Sometimes I like to be naked and sometimes it takes all I can to pretend I don’t have breasts at all.

Ocapri mad that if the censor wasnt there i @topfreeliving


Mad that if the censor wasn’t there, I could be charged with child pornography. Mad that even though the censor is there, people I know would still talk if they saw this. Mad that when I was seven, my neighbors told my mom that they were uncomfortable when I didn’t wear a shirt outside. Equal rights for both genders. I should have a right to my body, just like boys do.

Thebowlog lady lumps on hump day watercolor @topfreeliving


Lady lumps on hump day 👀#watercolor #painting #art #atlarts #abstractart #contemporaryart #figurativeart #figurativepainting #ink #ladyparts #freethenipple

The right to bare bums facing nipple @topfreeliving

The Right to Bare Bums

Facing nipple discrimination and misconduct at the spa - October 7, 2015, 12:00 am - by Dani Katz
“So, if it’s not a nipple thing, is it a mammary flesh one? But then, if it was, wouldn’t man boobs have to be covered, too?”
Extrasparkly because if i cant now when the @topfreeliving


because if I can’t now, when the fuck can I

Thetoplesstour an 8 mile hike made better by some @topfreeliving


an 8 mile hike made better by some nakey-ness. the best last day in argentina i could have asked for 🌎💪🏼🇦🇷☀️🌵 #loveyourself #mountaintops #bliss #mtnbabes #toplesstour #thetoplesstour #tilcara #argentina #argentinianvagabond #TheToplessTour subido por beccs68

Meganfuckinghaley queerbabesfromoutterspace @topfreeliving


#queerbabesfromoutterspace #armpithair #noshavenever #freethenipple

Infinatelyfreecagedbirds because women should @topfreeliving


Because women should have the CHOICE to be topless and the FREEDOM to breastfeed their children anytime anywhere. @freethenipple #freethenipple #reslife #raboard #dosomething

Petitefoxygirl i hula hooped top less the other @topfreeliving


I hula hooped top less the other day for a Lil bit here you see a rare smile on my face, I don’t know why I waited until now to hoop top less because it was amazing! The temperature was just right not too hot and not too cold. Bliss ♡ the hoop is kinda skwishing my boob in the last picture … whatever.

Piercethemoew1 free the nipple @topfreeliving



Sawyerisokay whoops 3 months 1 week on hrt @topfreeliving




(3 months 1 week on hrt)

To infinityandback forever yours expect @topfreeliving


Expect nothing, appreciate everything
#100happydays #day13 #tbt #breastcancerawareness #freethenipple #savethetatas #sister #happyhappyhappy #love #ocean #me #beautiful #friends #nofilter #life #longhair #pretty #hair #brunette #night #sky #hotties #okbye (at Largo, Florida)

Thesirenx freethenipples @topfreeliving



Colorado city weighs allowing women to go topless @topfreeliving

Colorado city weighs allowing women to go topless in public

Fort Collins officials are considering changes to the city’s ordinance on public nudity that would permit women to go topless in public.

The proposal is in response to requests to change the ordinance from residents who say the current ordinance discriminates against women. City law does not prohibit men from appearing in public without shirts.

Proposed changes are expected to have two options:

• Maintain the current policy that does not allow women to be topless in public, but add an exception for breastfeeding mothers.

• Allow for women to be topless in public.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss the ordinance during its Oct. 20 meeting.

An online poll to take public comment on the proposal will be posted at through Oct. 12.

Modernskin documentation of time imprinted on @topfreeliving


Documentation of time imprinted on skin // conforming to societies ideals #freethenipple

Laughingmoonn topless tans @topfreeliving


Topless tans

Creatingmyowndreams inktober day 5 im working @topfreeliving


Inktober day 5! I’m working on a print idea for an intaglio, so why not a feminist work? Prismacolor pens sizes .05 and .005 #Inktober #freethenipple #feminist #fatacceptance #Prismacolor

Sunshinesaturdaze isnt it crazy that parts of @topfreeliving


Isn’t it crazy that parts of our bodies are illegal

50shadesofhella im so done you gotta be kidding @topfreeliving


I’m so done. You gotta be kidding me. The black scribble is my responses. Jesus Christ! Guys! Here me out. You should honestly be embarrassed or insulted with double standards like this. What society is basically telling women is “Be careful and cover up because men don’t have the mental capacity or self control around skin! Oh gosh!” or “You’re a lustful object for others to gawk at.” I’m especially done with the last response because it was basically affirming that. Guys you’re better than this. Prove it.

Juliesimonesworld a protest piece i did on @topfreeliving


A protest piece I did on censorship & the internet called “Tits Will Make You Lose Your Mind” for a breast themed gallery show in San Francisco. It’s a huge piece (for me) & took me quite some time to finish. I taped off the sections & re-did several parts of it to make it just right. (Things I never do as my style is usually more organic & abstract) #censorship #protestart #feminist #painting #art #artist #boobs #breasts #juliesimone #painter #acrylic #feministart #freethenipple #dailyart #artoftheday

Sienamarilyn day 250 a man of quality is @topfreeliving


(day 250)

‘A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality.’

I got a lot of shit today for wearing this shirt. Not because of what it says but because it is particularly thin and tight and you could see my breasts through it. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

To the world, at times what I wear maybe seems to be evocative only for the sake of being evocative.

Just to clarify, that isn’t the case.

To me, I wear what I wear, I expose what I expose because I don’t see why I shouldn’t. It’s my body, and I don’t see why being confident and rocking it is any of your business.

If I were a boy, you wouldn’t think twice about what I was or wasn’t wearing underneath my shirt. You wouldn’t say I’m being brave, inappropriate, or.. anything.

You just wouldn’t say anything.

I don’t see why I have to be different because I am a woman. I don’t.

Stop telling me how to fucking dress.

Last I checked, you aren’t in my skin nor see the world the way I do. I don’t tell you how to live your life or what you can and cannot wear.

Also, last I checked, I look fucking awesome.

Phosphenesforeyes came across this statue today @topfreeliving


came across this statue today 🌸🌸 #freethenipple (at Madrid, Spain)

Diorbags one of my sketchbook pages @topfreeliving


one of my sketchbook pages

Grcllii free the nipple @topfreeliving


Free The Nipple

Nattyotoday was really special what an @topfreeliving


Today was really special. What an empowering feeling to be amongst a group of human beings who were standing for freedom and equality. I honestly thought there’d be more tits out but Raymond Croft and I handled that corner.
I stood today for awareness. I’m not fighting for anything cause I’m happy with who and where I am. My body is art and I like art with a message so suck on that titty.
Plus, I really just want there to be more accessible nude beaches in Los Angeles. Thank you Amber Rose for hosting and reposting our photo. Thank you @thelifeoferic for such a beautiful shot and thank you for all the love in the air today.

#expressyourselfdontrepressyourself #freethenipple #freeher #pocahontas

Ladyelectrica free the fucking nipple @topfreeliving



Alanarene currently obsessed with nakedtopless @topfreeliving


Currently obsessed with naked/topless yoga and especially Pincha Mayurasana. Nothing can stop me from loving life upside down!

Thetoplesstour thetoplesstour on location in @topfreeliving


#thetoplesstour on location in #NSW #Australia exploring trails along the coastline near La Perouse and in search of a ship wreck. Another beautiful day exploring the world!
#worldtravelsbycasey #neverendingsummer #beach #TheToplessTour subido por caseyjudy

Megangeotz she is art we are all art @topfreeliving


She is art. We are all art.

Courtdemone im running out of badass @topfreeliving


I’m running out of badass professional shots.

#DoIHaveBoobsNow #FreeAllBodies #FreeTheNipple #GirlsLikeUs

Goodomens almost naked sporty chubbies patterns @topfreeliving


Almost Naked Sporty Chubbies patterns by Justyna Szczepankiewicz

I amthelion sorry mom @topfreeliving


Sorry mom

Howls art freedom on 4rth street @topfreeliving


“Freedom on 4rth … Street”

Tittymonster666 my free the nipple shirt came @topfreeliving


My Free The Nipple shirt came today!!!

Kathrynlouiseh i literally woke up like this @topfreeliving


I literally woke up like this. Photo by


Markblackthorns ariel for day 2 of inktober @topfreeliving


Ariel for day 2 of Inktober!

Glitter andgarbage some art i made a while back @topfreeliving


Some art I made a while back. #freethenipple 💗💗💗

Can de blasio legally corral topless women into @topfreeliving

Can De Blasio Legally Corral Topless Women Into Times Square “Activity Zones”?

Mayor de Blasio’s Times Square task force to tackle toplessness and other serious threats to the Republic has recommended that the neighborhood’s pedestrian plazas be strictly regulated.

According to the Times, new laws would seek to restrict costumed characters, desnudas, and other citizens engaging in legal activity to what the Times Square Alliance has called “designated activity zones” within the next year or so. “We want to be responsible, and we want it to be constitutionally robust,” Councilmember Corey Johnson, who represents the area, told the paper.

“It sounds like they think they’re getting a handle on the problem, but I think it’s a little more slippery than they think,” civil rights attorney Ron Kuby told us…

Kuby drew the distinction between permissible First Amendment restrictions that are “content neutral,” and those that are not.

“Saying that no one has access to close down Sixth Ave on weekdays between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. is content neutral—it doesn’t matter what your cause is, whether you’re for the Israelis or Palestinians, or anti-ISIS, or long-live Osama, no one can do that,” he said. “On the other hand, if you were to enact a piece of legislation that said, for example, that people who are engaged in panhandling or have their shirts off may only do so at this time and place and location, that is absolutely classic content-based restriction.”

While Councilmember Johnson told the Times that the restrictions would also apply to “CD sellers, bus-ticket sellers, everyone who is currently using these plazas for commercial activity,” Kuby says that comments from NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio have explicitly singled out citizens engaging in legal activity.

“Part of the problem the City has at this point is that even if they try to write a piece of legislation that sounds content-neutral, they’ve already made it clear that this is based on tickle-me Elmos and bare boobs,” Kuby said, noting that “courts are not required to ignore the social and political history that leads up to the piece of legislation…”

Read more…
Instagram blames apple for not freeing the nipple @topfreeliving

Instagram Blames Apple for Not Freeing the Nipple; We’re Not Buying It

by Teresa Jusino - Thursday, October 1st 2015 at 4:35 pm

As breast-havers on social media have been demanding that Instagram #FreeTheNipple and get rid of their arbitrary, gendered rules banning images of nipples on breasts, Instagram has been listening. And now…they’re ready to shift the blame.

According to Mic, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom blames Apple’s policies for how they’re “forced” to operate at Instagram, saying that it’s the Apple Store’s rules about content that ties their hands, lest they not be offered in the store anymore. Apparently, the Apple Store only allows full nudity on apps rated 17+, and Instagram is rated 12+. However, Apple not only houses Instagram, but Twitter, which is rated 4+, and the two companies have handled issues of nudity very differently, as Mic points out:

Twitter, for example, is rated 4+, but peruse the platform for a few minutes and you’ll notice something — it’s full of naked bodies, nipples included. There are porn accounts galore, as well as videos and photos of nudity. Yet Apple hasn’t brought down the hammer on CEO Jack Dorsey and company.

Something’s hypocritical in the state of Denmark.

Even more troubling to me, however, is…

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Rumplechillskin a watercolor i made a long ass @topfreeliving


A watercolor I made a long ass time ago.

Pawocyma ireland is experiencing an indian summer @topfreeliving


Ireland is experiencing an Indian Summer and I’m not able for it. I sunbathed topless for an hour in my garden and my nipples felt like they were turning into crisps


Fantasy acid free the nipple @topfreeliving


Free the nipple💫

Inthewater iam beautiful rejoice i vectored us @topfreeliving


Rejoice! I vectored us undies, so long summer @_asimeone #thetoplesstour #freethenipple #sunsoutbunsout

Madelainehasson because the female nipple is @topfreeliving


Because the female nipple is considered nudity. If I covered that nipple with a male nipple they would be like “okay, that’s fine.” Oh man don’t you love how sexualized the female body is? It has no other purpose CLEARLY. Go home. #freethenipple

Intrinsecus7 @topfreeliving



Josiahq freethenipple vsco vscocam @topfreeliving


#freethenipple #vsco #vscocam #blackrockdesert #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #blm #mypubliclands #mttrego #oldrazorback #desert

Limits put forth for topless performers in times @topfreeliving

Limits Put Forth for Topless Performers in Times Square

A mayoral task force on Wednesday recommended that New York City bring order to the daily scrum on the pedestrian plazas in Times Square by limiting when and where topless women and costumed characters can approach tourists for tips.

Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed the task force to consider how to rein in the performers, whose increasingly aggressive tactics have spurred complaints and a rash of media attention. The mayor is expected to endorse the recommendations on Thursday as an alternative to tearing out the plazas, which draw crowds of tourists to Times Square…

The Times Square Alliance, a consortium of neighborhood businesses, and some elected officials had advocated for so-called time, place and manner restrictions similar to those the city has imposed on vendors in some parks. To do so, the city would first have to designate Times Square, known to many as the Crossroads of the World because Broadway and Seventh Avenue meet there, as a “public place,” the summary explained.

Even then, the city’s lawyers would have to grapple with the issues of circumscribing activities that may be protected by the First Amendment or by local or state laws. Civil rights lawyers have argued that the nearly naked women, who call themselves desnudas, are topless panhandlers in a city where both going topless and panhandling are legal.

The task force concluded that it could take a year after renovations are finished to put the restrictions in place.

“We want to be responsible, and we want it to be constitutionally robust,” said Councilman Corey Johnson, whose district includes part of Times Square and who has played a leading role in crafting the city’s new approach in the area. He said that officials would take time to consider appropriate regulations “not just for costumed characters and painted, topless women, but CD sellers, bus-ticket sellers, everyone who is currently using these plazas for commercial activity.”…

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Ericacanup bug bites look like nipples @topfreeliving


Bug bites look like nipples


Catsandtheelderly i relate to this more than @topfreeliving


I relate to this. More than half of my shirts are sleeveless or sheer, or in some way not-flattering with a bra. My boobs are small anyway. I barely have anything to cover or hold up so why waste time, money, and comfort on bras?

Too high to fucking care mondaze @topfreeliving


mondaze 🌞💙

Balamad be free and be authentic the breeze was @topfreeliving


Be free and be authentic. The breeze was legit and we were all totally nipped out but we were all free and speechless. Throw your hands up, stand on a cliff, and take off your tops. Humanity is fun.

Ssaarraaaahhhh were on the road to ruin @topfreeliving


We’re on the road to ruin

Danamariejulianna travels freethenipple @topfreeliving



Instagramcloset sticker pack on sale @topfreeliving


Sticker pack on sale promo code - nipple by freethenipple

Ayearofdeepcreek deepcreekhotsprings @topfreeliving


#deepcreekhotsprings #naturalhotsprings #topplesstuesday #iwishiwasamermaid #freethenipple #camping 🌞✨💙👙🔮🌀💥🔥

I can andiwill free the nipple from me and my @topfreeliving


Free the nipple 💕 from me and my boo💜

Kellebelle1988 i own my body and i have a right @topfreeliving


I own MY body and I have a right to do with MY body what I will. 

Erikafuentes girls run the world @topfreeliving


Girls run the world

Recreationaldrugusingcreation 28092015 double @topfreeliving


double standards, society has them.

Photocredit: recreationaldrugusingcreation

Stefanlite surf 2015 fun shoot with marley @topfreeliving


“Surf, 2015” - fun shoot with Marley

Thetoplesstour a lil reaching the summit @topfreeliving


A lil reaching the summit celebration. 🍈🍈 #thetoplesstour #hikingismyjam #mtjosephine #grandparays2015 #exploreminnesota #hikethenorthshore #TheToplessTour subido por bitesizelanny

Barkatthemoon77 my nipples her nipples whats @topfreeliving


My nipples, her nipples. What’s the fucking difference? FreeTheNipple… And yes, phansexual-caleb is cute as fuck.

Urbitchwantmeh free the nipple nude beach in it @topfreeliving


Free the nipple. Nude beach in’ it with the babe🔥😝 chaylajean

Lifesnotalwayswhatitseems i see no difference @topfreeliving


I see no difference :)

Xojlc no tops no problems @topfreeliving


No tops, no problems.

Positivityfeedspositivity today we went for a @topfreeliving


today we went for a walk in a beautiful forest and it felt so amazing being at one with nature

Everyoneknowsbutyou today was beautiful @topfreeliving


Today was beautiful

Puropse prime of youth freethenipple at @topfreeliving


Prime of Youth ✨🌿 #freethenipple (at Kangaroo Valley)

Pixiepixelized ill show you my favorite spots if @topfreeliving


I’ll show you my favorite spots if you promise not to tell
(keep caption or i’ll bite you…hard)

Nigga salad freeeeeeeee @topfreeliving



Taystebbs free the mother fucking nipple @topfreeliving


Free the mother fucking nipple

Amanderineorange almost done work in progress @topfreeliving


Almost done 💜 Work in progress #sfartist #politicalart #feminist #feministart #feministartist #femme #feminism #censored #oilpaint #fineart #fineartist #censored #yearofthewoman #women #bodypositivity #boobs #freethenipple #fineart #contemporaryart #contemporary (at San Francisco State University)

Missaugust 420 alchemy festival 2015 gypsy pixies @topfreeliving


Alchemy festival 2015 gypsy pixies

Infinitewasbeyond free the nipple ft pretty @topfreeliving


Free the nipple! (Ft. pretty circles of light)

Chr1s t1ne freethenipple @topfreeliving



Umplease this doesnt mean every girl has to show @topfreeliving


This doesn’t mean every girl HAS to show their chest to everyone and run around topless. (I wouldn’t) But every girl SHOULD have the right to do so. I mean the fact that a half naked woman eating a burger on TV is A-OKAY, but a mother breast feeding her child is considered “disgusting” is insane. 💃🏽😌 #checkyoself #freethenipple #equality

Sirenmuses tbt feeling the beginning of spring @topfreeliving


#tbt Feeling the beginning of spring today and missing my nudist hangs with my bae @olivemont 🌸 #spring #nudists #freethenipple #hairgoals #mylove #nature 📷 by me x

I took off my top and walked down hollywood @topfreeliving

I Took off My Top and Walked Down Hollywood Boulevard for Gender Equality

An organizer behind this month’s “Free the Nipple” demonstration opens up about undressing for a cause - September 23, 2015 - Tiernan Hebron

I’m a rally organizer for the Free the Nipple campaign and the walk that took place on Hollywood Boulevard earlier this month was the culmination of my work over the last two months.

I had heard of the Free the Nipple campaign and thought it was brilliant but did not think to get involved personally until I read an article about a rally that took place in Venice Beach. Organizing an event was something that I could do, so I contacted Free the Nipple campaign founder Lina Esco with my idea to stage a demonstration along Hollywood Boulevard. She said she had wanted to do one in Hollywood for a while but didn’t have the time to organize it herself. We agreed to work together on the event.

I set a day and time for the walk and got busy getting the word out via social media. I created a Facebook event, wrote an article for Galore magazine (where I was interning at the time), and posted on Instagram. The response was mostly positive, but I felt compelled to do even more to promote the event. So I decided to post and hand out flyers in places like UCLA, USC, on Hollywood Boulevard and around West Hollywood. On the flyer: Lina and me undressed from the waist up.

I wanted the flyer to get people interested in the rally. But more than that, I wanted it to shock people. I wanted it to say, “Look how natural and inoffensive toplessness is.” I wanted these things because I want to live in a society where women don’t have reason to feel ashamed of their bodies or feel afraid to show them…

Read more…

Effort to recall springfield official spurs @topfreeliving

Effort to Recall Springfield Official Spurs Facebook Groups

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) – A Springfield City Council member is at the center of a recall effort over his response to topless rallies at which women protest unequal rights.

Councilman Justin Burnett successfully pushed for a change in Springfield’s indecent exposure ordinance in response to the Free the Nipple movement.

Over the weekend, two groups formed on Facebook in an effort to weigh in on the controversy. A group called “Remove Justin Burnett from City Council” has nearly 1,000 members, while a group that formed in support of Burnett after the opposing group launched has almost 1,500 members.

Opponents need to collect about 1,900 signatures on a petition to put Burnett’s recall on a ballot, The Springfield News-Leader reports. If the effort is successful, voters will decide next March whether he should be removed from office.

Read more…

Alexandracap freethenipple freethenipple @topfreeliving


@freethenipple #freethenipple

Bmo chopp i love shower beers and i hate to wear @topfreeliving


I love shower beers and I hate to wear shirts

Toriannyo im am really surprised by the school @topfreeliving


I’m am really surprised, by the school and also most of the comments saying this girl is asking for attention, and if a male pointed out her nipples she would yell “rape” and blame it on them. How sexist, men and women are. How the female body is sexualized to the point where a women can’t even be comfortable. There is no rule that you have to wear a bra to school. A bra is an undergarment. This woman is fully clothed. People are ALWAYS trying to find something wrong it’s ridiculous. Why can’t we realize every Damn mammal on this planet has nipples? Even *gasp* men?! And they are allowed to be topless in public BUT if a women’s nipples dare peak through her shirt, she is an attention seeking whore. She is wearing a hoodie. If she was raped would she be asking for it? Many girls chose not to wear bras. Why not? Why so? Why wear something meant to support a body part… You barely have. As a women while barely a B cup, there is simply no reason for me a wear a bra. But to make my boobs look bigger. Bras are very uncomfortable to me atleast, every single one. So why wear it? To hide my nipples EVERYONE has? It’s very sad. Society disappoints me, that we are offended by something like this. Nipples. Come on guys we have got to do better than this.

Suchhfuckery never forget when parks and @topfreeliving


Never forget when Parks and Recreation lowkey did an episode on “free the nipple.”

Onthe edgeofaknife one of my best friends shot me @topfreeliving


one of my best friends shot me topless today as part of his free the nipple campaign.
this along with a few others were posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Instagram and Facebook removed our photos, but Facebook didn’t remove them until well after enough ignorant humans spoke negatively about our campaign. it saddens me to see the closed off mind sets these people have.

Yescookieyesyes love yourself @topfreeliving


Love yourself

Free the nipple louisville organizers host free @topfreeliving

Free the Nipple Louisville organizers host free picnic

join the Free the Nipple Louisville crew for their second free event, to be held in Central Park in Old Louisville from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 27.