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Authentic miyshay my personal donation to the @topfreeliving


My personal donation to the Free The Nipple movement. 🍒

Mrdominicwolf a chest is a chest we all have a @topfreeliving


A chest is a chest, we all have a nipple, areola and breast tissue. Stop sexualizing breasts and start accepting the fact that anyone should be able to share as much of their body, or as little of it, as they want to! 

Coblife today i let someone shove a needle @topfreeliving


today I let someone shove a needle through my nipples

Rowdyrory i love that i dont have shoes on @topfreeliving


I love that I don’t have shoes on either. Damn dirty hippies.

For the Free the Nipple campaign!

Photo by Sebastian Zachary

#freethenipple #texasstateline #texas #shirtless #ftm #ftx #transgender #presurgery #transgender #trans

Liveinstardust i was being a dude and giving @topfreeliving


I was being a dude and giving myself a clay bath/facial. And then I decided to #freethenipple because look, I’m a #boy so this is okay. If you have a problem with me showing my nipples it is because you haven’t accepted my #transgender identity. #thisiswhatranslookslike … I have large breasts, but I am no less of a man because of it. Trust me, it’s a lot harder for me to have them, then it is for you to look at them. #transisbeautiful #ftm #transguy #hrt #5months #testosterone #bodypositive #love #acceptance

The exposure of female breasts is no longer @topfreeliving

‘The exposure of female breasts is no longer considered nude’: Alberta burlesque performers get reprieve

Alberta burlesque artists are celebrating after the province changed its nudity laws to allow topless performances.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) released a bulletin mandating the change on Monday morning, saying that the “exposure of female breasts is no longer considered ‘nude.’”

Raven Virginia, a performer with The Garter Girls troupe in Calgary, had been actively lobbying the AGLC to have the law changed for the past six years.

“Thank you AGLC for respecting our human rights, our rights as artists and our agency over our own bodies so that our industry can thrive,” the troupe wrote on Facebook Monday.

Previously, Alberta burlesque performers were classified in the same “nude entertainment” category as exotic dancers because they refused to wear full bras, opting for pasties instead…

Alen Chaudhry, booking and sales coordinator for Calgary’s Arts Commons, told the Calgary Herald that the old policy was “archaic” and that it unfairly targeted female performers.

The AGLC’s new policy defines nudity as “the exposure of genitals,” male or female.
Pain love die female nipple and male nipple @topfreeliving


Female nipple and male nipple have no differences. Both look the same. Sometimes male have bigger boobs than female but male can go outside with no t-shirt etc, but female cant. Its stupid.

Eat shit please freethenipple @topfreeliving



Nattyo when everyone got all mad at my baby @topfreeliving


When everyone got all mad at my baby @raycroft and I for a little areola.
Ok, maybe one big one, but that’s natural!

Applejuicefiend my body is not an object my body @topfreeliving


My body is not an object. My body is not a slab of meat. My body is not purely for the approval and eyes of men.
My body is for me to enjoy. My body is for me to adorn and decorate with tattoos and piercings and love bites. My body is something I share with the boy I love, but it’s still MY body. It has lumps and bumps and squishy bits and bony bits. It’s unique. It’s beautiful. And it’s mine.

Nightmareonelfstreet my uneven titties deserve @topfreeliving


My uneven titties deserve unsexualized freedom too.

Myartismyart i realized i never posted my final @topfreeliving


I realized I never posted my final for my editor illustration assignment. So here it is…

Buddhawearstripppants am i the only one who @topfreeliving


Am I the only one who finds this disturbing? “Fully exposed female breasts”, regardless of the connotation, are prohibited. Am I the only one who finds this sexist? My pregnancy is considered lewd? What is wrong with people? Can we boost this? Can we get some anger here?

Legendary dr3amer but we felt free with the @topfreeliving


But we felt free. With the whole world below us and the city lights in the distance.

Llucie inspire me @topfreeliving


Inspire me

Cathyandtheapple fre daz nipel freethenipple2015 @topfreeliving


fre daz nipel #freethenipple2015 #freethenipple

Thecreatorsproject second skin sculptures @topfreeliving


‘Second Skin’ Sculptures #FreeTheNipple in an Artful Way

Justcuntmuncherthings i can talk about nipples @topfreeliving


I can talk about nipples all day with @coolscholars

Carolinadolago free the nipple @topfreeliving



Earthlinjg topless on top of europe @topfreeliving


Topless on Top of Europe 👅

Sylvietimes7 i then proceeded to get kicked out @topfreeliving


I then proceeded to get kicked out of this bar. Woops.

Free the nipple group takes on new mission @topfreeliving

Free the Nipple group takes on new mission: Keeping Springfield clean

Members of the Free the Nipple group took to the streets Thursday, but not to protest Springfield’s indecent exposure law. Instead they picked up litter along Sunshine Street…

The group adopted a portion of the busy street through Springfield’s Adopt-A-Street program. Two blue Adopt-A-Street signs that say “Free the Nipple” were put up — one near the Braum’s Ice Cream Shop at 1401 W. Sunshine St., and the other near the Kansas Expressway and Sunshine Street intersection…

“It’s a great way to get out and promote our cause, as well as doing a good deed for the community,” Lawson told the News-Leader. “I’m glad the sign is up. I’m glad it’s causing awareness. Because people are going to go home and look up Free the Nipple in Springfield and wonder what it’s all about.”

Blush ings funny how if i had different @topfreeliving


Funny how if I had different genitals I would be allowed to wear less clothes

Sister cristian free the nip idk @topfreeliving


Free the nip idk

Seeyou later free the nipple @topfreeliving


Free the nipple

Kindkool art the latest trying out a new crude @topfreeliving


The latest. Trying out a new crude style

Dontchokeonbones my aunt posted this on facebook @topfreeliving


My aunt posted this on Facebook yesterday…my cousin is 10 years old and he understand this shit, why cant grown ass adults?? Now of course because he is 10 we cant really have the #freethenipple talk but still, i think i might have a little feminist on my hands!

Nudism naturism awesome interview by @topfreeliving


Awesome interview by @felicitysblog of my new friends Michelle (left) and Robyn Lytle (right), Creators of The TaTa top @thetatatop

Wrecklesslyoung round 3 freethenipple @topfreeliving


Round 3. #freethenipple #freethenipplemovement #freethenipp

Free the nipple group adopts a street in central @topfreeliving

Free the Nipple group adopts a street in central Springfield

Free the Nipple activists will hit the streets again next week, but this time they won’t be holding protest signs or wearing tape over their nipples. Instead they will be picking up litter on Sunshine Street.

The group recently adopted a portion of the busy street through Springfield’s Adopt-A-Street program. Two blue Adopt-A-Street signs that say “Free the Nipple” went up this week — one near the Braum’s Ice Cream Shop at 1401 W. Sunshine St., and the other near the Kansas Expressway and Sunshine Street intersection.

Jessica Lawson, who is part of the Free the Nipple movement and was named in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the city, applied to adopt the street on behalf of the group back in September.

“It’s a great way to get out and promote our cause, as well as doing a good deed for the community,” Lawson said. “I’m glad the sign is up. I’m glad it’s causing awareness. Because people are going to go home and look up Free the Nipple in Springfield and wonder what it’s all about….

Where is it legal to go topless research shows @topfreeliving

Where Is It Legal To Go Topless? Research Shows That In Some Countries, Bare Breasts Are More Offensive Than Guns

Despite the increasing popularity of movements like #FreeTheNipple, laws regarding bare breasts vary from country to country; if you’re a resident of the United States, they even change from state to state. As a result, many women are stuck wondering where it’s legal to go topless — and, more importantly, where it isn’t. Forgoing a shirt may seem like a relatively innocuous act, especially considering men get to walk around bare-chested pretty much everywhere, but the consequences of violating public decency laws can be serious: Even in 2015, women have been fined, arrested, jailed, and beaten within an inch of their lives for daring to bare their breasts in public. Next time someone says women don’t need feminism anymore, feel free to cite those examples loudly and often.

If you’re thinking that the obsession with censoring women’s nipples is an overreaction at best and totally insane at worst, you’re hardly the only one. Critics often cite the double standards inherent in censorship laws, namely that men are allowed to doff their shirts willy-nilly while women are expected to cover up for Reasons, aka society’s sexualization of secondary sexual characteristics. To highlight the absurdity of this double standard, researchers at ClinicCompare compared laws regarding female nudity to legislation of firearms around the world. Although guns are much more likely to kill someone than the sight of a nipple, the study found that many countries uphold laws making breasts a criminal offence….

North dakota breastfeeding advocate women should @topfreeliving

North Dakota breastfeeding advocate: Women should have the right to be topless

If you look at a picture of a man without his shirt on, odds are you probably think nothing of it, but change the picture to a topless woman and feelings likely change. Now, a campaign is trying to eliminate the double standards when it comes to how men and women can dress.

Healthy and happy kids are a priority for Kristen Dodds, but she says her personal beliefs and parenting style often make others uncomfortable.

“It’s not a dirty thing. It’s not innappropriate. It’s not remotely sexual. It’s feeding a child. Nothing more. It’s feeding a child,” Dodds said.

Dodds, a strong advocate for breastfeeding, thinks the stigma that goes along with it could be eliminated through a feminist movement called Free the Nipple. The campaign aims to expose the “naked truth” about nipples saying there’s inequality between men and women who want to bear their breasts in public. Around the nation, topless rallies are being held to show solidarity.

“Where does this come from. Why is it that the nipple is so scandalous?” Dodds said….

Yasminthorpideas free the nipple @topfreeliving


Free the nipple

Run around after dark fuck bras and anyone who @topfreeliving



Sha yonce badu explanation kills art art @topfreeliving


- Explanation kills art. #art #beauty #iamart #freethenipples #queen

Wallowiing hahhahahaha someone get him instagram @topfreeliving


HAHHAHAHAHA someone get him Instagram is not the place to spread stupidity

Coloradancomplexity topless paradise cove @topfreeliving


Topless @ Paradise Cove

Nipples and the presentation of femininity lisa @topfreeliving

Nipples And The Presentation Of Femininity

Lisa Wade, PhD
As long as I’d been alive and paying attention, hard nipples were embarrassing. Then, suddenly, they weren’t….

American prudishness is said to be due to @topfreeliving

American prudishness is said to be due to porn
[Swedish language]
Why this copywriter said a bitter farewell to @topfreeliving

Why This Copywriter Said a Bitter Farewell to Facebook With a Topless Photo

Eva Råberg slams ‘double standard’ on banned content By Patrick Coffee

“It’s no secret that Facebook is rigid when it comes to other things. Nudity, for example,” she tells AdFreak. “And that’s fine, even though I personally think it’s stupid. So I decided to make a statement by publishing a picture of myself topless with a text on the whole issue.”

A few hours after she put the image online, Facebook deleted it—thereby proving her point. “On Facebook it’s fine to encourage racism, xenophobia and even physical attacks. But you can’t show a female nipple,” she says.

Iseethemoonupabove we can put up x rays of boobs @topfreeliving


We can put up x-rays of boobs everywhere but the second you put skin on it, everyone gets offended

Kbfoto you know what really grinds my gears @topfreeliving



That these multi-billion dollar social media companies like ‪#‎Instagram‬ and ‪#‎Facebook‬ don’t have a SINGLE way to contact their support or get in touch with anyone who can help you, in any way shape or form. You can report a problem, yes, or a person, but can you challenge that report or defend yourself in any way? No. Can you stop someone from harassing you, stalking you, or even stealing your photos? No. You guys need to get on the ball and start learning what actual ’ SUPPORT ’ means. Because right now you are seriously lacking. As a genderfluid individual, and a very very flat-chested one at that, I find it plain ridiculous that ‘moobs’, aka men’s boobs, are allowed on here but my GENDERFLUID chest isn’t. ‪#‎FreeTheNipples‬ isn’t just to ’ show off my tits ’. It’s to show that we all should have the same rights and freedom. Men, women, and everyone in between. And before anyone pipe’s up with ’ OH THE HORROR. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS!?! ’ - Honestly parents, people, if your kids get exposed to my chest because you let them online without supervision, who’s problem is it reallllllllly? And how bad is it, honestly? Compared to the shit they could be looking at because you’re too busy to monitor them while they surf the world wide web. Please. Fuck off. And realize that a chest is a chest is a chest, it’s all part of nature, GO FIGURE THE HUMAN BODY IS NATURAL I KNOW IT’S SHOCKING, you need to learn to accept it or get the fuck over it. :) <3 



Get your shit together, assholes. Please, and thank you, 

,signed every reasonable, intelligent person, ever. <3 

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Star fvcker my anatomy is not a crime @topfreeliving


My anatomy is not a crime

Run around after dark feminism feminist @topfreeliving


#feminism #feminist #freethenipple #sexualisation #objectification #sexualization #toplessequality #womensrights #media #bodyimage #bodyshaming #sexism #sexualdiscrimination #discrimination #equality #misogyny

Changing sides my body is not something to be @topfreeliving


My body is not something to be ashamed of. My nipples are not a legal matter. I should be able to feel comfortable in any setting without worry of being arrested.
Both of these bodies are good bodies.

Aeirr october 28 2015 santurce puerto rico @topfreeliving


October 28, 2015 - Santurce, Puerto Rico
Find more information here:

•photos were not taken by me•

Trolljuice nipple stickers im probably going @topfreeliving


Nipple stickers 😈 I’m probably going to end up pissing Instagram &Facebook off with these. #freethenipple #nipplestickers #stickers #nip #nipslip #moorecollege #artporn #artschool #art #wip (at Moore College of Art & Design)

Veganlucifer its that ultimate time of day @topfreeliving


It’s that ultimate time of day again, folks, when the lighting gives me all the feels. And I’d just like to say that I don’t personally understand the no pants trend, because I love my pants. It’s just my top that I never want to have to wear again. #freethenipple

Ultra lame1 going to school in my free the nipple @topfreeliving


Going to school in my Free The Nipple shirt let’s see if I get dress coded

As someone who is attracted to male nipples i @topfreeliving

As Someone Who Is Attracted To Male Nipples, I Assure You We Will All Be Okay If The Nipple Is Freed

Tess Barker @TesstifyBarker | October 22, 2015 - 12:00 pm

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why, logically, it should be illegal for a woman to be topless in public. Most rational thinkers would agree that it’s absurd to determine the relative profanity of a nipple by how much fat lies beneath it — and, if one type of nipples were to be less acceptable in public, for it to be the kind that are necessary for the sustenance of human beings…

The only answer I can come up with, given years of empirical evidence and personal lady nip ownership, is that lady nip is illegal because some people are sexually attracted to it. But–some people are sexually attracted to dude nip too. I know, because I am one of those people. I am, like, really, really one of those people. My heart rate spikes…

Alexaeatspantz free the nipple @topfreeliving



Antarmouna freethenipple @topfreeliving



La mawie inktober 16 impudique avec une @topfreeliving


Inktober 16
Avec une ptite colo au crayon mais bon… J'aime bien me crayon.

#inktober16 #thefrenchinktober #impudique #ink #inktober #inked #plage #sea #freethenipple

Mrdeadfish 269 bras some of the least @topfreeliving


#269 : #Bras. Some of the least comfortable things to wear all because men are afraid to see our #nipples? Why can’t I ever find one that fits? Ugh. Is this your problem, too? #freethenipple #illustration #mrdeadfishillustration #drawing #draw #draweveryday #diary #doodle #art #artwork #micron #ink #pen #dailydrawing #365project #sketch #lineart #handdrawn #handwriting #dailydoodle #blackandwhite #nofilter #latergram #drawlloween #inktober2015

Staciwolfson mona lisas like freethenipple @topfreeliving


Mona Lisa’s like #freethenipple #hashtagjetlag #lisbon

Autieloves sunbathing @topfreeliving



To infinityandback forever yours fall in love @topfreeliving


Fall in love with your life ❤️

Fort collins colorado rejects allowing women to @topfreeliving

Fort Collins, Colorado rejects allowing women to go topless in public

The issue came about after gender equity protests this summer

The Fort Collins City Council Tuesday night rejected the idea of allowing women to go topless, but unanimously approved on first reading an option to tweak the current law to allow breastfeeding and clarify how it applies to children under 10.

The option also defines the breast as beginning at the top of the nipple….

“As city staff, we drafted some ordinances,” said David Young, city of Fort Collins spokesman. “The first one is, essentially, keeping the ordinance as is, with a few exceptions like specifying that women were allowed to breastfeed in public. The second one would permit toplessness for everyone in public.”

Both updated options continue to prohibit any nudity from the waist down by any person over the age of 10 and provide exceptions for medical emergencies, performance venues and changing areas, Young said.

During the meeting, which is a first reading of the proposal and will have to be followed by a second reading in November that will make the vote official, council members will have to select either the first option or the second.

Clearly from the comments reported from the city council meeting, the message that breasts and nipples are not inherently sexual still needs to be spread…

Councilman Ray Martinez said he didn’t want to see “Fort Collins turned into a strip club.”…

Fort Collins resident Rachel Dozier said if public nudity were allowed, she would have to reconsider staying the city and raising a family here. Exposure to sexually explicit material is harmful to children, she said…

Erin Kisling said she did not want her daughters treated as sexual objects. The matter was not as simple as proponents of changing the law claimed, she said.

“It’s about decency, respect, protecting oneself, teaching your children the value of their body and not giving in to the few who seek to cause noise and shock value,” she said.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you….

Naked yogi power in unity please dont @topfreeliving


Power in unity.
(please don’t remove caption)

Topless trio say facebook made a real boob with @topfreeliving

Topless trio say Facebook made a real boob with ban on female nipples

Following a complaint, Emma, as a site administrator, was banned from the site for 24 hours.

Fair enough, she thought. Until she realised why: Facebook’s nudity meant no photos of female nipples.

“Female nipples,” says Emma, 29. “Not nipples; female nipples. "How sexist is that?”
Heygypsyhey freethenipple nipps are people too @topfreeliving


#freethenipple nipps are people too. (at Union Ave, Williamsburg)

Postmoderncynic atlanta pride 2015 @topfreeliving


Atlanta Pride 2015

Siennarosewood a campaign piece for free the @topfreeliving


A campaign piece for ‘Free the Nipple’ I’ve been working on

Mx ivyquinn hey instagram and facebook how @topfreeliving


Hey, @instagram and Facebook!

How ‘bout now??? #DoIHaveBoobsNow?

#trans #transisbeautiful #freethenipple #sexism #iloveboobies #genderfluid #mtf #preeverything

Thetoplesstour let us live for the beauty of @topfreeliving


“Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.”
-Tom Robbins, Even cow girls get the blues.

PCH, Carmel By The Sea

Clothing & Styling by @houseofbohemian
Panorama panel 2/3 #TheToplessTour subido por flash_the_abyss

N0stalgia killsx when you post a picture @topfreeliving



Do you take down pictures of topless men too? Of course not

Auroralovesu so technically the person people @topfreeliving


So technically… The person (people) who has (have) been reporting all of my recent photos is (are) breaking the Facebook Community Standards and should use their “Facebook God”-given right to DELETE ME. Or just be a nice person and stop being so freaked out by tits, ta-ta’s, boobies, breasts, etc. etc. 💌 In the end, Justice prevails! #FreeTheNipple

Nudism naturism how can we have equalrights @topfreeliving


How can we have #equalrights when the #patriarchy double standard is so present? #feminism #feminist #womensrights #freethenipple #topfree #topless #topfreedom #genderequality #yna #youngnaturists #youngnaturistsamerica #bodypositive

Vegangypsymisfit happy nationalnobraday @topfreeliving


Happy #nationalnobraday #freethenipple #nobranoprobanly #buildthosechestmuscles #mamoryglands #theyfeedbabiesbutyourstilloffended #ohshush 🍈🍈🍊🍊🍋🍋

Toplessness charge lands woman in court today @topfreeliving

Toplessness charge lands woman in court today

LACONIA — The woman who is leading the state’s Free the Nipple movement will be in court this morning to answer for a misdemeanor charge of toplessness at a Gilford beach in September.

Heidi Lilley, the leader of a New Hampshire group that is part of a national and international Free the Nipple movement, said she will answer the charge today and will plead not guilty.

She said will ask for a trial on the charge, but she doesn’t think the police will take the charge beyond the arraignment, which will take place in Laconia District Court at 8:15 a.m.

“I don’t think they will want to go to trial over a $25 fine,” she said…

Lilley and other members of the New Hampshire movement offended some people by going without swimsuit tops at the Gilford Town Beach on Sept. 6.

Local police charged Lilley and another woman in her group with toplessness, which violates a town ordinance on the beach.

The people complaining, among them parent Melanie D’Agata, said they and several children called the police to complain about the show of bare breasts, as the women were making the children and parents “uncomfortable.”

Read more:
Styleite reformation is down with free the @topfreeliving

Styleite: Reformation Is Down With Free the Nipple

You know them as a brand on a crusade to save the earth, and even, after some course-correction, accommodate yabbos. But now they’ve also displayed support for Free the Nipple, another cause near and dear to our heart. The store on the Lower East Side in New York set up the above sign with the Free the Nipple slogan outside the shop, and it’s just another reason to throw some more cash where your values are.

1nsanity101 i need people to understand that a @topfreeliving


I need people to understand that a nipple is just that, a nipple. We need to normalise them because its ridiculous that people think nipples are sexual just becuase its on a girls body. Grow up everybody has ‘em

Free the nipple pioneer awarded icelandic teen @topfreeliving

Free the Nipple pioneer awarded

Icelandic teen Adda Þóreyjardóttir Smáradóttir hit the world headlines this year by posting a bare-breasted picture of herself on Twitter – in order to highlight society’s double standards when it comes to male and female nipples.

The campaign went viral and Smára­dótt­ir – now an exchange student in Spain – has been voted Youth of the Year 2015 by the 10th Global Youth Lea­ders­hip Con­f­erence in Taiwan.

The title of this year’s conference is ‘Chang­ing the world by tak­ing acti­on’ and Smára­dótt­ir has been given the award for her “fight for women’s rights and doing what she can to change and improve the world”.

Four other teenagers, Malawi, Syria, Taiwan and Tanzania, have also received an award.

Smára­dótt­ir and an adult companion will be treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to Taiwan for the youth conference, which will be held on 14-24 October.

“It is a real honour to have been chosen for this award and I am very much looking forward to meeting the other young award-winners,” says Smára­dótt­ir.

Topless women of times square say they cant be @topfreeliving

Topless women of Times Square say they can’t be restricted

By VERENA DOBNIK The Associated Press
Legal experts say the quandary is whether the women’s activity amounts to a street performance protected by the First Amendment or a form of commerce that can be regulated. Civil rights attorney Ron Kuby noted that there’s nothing illegal in New York City about going topless or asking people for money.

Yoga teacher youneekornzy one feels as if one is @topfreeliving


“One feels as if one is dissolved and merged into nature.” #namaste #alberteinstein #traveling #travelgram #passionpassport #newmexico #taos #hotsprings #Utah #yogi #yogateacher #yogaismyteacher #freethenipple #freedom #liberated by bogewayoga

Amazonpug this photo is censored to protect your @topfreeliving


This photo is censored to protect your mind from the “offensive” female body.

Underdaseaaa its honestly really sad that on @topfreeliving


It’s honestly really sad that on this day I went to the airport. Let alone the fact that I haven’t worn a bra in over a month. Let me tell you about all the stares and ugly looks I got from grown ass men and women. They are nipples people!! We all got them. Get out my face with your ugly mugs. Byeeee.

Tonightibleedmyselfdry free the god damn nipple @topfreeliving


Free the God Damn Nipple. Save the beautiful person inside. #Genderfluid #Nonbinary #Pansexual #awareness

Savannasamermaid dont be shitty free your @topfreeliving


Don’t be shitty. Free your titties.

(…if that’s your personal choice, that is) 😝

Stoprapeeducate this is such a powerful @topfreeliving


This is such a powerful portrayal! Beautiful breastfeeding mermaids by @mermamame 🌟💕🙌⭐️🙌 💕✌️🐟🌟🙌🐳🌟💕🐠🌟🐳🌟💕 #StopRapeEducate #art #artoftheday #instaart #mermaid #mermaids #breastfeeding #mom #motherhood #feminism #feminist #yesallwomen #heforshe #itsonus #activism #positivity #sea #freethenipple #respect #instaart #inspiration #family #love #kids #blacklivesmatter #womenofcolor #woc #singlemom #strength

Genderqueerardway hashtag free the nips @topfreeliving


hashtag free the nips

Tofuqueen its really hot right now just felt @topfreeliving


It’s really hot right now, just felt like freeing the nipples and stuff

Thetoplesstour i highly recommend that everyone @topfreeliving


I highly recommend that everyone try this, at least once. #freethenipple @mtn_babes_ @knottkay @the_topless_tour #TheToplessTour subido por danimt23

Ocarina0fslime freethenipple original @topfreeliving



–original artwork,–

Circlingindizziness if my boyfriend took his @topfreeliving


. If my boyfriend took his top off because he is warm, he is cooling off. If I took my top off because I was warm, it would be illegal. FREE THE NIPPLE ♥

Bellvmy today i decided to free the nipple an @topfreeliving


Today I decided to free the nipple. An important step on the progress of destroying a sexist social structure that censors and hyper-sexualizes females bodies and also punishes public breastfeeding. Let’s normalise shit. 


Kaatjekilled sometimes i like to be naked and @topfreeliving


Sometimes I like to be naked and sometimes it takes all I can to pretend I don’t have breasts at all.

Ocapri mad that if the censor wasnt there i @topfreeliving


Mad that if the censor wasn’t there, I could be charged with child pornography. Mad that even though the censor is there, people I know would still talk if they saw this. Mad that when I was seven, my neighbors told my mom that they were uncomfortable when I didn’t wear a shirt outside. Equal rights for both genders. I should have a right to my body, just like boys do.

Thebowlog lady lumps on hump day watercolor @topfreeliving


Lady lumps on hump day 👀#watercolor #painting #art #atlarts #abstractart #contemporaryart #figurativeart #figurativepainting #ink #ladyparts #freethenipple

The right to bare bums facing nipple @topfreeliving

The Right to Bare Bums

Facing nipple discrimination and misconduct at the spa - October 7, 2015, 12:00 am - by Dani Katz
“So, if it’s not a nipple thing, is it a mammary flesh one? But then, if it was, wouldn’t man boobs have to be covered, too?”