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Willowdae tbt to pride week in barcelona @topfreeliving


TBT to pride week in Barcelona!! ☀️💃🏻🌈

Dangergays well thats interesting alt j @topfreeliving


…well, that’s interesting.

Alt-J released two music videos for “Every Other Freckle”. They are quite literally the exact same video, only one features a male model, and the other a female. There is partial nudity at some points, but apparently, female nudity is “inappropriate”, while male nudity is not, according to Youtube.

Gratadimferociter today we went to the met @topfreeliving


today we went to the met, where I got some post cards to add to the stack I’ve collected so far, and like 7 art books all for $30.00…I was so pumped. I can’t wait to start my bookshelf at my apartment. Then we had some ice cream in Central Park and went topless. (because it’s legal!) plus it was so hot. Having a great time and can’t wait to see the Moma tomorrow.

I want to be topless at the beach this summer is @topfreeliving

I Want To Be Topless At The Beach This Summer. Is That Really So Much To Ask?

Elizabeth King:
This morning I went to the dog beach with two of my very close friends, who happen to be men (and their dogs, of course, who are incidentally also males). I live in Chicago where it was almost 90 degrees mid-morning when we headed to Lake Michigan, and I was already working up a sweat. My buddies reached to yank their shirts off when we found a spot to drop our things on the beach, and my instinct was to follow suit and take my own shirt off. But as I reached for the hem of my tank-top I suddenly remembered: “Dammit. I have boobs. And there are no boobs allowed at the beach!” At least in most public places here in the good old U.S. of A., women’s chests must be completely restricted from view, but that morning, I wanted to be topless at the beach…it’s hot, I’m sweaty, and I just want to be as naked as my guy friends when I hit the beach.
Hang that top anywhere the rcmp knows you have @topfreeliving

Hang that top anywhere, the RCMP knows you have the right to bare chests.

We asked ottawa women should you be allowed to go @topfreeliving

We asked Ottawa women: Should you be allowed to go topless in public? - Going topless is suddenly hot again
Gender equality for massachusetts facebook we @topfreeliving

Gender Equality for Massachusetts (Facebook)

We need volunteers that want to dedicate their time to this cause with us. We are trying to get on the ballot for 2016 which we definitely will need more hands on board to help with awareness and getting Petitions signed! Please inbox or comment if interested! As long as you are in Massachusetts you can help!
Being topless in public is legal bc woman @topfreeliving

Being topless in public is legal, B.C. woman reminds others after police encounter - Susan Rowbottom says she was sunbathing topless when an officer told her to cover up

Susan Rowbottom says she was at a local beach last week, sunbathing without a top on, when an RCMP officer approached her and told her to cover up. Rowbottom said she did as she was told at the time, though she was fairly certain it was legal for both men and women to be bare-chested in public.

After confirming with city staff and the local RCMP detachment, Rowbottom said her understanding of the law was correct.

“Hopefully this comes to the RCMP’s attention that they can’t enforce laws that don’t exist,” she told CBC’s Radio West…

Rowbottom says there were no children around when she was at the beach last week, and no one had complained. However, if there had been a family feeling uneasy and wanting her to cover up, she would have done so out of respect.

Still, Rowbottom wants to normalize the baring of breasts in public.

“I think if men can be topless, women should be able to be topless,” she said. “Our society is changing and evolving and I’d like to move forward with that.”

Feministcanada he said ladies you need to @topfreeliving


“He said, ‘Ladies, you need to put on some shirts,’” said Tameera Mohamed. “We said, ‘No we don’t … it’s our legal right in Ontario to be topless as women.’”  

Kitchener women were stopped by police for cycling topless.

Happyvibeshun um i still support freethenipple @topfreeliving


Um I still support #freethenipple lol just haven’t posted about it In a while. Yes I do know insta or some dick will report this. I just don’t care😂😂😂💀💀

Eddicombes so tonight i uploaded this photo @topfreeliving


So tonight I uploaded this photo where my boyfriend photoshopped his nipples over mine to show how some nipples are legal and others are illegal. Also to demonstrate the sexism of how a woman’s body and nipples are objectified. Instagram has just proved this point again, by deleting this picture because it apparently violates the community guides. However the guides state you can show side and under boob and cleavage without violating it. But apparently this picture was to sexually explicit even without crazy, exocit female nipples. Honestly this is bullshit. I am not an object, I am a subject. If my boyfriend uploaded his nipples this would not be the case. So disappointed with @instagram because it’s such an amazing platform however it takes part in this particular sexism. Thank you so much for your supportive, beautiful messages on the last post 💕 #keepfighting #freethenipple #equalityisntthereyet #feminism

It’s worth noting again that ello is a photo sharing app/social network that has indicated that they do not consider any nipples as NSFW. iPhone and browser only for now, Android app coming soon. This might be a progressive alternative to the more popular social networks that cater to backwards sexist standards, ignorance, and inequality.
Local rally planned in support of womens right to @topfreeliving

Local rally planned in support of women’s right to go topless

A “Bare With Us” freedom rally in support of three sisters who say they were stopped by police for riding their bikes topless is being planned for Saturday over the noon hour at Waterloo Town Square.

The women say recent events have inspired the march, including an 8-year-old girl in Guelph being asked to cover up at a pool.

A Facebook posting says the event also hopes to show thanks to Gwen Jacob, as not all provinces in Canada have realized the right to go topless in public.

Speaking of the sisters on 570 News’ Facebook page, their mother, Kathryn Brillinger, commented:

“I am incredibly proud, have gone topless myself in Ontario and Europe, and breastfed all 4 girls in public with pride.”

“The men in my family immediately take their shirts off on the beach and when it is hot and they are biking or playing sports in the park. Apparently they feel it is more comfortable and enjoyable. No one questions this,” she added.

Eddicombes dont even worry instagram @topfreeliving


Don’t even worry Instagram, photoshopped my boyfriend’s nipples on top of mine, so nothing illegal happening here. Just some good old legal, perfectly socially accepted male nipples. Unlike my extremely exotic, sexually objectified female nipples. Thanks for making sure everyone on Instagram is safe from those kind of crazy illegal nipple photos, it’s pretty disgusting. #equality #equalitymovement #freethenipple #feminism

Ashieboosaysmeep since instagram has deleted @topfreeliving


Since Instagram has deleted this off my profile 9 times, I’m coming here to post this. I don’t get why Instagram is deleting this nonsexualized photo but allows the content on freethenipple because those are very sexualized. Honestly, I’m down to the last straw with Instagram.

Terreur de nuit at a music fest with my @topfreeliving


At a music fest with my siblings. And I have gotten a TON of compliments on my shirt from girls.

We need this on the statue of liberty someday @topfreeliving

We need this on the Statue of Liberty someday.

Spacebitch3000 i was looking into the potential @topfreeliving


I was looking into the potential static protest that’s happening next month in Edinburgh for the#FreeTheNipple campaign - super interested in going, because why should women feel that their boobs are a constant sexual boundary that shouldn’t be crossed in public, while “taps aff” (guys tops off) is a regular thing whenever the thermostat hits above 12 degrees here? I went to Youtube in hopes of seeing how protests for the campaign have gone down in the old US of A, and was greeted by this fucking impertinent squinty face saying “Content Warning: This video may be inappropriate for some users”. Really Youtube? You’ll show Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” all fucking day, but not this? Aye right.

Please, for the love of all that is good and sensible, join this protest next month. Don’t let censorship control your body and your views. Please don’t let idiots make you feel that your body is an object and it has to be contained. Take a stand, along with the apparent 3000+ people who will be there too, and say no to censorship! International Go Topless Day 2015 - Edinburgh Rally, UK #FreeTheNipple