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Spacey place topless in the woods @topfreeliving


Topless in the woods.

Thinking of going braless heres the inner @topfreeliving

Thinking Of Going Braless? Here’s The Inner Monologue You’ll Be Having Along The Way

by Marlen Komar

I’ve always been intrigued with the Free the Nipple movement. I love the Bohemian, heavy-lidded feel of going out for brunch or complicated cocktails with nothing on but a baggy shirt or a loose shift. There’s something so unfussy and down to earth about it. It feels like it would reaffirm that, yes, I’m a woman, and yes I have these boobs. Can we move on now?

That and I really liked the idea of not being trapped by those wiry, lacy contraptions that serve no other purpose that to hide my nips. I’m the type of gal who begins to unhook her bra while waiting for the bus, so you can only imagine how on-board I was with trying out this trend.

That is, until I was actually on board it.

Going braless can force you into an emotional tailspin and — for those of us not used to freeboobing it — into a panicked inner monologue. An inner monologue that goes something like this:

Ayearofdeepcreek this place this girl @topfreeliving


This place + this girl @teganlee 📷 @lenakedindian

Evadocoutodavis captain chiller not his @topfreeliving


Captain Chiller (…not his actual name)
San Francisco Pride
28 June 2015

Thefadedpetunia instagram bring back @topfreeliving


@instagram bring back #FreeTheNipple you fascist censoring fucks!!!!!! #freethenipplemovement #freethenippleblocked #feminism #feminist #equality #doublestandards #doublestantard

Pomegranatepit view from mount carrigian @topfreeliving


View from Mount Carrigian.

Two double mastectomy survivors walked topless @topfreeliving

Two Double-Mastectomy Survivors Walked Topless Down A Runway For A Powerful Reason

By Dominique Mosbergen

It was a powerful moment: the event was a fashion show that sought to challenge normative ideas of gender and beauty, and there, walking the runway were two double mastectomy survivors, both topless and wearing nothing but underwear.

The two women are cancer survivors Emily Jensen and Melanie Testa, and they were modeling the creations of Play Out, a New York City-based company that specializes in gender-inclusive undergarments. The show took place during Rainbow Fashion Week, a weeklong event that’s part of NYC Pride.

Thetoplesstour thetoplesstour colorado @topfreeliving


#thetoplesstour #colorado #summerlivin #TheToplessTour subido por kdd_kade

Santalovesyou a photo from nyc pride @topfreeliving


a photo from NYC pride #freethenipple
Takemetoowonderlandd totally represented free @topfreeliving


Totally represented free the nipple while i was at electric forest 🌲✌💕🌸 #freethenipple #equality #free

Lezzyjesse more nipples and rainbows @topfreeliving


More nipples and rainbows! #pridemarch #gaypride #bi #lesbian #gay #rainbow #freethenipple #boobies #women #gaypride #nyc #beautiful #freedom #equality

Thetoplesstour throwback to being tanned and @topfreeliving


#Throwback to being tanned and topless at #MayaBay with these babes! #TheToplessTour #TheToplessTour subido por brittbbrat

Universesisters last weekend we experienced @topfreeliving


Last weekend we experienced what it’s truly like to be free. Although the turtle incident prevented you from doing any painting I loved creating your hippy paint aND I WOULDNT HAVE WANTED TO FREE THE NIP IN PUBLIC WITH ANYONE ELSE. Our experience was amazing and we’re continuing to learn more and more about the power we actually have to make change. I love you little flower child! 💕💛💙💜💚❤

Kyletheswede im nervous but here we go i am @topfreeliving


I’m nervous but, here we go. I am trans, but -my- “manboobs” are not ok, because there are milk glands in them. When my other boy friends are chilling around topless, I must keep myself clothed, because I have girl boobs. And the wierd thing is, if I get my full top surgery, no one will stop me and tell me my boobs are taboo, even though they are still “girl boobs”, only that they wont look like it. So yeah. #freethenipple2015 #freethenipplecampaign

Iamnicoletteuniverse recruiting more females to @topfreeliving


Recruiting more females to exercise the right to free your nipple! It’s legal in the state of NYC take advantage!

Paaartyfowl second year writing still a man @topfreeliving


Second year writing “still a man” on my chest and walking around nyc pride topless. I’m cubby and not where I want my body to be in general but hormones are making things a lot better. I’m grateful I have such a supportive group around me. Getting this nude put me at such a vulnerable place but I’m glad I was able to breakdown my comfort zone for two years in a row. I am a little over three months on t and stronger than ever.

Lg5xgaga instagram is really sexist to be @topfreeliving


@Instagram is really sexist to be honest. They allow guys to be shirtless in underwear sucking on a sucker but won’t allow a girl to be topless. I see no difference in a woman being shirtless opposes to a man being shirtless. We all have nipples. What’s the big deal? Their isn’t one. It just shows how sexist everyone in the world is. @Instagram should delete every picture of a shirtless guy on Instagram until the day a topless woman can be posted. @Instagram what happened to full equality? To me men and woman are on the same level. So why let one sex be shirtless and the other covered up? @Instagram what’s the point ? The fact my picture out of so many pictures got deleted because it had a nipple in it is crazy. I can post a video of someone fully naked and it not get deleted but when I post a nipple heaven forbid it’s on my page. @Instagram #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple #freethenipple

If youve seen the free the nipple film and want @topfreeliving

If you’ve seen the Free The Nipple film and want more, definitely check out the documentary “Topless Shock Syndrome” on Amazon Prime. It features New York artist Holly Van Voast, her background, art inspiration, and her experiences being topfree in New York City. There are some great interviews with Ron Kuby and Ramona Santorelli (yes, *the* Santorelli of “People of NY v. Santorelli” fame) about how topless equality came to New York.


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