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trannies n gloryholes

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The best things in life come....with cocks and boobs. That being said, I'm pansexual. For those that have read my blog, this is a change. I've found that I've been describing myself incorrectly. I truly love PEOPLE....and am attracted by various things, the least of which being chromosomal differences. Members of the third sex are my favorite sexual animal. I love a beautiful woman and a nice pussy, or a hung guy, cut or uncut, love em all. I also hunt out and adore gloryholes! There's nothing quite as sexy as having an unknown hungry mouth suck you till your ass hurts from squeezing. Unless it's looking at someone suck the unknown cock. Since my mantra is....I'll try anything twice, as I might've had a headache the first time....I would venture to guess that I'm rapidly approaching sex pig status. Nothing is out of bounds as long as it feels good.

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