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This site is for 18+ people and NSFW. I'm just reblogging things that i like - amateur "girl friend" kind of traps, very girly looking "femboys", cd's with fem-fragile kind of body...- , i'm a straight male from Milan travelling all over the world. - Slutty Traps (@trapfever)
Bottomboi23272 i really want master to do this @trapfever


I really want Master to do this to me… Except my clitty would be locked up… I love the look on her face

Fantasydragonzex that ass is perfect @trapfever


that ass is perfect

Exoticladyboys luvpntyboys2955 so sweet @trapfever



So sweet

sweet sweet memories!

Go4metoo my mouth is watering for her cock mmmm @trapfever


My mouth is watering for her cock mmmm please cum on my face

Lara thorn chill day as per no im not a chav @trapfever


Chill day! As per! No I’m not a chav but I do love these joggers :p

Traphunter01 you can do it @trapfever


You can do it…

Johannalahti shes so cute it should be @trapfever


She’s so cute it should be forbidden!

No, not really forbidden ;)

Trapcellar josh got a visit from his parole @trapfever


Josh got a visit from his parole officer. He’s been naughty boy not taking his hormone pills and needs to be punished. Unless he wants to go back to the prison bouncing on black cocks. You see, once a bitch, always a bitch, this is just the natural continuation of events.There’s no going back from being a prison punk, only going forward. It’s time he embraced his femininity.

Trapcellar the natural position of a white @trapfever


The natural position of a white sissyboi.
High heels, big earrings, and eagerness to dispose of her man’s morning wood. Those big black balls ain’t gonna drain themselves. An appropriate cum receptacle of submissive nature, low self-worth and meek physique is needed. Once the semen has been fed to her, the sissy is free to go and prepare a nutritious breakfast for the man of the house. Any non-semen consumables the sissy might want to ingest are to be covered with her own nutsack protein.

Beautifullytrapped simply amazing @trapfever


Simply Amazing.

Jkontumblr sebastian simon @trapfever


Sebastian Simon

Ltsrun kimono thanks for the gift @trapfever



Thanks for the gift! Unfortunately it kind of ripped when I was trying to take some pictures. 

Ltsrun favvvvv outfit these yogas are honestly @trapfever


favvvvv outfit. these yogas are honestly just comf

Kitty lynn so i got some cute new clothes @trapfever


So, I got some cute new clothes recently ~

Muzzie2004 you bad girl so you want me to lick @trapfever


You bad girl so you want me to lick that up,

only if you cum in my mouth

Horny trap littlesissy femboy 2 more past @trapfever


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Another pic from this set I took a while ago. Love my boots and hair in this….