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Trapsandcumsluts because i know how it feels @trapsandcumsluts


Because I know how it feels.

Roughlydoesit too deep or not deep enough @trapsandcumsluts


Too deep? Or not deep enough?

Your mouth was made to be filled with cum youve @trapsandcumsluts

Your mouth was made to be filled with cum. You’ve always liked blowjob videos and horny chicks taking loads in their mouths. You used to wish you were the guy. Now you wish you were the horny slut, getting to suck cock and made to swallow their cum.

Bigboytoyed jaynelovesdick scaredfeminist @trapsandcumsluts





Some men like big tits. Some men like long legs. Some men like wide iridescent eyes. I’m quite partial to all of those things but if you are a regular reader of this blog I’m sure you know by now that what really does it for me personally is huge, ridiculous pumped up lips.
I love how sensual they are. I love how they seem to scream out that the whore displaying them loves to suck cock. I love how stupid they are and how they turn the slut with them into a sexdoll caricature. I love it when they’re so pumped up and massive that the slut can’t even close her mouth properly. There’s always that little gap as if her inviting facehole is always available to have a cock stuck in it.
I love how they look like fleshy padded bumpers designed to cushion my stomach and balls as I slam my cock forcefully into her willing throat.
I love everything about these huge, swollen, cartoonish, pouty, sexy cockpads.
They speak directly to my dick and what they say is “COCK? YES PLEASE!”

I am forever amazed that more men don’t love lips like these.

I love these lips. I’ve always been into big lips on women. Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted got me obsessed with this look back when I was 13 or 14 and first saw that movie. Now I see how big they can go and it amazes me how much it turns me on. I guess I like seeing women look like fuckdolls as much as men do. I can’t believe how much I’m embracing objectification.

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all men love big painted lips

paint your lips, make them as big as possible

always keep them painted and hungry

tell your man that if he gets you breast implants and lip implants you will be his

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Oh my

Thick and tasty @trapsandcumsluts

Thick and tasty

Shepenis find a shemale near you @trapsandcumsluts


Find a shemale near you:

Missyneon i need this xx @trapsandcumsluts


I need this xx

Mouthbulge some bulging mouths @trapsandcumsluts


Some bulging mouths

If you havent thought about sucking black cock @trapsandcumsluts

If you haven’t thought about sucking black cock today, you have now.

Trapsandcumsluts can i do this to you @trapsandcumsluts


Can I do this to you

Trapsandcumsluts i want this @trapsandcumsluts


I want this

One time over id have dived right in to the @trapsandcumsluts

One time over I’d have dived right in to the pussy. Now all I want to do, is deepthroat that cock and do all I can do to satisfy her.

Tears as he hits her g spot @trapsandcumsluts

Tears as he hits her G spot

Trapsandcumsluts itll never go away @trapsandcumsluts


It’ll never go away

Check my blog for more cum drinking cock sucking @trapsandcumsluts

Check my blog for more cum drinking, cock sucking thoughts

Spot the difference sissy edition @trapsandcumsluts

Spot the difference sissy edition

Hungryanus imagine to wash your mouth every @trapsandcumsluts


imagine to wash your mouth every morning with 20 loads of cum then swallow it and then you get to eat :P

Ive been naughty punish me @trapsandcumsluts

I’ve been naughty… Punish me

The anticipation of sucking his cock in full @trapsandcumsluts

The anticipation of sucking his cock in full motion, soon he’ll be balls deep in her mouth and she will love it

Missyneon so filthy so hot shes too fun @trapsandcumsluts


So filthy, so hot

She’s too fun

Ive found a use for you are you interested @trapsandcumsluts

I’ve found a use for you. Are you interested?

I want this @trapsandcumsluts

I want this

Beautiful @trapsandcumsluts


Galanter 83la mas rica carga de dulce y @trapsandcumsluts


83,,La mas rica carga de dulce y caliente crema de verga, mi delirio es besar,mamar chupar y beber semen, me encanta mas que vivir,

I always swallow too good to waste you should @trapsandcumsluts

I always swallow, too good to waste You should too, you SLUT

Ass licking sissy @trapsandcumsluts

Ass licking sissy

Not i love you but suck my cock @trapsandcumsluts

Not I love you.. But SUCK MY COCK

I do love both but i love cum @trapsandcumsluts

I do love both but I love CUM

Taking your ass to its limit @trapsandcumsluts

Taking your ass to its limit