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Truckers cruiser stinkystraightalpharedneck @trkdawg



Hot Alpha Stud

these young truckers are so hot and horny its amazing they can get anywhere they stop at rest areas for blow jobs so much

Truckers cruiser some one asked about truckers @trkdawg


SOme one asked about truckers with door open this is what you want

Truckers cruiser grain haulers by bill ward @trkdawg



His name is chris from salem oregon he is a @trkdawg

His name is Chris, from Salem Oregon. He is a panty wearing thief. I don’t DO panties. I want Men!

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Rest area trashin

Huskyolderhunks woof @trkdawg



Woof! 🐶

Graybeards he smiled hey i looked down at @trkdawg


He smiled. “Hey.”

I looked down at the floor and said, “Oh, hey.”

We stood there in silence for a moment. He watched me with a smile on his face as I struggled to look at anything but the gorgeous cock and balls he had left hanging out his fly.

I coughed suggestively and said, “Umm, I think your fly is down, Chris.”

That unflappable smile remained. He looked down at himself and said, “It is.”

I shifted from foot to foot as I weighed the meaning of his reply. “Shouldn’t you zip up?”

“No, I think you like it,” he answered.

My discomfort was only rising, but I couldn’t deny the hard-on in my shorts. “But what about Rachel?”

Chris shrugged and said, “She doesn’t give head… but I bet you do.” After a brief pause, he explained, “A few weeks ago, my buddy told me gay guys give it the best. I haven’t been able to look at you since without imagining those lips wrapped around me.”

“You’re serious?” I asked with an incredulous look on my face.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and find out?”


Hot @trkdawg

Hot! 🐶

Lump this freight boi @trkdawg

Lump THIS freight, Boi!

Truckers cruiser rest area squeeze @trkdawg


rest area squeeze 

Pigshouse join @trkdawg



Always a repost woof @trkdawg

…always a repost. Woof! 🐶

Sicilianobeef get more beef @trkdawg


Get more BEEF

Sicilianobeef get more beef @trkdawg


Get more BEEF

Adorable @trkdawg


Truckin77 yes please i wanna ride a cowboy @trkdawg


Yes please! I wanna ride a cowboy

OMFG!!! This may be the fucking hottest man I’ve seen this decade! WOOF! !! 🐶

Thenakedtrucker at a truck stop waiting for @trkdawg


At a truck stop, waiting for someone to come in.

Truckers cruiser two young truckers hooking up @trkdawg


two young truckers hooking up rest area cruising trails I love standing fucks 

Alabama rest area puppy waiting for @trkdawg

Alabama rest area puppy waiting for…

Unitedbears unitedbears @trkdawg



daaa-daa-ddddaaaa-DAMN! WOOF! 🐶

Post usually have to have a face to get posted @trkdawg

Post usually have to have a face to get posted here, but blonde & Fuzzy Rocks

Realmenfullbush my partner suckin it outside @trkdawg


My partner suckin it outside

I 5 view area westley ca the cha chas wanted @trkdawg

I-5 view area, Westley, Ca. The Cha-Cha’s wanted some TruckDawg cock & I would considered seeding the throat of the one in the red skateboard, but he was chicken to my exhibition. His loss… I want some Man cock myself! Off to Hold Run between Sacramento & Reno.

Ozready i swear ive done him and thats a long @trkdawg


I swear I’ve done him. And thats a long one when fully erect

Rednecktrashymen sexy redneck trucker please @trkdawg


Sexy redneck trucker

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Thenakedtrucker seeing that i reached 100 @trkdawg


Seeing that I reached 100 followers this morning got me really horny. Had to just pull it out and stroke it! Thanks for following guys!

Rickraunch truckers take turns bare fucking a @trkdawg


Truckers take turns bare-fucking a fag at a highway rest stop.


Ozready this guy come through my town @trkdawg


This guy come through my town occassionally but have yet to try out his sleeper. Montreal guy.


A rare selfie jackin to latin urinal porn while @trkdawg

A rare selfie jackin to Latin urinal porn while cruising for cock at the Kingsburg rest area on US-99 in California.

So hot @trkdawg

So hot!

Chuckbater what woods do i find this fucker @trkdawg


what woods do I find this fucker in?

Hot trucker @ the rest area… on your knees Boy.

Rest area head @trkdawg

Rest area head.

Its a cruisy one boyz @trkdawg

It’s a cruisy one Boyz!

Huskyolderhunks @trkdawg



Huskyolderhunks trucker at the rest area @trkdawg



Trucker at the Rest Area

Sicilianobeef get more beef my kind of @trkdawg


Get more BEEF

My kind of Cubby!

This guys porn nuts me every time woof @trkdawg

This guy’s porn nuts me EVERY time. WOOF!

Bear truckers woof @trkdawg

Bear truckers… WOOF!

Sicilianobeef get more beef @trkdawg


Get more  BEEF

Cruising the rest area woof @trkdawg

Cruising the Rest Area… WOOF! 🐶

Cowhandlvr yes sir bring it @trkdawg


Yes, Sir!

Bring It! 😜

Woof @trkdawg


Niiiiice @trkdawg


Wino grad13 hot damn trucker @trkdawg



Damn trucker… 😉

Truckers cruiser if this old mattress could @trkdawg


If this old Mattress could talk 

Years ago when I was younger I often took a 2 hr road trip when I was free just to spend the day at one of my Favorite Interstate rest areas.. It had a lot of trucker traffic and hot travelers from all over went out of their way to stop there.I packed a cooler water few beers lunch I often try to survive on dick but you cant. This was the type rest area had just the parking areas one for Transports one for cars small divider between the two..No restrooms which stopped the family travelers from using it a good thing It was well off the highway up on a hill so it was easy to see who was coming. The rare state trooper hell some of the locals said he loved a good blow job too.So he didn’t fuck with the place much. I often traveled with no shorts on often loured a trucker in stroking my cock on the Interstate…Loved to get out of my truck  walk around parking lot.  walk in to the woods get some action started.I was lucky that day a trucker had followed me in and I also noticed my favorite stud bear contractor was in his pickup jacking waiting on a bottom to come along.He lived in the town six miles away came there every day Im guessing I loved to catch him there nice 9 thick curly hair beard cole black with a hint of grey matching fur suit muscular stocky mid 40 ish shot the biggest load Ive ever seen thought he was pissing the first time I saw him cum. I hit the woods shorts in hand in case I needed them… my Contractor horse dick hot on my trail I hear the air brakes locking down on the transport. I stopped and my curly haired bear had his massive uncut cock out couldn’t wait to suck it. I just got here he be my first. only a minute later I had two hot bears before me The trucker was quick getting there.he was hung well and fury plaid shirt open revealing beautiful fur suit and well tight jeans cowboy boots. that monster sprang out like a jack in the box..I had to leave my buddy for a taste cut cock 10 inches not as thick as Bills what a cowboy. I commented on his size. He said they are bigger in Texas..smiled Blonde wavy locks tan face.. about 30 years old.. we decided to go on to the top of the hill so we could see the parking area a favorite spot in the woods suck cock and watch the parking lot. Even though 99% percent of the men followed the trails into the woods here were looking to get a bj or give one. I was lucky most days 99 % of those were looking to get one.We get to top hill someone has discarded a mattress  I had a feeling it would come in handy it did these two guys had me broke down two massive cocks i hadn’t had a 10 inch er in a while…another transport  truck pulled in and another hot fuck was coming long story short I had several old fucks watching at a distance jacking themselves while five hot bears four truckers and my contractor fucked me for all I was worth..I was sloppy before it was over I was taking two cocks sitting on big 10 the others taking turns joining him.The exhibitionist in me really loved being watched;even when I was just going to suck a guy off I stall around wait for one of the watchers would come. I took a break and spent the rest of the day servicing cocks that came and left through the day. 

Truckers cruiser been in a sleeper with a few @trkdawg


been in a sleeper with a few this hot 

Woof! 🐶

Fatherlust a bearded gar smokin father in @trkdawg


A bearded, ‘gar-smokin’ Father in his truck.

Cute @trkdawg


Meanwhile the rest area @trkdawg

Meanwhile… @ The Rest Area

Niiiiice @trkdawg


Alwaysbeenstocky would be down for public sex @trkdawg


Would be down for public sex…

Nakedregularguys roaming pantless beef its @trkdawg


Roaming pantless

Beef! It’s what’s for Dinner! WOOF!!!

Woof @trkdawg


Bartbare woofs @trkdawg



Indhairywolf sexy farmers @trkdawg


Sexy farmers

Maik1212 that delights the asshole love it @trkdawg


that delights the asshole love it.

Hoping this is me tonight on my night off in Davenport, Ia.

Dadsonsex like father like son @trkdawg


Like father like son

Cruising the rest area @trkdawg

Cruising the Rest Area.

Servicebear resurrected from @trkdawg


Resurrected from the ARCHIVES @ ServiceBear 

Service station