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- Blue Collar Men (@trkdawg)
Ruffkutt i seriously want to see more of this @trkdawg


i seriously want to see more of this amazingly hot man.  who is he!?  could drink that coffee and ….

Cwboytop dekanuk dekanuks archive of @trkdawg



dekaNuk’s archive of naked exhibitionist men

cowboys, rednecks, truckers, boots, cigars, men!

Trucker okay faggot i saw your fuckin brake @trkdawg

Trucker - Okay faggot. I saw your fuckin brake lights all night… time to get fucked by a real man. Bend over, Now!

Rest area daddy @trkdawg

Rest area Daddy

Thats a sweet pelt @trkdawg

THAT’S a sweet pelt.

Hotforhairymen hot guys near you are looking @trkdawg


Hot guys near you are looking for action:

Going off the beaten path at the rest area can @trkdawg

Going off the beaten path at the rest area can score bonus points… 😜

Hairytrucker11 bearscumover sexy guy @trkdawg



Sexy guy!

Fuckin HOT!!!!!!!!!


Rest area cruising @trkdawg

Rest area cruising

Wetlust marvinquinn homo online homo @trkdawg




hop in and suck him dry!

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Hobartgloryhunter i love walking up to a van @trkdawg


I love walking up to a van down at CORNELIAN BAY to be greeted with a hot hard cock at head height. YUM

Boyzmeat hot ass stud @trkdawg


Hot. Ass. STUD.

Guysinvehicles getyer roxoff in to said my new @trkdawg


Getyer Roxoff in TO said: My new driving partner told me to stay in the cab when the beefy moustachioed cop pulled us over for allegedly speeding, but I just had to take a peek. And I’m glad i did because tonight’s overnight at the truck stop is going to be very interesting.

Patdabear id edge with himhell ya @trkdawg


I’d edge with him…..hell ya.

Daddys little faggot hot trucker beef yumz @trkdawg


Hot trucker BEEF!  Yumz!!!

Domnator2 i usually fuck that one in the ass @trkdawg


I usually fuck that one in the ass. He can’t suck for shit.

Drakestories i had third period with coach @trkdawg


I had third period with Coach Jackson. I’d help him out with putting up and sorting the equipment. When he found I was good at computers, I helped him get a few of his spreadsheets in order.

“Not a dumb jock, are ya, Connelly?”

“No sir,” I laughed. I could see how I’d fit the stereotype, but I was quietly very good at school, had high grades.

“Thinking about where you’re applying for college?”

“Not sure yet, Coach.”

“Ever consider Stanford?” Coach J was a Stanford alum, and in case you didn’t know it from the cardinal red ball cap or sweatshirt or athletic shorts he wore, he was always talking about it. It got to be a joke among the fellas.

“Not sure I could get in,” I said. “Besides, it’s pretty expensive.”

“Aw you got the throwing arm for a scholarship, Connelly. Amazing for a sophomore. Best I’ve seen in a long time. As for the rest, just study your ass off next year and you have a shot. And when it comes time to write your statement, just play up the whole jock who loves learning bit. Admissions committees eat that shit up.” This was my favorite part of third period. The fact Coach let his guard down around me, and was free to cuss and talk like a buddy or a father figure.

“Yes, sir,” I laughed.

It was a long shot, but I made it my goal. My social life suffered the next year, and my friends razzed me pretty hard for nerding out on them, but I decided my life was gonna be school and baseball and that’s it. Something about Coach’s encouragement drove me on.

Maybe it was an unhealthy thing, my desire to please Dave Jackson. I found myself hanging on his every word, memorizing his demeanor, way of walking and talking. And later, alone in my bedroom, as I was stroking my cock, I’d talk to Coach J, tell him the things I’d like to do.

I felt like a piece of shit for a while, but by spring of my senior year I realized I was a gay dude, and I was OK with that. I was playing the best baseball of my life, best Taft High had seen in a while, and whatever happened I was sure of getting a scholarship to play somewhere.

When the notification call came from Stanford, I was blown away. Admission with full scholarship! Maybe I should have told my parents first, but immediately I drove over to Coach J’s place. I knew he’d want to hear the news first.

Coach was wearing his Stanford cap and a flannel shirt unbuttoned, revealing his still firm, tanned chest covered in blond and gray hairs. “What’s up Mike?” he asked.

“Coach. I got in. Stanford.”

I never knew the look of pure masculine pride before that moment. “I knew you could do it, Connelly!” he growled, wrapping me in a big bear hug that almost knocked the air out of me. “You son of a bitch, you did it!”

And just like that our mouths met, full on, man-on-man kiss. I guess in my fantasies I’d thought about this, but even in my jerkoff sessions the kiss wasn’t as awesome as this.

“Jesus, sorry, Big C,” he said, using his nickname for me. “Got carried away.” His happiness was starting to get replaced by a real nervous expression.

“Coach, I wanted to. I still do.“

He gave me a shy, cautious smile and pulled off his cap, put it on my head. “Why don’t you sit down in that chair, Big C, “lie back and let your Coach show you a proper reward for hard work.”

I did as he said and unbelieving, watched him pull down my shorts and briefs. He examined my hardon for a minute, touching it softly, and caressing it with soothing strokes. Then leaning down, Coach swallowed me and started giving me my first honest-to-god blowjob.

Octobear15 greasypiss rick in the garage @trkdawg





I took the truck in for a service…

I kept breaking the washer but the service man @trkdawg

I kept breaking the washer, but the service man doesn’t seem to mind…

Fatherlust so this is a part of the park that @trkdawg


“So, this is a part of the park that nobody ever comes to, son - except for men who enjoy the great outdoors and the company of their own kind. I brought you out here today because it’s time I started to teach you a few things about being a man.”



Woof @trkdawg

Woof! 🐶

Wheres the daddys this fine when im at the rest @trkdawg

Where’s the Daddy’s this fine when I’m at the rest areas? He could make an honest man of me…

Adirtyzdog dirty dogs stopped my rig at the @trkdawg


dirty dogs

…stopped my rig at the rest area. Winner!

Truckin77 please @trkdawg



Truckin77 i wanna ride him in his truck @trkdawg


I wanna ride him in his truck

Truckin77 truckers cruiser sitting at the @trkdawg



sitting at the rest area looking for a blow job

I’ll help out for sure

Truckin77 i need filled up please @trkdawg


I need filled up please

Bendover1 love to follow trucker bears in to @trkdawg


Love to follow trucker bears in to the woods at rest stops usually get some

Truckers cruiser trucker on the rest area trail @trkdawg


Trucker on the rest area trail

Truckers cruiser arkansas rest stop big trucker @trkdawg


Arkansas rest stop big Trucker gets out walk s in the woods camo and no shirt worth checking out better follow him and take a piss no restrooms here

Truckers cruiser stinkystraightalpharedneck @trkdawg



Hot Alpha Stud

these young truckers are so hot and horny its amazing they can get anywhere they stop at rest areas for blow jobs so much

Truckers cruiser some one asked about truckers @trkdawg


SOme one asked about truckers with door open this is what you want

Truckers cruiser grain haulers by bill ward @trkdawg



His name is chris from salem oregon he is a @trkdawg

His name is Chris, from Salem Oregon. He is a panty wearing thief. I don’t DO panties. I want Men!

Wuvfuzz str8bear follow me at @trkdawg



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Rest area trashin

Huskyolderhunks woof @trkdawg



Woof! 🐶

Graybeards he smiled hey i looked down at @trkdawg


He smiled. “Hey.”

I looked down at the floor and said, “Oh, hey.”

We stood there in silence for a moment. He watched me with a smile on his face as I struggled to look at anything but the gorgeous cock and balls he had left hanging out his fly.

I coughed suggestively and said, “Umm, I think your fly is down, Chris.”

That unflappable smile remained. He looked down at himself and said, “It is.”

I shifted from foot to foot as I weighed the meaning of his reply. “Shouldn’t you zip up?”

“No, I think you like it,” he answered.

My discomfort was only rising, but I couldn’t deny the hard-on in my shorts. “But what about Rachel?”

Chris shrugged and said, “She doesn’t give head… but I bet you do.” After a brief pause, he explained, “A few weeks ago, my buddy told me gay guys give it the best. I haven’t been able to look at you since without imagining those lips wrapped around me.”

“You’re serious?” I asked with an incredulous look on my face.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and find out?”


Hot @trkdawg

Hot! 🐶

Lump this freight boi @trkdawg

Lump THIS freight, Boi!

Truckers cruiser rest area squeeze @trkdawg


rest area squeeze 

Pigshouse join @trkdawg



Always a repost woof @trkdawg

…always a repost. Woof! 🐶

Sicilianobeef get more beef @trkdawg


Get more BEEF

Sicilianobeef get more beef @trkdawg


Get more BEEF

Adorable @trkdawg


Truckin77 yes please i wanna ride a cowboy @trkdawg


Yes please! I wanna ride a cowboy

OMFG!!! This may be the fucking hottest man I’ve seen this decade! WOOF! !! 🐶

Thenakedtrucker at a truck stop waiting for @trkdawg


At a truck stop, waiting for someone to come in.

Truckers cruiser two young truckers hooking up @trkdawg


two young truckers hooking up rest area cruising trails I love standing fucks 

Alabama rest area puppy waiting for @trkdawg

Alabama rest area puppy waiting for…

Unitedbears unitedbears @trkdawg



daaa-daa-ddddaaaa-DAMN! WOOF! 🐶

Post usually have to have a face to get posted @trkdawg

Post usually have to have a face to get posted here, but blonde & Fuzzy Rocks

Realmenfullbush my partner suckin it outside @trkdawg


My partner suckin it outside

I 5 view area westley ca the cha chas wanted @trkdawg

I-5 view area, Westley, Ca. The Cha-Cha’s wanted some TruckDawg cock & I would considered seeding the throat of the one in the red skateboard, but he was chicken to my exhibition. His loss… I want some Man cock myself! Off to Hold Run between Sacramento & Reno.

Ozready i swear ive done him and thats a long @trkdawg


I swear I’ve done him. And thats a long one when fully erect

Rednecktrashymen sexy redneck trucker please @trkdawg


Sexy redneck trucker

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Thenakedtrucker seeing that i reached 100 @trkdawg


Seeing that I reached 100 followers this morning got me really horny. Had to just pull it out and stroke it! Thanks for following guys!

Rickraunch truckers take turns bare fucking a @trkdawg


Truckers take turns bare-fucking a fag at a highway rest stop.


Ozready this guy come through my town @trkdawg


This guy come through my town occassionally but have yet to try out his sleeper. Montreal guy.


A rare selfie jackin to latin urinal porn while @trkdawg

A rare selfie jackin to Latin urinal porn while cruising for cock at the Kingsburg rest area on US-99 in California.

So hot @trkdawg

So hot!