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True Sex Confessions With Pics @truesexconfessionswithpics

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Semi-anonymous sex confessions. Pics can be blurred or cut off at the face to maintain anonymity. - True Sex Confessions With Pics (@truesexconfessionswithpics)
Borrowed the neighbors camera i always wondered @truesexconfessionswithpics

Borrowed the neighbor’s camera. I always wondered why a gorgeous 23 year old blonde with big fake tits was with a shlubby 39 year old balding dude. And then I saw their series of photos and totally understood.

I took the girl in white to junior prom she was a @truesexconfessionswithpics

I took the girl in white to junior prom. She was a soph. She was my first kiss, my first of pretty much everything but sex (and obviously she didn’t have tits like that at the time - those joined much later). We ended on good terms when I moved schools.

Five years later we caught up via Tinder (I don’t have Facebook). I saw her and she looked familiar, except a whole lot more done up. Luckily she matched with me and I caught up with her on the app for a little while.

I only had sex with 2 women at the time that we were chatting, so I was excited that she was happy to write to me. We agreed to meet up. But I was nervous. She was much dorkier back then and I’m still pretty dorky now.

When we met up she wasn’t dressed quite like this, but not that far off - skintight dress that showed off a lot of leg and boob, plus high heels. We sat down at a restaurant and I felt like an imposter. And our conversation was awkward and forced.

Eventually we talked about sex, and she asked me how many girls I had been with - I told her 3 to sound a bit more experienced; but she laughed when she told me she had been with a LOT more than that….I was worried. And she probably would expect a lot more. We had nothing in common to talk about, and I knew I was fucking this up. But luckily she didn’t seem to care. She said she liked me when we were teenagers because I was so kind and nice. And she had mostly been with jerks for the last little while.

So I went home with her and even though I had had sex before, it was with girls who were equally inexperienced. She knew what she was doing. Foreplay was incredible, and the sex was like a whole different world. I was worried she wasn’t enjoying it, but she seemed to moan a lot, so I thought I was doing okay.

When I came it felt like I had never truly orgasmed before. She smiled, pulled off my condom, and lay beside me.  She said something like “you’re not very good, but I always liked you in high school. I can teach you if you want but you’re buying me breakfast tomorrow.” So I slept over and we fucked again in the morning (with more guidance), went for breakfast, went back to her place to fuck again, and then she told me to go. I thought that was it but she called me a couple days later and came over to my place. She said I was improving, and was enjoying her time with me. I was surprised because she was sort of dull to talk to, and we didn’t have much to say to each other. But we basically kept up like that for a few weeks. She told me I was getting way better, and started having me go down on her for very long periods of time.

And then she asked me to meet her parents at a family wedding. I was flabbergasted, but I said okay. And so we went to this wedding and she told everyone I was her boyfriend, and I was so flattered. And then I realized why I was there. Her last boyfriend was hated by everyone - a big dumb meathead who treated her terribly. And when she brought him to the family, her dad threatened to cut her off from all her money.  I talked to her about this and asked if it was true. She said “if it was, would you care?” And then I realized that no, I didn’t. The night of that wedding we had anal sex for the first time.

After that, she told me that we should still see each other for a bit, but that she might go back to an ex of hers, but if I could be a boyfriend when needed for family events, we would sleep together a bunch. I couldn’t complain. We only ended it three months ago when she got pregnant and begged me to be the pretend father and I just had to say no to that. We’ve still had sex a couple times since - she keeps trying to convince me. And to be honest, it is pretty tempting…

At a nightclub that had a ball pit blonde girl @truesexconfessionswithpics

At a nightclub that had a ball pit - blonde girl was my gf at the time, other girl her best friend. Later that night when we were all drunk, and my gf’s friend was making out with some guy, I asked my girl if she wanted to go back in the ball pit with me. She said sure. I lay down under the balls and took my cock out and let it poke above some of the balls. She looked at me, shocked at first, but then smiled and climbed on. I have a feeling people figured out what we were up to, but we were subtle and it was dark and loud. We didn’t finish but she sucked me off outside of the club and I fingered her in the cab on the way home.
 That was the hottest moment of our relationship. Got her so turned on by the idea of public fooling around that a few days later she blew me in a shed at Home Depot, but I came all over her hair and she got so mad at me for doing that (not that I could help it) that it was pretty much the end of our relationship.

I went on a roadtrip with my friends family i @truesexconfessionswithpics

I went on a roadtrip with my friend’s family. I have always had a crush on my friend’s sister - she has incredible tits as you can see.  She fell asleep in the car (so did my friend) so I snapped this quick photo of her shirt falling down.

Found this pic on an old memory card this is my @truesexconfessionswithpics

found this pic on an old memory card. this is my wife, 3 years before we met. when we did, she told me she was into big guys.  when i took her home she told me i was the biggest she had ever had. i’m really big. bigger than almost everyone. but i saw this picture and realized it wasn’t true. i’m not that big. that is fucking enormous. i showed the pic to her. she said ‘oh yeah’. she felt bad so she invited a girlfriend of hers over for a threesome. that was fun. i wasn’t even pissed about it anyways.

2003 one night at a friends party after hrs of @truesexconfessionswithpics

one night at a friends party after hrs of drinking dancing etc myself and Amy started feeling a lil frisky. After scoping the house for a place to have fun and coming up empty we decided a walk and some public fun was the way. The house we were at wasn’t far from our old high school we had left 3 yrs prior. That’s were we decided to head kissing, groping, rubbing etc all the way there by the time we arrived we couldn’t wait. I bent her over the first bench I found ripped off her jeans and knickers and began rubbing kissing, licking and fingering her ass and pussy. Before finally ramming my cock deep in her soaking pussy while my two fingers remained in her asshole. After 10 mins or so of near violent thrusting she moaned fuck my ass. With that I spat on her pre loosened hole and rammed my cock hard into her forbidden hole pounding just as hard as she screamed until finally blowing deep in her now gaping asshole. As I pulled out I took a good look at her thrashed hole dripping cum used her knickers to clean her up. Just at that moment looking up to see us under a CCTV camera pointing firmly on us.

2002 one night we attended a party piss up @truesexconfessionswithpics

One night we attended a party, piss up whatever you want to call it. Anyway it was at our mates house who was staying with his older bro and some mates who were about 5-6 yrs older then us we were 17 at the time. So we kinda got invited by default but it was a good night plenty of drinking smoking etc. as the night carried on Amy being one of the only girls there and being young and tight the older boys kept asking her to strip or flash something good. She refused and stayed close to me acting frightened but I could tell it turned her on by the way she was rubbing on me and bending over the pool table. So finally that time of night came and everyone was passing out in the front lounge on couches etc. our friends older bro had kindly reserved us a mattress in the Centre of the room as we were the only couple. By the time we went to bed the room was full of snoring bodies all over the place around our mattress.As we laid there intoxicated passing out I felt Amy start kissing my neck and rubbing my cock thru my jeans. I just laid there enjoying as she slid her hands down my zip unleashing my now solid hard cock. Under the cover of a blanket began giving me a furious hand job ignoring the moans and groans of the passed out pissheads around us stopping only to spit in her hand for lube and lick pre cum from her fingers. After 5 mins like this she slowly stopped climbed on top and sat down on my now throbbing cock still under the cover of blankets she embraced me like we were cuddling quietly rocking slowly back and forth. Unavoidable as she got more into it she started getting faster and louder people around us began to stir. Our eyes darting around to make sure none had awoken from their drunken slumber. Little did I know Amy had made awkward eye contact with our friend who was laying directly behind us. Yrs later I’d find out Their eyes met for a brief second then they both pretended not to notice. At that moment Amy began to ride my cock hard and fast pushing balls deep causing her clit to rub against my skin and her to begin to moan as did I. In the moment I didn’t notice Amy began to pull the blanket down from around her ass which I was now spreading wide open with my hands having a firm grip on both cheeks. Our close friend could now see Amy’s fully extended body bent forward ass spread in the air watching her lil spread open asshole quiver as my cock thrusted in and out of her dripping pussy. Amy would later reveal she constantly looked back to make sure our friend was still watching her ride cock making brief eye contact and noticing what appeared to be him masturbating under his blanket causing her to thrust as hard as she could until I cummed inside her now gaping wet hole. As she climbed of me bending forward to kiss me and giving our friend one last flash of her sweaty lil asshole and now used open cum dripping pussy.

Im the girl on the far right the girl in pink is @truesexconfessionswithpics

I’m the girl on the far right. The girl in pink is my bestie J. She broke off her engagement with a really nice guy mostly because he was just so bad in bed. Like embarassingly bad no matter what he did. Most of it had to do with the fact that he had a very small penis - not like tiny tiny, but she described it to us. it was small. He was also more interested in going to the gym and taking steroids to make any attempts to please her. We were glad when she dumped him.  But it was three days before the bachelorette party we had planned. We asked her if she still wanted to go ahead with it, and she said yes, but on the condition that we find a ‘male escort with a huge one’. Basically, we had a slut-themed non-bachelorette. I was also tasked with asking some of the girls if they’d be comfortable with this happening. A few girls backed out. Other than the three of us, there were two other girls that came. Basically we had a bit of an orgy, but made sure J got the most satisfaction. This guy was not only huge, but talented. He lasted forever, and was ready to go not long after he did finish. He was very generous orally, and had such a killer body. We had booked him for two hours, but we lasted almost 6, pretty much until all of us were so sore we couldn’t handle any more (I really think he enjoyed himself). Best part was that after all of this, he even said he’d be willing to meet us again for free another time soon. At that point we were all so sore we sorta ignored what he said, but I’m pretty sure one of the girls that isn’t pictured took him up on it last week…

Lends a new definition to grinding on the dance @truesexconfessionswithpics

lends a new definition to grinding on the dance floor. this girl went at it like this for 15 minutes, plus had her hand in his pants. such great tits though!

Karin on the left is a dear friend and occasional @truesexconfessionswithpics

Karin on the left is a dear friend and occasional lover. We’re both bi, polygamous, and love exploring our sexuality. We went camping at a campground with a nude beach. Both of us love to be naked. Ran into this guy (or should I say spotted him from a mile away!). Even soft it was bigger than anything I had seen. We chatted with him, and he agreed to fool around with us. I’m even smaller than Karin, and so despite some time trying, he was just too big for both of us. We took our time and gave him a good blowjob and then chatted a little while longer. Unsurprisingly he’s slept with tons of women (and some men too), and goes to the nude beaches on purpose. He was so kind though - almost apologetic about the size of his cock. That night Karin and I were unusually horny for each other. I think we were both thinking about him…

I hate this guy an asshole to me in high school @truesexconfessionswithpics

I hate this guy. An asshole to me in high school, an asshole to me when we were at the same college, and even though I did okay with women, he always was a few steps ahead.
We’re 25 now and run in the same social circles, but don’t really like each other. And now I hate him more. I ran into this girl at a bar in town. She was 19, and in college. Hottest fucking girl in the bar. I chat her up, we flirt, make out a bit, and she gives me her number. I call two days later and ask her to go out. She says she can’t. She met someone last night and she’s still at his house. Who do I see pop up on Facebook with her? This fucking asshole.

I was traveling for business this 20 year old gal @truesexconfessionswithpics

I was traveling for business. This 20 year old gal was going on vacation with her boyfriend, a broad-chested meathead with a chinstrap beard. I noticed her in the terminal posing for her boyfriend (this pose took about 20 shots, and I managed to get one without her noticing). Watched her walk away. Great ass, even in sweats. I thought that was all I would see of them….

Instead, they’re sitting right behind me. And I can hear everything they say. I learn:

-she’s 20, trying to be a dancer, but ultimately unemployed

-he’s 36, a personal trainer, divorced with two kids

-she’s never joined the mile high club. He has multiple times. She’s jealous and wants to join. Problem is the plane is pretty small, bathrooms even smaller. He’s over 6′4.

-a few minutes after takeoff, silence, and she is giggling and squirming a bit. I can almost see from reflection in window that he has his hands in her crotch (she’s holding a sweater over it, but it’s obvious what is happening). Silence before she tries her best to resist a little moan of pleasure.

-she says ‘your turn?’ and again silence, and it seems like she’s trying to excite him, but I suppose it seems less subtle so they quickly stop. She begs him to go to bathroom with him, but we’re already most of the way there (one hour flight).  She protests then relents.

-she asks him if they can go right to the hotel and if he can do that thing he did last week.

-they talk about her friend Shae, who had a foursome last night, all three others were guys.

-he mentions about how he has had a threesome with two women before and she gets a bit jealous. He asks her if she’s had a threesome but she doesn’t answer.

-we land.

-I go to the bathroom in the terminal. I see four legs. Pink sweatpants at ankles. Walk by to try to get a little glimpse between the minimal cracks. Go to a stall towards the end and jerk off to their sounds.

-they finish and sneak out. I see them at baggage claim. Could swear there’s a cum stain on his shirt.

Doing the wifey @truesexconfessionswithpics

Doing the wifey!!

My baby claudia this girl is the bomb cuban born @truesexconfessionswithpics

My Baby Claudia, this girl is the bomb. Cuban born slut. Met her at a club, damn she was fine! Hooked up on the dance floor and she let me finger her a bit. Next day, she texts me to fuck, bone her for 4 hours straight (new personnal record, awww yeahh). Then, not a peep. Apparently, she does that every week, with a different guy. God bless!

When you get a booty call picture message that @truesexconfessionswithpics

When you get a booty call picture message that looks like this, you never say no.

My 63 year old uncle whos a multi millionaire @truesexconfessionswithpics

my 63 year old uncle (whos a multi-millionaire) was really excited to introduce us to his new fiance -to be his fourth wife. this is her body. shes 35 and im pretty sure made entirely of plastic. i didnt show her face but it has had a ton of work.

the crazy part is i thought she was so fucking hot. i don’t know why. i’m an ok looking guy. not the type that girls throw them selves to but i do okay. anyways my uncle hosts this party at his mansion and everyone meets her and its so hard to say anything because shes kind of this gigantic-boobed bimbo. i do my best not to stare. my sister and mom are repulsed. 

for a while i kept looking at her. and i think she noticed me doing that because she came over to me and started talking with me. i could have sworn she was flirting with me. she touched my arm a few times and smiled a lot. but it was my uncles fiance.

near the end of the night she found me and asked me for help carrying stuff inside. she led me to the basement to put away a tray or something. i was holding it at waist height to hide my boner. i think she figured it out though. when i put it down she totally saw my boner in my pants. she smiled at me though and walked to me. i stood back a bit but she came to me and grabbed me by the belt. she ran her hands over my erection and smiled. she said something about the fact that she was flattered. she undid my pants and took out my cock. i’ve never been in a situation like this but it was intense. and great. she kneeled down and blew me better than i had ever been blown before. i came in no time. she stood up, licked her lips and said ‘just never call me aunt’. and went back upstairs.

This here is fab shes an ex gf of mine and @truesexconfessionswithpics

This here is Fab.  She’s an ex gf of mine and probably the biggest whore I’ve ever met. Sucking, fucking, group sex, threesome, swallowing, anal, facial, Dp. she does it all. Had a blast with her, but caught her cheating (obviously). I legit caught her sucking a guys dick and right when I caught her, the guy came and she swallowed everything before speaking to me. Since our time together, I’Ve heard some crazy shit about her, group sex and threesome-ish. I even heard that she fucked two guys for a gramm of weed. God bless!

This is my dads 19 year old fiancee my dad who @truesexconfessionswithpics

This is my dad’s 19 year old fiancee. My dad, who at 14 became a father with a 17 year old girl. My dad, who gained custody of me when I was 5 when my mom’s parents got into some kind of trouble with the law and left the state. My dad, who can literally charm the pants off of any girl. My dad, who had a different girl wake up on Saturday mornings. My dad, who told me when I was little that he played a game in his bedroom with these girls that involved a lot of shouting. My dad, whose confidence and good looks I seemed to have missed. My dad, who, when I was 14, got some girl he slept with to have sex with me after (I did because she was hot and I was 14, but it was still weird). My dad, who very obviously started dating this girl because he saw her when he dropped me off for school and noticed how short her skirt was (she was a senior at the time). My dad, who had a sixth sense for knowing that she was a huge slut. My dad, who obviously was fucking her in the car but didn’t bring her over until she turned 18. My dad, who proposed to her six months after she graduated high school. My dad, who asked if I wanted to call her mom even though she’s only three years older than me. My dad, who gave me a lot more detail about how she is in bed than I would want to know. My dad.

A few years ago these three girls were roommates @truesexconfessionswithpics

a few years ago these three girls were roommates in an all girls off campus house. i think there were 6 or 7 roommates. i had a college class with the girl on the right, but we weren’t too close. to be honest i kind of became friends with her to get to know her friend, the girl on the left with the huge boobs. 

anyways one night i get a text from them sort of late on a weeknight asking if i can come over. i have never been over to her house before but i figure why not. i know she lives with the busty girl. i come over and there are these three girls plus one other, and their piss drunk and laughing. they said that i won. when i asked they sat me down and said that they texted a bunch of ‘cute’ guys and i was the first one to respond that i was coming over. when i heard cute i had a good feeling. then they talked about blowjobs and were discussing whether giving more of them would make someone better. my friend had only given blowjobs to three different guys but gave them each many while dating. another girl, not pictured, said she gave blowjobs to about 20 even though she’s only had sex with 2 guys. and then busty girl says that she has only given three blowjobs in her life, which her friends don’t believe because they say she has a lot of sex. she says that she does have a lot of sex, just doesn’t always need to blow them.

all of this to say that they wanted to know who was best. and i won. so they took turns blowing me for like a minute or two, then would wipe off the spit and the next one would go. they were all good, which is to say that any girl sucking your cock feels good. but busty girl went last, and she was wearing a tanktop and when she bent over i could see so much cleavage that it barely took her twenty seconds before i came. busty girl declared herself the winner even though the other girls protested.

in a moment that was unusually bold for me, i said, i think i know what your prize is. she asked what, and then i brought her to her bedroom. in no time i was hard again and our clothes were coming off. her boobs were so amazing. so so huge. i went down on her and then we had sex, and then she passed out. i decided not to stay so i got dressed and left her room. on the way out, two of the girls were still there. one of them said 'it was the boobs. every time we go anywhere all the guys like her best because of her boobs.’ which, quite frankly, was absolutely true.