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My wife and I play around with the Cuckolding thing. She has a Boyfriend that she loves to fuck. We would like to find some one new, closer, and more often for her. I'll be posting things that I find sexy, and in some cases I just find cool! This blog contains material of an adult nature. By viewing or following you acknowledge your desire to view such content and verify that you are of legal age. If you do not wish to view adult content or are not of legal age, then please do not follow this blog. - Turtle Cuck (@turtlecuck)
Sissyfagamanda shes meeting the whitebois @turtlecuck


she’s meeting the whitebois parents today, she’ll be giving her white pathetic bf a nice deep kiss full of Holy Black Cum! im so jealous

Krismaur splendida michelle ferrari @turtlecuck


Splendida Michelle Ferrari

Juliehen @turtlecuck



Hotfunin61 havin fun @turtlecuck


Havin fun !!!!


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