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Just my twisted thoughts @twistedthoughtsofmine

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Warning: Adult Content (NSFW) I'm a guy in my late thirties. If thinking dirty is a crime, i'm as dangerous as a serial killer. - Just my twisted thoughts (@twistedthoughtsofmine)
Your hubby is too soft to manhandle a girl like @twistedthoughtsofmine

Your hubby is too soft to manhandle a girl like you, huh? You already loved my dick in your ass, huh girlie? 

She was committed to bryan and never did anything @twistedthoughtsofmine

She was committed to Bryan and never did anything she couldn’t explain him…Well…Until she went that fancy studio for casting for fashion modeling job. She didn’t leave there before Randy the photographer drained his last drop of cum in her trophy ass… 5 hours and 38 minutes long brand new video that included a gorgeous young woman seduced and taken roughly by a twisted minded and talented bastard, Randy put into his huge personel collection … And she couldn’t get the job.

I did not delay my mortgage payments she did @twistedthoughtsofmine

I did not delay my mortgage payments, she did… When I went her home as a mortgage collector, she begged me for an extension…Then I showed her a way…If this is wrong, yeah I’m guilty… But that engaged fuckin’ ass was worth everything!

Pleasemy boyfriend is out there i just cant @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Please…My boyfriend is out there I just can’t” she whimpered but barely stopped me having my way.

Taking the inner slut out of this innocent looking @twistedthoughtsofmine

Taking the inner slut out of this innocent looking town whore took me 2 hours… That’s why it took 4 hours to take my frustration out on her and become an anger-free man again.

Karen was bullied by nick in the restroom of the @twistedthoughtsofmine

Karen was bullied by Nick in the restroom of the hotel and her never-used married ass was taken care of by him tonight. She hated that she had to give in to that motherfucker who didn’t even listen any of her pleas… But she admiited herself when she got back to her husband that…She liked it in the ass.

Your juicy cunt likes me already huh fuckin @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Your juicy cunt likes me already, huh fuckin’ bitch? You’ll like it even more when Gale introduce you with his big hard cock…GALE…YOU CAN COME…BITCH IS MORE THAN READY!”

She was reluctant at first but after finding out @twistedthoughtsofmine

She was reluctant at first… But after finding out the excitement and pleasure in it, she became Matt’s cock-slut…And served him anyway he desired and whenever he demanded.

He saw her through that night at the restaurant @twistedthoughtsofmine

He saw her through that night at the restaurant where she was with her fiance to discuss upcoming wedding ceremony… Waited patiently and followed her to the restroom when opportunity came along… Then…

Her fiance looked at her face like he knew there was something that different than before she went to the restroom… Couldn’t find… Also couldn’t have an answer what it was back there that took 20 minutes!…She wanted to call it a night…And they left.

Connie challenged her friends that she can date @twistedthoughtsofmine

Connie challenged her friends that she can date with Sean and return home giving him a kiss on the cheek. They laughed their ass off since Sean was known to have a certain influence on girls and not even one of them could remember a girl who dated with him and didn’t enter his bed. Challenge was readily accepted. She went to the date. But she didn’t come back home that night… When she did the next evening, she seemed like she wasn’t on her right mind. She said she didn’t want to talk about it right now, leaving questions unanswered, entered home, and shut the door behind them. If only they knew how sore her overused body was… If only they knew… How deep he took her with his big shaft…And how many times she was forced to scream and moan “I’m your bitch!”…For Sean to let her cum once again.

Roger had a talent of spotting a submissive woman @twistedthoughtsofmine

Roger had a talent of spotting a submissive woman the second he saw her and also had a skill of giving her what she craved for deeply… After he dragged her into an hotel room, not listening her protests about her husband waiting for her and fucked her like the dirtiest whore in town and overpowered her in every imaginable way, Kayla couldn’t decide… Whether she was the victim of the night…Or the lucky girl who voluntarily and readily submitted to Roger that long night.

Ralph was a man who knew what he wanted and who @twistedthoughtsofmine

Ralph was a man who knew what he wanted… And who didn’t have any intention of asking for it… Isabella was no exception… Hearing her screaming and moaning with his big shaft burried in her married cunt was just…Priceless.

Mike was known for treating girls like a queen @twistedthoughtsofmine

Mike was known for treating girls like a queen… They were the center of the universe as long as Mike accompanied them… Until he stayed alone with them… And took the dirtiest sluts out of them. Sheila was one of that queens. And witnessing that pretty queen turning into a cock-craving whore was an exceptional journey.

Julia had some gambling issuesher colleague jim @twistedthoughtsofmine

Julia had some gambling issues,her colleague Jim knew that. But Julia didn’t know that Jim was after his gorgeous body for 6 months…And didn’t know…How devious and manipulative he could be when a cunt like that involved.

Paul didnt want to think about his girlfriend @twistedthoughtsofmine

Paul didn’t want to think about his girlfriend Thea since she had volunteered to go to landlord Mr.Hunt to explain they need some extra time to pay the last 3 months rent upstairs 30 minutes earlier. It was when it occured to him that it was a big mistake to send her there that he heard thumping bed like noises…Then a screaming woman like noise…Then it mixed with her whimpers and moans…Which came familiar to him somehow.

At first she was reluctant telling me tons of @twistedthoughtsofmine

At first she was reluctant, telling me tons of excuses almost all of which was involved with her boyfriend…Her loser fuckin’ bf…She was begging me for more before I rode her home.

Heather was a shy office girl with a fiance who @twistedthoughtsofmine

Heather was a shy office girl with a fiance who didn’t know her value when I met her. I admire her intellect. But ofcourse that didn’t avoid Me making her pretty mouth and 2 other holes admire My cock.

Its always like thatthey dont even know that @twistedthoughtsofmine

It’s always like that…They don’t even know that they just want to be told, until I get into their life. I looked through Lauren’s eyes while telling her I was gonna make her my fuck toy and there is nothing she could do about it. I liked the way her eyes told me everything I needed to know after my words: despair and lust. She was already mine before I took my cock out of my pants. 

She came to the agency presented herself told @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to the agency, presented herself, told about her life and fantasies, made it clear that naked photos was the only thing she could do, got photographed… Then… His voice got involved… Then his attitude towards her that doesn’t accept no for an answer… Then his fingers… Then… He fucked the shit out of her…Then sent her taken mind and sore body to her boyfriend…No big deal.

This is the way that award winning ass of yours @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is the way that award-winning ass of yours should be taken… Do you understand me little whore?

She wanted to be graduatedthats why she needed @twistedthoughtsofmine

She wanted to be graduated…That’s why she needed me…That’s why I fucked her in the classroom she never even tried to listen me… That’s why she knows the difference between having sex and fucking now…That’s why…I own her body.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease not from thereive @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Pleeeeeeeeeeease not from there…I’ve never…AAAAAARGH!!” Her screams mixed with her moans while I ruined her married ass in the very hotel room I invited her to discuss her future in the fashion industry.

After bruce stretched her cunt with his huge cock @twistedthoughtsofmine

After Bruce stretched her cunt with his huge cock so wide, her husband’s dick in her never felt the way it did at the first months of their marriage.

She came to me to be a calendar girl who was @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to me to be a calendar girl who was uncomfortable even posing with underwear since her boyfirend is a very jealous guy…After 3 hours…She left my studio as my whore.

I can admit that i push her to the limits @twistedthoughtsofmine

I can admit that I push her to the limits sometimes, but just at the beginning. Later parts always come voluntarily.

Its just that my dick in her felt too good to @twistedthoughtsofmine

It’s just that, my dick in her felt too good to not moan and whimper, that’s all!

She came to me unhappy made me relieved then @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to me unhappy, made me relieved, then left my apartment happy. That is how her fiancé should view this incident. 

It was sean that she ran away from because he @twistedthoughtsofmine

It was Sean that she ran away from because he didn’t stop chasing her without even trying to hide it was her panties that he was trying to get into…And she knew what to expect if she gave in to that cunning bastard and let him do what he thought he was entitled to… But one day…Nina couldn’t run away…he didn’t let her…That eventful day…Sean made her his cock-whore all day long.

This is how we fuckn treat a pretty lady like you @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is how we fuck’n treat a pretty lady like you in this very fuck’n neighborhood girlie… Hubby doesn’t take you like a whore that you really are, huh? Yeah, I can see that here. My buddies are on the way… You’re gonna like it even more when all your fuck’n holes are stuffed at once!

This is where you belong to sam in the kitchen @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is where you belong to Sam… In the kitchen you cook for pimp fuck’n hubby… Down on your knees… My dick in your pretty fuck’n mouth. You’re gonna worth that dick, do you understand me girlie?

Is that deep enough to make you my whorehuh @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Is that deep enough to make you My whore…HUH?!!” He hissed at her furiously…It wasn’t even a question. She nodded like hundred times but couldn’t stop him ruining her married cunt…Until the sun came up.

Everyoneincluding her husband treated emma nice @twistedthoughtsofmine

Everyone…Including her husband treated Emma nice… Her new colleague Bruce didn’t…  He was too self-confident and too arrogant to be nice with her…  

Hubby felt himself lucky to get a blowjob once from her when she was tipsy and felt hot one night about a year ago.

For Bruce… After a couple of attempts, he convinced her to go to a hotel room, where every fuckin’ hole of Emma including her trophy ass was destroyed. But it was not enough…He was gonna make a fucktoy out of her… Gonna make her beg for his cock. 

After 3 sessions he dominated her mentally and sexually…He did.

Motherfuckers spotted hermet her at a social @twistedthoughtsofmine

Motherfuckers spotted her…Met her at a social event…Made her comfortable and confident by complimenting her while making some sutble advances, just like gentlemen do. She was flattered…Two days later they came to her house, telling her they were just passing by and they just wanted to meet her husband to tell how lucky he really was to have such a lovely wife…Since he wasn’t at home…They entered….While waiting him, they began to talk about things, life, people, bla bla…Then subject came up to the way sexuality matters in a relationship…Then, when they noticed that she was ready, they made move…This time not like a real gentlemen! That day…Hubby didn’t come home until early hours of the night…. And motherfuckers made hell of a fucktoy out of her all day long.

Aimee always resists to my attempts murmurs about @twistedthoughtsofmine

Aimee always resists to my attempts, murmurs about how it is wrong since her husband is there waiting for her… Until my throbbing cock touches her wanton silk-like pussy. Then, she’s all mine to take however I want to.

Misty went to the massage center in the @twistedthoughtsofmine

Misty went to the massage center in the neighborhood after a stressful day. It was that cunning man, who owned the place, who told her he was the best massage therapist there, that she was lucky to have him massage her. It was 2 hours later when she got the full treatmant from him, and on her way back to her oblivious hubby … Regretful… Sore…But relieved as she had never been.

Sienna was used to be complimented about her @twistedthoughtsofmine

Sienna was used to be complimented about her looks…But not to be used like a fresh meat. After that day, she comes to me more often.

That is what i like the most in her whatever she @twistedthoughtsofmine

That is what I like the most in her… Whatever she thinks or feels… Once I bend her over and slide my dick in…All is gone…My dick becomes to center of the universe…And she becomes…My toy.

It was an opportunity of a life time mandy needed @twistedthoughtsofmine

It was an opportunity of a life time. Mandy needed my testimonial to get her husband out of jail… He wasn’t even slightly guilty but only unlucky to be in wrong place at wrong time. And I didn’t even think slightly…To take advantage of her gorgeous body…All fuckin’ day.

Alexa knew that it was almost impossible to reason @twistedthoughtsofmine

Alexa knew that it was almost impossible to reason with a man like that. She tried anyway… Pleaded with him not to make her do that ‘cause it was wrong since she was a married woman. All in vain… 15 seconds later, she was on her knees, her face getting fucked by his big cock. He had balls, and she knew it wasn’t gonna take too long for him to destroy her cunt too. He was gonna make her his whore and there was no way she could stop that. She tried to hide the unwanted excitement and lust that passing through her veins like a poison from him… But she couldn’t. That afternoon, he ruined her married cunt again and again.

So called good girls are the more twisted ones @twistedthoughtsofmine

So called “Good girls” are the more twisted ones compared to bad girls in the most cases. Amy was one of them. That was why it didn’t take more than 1 hour for Ray to slam her award-winning-married ass like it was the last hole he was gonna invade in his sleazy van.

Susan was so called a softhearted nice girl who @twistedthoughtsofmine

Susan was so-called a softhearted nice girl who aimed to be a famous photo model one day. Nathan was the owner of a casting agency who had an ability to see through women. That eventful afternoon, he saw the real Susan in her voice and in her eyes…And gave her what she really needed… All day long.

Marla wasnt that successful vice manager at the @twistedthoughtsofmine

 Marla wasn’t that successful vice manager at the office, or that great cook, great mom and wife at home…She was just a great body to be savoured to the last drop and 3 holes to be used for that bully she met at the club she went with her girl friends for fun 3 hours ago.

I saw that look in her eyes that screams out @twistedthoughtsofmine

I saw that look in her eyes, that screams out loud… She was so in need to be taken by a man who knew how to treat a woman like her. All I needed to do was holding her hair tight, dragging her, and taking my frustration out on her.

Pleasetom pleeeeeaseaeeeeeeeei she was @twistedthoughtsofmine

Please…..Tom pleeeeease…Aeeeeeeeei!! She was yelling. She couldn’t believe how Tom the photographer talked her into such a wrong thing and triggered something in her that started building an orgasm she wasn’t able to stop. She was screaming him to stop but her knees were pushing her thighs into his giant shaft relentlessly like she was born for him to destroy her. The last thing she remembered him saying was “In seconds girlie, I’m gonna put my baby into your married fuckin’ womb as a gift to your pimp fuckin’ husband…Nice gift, huh?!!” Then he came in her, holding her hair tight, screaming, while Mary got the best orgasm so far… On the way home, After Tom planted his seed into her fertile womb 3 times again that day, she was worried that she was knocked up by a man she hardly knew…She was more beautiful than she was 4 hours earlier… Her skin was shinier…And Tom’s seed was still running down her thighs through her panties.

Contrary to her husbands point of view nancys @twistedthoughtsofmine

Contrary to her husband’s point of view, Nancy’s body was made for me to use her like a fuck toy she really was. Shame on him he couldn’t see her the way I do!

Obedience is not something you know by instincts @twistedthoughtsofmine

Obedience is not something you know by instincts girlie…It needs to be learned… I’ll teach you to give in to your desires… I’ll teach you to succumb to My demands girlie… You’re already Mine, do you see?

Max was famous with convincing girls into @twistedthoughtsofmine

Max was famous with convincing girls into something they would never do in their right mind. Sheila was no exception…And the problem was… With him… It was too hard to stay in her right mind she noticed after he fucked her senseless for hours…Including her so far virgin ass.

Unlike her boyfriend mr farrell was not a man to @twistedthoughtsofmine

Unlike her boyfriend, Mr. Farrell was not a man to be teased Debra realised after the class.

She said her fiancé was waiting for her inside at @twistedthoughtsofmine

She said her fiancé was waiting for her inside at the bar and it was impossible to come with me. I said it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes that there was a place I really wanted her to see. 

It was 3 hours later when I took her to her fiancé back… One of the most exhausting and the most delicious 3 fuckin’ hours.

Ben is nicoles beloved husband he loves her @twistedthoughtsofmine

Ben is Nicole’s beloved husband… He loves her, respects her and takes care of her whenever she needs. He’s known to be humble, patient, compassionate, generous, a real gentleman, good listener and a good father.

On the other hand, Rick is completely opposite of Ben: Doesn’t respect anything at all! Doesn’t have ability to love someone other than himself, selfish, arrogant, rude, unpredictable, challenging, ambitious, passionate. He’s known to not accept no as an answer.

So, who do you think fuckin’ the shit out of Nicole in a fuckin’ van she hasn’t known until today like she was born to be his whore?