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Just my twisted thoughts @twistedthoughtsofmine

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Warning: Adult Content (NSFW) I'm a guy in my late thirties. If thinking dirty is a crime, i'm as dangerous as a serial killer. - Just my twisted thoughts (@twistedthoughtsofmine)
Julia had some gambling issues her colleague jim @twistedthoughtsofmine

Julia had some gambling issues,her colleague Jim knew that. But Julia didn’t know that Jim was after his gorgeous body for 6 months…And didn’t know…How devious and manipulative he could be when a cunt like that involved.

Paul didnt want to think about his girlfriend @twistedthoughtsofmine

Paul didn’t want to think about his girlfriend Thea since she had volunteered to go to landlord Mr.Hunt to explain they need some extra time to pay the last 3 months rent upstairs 30 minutes earlier. It was when it occured to him that it was a big mistake to send her there that he heard thumping bed like noises…Then a screaming woman like noise…Then it mixed with her whimpers and moans…Which came familiar to him somehow.

At first she was reluctant telling me tons of @twistedthoughtsofmine

At first she was reluctant, telling me tons of excuses almost all of which was involved with her boyfriend…Her loser fuckin’ bf…She was begging me for more before I rode her home.

Heather was a shy office girl with a fiance who @twistedthoughtsofmine

Heather was a shy office girl with a fiance who didn’t know her value when I met her. I admire her intellect. But ofcourse that didn’t avoid Me making her pretty mouth and 2 other holes admire My cock.

Its always like that they dont even know that @twistedthoughtsofmine

It’s always like that…They don’t even know that they just want to be told, until I get into their life. I looked through Lauren’s eyes while telling her I was gonna make her my fuck toy and there is nothing she could do about it. I liked the way her eyes told me everything I needed to know after my words: despair and lust. She was already mine before I took my cock out of my pants. 

She came to the agency presented herself told @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to the agency, presented herself, told about her life and fantasies, made it clear that naked photos was the only thing she could do, got photographed… Then… His voice got involved… Then his attitude towards her that doesn’t accept no for an answer… Then his fingers… Then… He fucked the shit out of her…Then sent her taken mind and sore body to her boyfriend…No big deal.

This is the way that award winning ass of yours @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is the way that award-winning ass of yours should be taken… Do you understand me little whore?

She wanted to be graduated thats why she needed @twistedthoughtsofmine

She wanted to be graduated…That’s why she needed me…That’s why I fucked her in the classroom she never even tried to listen me… That’s why she knows the difference between having sex and fucking now…That’s why…I own her body.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease not from there ive @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Pleeeeeeeeeeease not from there…I’ve never…AAAAAARGH!!” Her screams mixed with her moans while I ruined her married ass in the very hotel room I invited her to discuss her future in the fashion industry.

After bruce stretched her cunt with his huge cock @twistedthoughtsofmine

After Bruce stretched her cunt with his huge cock so wide, her husband’s dick in her never felt the way it did at the first months of their marriage.

She came to me to be a calendar girl who was @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to me to be a calendar girl who was uncomfortable even posing with underwear since her boyfirend is a very jealous guy…After 3 hours…She left my studio as my whore.

I can admit that i push her to the limits @twistedthoughtsofmine

I can admit that I push her to the limits sometimes, but just at the beginning. Later parts always come voluntarily.

Its just that my dick in her felt too good to @twistedthoughtsofmine

It’s just that, my dick in her felt too good to not moan and whimper, that’s all!

She came to me unhappy made me relieved then @twistedthoughtsofmine

She came to me unhappy, made me relieved, then left my apartment happy. That is how her fiancé should view this incident. 

It was sean that she ran away from because he @twistedthoughtsofmine

It was Sean that she ran away from because he didn’t stop chasing her without even trying to hide it was her panties that he was trying to get into…And she knew what to expect if she gave in to that cunning bastard and let him do what he thought he was entitled to… But one day…Nina couldn’t run away…he didn’t let her…That eventful day…Sean made her his cock-whore all day long.

This is how we fuckn treat a pretty lady like you @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is how we fuck’n treat a pretty lady like you in this very fuck’n neighborhood girlie… Hubby doesn’t take you like a whore that you really are, huh? Yeah, I can see that here. My buddies are on the way… You’re gonna like it even more when all your fuck’n holes are stuffed at once!

This is where you belong to sam in the kitchen @twistedthoughtsofmine

This is where you belong to Sam… In the kitchen you cook for pimp fuck’n hubby… Down on your knees… My dick in your pretty fuck’n mouth. You’re gonna worth that dick, do you understand me girlie?

Is that deep enough to make you my whore huh @twistedthoughtsofmine

“Is that deep enough to make you My whore…HUH?!!” He hissed at her furiously…It wasn’t even a question. She nodded like hundred times but couldn’t stop him ruining her married cunt…Until the sun came up.

Everyone including her husband treated emma nice @twistedthoughtsofmine

Everyone…Including her husband treated Emma nice… Her new colleague Bruce didn’t…  He was too self-confident and too arrogant to be nice with her…  

Hubby felt himself lucky to get a blowjob once from her when she was tipsy and felt hot one night about a year ago.

For Bruce… After a couple of attempts, he convinced her to go to a hotel room, where every fuckin’ hole of Emma including her trophy ass was destroyed. But it was not enough…He was gonna make a fucktoy out of her… Gonna make her beg for his cock. 

After 3 sessions he dominated her mentally and sexually…He did.

Motherfuckers spotted her met her at a social @twistedthoughtsofmine

Motherfuckers spotted her…Met her at a social event…Made her comfortable and confident by complimenting her while making some sutble advances, just like gentlemen do. She was flattered…Two days later they came to her house, telling her they were just passing by and they just wanted to meet her husband to tell how lucky he really was to have such a lovely wife…Since he wasn’t at home…They entered….While waiting him, they began to talk about things, life, people, bla bla…Then subject came up to the way sexuality matters in a relationship…Then, when they noticed that she was ready, they made move…This time not like a real gentlemen! That day…Hubby didn’t come home until early hours of the night…. And motherfuckers made hell of a fucktoy out of her all day long.