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- U by Kotex® (@ubykotex)
Holy hollstein you can enter to inspire the @ubykotex

Holy Hollstein! You can enter to inspire the design of a limited edition Carmilla U by Kotex® box of Click® tampons. Download the template and peep the full rules here.

Who knew uncomfy could look so cute create your @ubykotex

Who knew uncomfy could look so cute?! Create your own #bringcomfyback photo right here.

Buckle up creampuffs were bringing you carmilla @ubykotex

Buckle up, Creampuffs. We’re bringing you Carmilla Season 0! Peep the teaser and use #CarmillaZero on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Insta to guess what happens. Lotsa prizes lie ahead!

Theo literally stabbed danny in the back and we @ubykotex

Theo literally stabbed Danny in the back, and we couldn’t be more devastated!

Because picking just one pattern is too much work @ubykotex

Because picking just ONE pattern is too much work. Especially today. Because it’s Monday and we’re PMSing.

Hands up if perry is totally freaking you out @ubykotex

Hands up if Perry is totally freaking you out right now! Buckle up Creampuffs and brace yourselves for the final two episodes of Season two!

Hey canadian creampuffs its your last chance to @ubykotex

Hey Canadian Creampuffs! It’s your LAST chance to go to the Carmilla Season 2 finale tomorrow! The first 50 people in line with U by Kotex® product will get mad access!

(Open to Canadian residents only.)

Lets not be sad that its fall because omg weve @ubykotex

Let’s not be sad that it’s fall because OMG we’ve got PMS and a PSL.


Ah its the last day to enter to win tickets to @ubykotex

Ah! It’s the last day to enter to win tickets to the Carmilla Season 2 finale VIP Viewing party! Enter right now, would ya!? There’s totes a meet-and-greet with the cast! (Open to Canadian residents only.)

We love kirsch and all but should we be trusting @ubykotex

We love Kirsch and all, but should we be trusting him with battle tactics? See you next Tuesgay to see how it all plays out!

We think sleek tampons are whats up because the @ubykotex

We think Sleek® tampons are what’s up because the dark colors look fly with super cute and classic black ensembles.

Make an uncomfy face or 3 and be automatically @ubykotex

Make an uncomfy face (or 3) and be automatically entered to win some bomb prizes. (Ex. Urban Outfitters gift card, a GoPro Hero White, U by Kotex®)  A new winner will be chosen every month! AND up the LOL factor for a chance to win the super grand prize. Enter the contest here:

Enter Now
Where are you watching the carmilla season 2 @ubykotex

Where are YOU watching the Carmilla Season 2 finale?! Enter now to #win tickets to a VIP Viewing party and MEET THE CAST, including Sophia Walker who will be making her first public appearance for Carmilla!!! Basically, Mattie will be there!!! (Open to Canadian residents only.)