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male sub, enjoying and sharing mostly esthetic photos related to bdsm - uncollared sub (@uncollared-m)
Why because she can because your mission is to @uncollared-m

Why? Because She can. Because your mission is to serve. But don’t be sad. She will be close to you and you have been dreaming of this. In a maybe different way. Fair enough?

Upgraded to a slave suite @uncollared-m

upgraded to a slave suite?

Sandalsandspankings rememberpunishment @uncollared-m


Remember…punishment spankings SHOULD be painful with no warm up spanking prior.

palms outside when cuffed ==> this will be serious.

Maintenance milking no pleasure just release @uncollared-m

maintenance milking. no pleasure. just release.

All time favourite hashtag guidance @uncollared-m

all-time favourite. hashtag ‘guidance’.

The list says 30 minutes for talking back i think @uncollared-m

The list says 30 minutes for talking back. I think another 30 minutes will help you not to forget so quickly. Did I already mention that there will be some extra twists every five minutes? I so much love your look and reaction, when the pain increases and you start squirming. I’ll make sure that you will remember this lesson.

Do you remember this from your life before those @uncollared-m

Do you remember this from your life before? Those were the days …

Say hello this is your new best friend @uncollared-m

say hello, this is your new best friend.

Natashasyn such a beautiful struggle i idly @uncollared-m


Such a beautiful struggle. I idly wonder if you have any idea how long you had been sealed away as I circle around your immobilized form. To be quite honest I don’t quite remember how long it has been myself. These things often take time. 

Did you think that your transformation was complete when the glossy shiny smooth darkness enveloped you? Oh no, my sweet. That was just the first step on your long pleasurable journey to rubberhusk thralldom. That was but an appetizer of what was and still is to come. 

When you first felt your mind silence as the slick oily blackness covered you, well that was just an initial numbing of a sort. A temporary flicking of your switch. Just enough to bring you back to where you belong. To lead you into what you will eventually (and affectionately) refer to as your cocoon. 

Yes. A cocoon. Right now you are but a larva. A worm. And in your cocoon you will be completed. Perfected. Judging by the way your body is writhing within its tight confines I can tell the process is already well upon its way. 

Can you feel me in there with you? Can you feel your Mistress seeping into every crevice of your mind and severing all of those wholly unnecessary synaptic connections? Can you feel your Mistress’s essence consuming you on the cellular and molecular level? Because that is what is happening right now. I am in you. I am all around you. Both metaphorically and literally. You are being consumed and subsumed by me. You are becoming nothing but a mental and physiological extension of me. You are becoming thrall. You are becoming rubberhusk.

I will be with you. I enjoy being close as the process runs its course. I will crawl atop you and let my body take pleasure in your helpless writhing. I will kiss and run my tongue along your sightless visage and coo sweet nothings to you while I grind myself upon your rapidly transforming figure. I may even indulge myself with your slavecock as it throbs and pulsates and leaks uncontrollably inside of the sealed cocoon. It is, after all, never too soon for a huskmale to be put to use for its Mistress.

Volunteering for the left hook @uncollared-m

*volunteering for the left hook*

When silence is golden must have gear great @uncollared-m

when silence is golden. must have gear, great collar. uncollared wants this.

Let the games begin @uncollared-m

Let the games begin.

I am nor sure but she seems to be a little @uncollared-m

I am nor sure, but She seems to be a little upset.

Femsupremacy svenslave this is the best way @uncollared-m



This is the best way to solve problems in your marriage!

100% agree!

Using the right device (this seems to be a quite cozy flogger) for maintenance purposes can even help avoiding problems at all.

Mistressnatalie intimacy is the one time when @uncollared-m


#intimacy is the one time when slaves like to have their no-personal space invaded

So true.

Perceptivedominance i just want to stare @uncollared-m


I just want to stare. Vulnerable and objectified, boy.

Then, I’ll plug in some music, grab a chair, and get to work on those round easels of Mine. Don’t move.

plug in music? ;-)

She has a plan as well as a backup whip in case @uncollared-m

She has a plan as well as a backup whip in case the first one will be used up. Not a good sign.

Talking back never is a good idea @uncollared-m

talking back never is a good idea.

Ok2beme ok big man lets see how you feel @uncollared-m


OK, big man; let’s see how you feel when I’m done with you tonight

no way out. just fuck meat.

This will hurt @uncollared-m

this will hurt.

Direction required @uncollared-m

direction required?

When you see this you know your time has come to @uncollared-m

when you see this, you know your time has come. to lower your head. far more than now.

Love the oh really look @uncollared-m

love the ‘oh really?’-look.

Cherishmyslave under his owners critical @uncollared-m


Under his Owner’s critical observation….always.



Exactly what one wants to see after a long flight @uncollared-m

Exactly what one wants to see after a long flight.

Uncollared says collared lucky @uncollared-m

uncollared says: collared. lucky.

Shadwickc her husband finally submitted like @uncollared-m


Her husband finally submitted, like all the other lovers she’d had before him.

Tip of the whip at the floor? Nose at the floor. So simple and convenient, if no words are necessary.

Securebondage never feel ashamed for needing @uncollared-m


Never feel ashamed for needing Her… Her guidance… Her care… Her wisdom… Her strength!
It is the natural order!

Perfect setup for contemplation measures and @uncollared-m

Perfect setup for contemplation measures and hours.

Chloesbeautifulmind beautifully tied slave and @uncollared-m


Beautifully tied Slave and his little gentleman 💋

Shes got your new clothes in just one hand @uncollared-m

She’s got your new clothes in just one hand.

Bimannpierced would like to have one of these @uncollared-m


would like to have one of these and wear it 24/7…

you say good bye, She says hello.

Contemplation time @uncollared-m

contemplation time.

Trust me it wont hurt in the beginning @uncollared-m

Trust me. It won’t hurt. In the beginning.

Missbelleblack shibartiste at @uncollared-m



At placedescordes, modeling for amaury-grisel-shibari’s photo class, tied by MayDosem. Photos by strictly-nawa-kitsune.


wow. this is so beautiful. where can i apply?

Dont run away ill be back @uncollared-m

don’t run away, I’ll be back …

Queen lucia malesubimagery ooohh yes @uncollared-m




Ooohh, yes, you will…. I promise you *smile*

desperately waiting for these magic words ….

Certainly painful position super effective love @uncollared-m

certainly painful position. super effective. love it.

Flrcoach this was his first solid week locked @uncollared-m


This was his first solid week locked in chastity and the results were amazing. Just like I’ve read. I’ve locked him up for short periods of time before, but this was our first trial period for extended lock up. We started on a Friday evening. The lock snapped shut at 8pm and the only key went around my neck, to be worn for the entire week. By Sunday night the effects began showing. Yes, there was some whining, begging, and general complaining. This was expected. When it got to be to much, I sternly told him to stop or we’d begin adding time. Those words did the the trick each time.

On Monday when he complained about the device pulling on his hairs, I removed it and trimmed most of his hair off, leaving only about ¼ inch. The device went back on right after the shaving. I loved the new “neater” look and thought to myself “this is how all small white cocks should look”. By Tuesday I began seeing a remarkable difference in his behavior and overall attitude. I came home from a long day at work and found all the household chores done. The vacuuming, the dishes, the dusting, almost everything.This was unheard of. It had only been 4 days and I was already loving the results. 

We spent the entire evening watching TV while he rubbed my feet. We ended the evening with him lapping my pussy for ½ hour and bringing me to multiple over the top orgasms. This was a turning point for me. If I had ever had any doubt that locking up his cock was the right decision, those doubts were gone. All the articles and stories I read were dead on. I was ecstatic and already began plotting how I would make this “trial period” a permanent arrangement. 

The rest of the week saw him submission deepen each and every day. On Wednesday he went to his underwear drawer and found all his boxers replaced with my own panties. With the confused look on his face I crept up behind him and reached around to cup his little locked cock in my hand, I whispered heavy in his ear:

“Honey, with your little cock neatly shaved and locked away, it looks so feminine, so I thought why not take the next step and keep you in panties for the rest of your trial period”

He hesitated only briefly before picking up beautiful green selection and stepping into them. My pussy immediately became moist. I don’t think I have ever been happier in our relationship. The road we were heading down was even better then I had fantasized. I turned him around and pulled out my phone to snap a picture. I wanted this moment saved for ever. He instinctively moved his hands in front of his crotch to cover his panty clad locked cock. In my new realm of female dominance I saw this as an act of disobedience that could not be tolerated. Without thinking I physically pushed him against the wall hard. The look on my face must have been pretty angry, because I recognized the fear in his eyes. I spoke firmly and deliberately:

“Listen to me you bitch! I own that cock and I own you. If you disrespect me like that again you’ll buy yourself another week in lock up. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry” was his only reply.

I slapped his face hard. “Don’t forget who is charge here!”, i said as i fondled the key that hung from around my neck.  I took the pics I wanted. 

He meekly nodded in agreement. The lack of fight he put up was telling. HIs submission to my verbal and physical attack was feeding my already growing feelings of power and dominance. My emotions were running high and it felt like another milestone moment in our journey towards a Female Led Relationship was unfolding right before me. 

I was caught in the moment. Already dressed for the office I quickly removed my pants and threw him on the bed. The events that had led up to this had my pussy sopping wet. I mean I had just slapped him in the face and called him a bitch, and he did nothing. 

I mounted his face and began grinding out an orgasm. He didn’t resist. I don’t think he could have if he wanted to. My thighs were clamped around his head and my pussy was ravaging his face. 

“You understand you’re my bitch now don’t you?”

“Yeth” all I could hear from under my hungry pussy. 

I lifted up for only a second: “What are you to me”

“I’m your bitch” Came his immediate answer.

Perfect I though to myself. I finished and quickly for dressed again and headed off for work. 

On my drive in I thought about the scene. First the humiliation he must have felt when I announced that he would be wearing women’s underwear from now on. Then the humbling emotion when I physically pushed him into the wall and slapped his face, before forcibly queening him. Then finally the pictures of his locked, shaved, and pantied cock. I imagine he feared what would happen with those? Who would I show them too? 

At this point I knew that this is what I wanted. I wanted this trial period too become a permanent lifestlye. We would both be happier, it would improve our relationship and deepen our love for each other. Studies have shown this to be true and my own experiences reinforced this.

On Friday I spent most of the day at work reading more articles and guides on building a loving Female Led Relationship. Saturday morning, the time we had designated for his release, was coming up and I really didn’t want this to end. Why would I? 

  • I hadn’t had to do any housework all week. My bitch did it all
  • I got waited on hand and foot at night
  • Foot rubs and worshipping every night
  • And all the oral sex a girl could handle.

It was perfect. If I unlocked him Saturday morning, I feared all the progress we made this week would be in vain, and we’d be starting at square one again. I just couldn’t allow that to happen. But I had given my word at the beginning that this would be a trial period. Of course I could just “Change my mind”, but what if I could make it his idea to continue?

Friday night is here and and my perfectly behaved caged man is at my side. All the housework done, pretty panties covering his weak little white dick. I’m wearing my tightest pajama bottom and stroking his cage, over the panties, and asking if he’s excited about it being removed tomorrow? Of course he is. I’m whispering in his ear how much I’ve enjoyed this week and how I feel we’ve made tremendous strides. His cock is straining against the cage. I tell him he can take of the panties. His cock is not dripping precum. I reach down and wipe a drop of with my finger. I raise my finger to his mouth and he obediently sucks it dry. 

I tell him to get on his knees while I remove my pajama bottoms. Constantly reminding him that tomorrow is his big day. I lay back down on the couch, and much like the past week, ask him if he’d like to eat my pussy. Of course the answer is an exuberant “YES”. He begins to approach, but I stop him. “Maybe you should have to wait?”

I turned over and guide head to within inches of my ass. I let my cheeks brush his face and his lips. “How would you like to worship my ass instead?”. 

“I’d really rather eat your pussy”

“That’s not an option tonight” I kept my tone friendly but decisive.

“If that’s my only choice then of course I want to worship your ass”

I should point out that in 4 years together, he has never properly worshipped my ass. I think most women who are not in a Female Led Relationship are missing out on this very pleasurable experience. Another reason to chastize your man and make him your bitch. 

I brought his face to withing an inch of my ass before stoppng.

 “If that’s your only choice? No, you have a much tougher choice to make now bitch. How bad do you want to worship this ass in your face?”

I was stroking his cage. Precum was furiously leaking out. I knew what the answer would be. He was in a frenzied state and would do or say anything. 

“Please let me lick your ass”, he begged

Here was the moment of truth: 

“Okay, I will let you do that, but in return you have to agree to go one more week in chastity. The choice is yours. You can say no and we’ll stop the teasing tonight and let you cum tomorrow as planned”

During this whole discussion his face was an inch from my ass. I felt each breath against my exposed cheeks. 

“I’m sorry honey. I know this is a tough decision. I know how badly you want to lick my asshole, but you also have been waiting to come tomorrow. You can only have one, what will it be?”

No immediate response. After a few seconds I said “You’ve got 10 seconds to decide”

HIs breath hastened. I began counting down. I got to five then I felt it. His lips on my asshole. Oh my god! I’m overwhelmed! A week ago there would be no chance of him ever eating my ass. Now he’s giving up an orgasm to do it!

You know what this means honey?

He murmured a yes as his tongue began exploring my ass. 

“Oh baby, I’m very happy with the decision you’ve made. Look at how far we came, and now we have another week to go. I love you my bitch”

I was triumphant. He truly was my bitch and we were on our way to a fulltime FLR. I was true to my word. He didn’t get the privilege of eating my pussy that night, but all efforts were directing at pleasing my previously neglected ass. How humiliating. How degrading. How truly loving. I lost track of time as I fell into and out of bliss. 

A locked man truly will do anything. 

Missmaepavlovia this is exactly where your face @uncollared-m


This is exactly where your face belongs and you know it. It’s not just something you know but something you love and crave.

Mistressgabriellebliss the humbler to put you @uncollared-m


The humbler to put you in your place as you deserve to kiss my toes

sooner or later he will learn to assume his position without the humbler. he will then be qualified for the next level.

Reward for following the your nose never above my @uncollared-m

reward for following the ‘your nose never above My heels’-rule.

Subforjw bound open altobagoo une @uncollared-m




une initiation à la douleur et à la soumission, comme il se doit…  ❤ 👸


(via TumbleOn)

great for contemplation time.

Id beg for option 2 @uncollared-m

I’d beg for option 2.

Mistress scarlet captions @uncollared-m


somebody seems to have learned what a proper position in the presence of a Woman is.

Have a break have a @uncollared-m

Have a break, have a …

Reduced to the max @uncollared-m

reduced to the max.

Your friendly wet dreams support team @uncollared-m

your friendly ‘wet dreams’ support team.

Will his nipples go to 11 @uncollared-m

will his nipples go to 11?

Cherishmyslave well dressed slave you will @uncollared-m


Well dressed slave.

you will be close. and still so far away.

Passion @uncollared-m


Fetishismosaka メタリックな鞭が好きです 色んな特殊な鞭が欲しくなるわ @uncollared-m




#bdsm #whip #legfetish #legworkship #shosefetish

this is a very convincing argument.

Silence will be golden @uncollared-m

silence will be golden.

Oh really @uncollared-m

oh really?

Well educated @uncollared-m


Hzqueen herprincesspet @uncollared-m


perfect, if palms were turned outside.

Obviously well educated @uncollared-m

obviously well-educated.

The parcel has just been delivered @uncollared-m

The parcel has just been delivered.

Shibartiste at placedescordes modeling for @uncollared-m


At placedescordes, modeling for amaury-grisel-shibari’s photo class, tied by May Dosem. Photos by Luc Heinrich.

fantastic ropework.

Simmer until i know ive reblogged this before @uncollared-m


I know I’ve reblogged this before, but I can’t get over how incredibly happy and proud she looks. ☺️

Mistr3ss l after wiggling around for a while @uncollared-m


After wiggling around for a while and struggling against your restraints you’ve finally come to terms the fact that you’re not going anywhere like this. You cant move a muscle, completely helpless and left to be a show for my guests. Begging and pleading hasn’t helped since your mouth is gagged, all that comes out is senseless mumbles. That fuck machine has been on for a while now and  Some of the guests found it entertaining to play around with the fuck machine speed setting just to see you wiggle and squirm. 

You just want to understand why i left you like that, when the reality is it’s simply entertaining to watch you pathetically suffer for me. 

quality time. contemplation time. time.

And your nose never above the upper end of my @uncollared-m

… and your nose never above the upper end of my heels.

The ultimate disruption of your wet dreams when @uncollared-m

the ultimate disruption of your wet dreams, when you realize that She is a skilled Mistress of the Whip.

So did you sleep well @uncollared-m

So, did you sleep well?

Goddess of what is mine xoxo want her @uncollared-m


Want her corset!

the lion sleeps tonight. but not the Tigresse.

Serious male bondage @uncollared-m


well, indeed serious. total deprivation.

Xrayeyesblue xrayeyesblue the new ck @uncollared-m



The new CK campaign?

Nipplesticks and clamps fierce @uncollared-m

nipplesticks and clamps? fierce.

Nose on the floor proper position @uncollared-m

nose on the floor? proper position.

I like the idea of using a chain or a rope as long @uncollared-m

i like the idea of using a chain or a rope as long as one has not yet earned a collar.

Smoking gun @uncollared-m

smoking gun.

Beautiful scene just the way his hands are tied @uncollared-m

beautiful scene. just the way his hands are ‘tied’ requires some improvement.

Body chain perfect match @uncollared-m

body, chain. perfect match.

Xrayeyesblue xrayeyesblue pegging is fun @uncollared-m



pegging is fun!

Cherishmyslave understand slave unless @uncollared-m


Understand slave?

… unless gagged.

Wait a minute he walks @uncollared-m

Wait a minute - he walks?

Release for cleaning and maintenance @uncollared-m

release for cleaning and maintenance.

Wow endless legs lots to do for an ambitious @uncollared-m

wow. endless legs. lots to do for an ambitious tongue.

Just another wet dream of most of us until we @uncollared-m

just another wet dream of most of us. until we find out that She can handle that whip.

Haha wet dream of most of us until we find out @uncollared-m

haha, wet dream of most of us. until we find out that She can handle that whip.

Puppet on a string @uncollared-m

puppet on a string.

Shes got that oh really look and she has @uncollared-m

She’s got that ‘oh really?’-look. And She has plans.

Proper positioning is key @uncollared-m

proper positioning is key.

That is all you will need to wear for the next 48 @uncollared-m

That is all you will need to wear for the next 48 hours.

Pink cuffs total degradation @uncollared-m

pink cuffs. total degradation.

Reduced to a piece of fuck meat @uncollared-m

reduced to a piece of fuck meat.

When no is not accepted as an answer @uncollared-m

when ‘No’ is not accepted as an answer.

A benchmark household @uncollared-m

a benchmark household.

Interesting position @uncollared-m

interesting position.

Mistressmg captainandhiskitten him3 ros @uncollared-m




Huh… This gives me terrrrrrrrible ideas 😏

Fanning myself…

Ohhhh…. I want one!!! ;)

a few hours on this bed and one will redefine ‘immobilization’

Xrayeyesblue xrayeyesblue he expected @uncollared-m



he expected something slightly different when he was told at the reception that he had been upgraded to a junior suite. he will soon stop wondering where his luggage could be.