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Uncut Aussie @uncutaussie

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Queensland, Australia 23yo Australian, Uncut, Bi guy. This blog is more geared towards my gay fantasies, but women will also appear. Some pics of me will appear, all other pictures/videos come from the internet, and I take no responsibility for ownership. If you own an image, and would like it taken down, please contact me. You should also kik me: uncutaussie90 ------- NSFW! This blog should only be viewed by persons over the age of 18. If you are not, please leave now. - Uncut Aussie (@uncutaussie)
Billgreesh fucking beauty @uncutaussie


Fucking beauty!

Hairypo oops not again boss @uncutaussie


Oops not again boss!

Boredomisfun you know those moments where you @uncutaussie


You know those moments where you wake up in the morning and have a real hankering to fuck someone?

Boredomisfun i said i would upload another so @uncutaussie


I said I would upload another, so here you go.

Boredomisfun its one of those days today where @uncutaussie


It’s one of those days today where I can’t decide what I want too do.

Boredomisfun horny at work nothing new @uncutaussie


Horny at work, nothing new.

Boredomisfun i may have not been able to resist @uncutaussie


I may have not been able to resist and took a picture… Or 4.

Boredomisfun i mean id fuck me but i may be @uncutaussie


I mean I’d fuck me… But I may be bias.

Boredomisfun cant remember last time i took @uncutaussie


Can’t remember last time I took nudes.

Boredomisfun someone is making me very hard @uncutaussie


Someone is making me very hard right now >.>

Boredomisfun rockin a semi also is it weird @uncutaussie


Rockin’ a semi. Also is it weird of me to say I really love my foreskin?

Boredomisfun i havent taken any new pictures @uncutaussie


I haven’t taken any new pictures so have theses from a week ago.

Boredomisfun annnnnd bonus picture @uncutaussie


Annnnnd bonus picture.

Boredomisfun my trip in america is nearly over @uncutaussie


My trip in America is nearly over. Flying back to Newark tomorrow and then home on Friday.

Boredomisfun lazy nude @uncutaussie


Lazy nude

Boredomisfun someone took some great pictures @uncutaussie


Someone took some great pictures of pre cum. I like these.