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Urethral Love: Girls Sounding, and fingering guys. @urethrallove

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The purpose of this blog is to explore Urethral Love; the insertion by females of medical sounds, other suitable objects, fingers, tongues and nipples into guys' urethra as sexual acts for pleasure and orgasm. Urethral Love can add an exciting and satisfying dimension to main stream heterosexual love with a little added naughtiness. Urethral Love can very pleasurable, painless and involve minimal risk with proper cleanliness, careful selection of instruments and a gentle hand. Done skillfully, it can result in unparalleled intense, automatic orgasm. The rules for posting here are clearly female hands performing Urethral Love on a male recipient. Showing Boobs/nipples, Pussies and Long Nails are pluses. Showing evidence of Ejaculation is a big plus. This blog is not intended for solo, gay, extreme or BDSM/CBT urethral play/cock stuffing as there are other Tumblr blogs featuring this. While there is a "femdom" element to this, its intent is to give men pleasure. - Urethral Love: Girls Sounding, and fingering guys. (@urethrallove)

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