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This is an adjunct to my regular blog: The Edge of Vanilla Do I really need one more blog? Probably not, but I enjoy looking at the pretty pictures, and so, I imagine, do you. This blog is Not Safe for Work . And if you're underage, then it's not safe for home, either. Please go elsewhere. Disclaimer : Like 90% of Tumblr, these are not my pictures; they are reposts of reposts of reposts. If you see something that belongs to you and would like it credited or removed, then please email and we'll get it straightened out. - The Edgier Vanilla (@vanillaedge)
Photosbyphelps no matter whati gotta keep the @vanillaedge


No matter what..I gotta keep the pads alive!!! Rayn @jupiter_rayne with her first shoot def had fun and relaxed..and of course you know the next shoot will be a jaw dropper. You know I gotta show off!!! #lifethrowscurves #lingerie #red #curves #bust #sexuality #humpday #photosbyphelps #chocolate #blackgirlsrock #nyc #dmv #baltimore #published Photos By Phelps
IG: @photosbyphelps
I make pretty people….Prettier.™ check my work out.. Curves and quality images!! Baltimore based.
Shapely or Thick models looking to get published then pose for Rybel Magazine
IG: @rybelmagazine

Miyata310 10 perfect things red hair @vanillaedge


10 perfect things: red hair

Mrwilliamwilde kimonover wildefire extra @vanillaedge


Kimono'ver…. #wildefire Extra Heat ! NOW ONLINE at WILLIAMWILDE.COM #williamwilde #latex #fashion #fabulous #glamour #style 📷: @cj_monk with @gracegraymua 💄: @kari_mua 💋

Devotedhorstiefm comtesse monique @vanillaedge


Comtesse Monique

Partialboner bettie page by irving klaw @vanillaedge


Bettie Page by Irving KLaw

Devotedhorstiefm ms morrigan hel @vanillaedge


Ms Morrigan Hel

Devotedhorstiefm domina alexandra snow @vanillaedge


Domina Alexandra Snow

Gameraboy red hot by candeecampbell model @vanillaedge


Red Hot by candeecampbell

Model: Candace Campbell