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I'm a self-made man who owes his lack of success to nobody - Veronox (@veronox)
Ridemyrubyrod breaking bad @veronox


Breaking Bad

Momfricker momfricker a guy added me on @veronox



a guy added me on steam to play +R, left after a few rounds of him getting stomped, and then posted this

I’m tempted to say “I bet you back up after you throw someone too”

Pat reminded me of this earlier today so I’m bringing it back so we can laugh at this guy again

Fr0fection five head steal his look fred @veronox



Steal his look: Fred the Fish

Gucci Leather straight-leg pant-$2,300

Hermes Collier de Chien leather belt-$2,325


Zellah7 bye @veronox



Talesof4chan int on canadians @veronox


/int/ on Canadians

Rhythmantics i contribute quality to every @veronox


i contribute quality to every fandom i touch

Sirlorence you looking for a fucking fight kid @veronox


You looking for a fucking fight kid? It ain’t too late to turn this pacifist route around yah little shit. 

Artsysnake look im sure im not the first @veronox


Look I’m sure I’m not the first person to consider a Monsters Inc. AU, but I’ve seen nobody else fueling this content so I’m just gonna dump this here

Ethernius guys its happening @veronox




Talesof4chan anon is seeing 2oolander @veronox


Anon is seeing 2oolander

Villyre i really love the stan twins and the @veronox


I really love the stan twins and the headcanon that Ford has a TON of scars so pointless comic for no reason (maybe one day I’ll learn how to draw them aha) also mabel’s approach to awkward relationships is still the best

/not stancest btw, just them being brothers who need to get make up before the show ends for the sake of my sanity

//remember to tag the appropiate triggers for that one panel please

Piranhartist some colored doodles to @veronox


Some colored doodles to celebrate getting done with finals :,P I started these a few days before having to get into my final projects and just now got to sit down n’ finish them <3

Monster’s inc is my favorite Pixar movie by FAR, and I wanted to do this crossover even if somewhere else another fan already did ;v;

Papyrus n’ Sans both have enough traits that they could fit well in either of the rolls, but I ultimately made Pap sully and Sans mike because of Pap’s passion for work contrasting Sans passion for comedy (and also the height difference xD) Plus, there’s a handful of other characters I imagine in this sort of AU that make more sense with Sans being mike than if Papyrus was

Wasn’t sure what lil Frisk would nickname Papy, but I went with ‘Snowy’ cause they’d probably think he n’ Sans were snowmen before thinking they were skeletons xD I dunno

Importantbirds he sits @veronox


he sits

Candyskies warchirf petepaintswarhammer @veronox






More facts

….maybe that’s why I listen to Skyrim and Mass Effect when I’m writing.

Just going to leave that there for anyone who needs it

this is true. whenever i study, write, or other university things, i always listened to game music, film musics and classical. (and maybe a playlist of adventure time and starwars). it makes me super focused!

More advice from a gamer and psych major. Make two playlists! One with the softer, more flowing music, like what you hear while traveling in a game. Name it “Field music.” This kind of music is supposed to just keep the flow as you travel in the game and it keeps pressure even.

Now take all the high-intensity battle music and make a playlist called “Boss Fight.” This music is supposed to make you feel just a bit desperate, but also empowered and badass. This is good for VERY CLOSE DEADLINES and “HOLY SHIT THREE PARAGRAPHS TO GO I GOT THIS.” It helps you get reenergized and gets you pumped to push through the last bit.

This is how I study and write papers.

For those of us who like lyrics, pick something NOT in the language you are writing in. When you’re writing in English and listening to English music it lowers your ability to write as well as you could because your brain is also interpreting the music.

Woodmeat suprchnk doo doo the clown spends @veronox



Doo Doo the Clown spends his days making people smile but what he saw while driving downtown Toronto on Sunday was no laughing matter.

It was just before 3 p.m. on Sunday when Doo Doo saw a man bounding down a pedestrian walkway onto Front Street who was acting strangely.

“He was out to get whoever he could,” Doo Doo said. “He was walking on cars and punching things.”

Doo Doo, dressed in full clown costume after just finishing a full day of work, decided to follow the man down Bathurst Street in his car and called 911.

When he was on the phone with police he noticed that two women were walking on Bathurst Street and the man was heading towards them.

The man then punched one of the women in the upper body as he walked by them and Doo Doo was there to rescue them after the random assault.

“Look out!” he yelled from his car. “Get in the car, get in the car!”

Doo Doo said the man turned around and started to chased them as they ran to his vehicle.

“That’s not clowning around,” he said.

As the women got into the vehicle, the man then banged and kicked at the outside of the vehicle.

“He held onto the mirror … jumped on it, ripped it off, threw it,” said Doo Doo.

The entire video was captured on dash cam video and handed over to authorities.

The suspect is currently in hospital and is undergoing a psychological evaluation.

Police said he is now in their custody and charges are pending.

Doo Doo, who has been working as a clown for 32 years and starred in Billy Madison, said he is a clown not a fighter.

“I could hand him a balloon,” he said.

#i’m livid he named himself doodoo

Cruisingwithgunhead lvlevelvl vollebaks @veronox



Vollebak’s Pink Hoodie Supposedly Calms You by Zipping Over Your Face

A new hoodie is designed to make athletes calm by turning everything in their view a very specific shade of pink.

(Also pictured is another piece from the collection, Condition Black, which utilizes a material called Ceraspace that is essentially flexible armor. Made of little pieces of ceramic, it can scar even rock.)

once came across that material for sale on a German performance fabric site and wondered what kind of hyper-arcane application it had

Redmiel headcanon gasters too precious to @veronox


Headcanon: Gaster’s too precious to prank.

Kkhoppang 0whaaaat @veronox



Anya thing when food from the cartoon disney @veronox


When food from the cartoon Disney became a reality!

1 Beignets

2  Ratatouille

3  The Cheese Soufflé

4  Mushu’s Breakfast

5  The Hi Dad Soup

6 Tony’s Spaghetti With Meatballs

7 The Magical Cookies

8 Kronk’s Spinach Puffs

9  Vanellope’s Cookie Medal for Ralph

10 The Yellow Snow Cones

Figglypuff when someone says they can kill you @veronox


When someone says they can kill you with their stand

Billcipherdidnothingwrong if i had to describe @veronox


if i had to describe fear in one image this would be it

Lemonschweetz this made me so happy never give @veronox


This made me so happy. Never give up and follow your dreams.

Deepfriedtwinkie mockingjaysource donald @veronox



Donald Sutherland wins Choice Movie Villain



Talesof4chan tv discusses vaders armor and its @veronox


/tv/ discusses Vader’s armor and its functions.

Asmilinggoddess and you know as mad as that @veronox


”and, you know, as mad as that made me as a little kid, in retrospect that is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life”

Slimetony to the bastard who keeps hitting me @veronox


To the bastard who keeps hitting me in the knees, with hammers, constantly, making them weak and feeble

Sandrabbullock muffinpines mattynerdock @veronox







I just watched the video and it’s full reply to the question “will robots take over the world?” is…

“Jeez, dude. You all have the big questions cooking today. But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you. So don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake. “

Did you kno battle is reportedly amazingly @veronox


Battle is (reportedly) “amazingly finicky on stupid things that don’t really achieve any government purpose. He’s implementing rules that are totally antiquated.”

  • Battle has rejected a beer label for the King of Hearts, which had a playing card image on it, because the heart implied that the beer would have a health benefit.
  • He rejected a beer called Pickled Santa because Santa’s eyes were too “googly” on the label, and labels cannot advertise the physical effects of alcohol. (A less googly-eyed Santa was later approved.)
  • He rejected a beer called Bad Elf because it featured an “Elf Warning,” suggesting that elves not operate toy-making machinery while drinking the ale. The label was not approved on the grounds that the warning was confusing to consumers.
  • He rejected a Danish beer label that featured a hamburger, which was turned down because the image implied there was a meat additive in the beer.
  • He rejected a beer that was marketed as an “India Dark Ale,” because it implied the beer was made in India (even though the label had a line with the words “Product of Denmark”).
  • He rejected a beer that called itself a “heart-warming ale,” because this supposedly involved a medical claim.

He also might reject your label if you address him as “Mr. Martin” instead of “Battle.”


Callmeshiny batman nolanverse ladies @veronox



Ladies & Gents, i present to you The BATMAN: The World’s Greatest Detective. 

He’s always been a man of mysterious ways.

Charmlessfish king hulk really enjoying this @veronox



really enjoying this anime so far 


Drcrygor so much art of gaster terrorizing @veronox


so much art of gaster terrorizing sans, papyrus wouldnt like that tho

Did you kno michael martin photographs @veronox


Michael Martin photographs locations on the English coast at both high and low tide to reveal the vast landscape differences the ocean causes every day.


Novaisprettyinpink theinturnetexplorer @veronox




crossbreeds are so cool

I will take 10 of each please

Josephsk that looks like a boer goat its @veronox


That looks like a boer goat. It’s raised for it’s meat, which is tender and delicious.
But don’t you go eating it!

(gif only)



Demdoodles snaptale au where everything is the @veronox


SNAPTALE: AU where everything is the same but Frisk has snapchat. 

more to follow, probably…

Demdoodles snaptale pt 2 frisk @veronox


SNAPTALE PT. 2 !!!!!! 

frisk continues their adventure down the snowy path… and meets some friends along the way :) 

Part 1 here 

Demdoodles snaptale part 3 frisk finds many @veronox


SNAPTALE PART 3!!! Frisk finds many dog friends, and a nice cream man! 

these are so fun to do haha I’m so happy so many of you are enjoying them too!! it motivates me to keep going! 

you could even say it, fills me with determination ;^) 

part 1 and part  2 

Talesof4chan anon is pissed @veronox


/a/non is pissed

Skeluigi cybercitrus seriously now you @veronox



Seriously now, you should check this.

they both look like fucking shit

Sixpenceee a visual guide to the morse code @veronox


A visual guide to the morse code. 

Majiinboo nickiampaynaj obama u busy @veronox



Obama: U busy?

Harry: I’m shooting a perfume ad..

Obama: Is that the one i smelled on you last night? ;)

Harry:  Barack please……………i’ll see you later.

Obama: :D

Please destroy this

Krisotf where are my leeches @veronox


where are my leeches

Talesof4chan anon has a secret @veronox


Anon has a secret

Dickslapthestate male victimization of domestic @veronox


Male Victimization of Domestic Violence: A Compilation of Sources

There’s no doubt that anyone would agree, that women who are terrorized by an abusive partner deserve a way out of that situation and assistance from the surrounding community. As such, there has been a huge network both state-funded and private to address this problem.  If this were to continue and expand, it could only be a good thing (though my own political leanings prefer privatized expansion).

However, there is a huge lack of attention to male victims.  Many who fight for assistance for women pay lip service to male victims and might genuinely care about them.  However, there is still, even among the sympathetic, an underlying assumption that the problem just isn’t as widespread or damaging for men as it is for women.  What follows is not an attempt to create a victim contest or downplay the very real trauma many women experience.  It is an attempt to tell the side of men and examine why that side isn’t told nearly as often as it should be.

This has been a post I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.  There is a lot of information below, so you may want to put the kettle on and settle down.  This will involve quite a bit of reading.

Keep reading

Zafojones the future of the telephone in 1956 @veronox


The future of the telephone. In 1956.

Black shades johnny cage current aesthetic @veronox


Current aesthetic: That video teacher that’s straight up fucks his students mom’s

Kardashiansfuckyeah delete this @veronox


delete this

Literallytheworstblogger she said the full @veronox


she said the full number bless her

Waffleaddict69 this was the show letting us @veronox


This was the show letting us know not to trust the donut guy

Chubcity11 soopertreeman mythical creatures @veronox



Mythical creatures: The most complicated diagram on fictional animals you’ll ever need!


Soldieruchiha only genos truly dedicated to @veronox


only genos, truly dedicated to saitama, would ever have his sensei on his wallpaper

Poordork hes trying @veronox


he’s trying