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I'm a self-made man who owes his lack of success to nobody - Veronox (@veronox)
120pxl 2238 feeling good @veronox


22:38 -  feeling good 💙

Bleutempete dog logic @veronox


Dog logic

Michellelestuff this movie came out back in @veronox


This movie came out back in 2003. 12 years later, it becomes a meme.

Strawberrrylips steven looks like hes at his @veronox


steven looks like he’s at his first rap battle and if anyone tries to rap better than him all of his moms are gonna kill them

Gameraboy brudesworld kenneth fagg 1953 @veronox



Kenneth Fagg, 1953

The retrieval of the Godzilla monument from Tau Ceti went off exactly as planned…

Supamuthafuckinvillain teamcoco the ice cube @veronox



The Ice Cube Family Christmas Card

I take solace in the fact that Cubes scowl will live on long after hes gone

Talesof4chan anon sees his sister changing @veronox


Anon sees his sister changing

Jenandriel seductressslutty sneakyfeets @veronox









So apparently no one should ever buy sugarless Haribo gummy bears

Fun fact: I once bought sugar free gummy bears. 

This is exactly what happened

Petition for Youtubers to start doing the “Sugarless Gummy Bear Challenge”


my cousins ate a bunch of these once and got sick as hell

my mom told me it’s because they ate too much candy

now i know it was a LIE

I’ve read through this every time it’s crossed my dash and every single time I start crying from laughter

sometimes I forget this exists and then I’m reminded

there are ver very VERy few posts that actually make me sob and my ribs hurt from laughter. this has won an award for THE MOST AMAZING THING I WILL EVER NEED FOR CHEERING UP EVER.

Kinkshamer69 a lot of people have a lot of @veronox


a lot of people have a lot of different opinions as to what the worst post on tumblr is but this is objectively it

Talesof4chan fitizen keeps it real @veronox


/fit/izen keeps it real.

Polandballcomics migration chain via reddit @veronox


Migration Chain

via reddit

Boatsthatfly jet fighter by mark button @veronox


Jet Fighter by Mark Button

Miraclealchemist theclockworkowl @veronox




Because harassment happens to all genders. But guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to cosplay and consent.I intend to change this. Even if it’s a small change.

Flighting the concept on my personal page, so let me know what you guys think? You’re more than welcome to inbox me your experiences as a male cosplayer, you’ll stay anonymous.

Borrowed from THE INTERNET:

• Avoid using degrading language.  This applies to Expo social media as well.  Commenting on someone’s body in a way that is derogatory is considered sexual harassment and our convention won’t stand for it.  
• Rape jokes, or jokes that are marginalizing to someone, are not funny. Please don’t make them, and if you feel that you have been the subject of such harassment, please come forward to Expo staff so that the issue can be dealt with confidentially.
• Always be respectful of someone’s physical space. It can be pretty close quarters at the Expo during peak hours, but that’s no excuse for inappropriate behavior.
Finally, perhaps most importantly…
• Always remember – we are ALL people.  Gender, age, ethnicity, orientation notwithstanding – we are each individuals who deserve to be treated as such.  

*This is a non profit project done out of the love for people.

All of this is unacceptable

Seriously, no one should put up with harassment; not guys or girls!

Becausedragonage people who a resent @veronox


People who:

a) resent attempts to manipulate them into reblogging a post. 

b) have no desire to pass that manipulation on to their followers.

Nbqworu so ive been showing my dad su over the @veronox


so ive been showing my dad SU over the course of the past few months (he’s watched all but the most recent 3 now) and i assumed he didnt rly like it that much right? like hes a dad so he probably just is humoring me by watching it w me???? and then a few days ago he casually mentioned that he had a folder of steven universe reaction images on his phone for whatever reason



Allthenamesilikearetaken lovelyplanets @veronox



here’s a whole bunch of smiling squid kids

if u wanna use em as an icon go ahead B)



Pickleinspectorgadget pearceknives the @veronox



The evolution of my wrench knife from beginning to end. :D

Hiddenskyrim mudrock mk ii hiddenskyrim @veronox




Have you been to The Room of Death? It’s a hidden location. Also called The Dead Body Cleanup Cell. It’s where the npcs go when they vanish. SAVE, then use ONE of these Console command to get there: 

1. Using the NPCs RefID and “player.moveto” command. For example, typing player.moveto 0002C927 would move the player to Severio Pelagia’s location, which may or may not be in the Dead Body Cleanup Cell depending on if he is still alive or not.
2. Using the center on cell command: typing coc WIDeadBodyCleanupCell will teleport the Dragonborn directly inside the Dead Body Clean Up Cell. To leave the cell, the Dragonborn must use coc riverwood (or other locations, e.g. Whiterun) to teleport into a worldspace.

For real?

Yes, for reals and for trues.

Art of swords presentation sword and scabbard @veronox


Presentation Sword and scabbard

  • Dated: circa 1902
  • Culture: Indian
  • Medium: gold, coloured enamel, diamonds, steel
  • Measurements: sword 88.5 cm long, scabbard: 89.7cm long (whole object)
  • Acquirer(s): King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910)
  • Provenance: presented to King Edward VII of the occasion of his coronation at Westminister Abbey in June 1902 by Madho Singh II, Maharaja of Jaipur

This exceptionally rich sword and scabbard were presented to Edward VII on the occasion of his coronation by Sawai Sir Madho Singh Bahadur (1861-1922), Maharaja of Jaipur, one of the small group of Indian princes and nobles invited to attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in June 1902. For the journey to England, Madho Singh chartered a ship which was fitted with large copper vats containing sufficient Ganges water to sustain him and his retinue of 400 followers throughout both sea passages and whilst in England.

At the eleventh hour, after their arrival in London together with large numbers of other foreign royalty and heads of state, the coronation was cancelled due to the King’s appendicitis. It did not in fact take place until 9 August, by which time most of the royal guests had departed for home. The Maharaja, however, duly attended the postponed ceremony, having spent the intervening period staying at Kedleston Hall and other country houses, closely attended at all times by his cook and his jeweller.

The importance of the jeweller in the Maharaja’s household is clear from this coronation gift, which is set with a total of 719 diamonds (there has been one loss, from the upper suspension ring). These include a large number of rose-cut and brilliant-cut stones as well as the flat, ‘lasque’ stones more commonly used in Indian jewellery, and it is possible that many of them were cut in Europe. They are held in ‘rub-over’ gold settings and backed with silver foil, which makes it impossible to assess their total weight with precision.

The largest appear to be the two mixed-cut pale yellow diamonds at the end of the quillons, one of which is estimated at thirty-six carats. The combined weight of all the diamonds is possibly in the region of two thousand carats. The scabbard and hilt are of gold, finely enamelled in dark blue, green and red. The steel blade is of markedly poor quality by comparison.

Jaipur was one of the largest and richest of the Rajput states, with 2.8 million inhabitants in 1897. During his visit in 1875-6, Edward VII had laid the foundations of the Albert Hall in Jaipur, one of a number of new public buildings erected in the capital city at the time, including libraries, art galleries and hospitals.

Inscribed (etched) on the blade: “A TOKEN OF THE LOYALTY OF / SAWAI MADHO SINGH / MAHARAJA OF JAIPUR / 9th AUGUST 1902”; an illegible armoury mark is incised on the neck of the scabbard.

Source: Copyright © 2015 Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Flapjacques despairlass homuratrash guy @veronox




guy at disney: sir? stitch, a small logic defying blue alien from outer fucking space, needs a heterosexual romance

disney ceo: okay….but we gotta know she’s Female, do u understand? ….she needs long long hair..mascara…smooth chest that sticks out a little more because we need to be reminded that she still got titties even tho she’s a tiny fucking alien

guy at disney: should we make her pink, sir?

disney ceo: ricky you goddamn genius. here are my keys. go to my house and fuck my wife

Angel was created via design contest by a child named Kim, not some guy at Disney.

Check the wiki

And how do I know??? Because I, at age 7, was so paranoid about my parents finding out I submitted to the contest “without parent permission” that I submitted as “Kim (Possible)” instead of my name

Ninjagiry makebelieveitsreal byleistrs @veronox




#if you guys noticed the instrumental bits of ”if god had given me a son” were playing here #AND IT WAS THE ACTUAL WORST OH MY GOD


And also the fact that Javert’s medal guarantees a full-honors military funeral to anyone wearing it….how bout no.

Crackwhoreo i cant believe i witnessed this with @veronox


i cant believe I witnessed this with my own two eyes

#are those fucking goldfish

Gaila insanity and vanity @veronox




“She didn’t even think to ask me.” said Damian, later, a puzzled look of hurt on his face. “I mean, I was sitting right there. Staring at her. Deciding how attractive she looked. She could have just asked. Why didn’t she? I was right there.”

“It’s a shame.” he added, staring at someone across the room who had a bit of mascara on. “Such a shame.”

“Local Man Saddened that No One Gives a Shit about Conforming to His Personal Beauty Standards”

Laughing forever at the commentary.

Talesof4chan spear chuckers and wiggers cant @veronox


Spear-Chuckers and Wiggers Can’t Read Long Hand

Togyu this is the kind of content i would be @veronox


this is the kind of content i would be happy to pay for

Nerdyhipsterwithacamera it was her hat max @veronox


“It was her hat, Max, she was number one!”

Lordporter fuck all this kai shit @veronox


“Fuck all this kai shit”

Fenisoffended have a slime lover @veronox


have a slime lover?

Awwww cute colonel mittens at home base @veronox


Colonel Mittens at home base (Source:

Theycantalk shark rescue @veronox


Shark Rescue 

Momfricker holy shit its the hatred guy nah son @veronox


holy shit it’s the hatred guy

Nah son that’s Nathan Explosion

Thecalmissar sablealice zoop green herons @veronox




Green Herons are so smart that they use bread to catch fish.

Hella Zoop.

Codapiccola the advent of aviation mobile @veronox


The Advent of Aviation Mobile Weapons

Gaw attack carrier was the first aircraft that have been manufactured on the ground in the Earth Landing Operation of Zeon. Design was done in Zeon, but materials for manufacturing was almost all procured on the Earth. Huge aircraft had been produced by requisitioned the aircraft manufacturing plant that has escaped the destruction of British Operation in the city of North American continent north west coast. Gaw was a pure aircraft, Minovsky-Craft has not been used. The lower part of the fuselage was almost cavity, it was able to store three bodies the ZAK mobile suit. It was able to cruise subsonic in high altitude by powerful thermonuclear fusion jet engine that was equipped four with the wings. Also it is possible to operate in the low airspeed under 200 knots at low altitude by the lifting body shape. The blitzkrieg attack power that supporting fire with the mega particle cannon after the mobile suit sortie, overwhelmed the ground base of Federal troops.

Three Gaw formation with one Company of ZAK mobile suit, that was the basic unit of Zeon ground attack troops, was south from the west coast of the North American continent, ruled until California peninsula in the first few days. And here was build a base of marine forces also was Full-fledged development of the Amphibious mobile suit that was less of the cooling problem.

The aircraft with attack power with such mobility was one that had not been even thought in the Federation Army. The technical superiority of aviation weapons of Zeon did not change until the end of the war.