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tumblr's only vocaloid erotica site! the highest quality vocaloid pics on tumblr! <3 MIKUXLUKA FOREVER!!! <3 See the Special Features page to see all of our awesome pages and sections! - VOCALOID PORN (@vocaloidporn)
Way to steal my image bro @vocaloidporn

way to steal my image, bro.

We love mikuxluka but this pic isnt that great @vocaloidporn

we love mikuxluka but this pic isn’t that great but you can NEVER have enough mikuxluka

Thats hot @vocaloidporn

That’s hot!

Kagamine twincest never fails @vocaloidporn

Kagamine Twincest never fails.

Dayum @vocaloidporn


Luka being submissive looks wrong but damn it @vocaloidporn

Luka being submissive looks wrong… but damn it turns me on so much.

Someone broke luka shes being submissive @vocaloidporn

Someone broke Luka… she’s being SUBMISSIVE!

Havent had some magnet pics lately @vocaloidporn

Haven’t had some magnet pics lately…

How the hell has she not been on the blog yet @vocaloidporn

How the hell has she not been on the blog yet?