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tumblr's only vocaloid erotica site! the highest quality vocaloid pics on tumblr! <3 MIKUXLUKA FOREVER!!! <3 See the Special Features page to see all of our awesome pages and sections! - VOCALOID PORN (@vocaloidporn)
Way to steal my image bro @vocaloidporn

way to steal my image, bro.

We love mikuxluka but this pic isnt that great @vocaloidporn

we love mikuxluka but this pic isn’t that great but you can NEVER have enough mikuxluka

Thats hot @vocaloidporn

That’s hot!

Kagamine twincest never fails @vocaloidporn

Kagamine Twincest never fails.

Dayum @vocaloidporn


Luka being submissive looks wrong but damn it @vocaloidporn

Luka being submissive looks wrong… but damn it turns me on so much.

Someone broke luka shes being submissive @vocaloidporn

Someone broke Luka… she’s being SUBMISSIVE!

Havent had some magnet pics lately @vocaloidporn

Haven’t had some magnet pics lately…

How the hell has she not been on the blog yet @vocaloidporn

How the hell has she not been on the blog yet?

Male miku cosplayer and julia asakawa better known @vocaloidporn

Male Miku cosplayer and Julia Asakawa better known as the voice of Miss Megurine Luka!

Xpervertprincessex who runs an awesome blog btw @vocaloidporn

xpervertprincessex (who runs an AWESOME blog btw) requested some Gakupo Kamui. Here ya go! 


Weve missed you luka 3 @vocaloidporn

We’ve missed you Luka <3

Welcome to the blog pitchloids @vocaloidporn

Welcome to the blog, pitchloids.

Sexy miku @vocaloidporn

Sexy Miku!

Twincest kagamine style @vocaloidporn

Twincest Kagamine style!

Presenting our brand new vp mascot lily @vocaloidporn

Presenting our brand new VP mascot… Lily!

Sexy sonika @vocaloidporn

Sexy Sonika

Mikuxluka forever @vocaloidporn

MikuxLuka forever!

Were baaaaack @vocaloidporn

we’re baaaaack. ;)

Catbread has a message for you hes a potential @vocaloidporn

Catbread has a message for you! (he’s a potential mascot for the blog)

For those who guessed that the VP admin is a male… You fail! She’s female!

Miku chan 3 @vocaloidporn

Miku-chan… <3

Fap fap fap fap fap @vocaloidporn

Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap

Ritsu hes so hot @vocaloidporn

Ritsu… he’s so hot

I hope i havent posted this before but check it @vocaloidporn

I hope I haven’t posted this before… but check it out

Sorry for lack of posts have some catbread to @vocaloidporn

sorry for lack of posts. have some catbread to make up for it.

as always you can submit your own vocaloid pretty pictures and or erotica by clicking the thingie.

Fuck yeah miku @vocaloidporn

Fuck yeah, Miku!

Theyurizone afternoon box by niratama a @vocaloidporn


Afternoon Box by Niratama

A Vocaloid yuri doujin that contains small breasts, large breasts, censored, cunnilingus.


So what are you waiting for?

For all our gay followers @vocaloidporn

For all our gay followers…

Oh miku youre so silly @vocaloidporn

Oh Miku… you’re so silly.

Vocaloidanime happy new year 2012 from miku @vocaloidporn


Happy New Year, 2012, from Miku! <3

Love is war @vocaloidporn


Utau porn @vocaloidporn

UTAU… porn?

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 @vocaloidporn

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Oh my god yes yes @vocaloidporn


Vocaloid porn 20 is live @vocaloidporn


I want one d @vocaloidporn


Who is your favorite engloid @vocaloidporn

Who is your favorite Engloid?

Making her vocaloid porn debut kaai yuki what @vocaloidporn

Making her VOCALOID Porn debut, Kaai Yuki!!

What do you think of Yuki?

Double gakupos d @vocaloidporn


Sf a2 miki is my favorite vocaloid she has a @vocaloidporn

SF-A2 Miki is my favorite Vocaloid. She has a great voice, and design to match. I love Miki!

Who is your favorite Vocaloid?