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Dead on annihilator superhammer fourteen inches @weaponzone

Dead On Annihilator SuperHammer

  • Fourteen inches of forged steel multitool with rubber grip
  • Built-in:
    • Dead-On bottle-opener
    • Multi-purpose wrench
    • Nail puller
    • Demolition axe rips through dry wall, shingles, strips conduit, beheads zombies *
    • Chisel smashes through tile, brick, concrete, skulls *
  • Precise balance means you won’t get tired wielding it

Credit: Geeknet, Inc.

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Title united cutlery m48 kommando ranger hawk @weaponzone

Title: “United Cutlery M48 Kommando Ranger Hawk”


Image capture of youtube user hickok45 carving a @weaponzone

Image capture of YouTube user hickok45 carving a pumpkin WITH BULLETS.

Reference Credit: Geekologie

Happy halloween from us at glock thanks for all @weaponzone

Happy Halloween from us at GLOCK. Thanks for all the GLOCK o’ lanterns.” - GLOCK

Credit: GLOCK

Nighthawk custom grp global response pistol @weaponzone

Nighthawk Custom GRP (Global Response Pistol)

Credit: Nighthawk Custom

Benchmade presidio 523 axis locking mechanism @weaponzone

Benchmade Presidio 523 (AXIS Locking Mechanism)

Credit: ZorinDenu

Everyday cutlery leatherman mut multitool on @weaponzone


Leatherman MUT Multitool on Magpul PMAG’s by threedi

Dsa fal this particular rifle has the australian @weaponzone


This particular rifle has the Australian L1A1 wood furniture, but built on the DSA Type II receiver. You can tell a Type I from a Type II by the lightening cuts.

Attacktics comanche fighting tomahawk by fox @weaponzone


Comanche Fighting Tomahawk by FOX Knives Military Division 

Opwclass remington 700 in a cadex strike 33 @weaponzone


Remington 700 in a CADEX Strike 33 Chassis 

Credit: Drake Associates

Opwclass arsenal ar sf 556nato credit @weaponzone



Credit: STBesancon

Benchmade 176 socp dagger special operations @weaponzone

Benchmade 176 SOCP Dagger (Special Operations Combatives Program)

Credit: OlegVolk

The deargabhainn cura the red river guardian @weaponzone

The DeargAbhainn-Cu'ra (The Red River Guardian)
Forged & crafted by David DelaGardelle

Credit: Cedarloreforge

Attacktics bcm 145 and glock17 gen4 @weaponzone


BCM 14.5 and Glock17 Gen4

Uts 15 12 ga pump action shotgun credit tic @weaponzone

UTS-15 12-ga pump-action shotgun

Credit: TIC

Surgeon rifle 308 w nightforce scope awc @weaponzone

Surgeon rifle .308 w/ Nightforce scope & AWC suppressor

Credit: Oleg Volk

Custom draco 223 a heavily modified romanian @weaponzone

Custom Draco .223

A heavily modified Romanian Draco converted into an SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). Note the top cover with a rail. That is the Texas Weapon System Dog-Leg Rail. It attaches to the rear sight base and is hinged to open upward.

Fps russia has a company now one that does custom @weaponzone

FPS Russia has a company now. One that does Custom Firearms Fabrication and Testing called FPS Industries Global LLC. Its based in Carnesville, Georgia and they already have their first weapon design posted. I expect more big things to come other than unique weapons & explosions from Kyle Myers (“Dmitri Potapoff”).

This is the BR-556. (Still in production phase)

Specs & Info HERE

I am personally purchasing one just to see what surprises FPS has in store.

Check out the Facebook Page HERE

Credit: FPS Industries Global LLC

Remington 870 mcs modular combat shotgun @weaponzone

Remington 870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun)

Credit: OKCShooter

Opwclass sig 229 and nemesis pocket @weaponzone


SIG 229 and Nemesis Pocket Protector

Credit: Brennan Sheremeto 

I found this very interesting so i decided to @weaponzone

I found this very interesting, so I decided to share it.
What do you think? Practical or Not?

Backpack Shield BP3A Level IIIA Ballistic Plate

“The Backpack Shield slides into any backpack as small as 18” by 12”. Once in place, it provides protection from handgun-caliber bullets and even knife attacks. These have been discretely carried by USA Federal Air Marshals when traveling.“


Credit: LaRue Tactical

Bushmaster patrolmans rifle savagestevens 350 @weaponzone

Bushmaster Patrolman’s Rifle
Savage/Stevens 350 Pump Security
Customized WASR-10

Credit: Graff81

Ruger mini 14 w bi pod 20 rnd mags fox tactical @weaponzone

Ruger Mini-14 w/ bi-pod & 20 rnd mags
Fox Tactical Vest
Ka-Bar USMC knife
Springfield XD-9
Tula Ammo

Credit: ConklinStudios

Glock 19 9mm 3rd gen w 15 rds of 115gr fmj @weaponzone

Glock 19 9mm (3rd gen.) w/ 15 rds of 115gr FMJ

Credit: DavidPearson

Saiga 223 utg quad rail wrail covers magpul @weaponzone

Saiga .223.
-UTG quad rail w/rail covers
-Magpul AFG (angled foregrip)
-30 round Surefire magazine

Credit: Markara

K98 s42 matching bayonet credit flolito @weaponzone

K98 S42 & Matching Bayonet

Credit: Flolito

Opwclass sigsauer p226 credit pkmousie @weaponzone


SigSauer P226

Credit: PKMousie

Opwclass griffin made knifes and smith @weaponzone


Griffin Made Knifes and Smith & Wesson

Credit: Rjacobsen

Oberland arms oa15 m7 w eotech xps2 credit @weaponzone

Oberland Arms OA15-M7 w/ Eotech XPS2

Credit: Stbesancon

Benchmade 556 mini griptillian mel pardue design @weaponzone

Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptillian (Mel Pardue Design)

Credit: COIP

Cumsoline romanian aes 10b @weaponzone


Romanian AES-10B.

Attacktics wilson combat ut 15 @weaponzone


Wilson Combat UT-15

Sig 556 commando w an aimpoint 3x magnifier 20 @weaponzone

Sig 556 Commando w/ an Aimpoint & 3x Magnifier

20" Custom Built AR
LMT Defender 2000 Lower w/ 2-stage trigger
Troy Rails & the optic is a fixed 4x w/ BDC reticle.

Credit: Rotorhead7

Attacktics ar15 by mega arms @weaponzone


AR15 by Mega Arms

How do you keep your weapons safe and also hidden @weaponzone

How do you keep your weapons safe and also hidden if necessary?

Is it as unique as these safes?

Noveske n4 light carbine low pro 145 aimpoint @weaponzone

Noveske N4 Light Carbine
-Low-Pro 14.5"-
Aimpoint Comp M3 on LaRue Mount
Vltor E-Mod Stock
Vortex Flash Hider (Pinned)
Magpul MIAD

Credit: ArcLight

Opwclass desert eagle credit jambuck1220 @weaponzone


Desert Eagle

Credit: jambuck1220 

Ka bar straight edge knife credit azrael22 @weaponzone

Ka-Bar Straight Edge Knife

Credit: Azrael22

Custom smith wesson model 29 submission by @weaponzone

Custom Smith & Wesson Model 29

Submission by : Attacktics