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Boots, Balls, Hair & Scruff @wescos

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A celebration of men. Some of what I love: fit mature men, hot boys, big balls, low hangers, hairy men, otters, wolves, sexy Dads/Sirs, devoted sons/boys, nerdy boys, geeks, boys with glasses, amateur men, self pics, uncut cocks, sexy treasure trails, bushy pubes, cocksucking, deepthroat, throat f*cking, leather, boots, bondage, BDSM, D/s, submission, domination, CBT and other kinks. I'm a 50-year-old partnered man in Colorado. Definitely NSFW. If it's not legal for you to look at pictures of a sexual nature, please go elsewhere. If you find one of your pictures on here you'd like removed, please contact me with the permalink and I will take it down. Just to be clear: unless otherwise noted, these pictures are found somewhere on the 'Net. All models are presumed to be of legal age. Pictures inspire fantasies: captions with words like "Daddy", "boy", "son", "brother", "cousin", etc. do not imply anything about age or actual familial relationship. Things I like - Boots, Balls, Hair & Scruff (@wescos)
747guy this is how a man sucks a cock @wescos


This is how a man sucks a cock.

Beautiful cocksucker.

I wanna reach up and squeeze @wescos

i wanna reach up and squeeze… ;-)

Hot hairy @wescos

Hot & hairy!

Twinktop cbt arse and socks what more could @wescos


CBT, arse and socks! What more could one want?

A cock to suck?

Kurt wild displaying his assets @wescos

Kurt Wild displaying his assets…

Big bros gonna get some @wescos

Big bro’s gonna get some!

I bet i can inflate that thick uncut tool @wescos

I bet I can inflate that thick uncut tool…

Massive bush big beautiful uncut cock @wescos

Massive bush, big beautiful uncut cock.

Does his air of confidence come from his big @wescos

Does his air of confidence come from his big lowhangers?

Imagine what hell look like when hes being @wescos

Imagine what he’ll look like when he’s being fucked…