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Wet Gussets @wetgussets

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Collection of photos of dirty wet panties. Girls playing with their panties. Please submit photos or videos, - Wet Gussets (@wetgussets)
Passion8xxx you kissed me you touched my @wetgussets


You kissed me , you touched my tongue with yours , you told me you love me and made me feel like a woman and this is what you do to me , all I need is to hear your voice and my body reacts in the most natural way it knows how, to show you that YOU are FUCKING awesome baby xxxxx ❤️💋🇮🇹🇬🇧

Amateurcreams who wants to have a lick of my @wetgussets


Who wants to have a lick of my gf’s fat, creamy pussy? Message me what you think about her. 💦💦

Just a little wet spot on my panties i noticed @wetgussets

Just a little wet spot on my panties I noticed before getting fucked :P

mmm yummy very hot submission. Thank you :D

Picki vicki thursday nights get to me @wetgussets


Thursday nights get to me.

Mslusciouslips my silk runneth over @wetgussets


My silk runneth over..,

Sensual desires88 my wetness @wetgussets


My wetness… ;)

Sensual desires88 reading some very hot @wetgussets


Reading some very hot erotica… My thighs got very slick hehe ;)

Sensual desires88 a bit of a wet spot @wetgussets


A bit of a wet spot ;)

Sensual desires88 lace letting my wetness come @wetgussets


Lace letting my wetness come through….

Sexkaboodle anyone want to own a pair of my @wetgussets


Anyone want to own a pair of my panties so they can taste this?

Allyouwannado made a creamy mess in my panties @wetgussets


made a creamy mess in my panties today :)

Allyouwannado sending these beauties out @wetgussets


Sending these beauties out today!!!

Unflord morning masturbation @wetgussets


Morning masturbation

I orgasm alot this is what happens when im @wetgussets


This is what happens when I’m horny and don’t get naked and play with myself. Someone come play with me.

Dirtypants kate269 submitted 18th august @wetgussets


kate269 submitted:

18th August

Kindsur 20 something hotties dirty panties @wetgussets


20 Something Hotties Dirty Panties

Herorgasms2 panty stuffing @wetgussets


Panty stuffing

Stickyknickers irresistible @wetgussets



Letmedothis show me how much you want me @wetgussets


show me how much you want me

Worndirtypanties email submission thanks @wetgussets


Email submission, thanks!

Please submit your panties to or use the submit link

Mrclever69 see through wet smelly thong @wetgussets


See through, wet, smelly, thong.

Femaleliquid sniffing her dirty panties @wetgussets


Sniffing her dirty panties

Pleomax24 grooling in publicagain f @wetgussets


Grooling in public…again. {f}

Whatifshes my cute little panties got soaked @wetgussets


my cute little panties got soaked when my boyfriend started talking about stretching my little pussy out #nsfw #grool

Mohiton upvoted im wet n ready via @wetgussets


Upvoted: I’m Wet n’ Ready!! via /r/grool

Mysweetsoakedpanties tumblr you bad sexy @wetgussets


Tumblr you bad sexy addicting site ;)

Toitalian she was playing with herself again @wetgussets


She was playing with herself again

Toitalian she couldnt wait to see me @wetgussets


She couldn’t wait to see me :)

Toitalian she was getting wet again @wetgussets


She was getting wet again

Toitalian she wore the same panties and @wetgussets


She wore the same panties and continued where she left off…

Tinypud well i got too excited and started @wetgussets


Well, I got too excited and started sucking the panties clean before I remembered I was gonna take a pic. The messiest spot is now covered by the wet spot, but damn taste so fucking good. I about came as soon as I got a taste.

Toitalian i made her wet in the car againafter @wetgussets


I made her wet in the car again…after she swallowed my load at the light.

Allyouwannado back from vacation who wants to @wetgussets


Back from vacation! Who wants to buy my next juicy pair?! Email :)

Stolen panties girlfriends dirty thong @wetgussets


Girlfriends dirty thong

Whatifshes felt like leaving them on i had a @wetgussets


felt like leaving them on i had a quest after all xpost gonewild #nsfw #grool

Wow that is a very very hot pair love this @wetgussets


Wow, that is a very very hot pair, love this submission!! Thank you!

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Pantyfreek jess has gotten her little pink @wetgussets


Jess has gotten her little pink panties all wet. From a recent member site update.

Visionco nice wet n juicy @wetgussets


Nice wet n juicy

Noble986 oops spent too much time on tumblr @wetgussets


Oops spent too much time on tumblr

Aarosco2 after a hard day of work 3 @wetgussets


After a hard day of work… <3

Aarosco2 i love this sight when i peel off a @wetgussets


I love this sight when I peel off a girl panties <3

The beginnings of a wet morning while cleaning the @wetgussets

The beginnings of a wet morning while cleaning the house

Wow, that is one hot submission! I want her to come clean my house. Then let me clean her! Thank you!

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Toitalian grooly panties just made my girl wet @wetgussets


Grooly panties. Just made my girl wet with excitement in the car.

That story gave me wet panties for sure mmm hot @wetgussets

That story gave me wet panties for sure.

Mmm hot, those look so tasty, thank you for the submission, check out that blog guys, well worth a follow! And a purchase if you buy panties.

Submit your panties


Princesspantyplay order going out tomorrow to @wetgussets


Order going out tomorrow to California to Mr. J P. Please email me about your private photo set you ordered.

Princesspantyplay order up mr ks in va @wetgussets


Order up! Mr. K.S. In VA. This creams for you. ;)

Princesspantyplay these are available for sale @wetgussets


These are available for sale. Can be shipped tomorrow.

Failsafeafternoon rubbing her the right way @wetgussets


Rubbing her the right way…

Failsafeafternoon throbbing damp stamp panties @wetgussets


Throbbing damp stamp panties!  Yum.

Bigwookieluv13 sister in law doesnt know @wetgussets


Sister-in-Law doesn’t know.

Princesspantys69 nice and creamy @wetgussets


Nice and creamy

Yummypantyseller super creamy i have been @wetgussets


Super creamy!!! I have been so horny today of course I’m like that everyday!!! $25 and I’ll ship them tomorrow!!!!

Yummypantyseller going into the washer if @wetgussets


Going into the washer if nobody wants them!

This panty seller is so hot, definitely get a pair if you can

Yummypantyseller creamy day at the office @wetgussets


Creamy day at the office!!!!

Yummypantyseller creamy little gstring @wetgussets


Creamy little gstring!!!

Yummypantyseller for a special client you @wetgussets


For a special client.. You know who you are…

Yummypantyseller another creamy day @wetgussets


Another creamy day!!!

Good to see youre back ive got some wet panties @wetgussets

Good to see youre back.  Ive got some wet panties for youuu.
oh you spoil me! They look so good! Lets see some more :) thanks for the yummy submission

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Bushandpanties wow just wow @wetgussets


Wow… Just wow!

Princesspantyplay squirted through my panties @wetgussets


Squirted through my panties

Dysfunctional amateurs i see a wet spot lydia @wetgussets


I see a wet spot!
Lydia and Aaron, we’re a real couple, cum follow us.

Bllfll pink panty wetspot @wetgussets


Pink panty wetspot

Beowulf12121 wonder what made her so wet @wetgussets


Wonder what made her so wet?

Sarahxoxoblog im soaking wet right now @wetgussets


I’m soaking wet right now!

Hemingwayswhore thats what i get from wearing @wetgussets


That’s what I get from wearing them to the pub…
I am such a naughty girl ;)

Jellybeanphalange more frisky friday business @wetgussets


More frisky Friday business in the bathroom at work today! Fuck me I’m so fucking horny! Pussy play and creamy panties - mmmmmmmmmm. Delicious combo! Yummy!

Sarahxoxoblog fuck my panties are soaked ive @wetgussets


Fuck, My panties are soaked! I’ve been so horny all day!! Glad to be home!

Cunnilingasm shes so wet and horny her cum @wetgussets


She’s so wet and horny her cum runs down her legs in anticipation of her lover’s tongue bringing her the relief she so desperately needs………..

Devine chalice source reddit @wetgussets


Source: Reddit

Mydischargepics new years eve dirty panties @wetgussets


New #Year’s Eve #dirty #panties my friends!

Album and more pics here:

Petitemwf that awkward moment when you are so @wetgussets


That awkward moment when you are so horny and wet that you leak through your panties.

I hate the beach wet panties @wetgussets


Wet panties ☺️

Jellybeanphalange a little secret shhh this is @wetgussets


A little secret shhh! This is why I needed to earn back my panties at work on Thursday. Mmmmmm. I eagerly desired to shove my black thong panties into my pussy and feel them fill me up. I yearned to grind on my chair and feel the pressure in my pussy while I secretly rubbed my clit under my skirt. I thirsted to make creamy panties for him to show him I did a job well done at work! Results: I can do better…I know it!! Guess I’ll have to keep training. Mmmmm unf! Hot.

Those look so yummy. This girl is amazing