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What Daddy Wants @what-daddy-wants

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I am a Oklahoman, and a lawyer. 36. I love all things to do with the Daddy/lg life, Lolita, school girl, innocence and seduction, corsets, and impregnation risk. I used to run a tumblr called Daddys-sin for those who may remember it. Anyone viewing this blog is assumed to have read the "legal" page. - What Daddy Wants (@what-daddy-wants)
Sluts4myuse when you dont even react to a face @what-daddy-wants


When you don’t even react to a face slap, I know you’ve accepted your place.  Good girl.

Bdsmafterthoughts fantasy abduction @what-daddy-wants


Fantasy abduction

Aolprincess i told the camera i was a @what-daddy-wants


I told the camera I was a disgusting bitch so I’d be sure to remember it while masturbating to the video later. He wouldn’t touch my cunt, instead saying that slapping my thighs was the closest he’d get to putting his hands on something so disgusting. I felt untouchable and cried about it like the pathetic, hungry slut that I was.

from my dope-ass weekend with theruleset

Take your daughter to work day @what-daddy-wants

Take your daughter to work day

Cheshirepussy embarrassed @what-daddy-wants


embarrassed >.<

Breathingwhispers when he puts it in i get all @what-daddy-wants


When he puts it in, I get all melty. 

Chicagotkdaddy she knows this wont do her any @what-daddy-wants


She knows this won’t do her any good, but she just can’t help herself.

Donutlovesdaddy daddy took me shopping for cute @what-daddy-wants


Daddy took me shopping for cute stuff this weekend. I had to wear special panties ‘cause we had been doing big girl stuff and his medicine was still in me. I like special panties though! And I really really love Daddy!

Finn the degrader you can go home now @what-daddy-wants


You can go home now

Yourdaddysnaughtythings daddys going to give @what-daddy-wants


Daddy’s going to give you something to cry about.

Daddys baby toy sweetbabyksdaddy hold it @what-daddy-wants



Hold it open so daddy can inspect your little princess parts baby toy.

The outfit though, daddy!!!

Thats a bad touch daddy thats my special place @what-daddy-wants

That’s a bad touch Daddy, that’s my special place. Noooo don’t stop Daddy.

First thing every monday morning we have a @what-daddy-wants

First thing every Monday morning we have a “conference call”. You’re wife has never once been late.

Sensualhumiliation silenced @what-daddy-wants



Femme cutie i totally deserved this @what-daddy-wants


I totally deserved this 

Femme cutie attempting and failing to rub the @what-daddy-wants


Attempting and failing to rub the sting away

Weekend with Daddy are filled with satin sheets and rosy cheeks.

Youre too little to do it let daddy do it for @what-daddy-wants

You’re too little to do it, let Daddy do it for you.

Femme cutie my bottom always looks better when @what-daddy-wants


My bottom always looks better when its pink

She is your wife youre lover the mother of your @what-daddy-wants

She is your wife, you’re lover, the mother of your children. But while she is at work I am the one in control, I make the rules, I set the tasks, and she is a very eager worker.

Nymphoninjas i found a place with a secret @what-daddy-wants


I found a place with a secret lover to be myself free of judgment. In the basement, under the family we go down there and he punishes me secretly. Well the other night I was a bit too naughty and he said I needed a spanking.

You’ve got such a pretty pink ass after receiving your spanking. I bet you’re both glad to have this photo to look back on and admire your secret time together, and thanks for sharing it with us. 

Erin interestinggirl at a hotel in michigan @what-daddy-wants


At a hotel in Michigan with our neighbor after a concert. We were drunk and my panties always fall off when I’ve been drinking! 😉😛 Love Erin Shipley💋

Ajgarciadiary rolling around krystalfang @what-daddy-wants


Rolling around.. 

Visions of a Mad Man ©

Did you say something about bedtime daddy im not @what-daddy-wants

Did you say something about bedtime Daddy? I’m not sure how heard you right.

Spank gifs spanking otk from free spanking @what-daddy-wants


Spanking OTK from: Free Spanking

Masterofmindbodyandsoul dirtydreamsxo she @what-daddy-wants



😍 she makes his dick look like the best tasting thing ever!! I can only hope to worship my daddy’s dick like this!… day😊

Such gorgeous cock worship.

Saythankyoumaster i just want to use you @what-daddy-wants


I just want to use you.

Retrogasm ellen von unwerth nina new york @what-daddy-wants


Ellen Von Unwerth “Nina” New York 1993

I knew she was trouble from the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she looked like the kind of trouble that is worth it.

Slavepetbabygirl brune110 @what-daddy-wants





Sometimes boy.
Sometimes girl.
Sometimes both.
Mostly neither.

Does gender mean anything to you?

Everything and nothing at all.

Bijoubell stoking the fire @what-daddy-wants


Stoking the fire.

Ok youve had your fun struggling to get loose @what-daddy-wants

Ok, you’ve had your fun struggling to get loose. Now it’s my turn to have fun.