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I am a Oklahoman. 35. I love all things to do with the Daddy/lg life, Lolita, school girl, innocence and seduction, corsets, or redheads. I used to run a tumblr called Daddys-sin for those who may remember it. Anyone viewing this blog is assumed to have read the "legal" page. - What Daddy Wants (@what-daddy-wants)
Peachiexoxo horny bath timexx @what-daddy-wants


horny bath time:))xx

Art of submission she could still feel the @what-daddy-wants


She could still feel the sensation of his hands on her ass.  Over and over again he had spanked her.  She felt the tears well in her eyes for each of the last few, her emotions beginning to get the best of her.  He finally finished and she bent over, her panties still wrapped around her knees.  Instinctively, she reached her hands around and spread the skin right next to her pussy, opening his favorite hole.  She could hear him coming closer to her, she knew his cock would be thick and hard from the spanking and she could hear him kneel know behind her, pulling her arms back.  “Keep that pussy spread” was the only words that escaped his lips as his cock slowly rubbed against her sex, preparing her for the second part of the gauntlet that he would put her through that night. 

Meal time @what-daddy-wants

Meal time

Dirtygirlinpain make me feel it @what-daddy-wants


Make me feel it

Daddiesbrattykitten princesscrayola @what-daddy-wants




My crayon broke and I was crying so daddy put a bandaid on it 😊

this is the cutest thing I canttttt 😍

suits-n-straps cx

Jimmy incest stories ohhh god daddy you made a @what-daddy-wants


Ohhh God daddy you made a big mess on my face and hair and Iv got to go to school yet..

Camdamage hey that me @what-daddy-wants


Hey that me

On her knees to please i got me a cutie bootie @what-daddy-wants


I got me a cutie bootie.

Brattybambi fishnets and baby bruise in public @what-daddy-wants


fishnets and baby bruise in public and in bed

Stop screaming that you have a husband into that @what-daddy-wants

Stop screaming that you have a husband into that gag. I know you have a husband. Who do you think gave me the keys to your house?

Results from httpbdsmtestorg 100 @what-daddy-wants

== Results from ==
100% Daddy/Mommy
99% Degradation giver
98% Master/Mistress
97% Dominant
96% Owner
94% Brat tamer
94% Sadist
90% Primal (Hunter)
81% Bondage giver
80% Voyeur
76% Ageplayer
67% Non-monogamist
65% Experimentalist
64% Exhibitionist
26% Vanilla
4% girl/boy
3% Switch
2% Masochist
0% Brat
0% Bondage receiver
0% Submissive
0% Slave
0% Degradation receiver
0% All-Rounder
0% Pet
0% Primal (Prey)
See my results online at

Is it me who degrades you or is it you who @what-daddy-wants

Is it me who degrades you, or is it you who degrades yourself by loving it so much?

Now you understand why out intern positions are @what-daddy-wants

Now you understand why out intern positions are paid instead of just having you work for free.

Working on her mrs degree @what-daddy-wants

Working on her MRS degree

Why is it that girls are always prettiest when @what-daddy-wants

Why is it that girls are always prettiest when wearing a ballgag?

Look mark i know weve been friends for years but @what-daddy-wants

Look Mark I know we’ve been friends for years but I really dont see why you’re so upset. I mean if I don’t fuck your daughter then someone little dumbass at her school will and will probably knock her up, and I know you dont want that right? So it’s like I’m doing you a favor.

Always remember that if i wanted to hear the @what-daddy-wants

Always remember that if I wanted to hear the word “No” I would be having sex with my wife right now. You are my babygirl because you only ever say “Yes Daddy”.

Tinglyprincess babygirl is ready for daddy @what-daddy-wants


BabyGirl is ready for Daddy 💦😍

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I finally found the perfect secretary you should @what-daddy-wants

I finally found the perfect secretary. You should be proud, it’s your wife.

Aintnothngooddownthere marinabfotografie @what-daddy-wants



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