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What Daddy Wants @what-daddy-wants

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I am a Oklahoman. 35. I love all things to do with the Daddy/lg life, Lolita, school girl, innocence and seduction, corsets, or redheads. I used to run a tumblr called Daddys-sin for those who may remember it. Anyone viewing this blog is assumed to have read the "legal" page. - What Daddy Wants (@what-daddy-wants)
Redfannyjenny canelines76 heavy paddle @what-daddy-wants



Heavy paddle = really bruised bottom

Leilovelyf i never knew daddy would be so proud @what-daddy-wants


I never knew Daddy would be so proud of me for getting Captain of the cheer leading squad.

That is a fair point but in this case it is true @what-daddy-wants

That is a fair point, but in this case it is true. Im a shit partner at long distance. Before long I run out of ideas for how to keep connected at it devolves into me asking for more and more pictures, and that isn’t what a relationship should be built on. I’ve tried multiple times and it always ends the same way despite my intentions going in for it to be otherwise. I know it may sound like a “its not you its me” cop out, but it is honest self-reflection and not wanting to hurt someone because of my own shortcomings. 

Taking care of your sub tip 145 after she licks @what-daddy-wants

Taking care of your sub Tip #145: After she licks your ass, make sure to wash her tongue off thoroughly.

Edohio752 daddydoesbadthings such an eager @what-daddy-wants



Such an eager little cum whore for your daddy.

Those are the best kind of daughters

The dark basement that look of shame into the @what-daddy-wants


That look of shame into the camera with a cock in her mouth. Every whore does it. It’s her way of saying without words “do you love me now, Daddy?”

Did i do good daddy @what-daddy-wants

Did I do good Daddy?


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