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What Daddy Wants @what-daddy-wants

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I am a Oklahoman, and a lawyer. 36. I love all things to do with the Daddy/lg life, Lolita, school girl, innocence and seduction, corsets, and impregnation risk. I used to run a tumblr called Daddys-sin for those who may remember it. Anyone viewing this blog is assumed to have read the "legal" page. - What Daddy Wants (@what-daddy-wants)
Mmm she is a goddess made flesh @what-daddy-wants

Mmm she is a goddess made flesh

Daddyslittleviolet mmmm thats a good girlrub @what-daddy-wants


Mmmm, that’s a good girl…rub it on your little panties, honey…it gets hard like that so it can tickle your little girl place in a special way…

Thekelts incestdesires yum yum thank you @what-daddy-wants


Yum, yum. Thank you Daddy

Pi55ie cute girl in bdsm and piss drinking fun @what-daddy-wants


Cute girl in BDSM and piss drinking fun!

Leatherlacedbass daddys puurrdy puurrfect @what-daddy-wants


Daddy’s puurrdy puurrfect pet🎀🐾

*Please don’t remove caption*

Thepureskin i love the motion in this photo @what-daddy-wants


I love the motion in this photo. Her hair flipping. Gasping for breath. Please post anonymously.

thanks so much for sharing

Dirtygirlinpain enough with the sweet stuff @what-daddy-wants


Enough with the sweet stuff

She had just left the restaurant and was walking @what-daddy-wants

She had just left the restaurant and was walking home when the man approached her. He offered her $50 for a fuck in the alley, apparently mistaking her for a hooker. She was a lawyer with a thriving practice in a prestigious firm, she didn’t need the money. He didn’t know this and she didn’t tell him she just let him use her like a dirty whore, all the while loving how rough and uncaring he was.

Daddy gives her the kind of attention her husband @what-daddy-wants

Daddy gives her the kind of attention her husband either can’t or won’t.

Daddyslittleviolet you dont have to be gentle @what-daddy-wants


You don’t have to be gentle with me, Daddy…I wanna be a little whore. Like the girls in your movies, Daddy…please…unnnhhhh, fuck me like a dirty little slut! Call me all those dirty names! Use my little holes and come in me, Daddy…I’ll do anything you say…

Viking210 its playtime little one @what-daddy-wants


It’s playtime little one…

Spankandtickle sex fact alert this position @what-daddy-wants


Sex fact alert - This position is wonderful, not just for spanking, but as it’s an access all areas position too, anything consensual goes!

I simply love how he hold her its sweet @what-daddy-wants

I simply love how he hold her. It’s sweet, protective, and hungry for her all at the same time.

Sorry to leave you hanging something came up but @what-daddy-wants

Sorry to leave you hanging something came up, but don’t worry I’ll be back later to fill you in.

Emogalx22 breeding her @what-daddy-wants


Breeding her…

Anndarcy fuck n cum be happy whore omg @what-daddy-wants



Be happy, whore.


Foxytail11 i know i post a lot of breeding gifs @what-daddy-wants


I know I post a lot of breeding GIFs but this one was extra special to me because I was off birth control and I got Master to cum in me hehe.  As a lot of you know I have a HUGE breeding/impregnation fetish and the thought that this creampie might have gotten me pregnant is so exciting.  While the creampie was dripping out of me I kept telling Master that I really wanted to be impregnated by him and that I really wanted to carry his child hehe…

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Paternalstranger unnhg here it comes baby @what-daddy-wants


“Unnhg - here it comes baby!”

“What?  Pull out!  NO!”

Daddydomforlittlegirls your were born to ride @what-daddy-wants


Your were born to ride daddy’s cock, little princess…. A boy your age isn’t worthy of cumming inside your fertile tight pussy… ONLY daddy….

Every man needs a young girl like this in his @what-daddy-wants

Every man needs a young girl like this in his life, just as long as his wife never finds out.

Barebackbambi the kind of mood im in today @what-daddy-wants


The kind of mood I’m in today. Just animalistic lust coursing through us, your cock thrusting with purpose, my body receptive and ready for your seed.

Dont cry youre husband will never find out as @what-daddy-wants

Don’t cry, you’re husband will never find out as long as you keep me happy.

Xaxmanx photography by neil whiteley @what-daddy-wants


Photography by: Neil-Whiteley

Dirtygirlinpain working your magic on me @what-daddy-wants


Working your magic on me

Dont be gentle @what-daddy-wants

Don’t be gentle

Hoefashow i love when daddy rips my pants down @what-daddy-wants


I love when Daddy rips my pants down, paddles me, and gives me cream pies ❤️
(Please don’t remove caption)

Daddys little kittens shush now you wanted @what-daddy-wants


“Shush now, you wanted Daddy to be rough and that’s what you get!”

Noir81 ouch thank you daddy @what-daddy-wants


ouch, thank you daddy

Theirishspankee aww blushes @what-daddy-wants


Aww blushes ☺️☺️

Pinkbabyprincess posting this early cuz its @what-daddy-wants


Posting this early cuz it’s too cute to wait

Secretshelf miss rising was naughty indeed @what-daddy-wants


miss rising was naughty indeed while I was away, flagrantly breaking one of our rules multiple times. After 40 with the belt, I was convinced she was genuinely sorry. She was a very good girl for the rest of the evening after that. 

(with miss-mojorising)

Devotedlittepet bigtwig83 devotedlittepet @what-daddy-wants




Saw Daddy he spanked me then fucked me in the ass like i wanted :3

Lucky girl

I wasn’t lucky! I was a very, very good girl and got my reward for being so well behaved :3