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A gathering place for dirty little girls who just wanna play hard. DD/lg BDSM Yuh *************************** "Things reblogged represent my fantasies under consensual agreement, not latent misogyny or sociopathy. If it's not safe/risk aware, sane and consensual / consensual non-consent, it's not okay." - Where Whores Cum (@wherewhorescum)
I love it so much when daddy is about to cum he @wherewhorescum

“I love it so much when Daddy is about to cum, he forces me all the way down on his cock, so his cum pulses right into my tummy. I giggle and gag, and eagerly swallow down every thick shot of Daddy’s cum. And after he’s unloaded in my mouth, I make him cum again the exact same way.”

Make a mess of me daddy @wherewhorescum

“Make a mess of me, Daddy.”

Its all your fault @wherewhorescum

It’s All Your Fault

When im being a really good girl for daddy @wherewhorescum

“When I’m being a really good girl for Daddy, he’ll follow up spitting in my face with a hard slap across both cheeks, and then jam two fingers down my throat while choking me, until I gag and tear up, tightening my whore asshole on his cock as he rapes me.”

Beautiful @wherewhorescum


Worthless whore @wherewhorescum

Worthless Whore

Do you think youre up for it little girl youve @wherewhorescum

Do you think you’re up for it, little girl? You’ve watched ever-increasingly harder pornography through the years and fantasized about this for such a long time, thinking you can handle a real man being rough with every inch of your body. You’ve told yourself that this is what you wanted. Rubbed your little pussy over and over to the thought of having a Daddy hurt you, all for his pleasure and your training.

And now you’re here, arms bound behind your back, eyes stinging from a mixture of your own tears and my spit, cock driving deep into your throat, causing you to gag and make your voice hoarser than you ever thought possible. Daddy pulling out and slapping you hard across the face, followed by more spit and degradation.

You feel yourself beginning to cry, but you’ve wanted this for so long so you don’t want to give up. You’ve got something to prove, to this strange man raping your face, to everyone who knows you who thinks you’re just a wallflower, and to yourself. Your just a little girl, but you always thought you were so strong. So grown up.

“Isn’t this what I always wanted? Why does it hurt so much?”

No matter, the tears begin to flow and the corners of your mouth begin to sag down. Fear and little whimpers begin to build up inside of you. It’s too much for you to handle and you begin to cry. And as you look up, you see it only bringing a wider grin to my face. My laughter unsettles you, as you hoped I’d take pity on your plight. Instead, I open my mouth to say…

“Ahh… Is the stupid slut getting more than what she bargained for? Pull yourself together, you dumb whore. It’s only been five minutes, and we’ve got hours to go. I haven’t even started pounding your tight little girl asshole, yet. That’s when the real fun, and crying, begins.”

You’re a big girl, now, sweetie, and you’ll never be the same after I’m through with you. You may not understand everything that is happening to you, but this is exactly what you wanted. Now, turn off your brain and enjoy the terror. We’re going to be here for awhile and there’s nowhere for you to escape to.

Daddy hits me because im a stupid little girl @wherewhorescum

“Daddy hits me because I’m a stupid little girl.”

Who wants to be the dumb whore who gets to taste @wherewhorescum

Who wants to be the dumb whore who gets to taste Daddy’s cock out of princess’ ass?

Good girl @wherewhorescum

Good girl

Perfection @wherewhorescum


Hold me close daddy @wherewhorescum

“Hold me close, Daddy.”

Feeding position @wherewhorescum

Feeding Position

Do you like her daddy @wherewhorescum

“Do you like her, Daddy?”

Daddy makes me so pretty @wherewhorescum

“Daddy makes me so pretty!”

Foreplay @wherewhorescum


Romance intimacy @wherewhorescum

Romance & Intimacy

Good hole @wherewhorescum

Good Hole

Show daddy where you want me to shoot my cum @wherewhorescum

Show Daddy Where You Want Me To Shoot My Cum

Look into its whore soul @wherewhorescum

Look Into Its Whore Soul

Im a big girl now @wherewhorescum

“I’m a big girl, now!”

Cutie @wherewhorescum


The more i submitted sexually the more i was @wherewhorescum

“The more I submitted sexually, the more I was able to be autonomous in my external life, the more I was able to achieve equality in my sexual and romantic partnerships.”

- Stacey May Fowles

Good whore @wherewhorescum

Good Whore 

Press reset play again @wherewhorescum

Press Reset

Play Again

Whore fuel @wherewhorescum

Whore Fuel

Dont just let it out of its cage make it @wherewhorescum

Don’t just let it out of its cage. 

Make it prove it deserves out.

Good whore @wherewhorescum

Good Whore

Show daddy where you want my cum @wherewhorescum

Show Daddy Where You Want My Cum

This is how a stupid whore takes her cum right @wherewhorescum

This is how a stupid whore takes her cum, right, Daddy? Shoot it right into the back of my throat, spit in my face, and call me a dumb slut. Pretty please, Daddy? Before you fuck your little girl’s asshole, again?”

Foreplay @wherewhorescum


Every thing has its place @wherewhorescum

Every Thing Has Its Place

How cock is sucked @wherewhorescum

How Cock Is Sucked

Destiny love gets her first anal fuck @wherewhorescum

“This is how I show Daddy how good of a little girl I am.”

Youll never know their names @wherewhorescum

You’ll Never Know Their Names

Im daddys little rape whore @wherewhorescum

“I’m Daddy’s little rape whore.”

This is the correct attitude @wherewhorescum

This Is The Correct Attitude

A real whore keeps daddys cock in its throat even @wherewhorescum

A Real Whore Keeps Daddy’s Cock In Its Throat Even After Retching

Does it taste ready yes daddy @wherewhorescum

Does it taste ready?

“Yes, Daddy.”

Ass throat repeat @wherewhorescum




Daddys hole @wherewhorescum

Daddy’s Hole

Lick it all back up @wherewhorescum

Lick It All Back Up

Big girl rides with daddy are my favorite @wherewhorescum

“Big girl rides with Daddy are my favorite!”

Stare into its soul @wherewhorescum

Stare Into Its Soul

Meat @wherewhorescum


This is what youve always wanted @wherewhorescum

This Is What You’ve Always Wanted

Stay good girl @wherewhorescum


Good girl

Thats my little girl @wherewhorescum

That’s My Little Girl

Just a set of wet holes @wherewhorescum

Just A Set Of Wet Holes

Stupid cumslut all that i deserve just trash @wherewhorescum


All that I deserve

Just Trash

Daddys home @wherewhorescum

“Daddy’s home.”

Worship it @wherewhorescum

Worship It

My pleasure your pleasure @wherewhorescum

My Pleasure = Your Pleasure

This is the correct attitude @wherewhorescum

This Is The Correct Attitude

Daddys little princess @wherewhorescum

Daddy’s Little Princess

This is where you need daddys love @wherewhorescum

This Is Where You Need Daddy’s Love

Ride daddy like a big girl @wherewhorescum

Ride Daddy Like A Big Girl

No all the way @wherewhorescum


ALL The Way

Accept nothing less @wherewhorescum

Accept Nothing Less

Let me help you rape her little girl asshole @wherewhorescum

“Let me help you rape her little girl asshole, Daddy.”

Let daddy use you @wherewhorescum

Let Daddy Use You

Everything has its place @wherewhorescum

Everything Has Its Place

Youre welcome @wherewhorescum

You’re Welcome

What you need whore is what i enjoy doing @wherewhorescum

What You Need, Whore

Is What I Enjoy Doing

Anticipate my wants @wherewhorescum

Anticipate My Wants

I will teach you new ways @wherewhorescum

I Will Teach You New Ways

Prove to daddy that youre a big girl @wherewhorescum

Prove To Daddy That You’re A Big Girl

Good whore @wherewhorescum

Good Whore