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Carolyn nunder by alfred cheney johnston @wickedknickers

Carolyn Nunder by Alfred Cheney Johnston 

See through @wickedknickers

See through…

Intimate self reflection @wickedknickers

Intimate self reflection….

Parisian burlesque performer jickiss 1925 @wickedknickers

Parisian Burlesque Performer Jickiss, 1925 

Bettie page @wickedknickers

Bettie Page

Reflection @wickedknickers


Last picture show margaret michaelis austria @wickedknickers


Margaret Michaelis ( Austria 1902 - Australia 1985), Female Nude with Arm raised, 1924

Mondfaenger lily ayers @wickedknickers


Lily Ayers

By murray korman 1934 @wickedknickers

by Murray Korman, 1934

Toilette @wickedknickers


1920s lovely @wickedknickers

1920s lovely.

Time for a smoke break @wickedknickers

Time for a smoke break…

A real swinger @wickedknickers

A real swinger.

By bruno reiffenstein 1895 @wickedknickers

by Bruno Reiffenstein, 1895

Cowgirls got a gun @wickedknickers

Cowgirl’s got a gun.

Vase et de la dentelle postcard france @wickedknickers

Vase et de la dentelle - Postcard, France.

A compromising position @wickedknickers

A compromising position.

Bettie page @wickedknickers

Bettie Page

Vincenzo galdi ca 1900 @wickedknickers

Vincenzo Galdi, ca. 1900

Photo by peter basch @wickedknickers

Photo by Peter Basch

Albert arthur allen sex appeal series ii 1925 @wickedknickers

Albert Arthur Allen, Sex Appeal, Series II, 1925

By albert arthur allen @wickedknickers

by Albert Arthur Allen

Lovers @wickedknickers


Beauty and the beast @wickedknickers

Beauty and the beast.

In costume @wickedknickers

In costume.

Sarah bernhardt paris 1880 @wickedknickers

Sarah Bernhardt, Paris, 1880.

Dancing lovely @wickedknickers

Dancing lovely.

Toilette @wickedknickers


Paris and helen @wickedknickers

Paris and Helen 

Stockings and heels @wickedknickers

Stockings and heels.

In bondage @wickedknickers

In bondage.

Émile joachim constant puyo @wickedknickers

Émile Joachim Constant Puyo

By alfred cheney johnston 1920s @wickedknickers

by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1920s

A pearl necklace @wickedknickers

A pearl necklace

On the moon 1895 @wickedknickers

On the moon, 1895.

The dance @wickedknickers

The dance.

Polly walters 1929 @wickedknickers

Polly Walters, 1929 

An alfred noyer studio paris postcard moulin @wickedknickers

A.N. (Alfred Noyer) Studio Paris Postcard, Moulin Rouge, Spark’s Ballet

Germaine krull @wickedknickers

Germaine Krull

1920s nude @wickedknickers

1920s nude

Etude de nu france ca 1920 @wickedknickers

Etude de Nu, France, ca. 1920

Albertina vitak by alfred cheney johnston @wickedknickers

Albertina Vitak by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Vicki palmer @wickedknickers

`Vicki Palmer

Across the knee @wickedknickers

Across the knee

Violin lesson @wickedknickers

Violin lesson

La revue des folies bergere 1925 26 @wickedknickers

La Revue des Folies-Bergere, 1925-26

Giddy up @wickedknickers

Giddy up!