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Yes, I’m am gay and I’m liberal. My posts will most definitely reflect that. I see the fight for equality moving in our favor, and it gives me hope. My posts are about those causes I feel are important. Besides the political type posts, I post pictures of things I like, cute couples, hot guys, rainbows and anything else that piques my interest. I don't post any hard core porn, so if that is what you are looking for, you should look elsewhere. I hope you like it. - Winds of Revolution (@windsofrevolution)
Hottigboyzzz lukerowden @windsofrevolution



Richforeverx0 image via we heart it black @windsofrevolution


Image via We Heart It #black #dark #grunge #pale #dcmartins

Lummathieu fùck drùgs l ts sc n @windsofrevolution


Fùck Drùgs, L€t’s Sc€n€ !

Tri2005 will be working on my speedo tan the @windsofrevolution


will be working on my speedo tan the next few weeks….

Those cute boys more cute boys here @windsofrevolution


More cute boys here: those-cute-boys

Yoshicuteboy les garçons cherchent quelque @windsofrevolution


les garçons cherchent quelque chose ? / 

boys seeking something?

Gayasinbeautiful @windsofrevolution


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Yoshicuteboy le garçon à la plage the boy at @windsofrevolution


le garçon à la plage /

the boy at the beach


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