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Bow before these Gods among men! This is a place to worship Dominant Alpha Males. If a picture you took or a picture of you is included here, it is only meant as a compliment - if I claim to own anything I post I will say so. Still, if you'd rather your picture be taken down or credited, just ask and I'll gladly do so. This blog is usually NSFW. All the guys featured are 18 and up, and you must be too! - Worship Alpha Males (@worshipalphamales)
Raunchysub johnsub as it should be guys who @worshipalphamales



as it should be

Guys who aren’t into bdsm don’t always understand why faggots need to be “trained.” This sequence illustrates perfectly the benefits Men create for themselves when they train their faggots: power, authority, discipline, obedience and service, just to name a few.

Alpha Male and inferior.

Keepemgrowin i love watching him flex @worshipalphamales


I love watching him flex…


Random Hot Muscle Daddy

Sambag’s Heir


What i try to do every day @worshipalphamales

…what I try to do every day.

Faggot taxer fagtax friday on your knees @worshipalphamales


Fagtax Friday. On your knees pathetic faggot. Lick the sole of My foot clean, while I rape your account.

A perfect fag’s-eye view of a Superior MAN!

Faggot taxer nuff said huh fag fuck yes @worshipalphamales


Nuff said, huh FAG?

Fuck YES, SIR!

Faggot taxer i look down on you you look up in @worshipalphamales


I look down on you. You look up in awe. It’s the natural order. Down on your knees, QUEER.


Faggot taxer fagtax friday treat for all you @worshipalphamales


Fagtax Friday treat for all you little queer fucks. Now THANK ME.

Thank you, Sir!


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