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Military guys know they got it... @militaryguys

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NSFW 18+ only Military straight guys... I hate all the commercial pictures of incredible perfection. I prefer real guys i see everyday. I'm just tired of seeing the same guys posted over and over so i thought i would post original stuff for you. - Military guys know they got it... (@militaryguys)
Cameraphoneguys official submission post @www.militaryguys


official Submission post 6/21/15

Very handsome horny 19 year old guy taking pics of hot big hard dick
Please submit your full body pics , clothed to full naked today :) if possible if u, send with a camera phone guys sign, u holding with pic. You can submit yourself, your friends , bf, ex, anyone u got from.
Many ways to submit!
KIK: cameraphoneguys
Snapchat: cameraphoneguys ( I don’t send snaps of myself, so don’t ask please, only used for submissions, full body only )

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Inchargedad learning to obey daddy @www.militaryguys


Learning to obey Daddy

Nice @www.militaryguys


Nice butt better take good care of it @www.militaryguys

nice butt, better take good care of it.

Instalads 82nd airborne @www.militaryguys


82nd airborne.

Guysworthexposing army ssg taylor cochran from @www.militaryguys


Army SSG Taylor Cochran from Michigan. Look at his nice tats, hot body, and sexy armpit! His cock looks thick and turned to the side a bit. Would love to see him fully erect! ^.^

check him out as “Riley” from ActiveDuty

Fucking raw @www.militaryguys

Fucking RAW.

Funny @www.militaryguys


Militaryboysunleashed 19 year old marine from @www.militaryguys


19 year old Marine from San Diego, CA

Whitetrashmen submission 345 jimmy fort @www.militaryguys


Submission #345: Jimmy, Fort Worth, TX.  via email.

Well if your gonna steal someone else’s photo, and pretend it’s you, i guess I should be honored.

Nice @www.militaryguys


One fun dude @www.militaryguys

one fun dude…

Just my type big and dumb @www.militaryguys

just my type… big and dumb.

Boysinthewild always show the tats off @www.militaryguys


always show the tats off