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Theresia69 dirtyfrank420 true romance 12 @wyvern44



True Romance.

12 Years a Slave

The Invisible Man

Max delong making a bottoms precum run like a @wyvern44

Max Delong making a bottom’s precum run like a stream. Look closely and you’ll see some massive drippage.  Wow.  Would love to be that bottom.

Mstrhole riley reid and miamalkova have a @wyvern44


Riley Reid and @MiaMalkova have a massage oil lez fest for I Kiss girls. I highly recommend this scene. The tribbing sequence posted here occurs at the end but the build up to this point is well worth your time and money. Wow. Incredibly erotic.

Awesome scene! Great gifs

Fallofthephoenixes the only thing missing here @wyvern44


The only thing missing here is my mouth.

Love Bailey Jay.  One of the sexiest TGirls around.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck this is hot @wyvern44


A tasty treat @wyvern44

A tasty treat.

Tsgirlfriend dickybitches bianca juliana a @wyvern44



Bianca & Juliana

A repeat for my blog, but I just can’t get enough of this… or them!

Hey, cute little transgirls - c’mon over here and let a thug show you some love!

From TS PLAYGROUND 14 (Evil Angel Video).  Bianca Hills and Juliana Souza

Mstrhole milfjanet a retro photo of janet mason @wyvern44



A retro photo of Janet Mason, back when she had hair all over.

And before she had her breasts enlarged. She’s always been a beauty and still is.  She obviously works at it and it really shows.

I thought she was MUCH prettier before she had her tits blown up, but she seems to like it so who am I to criticize? She’s still more beautiful than most women half her age.  

Whoawait a minute no leprechauns no @wyvern44

Whoa…wait a minute. No Leprechauns?  NO LEPRECHAUNS? I don’t think I want to live in a world without Leprechauns.  Next you’ll tell me that the Nac Mac Feegles aren’t real either. Wow.  Talk about a buzz kill.

Milf with girl lesbians milf with girl mature @wyvern44


MILF with girl - Mature with young lesbians - Special: Best of 2014

Mother Lovers Society

Mature lesbians with young girls

Erica Lauren and Kasey Chase from Mother Lovers Society 1 (Sweetheart Video 2010) directed by Nica Noelle.  This was their only pairing.  Sadly, Ms. Chase is no longer in the business.

Four gifs featuring rain degrey and eva cassini @wyvern44

Four gifs featuring Rain Degrey and Eva Cassini from Evil Angel's The Trans Experience.  It’s an outstanding video if you like the shemale genre. This was a particularly hot scene because, well, Rain Degrey!

Mstrhole elexissmonroe and satine phoenix in @wyvern44


@ElexissMonroe and Satine Phoenix in the second tribbing sequence of their RED HOT scene in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix for director Nica Noelle (Sweetheart Video 2008).  Awesome scene. 

Double dip!  Woot!

Mstrhole first of two tribbing sequences @wyvern44


First of two tribbing sequences featuring @elexismonroe and Satine Phoenix in their scene for Nica Noelle in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix (Sweetheart Video 2008).  That’s right, I said TWO tribbing sequences in ONE scene. Elexis is on top for this one and Satine is on top for the second one.  Best scene in the video, IMHO.

Love Elexis Monroe, and this scene rocks.  

Mstrhole arielxoxo and satine phoenix in the @wyvern44


@arielxoxo and Satine Phoenix in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix (Sweetheart Video 2008), directed by Nica Noelle. Great opening scene.

Great scene from a terrific video.

Mstrhole i usually avoid politics on this blog @wyvern44


I usually avoid politics on this blog, but I saw this posted to FB and it was so spot on that I felt compelled to share it here.  Huxley said this in 1958. It seems more true today than ever.

Very true.  How long until even the form of democracy is gone?

Justhottiesandwetpussys wow nice job of spit @wyvern44



Nice job of spit roasting :)

Mstrhole allie haze and natalie moore @wyvern44


Allie Haze and Natalie Moore from Lesbian Tear Jerkers (Girlfriends FIlms 2014).

Allie Haze is the bomb!

Mstrhole darlacrane and jessie andrews in a @wyvern44


@darlacrane and Jessie Andrews in a HOT scene for Girlfriends Films in Lesbian Tear Jerkers.  I never get tired of watching Darla doing girl-girl, especially with someone as cute as Jessie.

Very hot!  Must rent this movie soon!

Unusual passions part 1 brilliant @wyvern44


Part 1 


Unusual passions hot more of this please @wyvern44



More of this please!


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