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The lovely janet mason @wyvern44

The lovely Janet Mason.

Miran is an exquisite transwoman cant get enough @wyvern44

Miran is an exquisite transwoman. Can’t get enough of her!

Miran is beautiful no matter what color hair shes @wyvern44

Miran is beautiful no matter what color hair she’s sporting.

Planning on doing this to my gf in the near @wyvern44

Planning on doing this to my GF in the near future.

Justaboredslut do you like my pussy or is it @wyvern44


do you like my pussy or is it too big? reblog if you like it please

It’s beautiful. Nice and juicy.

Hugeholes filthy fuck pigs any fuck pigs @wyvern44


Filthy Fuck Pigs. any Fuck Pigs Interested?


Dolcetts roasting grotto colorized by haio from @wyvern44

Dolcett’s “Roasting Grotto” colorized by Haio from original scans by Perro Loco. Final three segments.  Not to everyone’s taste.  Feel free to unfollow if this offends you.

Dolcetts roasting grotto colorized by haio @wyvern44

Dolcett’s “Roasting Grotto” colorized by Haio. Original scans by Perro Loco.  This is part 2 of a three part post.  No to everyone’s taste.  Feel free to unfollow if this offends you.

Dolcetts roasting grotto colorized by haio @wyvern44

Dolcett’s “Roasting Grotto” colorized by Haio.  Not to everyone’s taste, but I did post a warming about this a while back.

Yeah like everybody @wyvern44

Yeah, like everybody :-)

More caps from kinky clits the movie enjoy @wyvern44

More caps from Kinky Clits the Movie.  Enjoy.

Some muscle clits from kinky clits the @wyvern44

Some muscle clits from Kinky Clits The Movie ( First of several sets.

Indecent moms to quote a line from young @wyvern44


To quote a line from Young Frankenstein, “What knockers!”

Omg sissymia i will follow you everyone @wyvern44


i will follow you ;-)

Everyone who reblogs this picture gets 5 pictures from me in their inbox! :)


Miran one of the sexiest transwomen alive @wyvern44

Miran – One of the sexiest transwomen alive.

Daria tattoo gets a reblog every time @wyvern44

Daria tattoo gets a reblog every time.

Shit i miss all the good stuff @wyvern44

Shit.  I miss ALL the good stuff.

Myassisforyou reblog if you if you want to lick @wyvern44


REBLOG if you if you want to lick my pussy… Or make me even messier… Each note this pic gets will = 1 spank from Sir on video…. It’s going to get wet. Xoxoxo

Full video uploading now.

Mmmmm…looks tasty.

Adriana chechik achieves what i believe to be a @wyvern44

Adriana Chechik achieves what I believe to be a porn first – triple anal penetration.  Definitely a freaky scene.

Highheelsandlonglegs veronica avluv this woman @wyvern44



This woman is a goddess.

Stlcouple480 show my lovely beautiful wife some @wyvern44


Show my lovely beautiful wife some love. I want to show her that I’m not the only one that thinks she is hot as hell. Want to see how many likes and reposts we get to show her.

This lovely woman should never have any doubts about whether she’s hot or not. She’s smokin’!

Miran is such a beautiful trans woman stunning @wyvern44

Miran is such a beautiful trans-woman. Stunning.

Yes please @wyvern44

Yes please

Kinkymarieofficial adriana chechik veronica @wyvern44


Adriana Chechik & Veronica Avluv - MommysGirl

Another outstanding production from

Schwedeberlin loverofstretching wow wie @wyvern44




wow wie geil ist das denn

The one and only Veronica Avluv.  She’s amazing.

Kikcoitusreservatus this is just @wyvern44



This is just amazingly hot!

Laura brookes i wonder if shes still in porn @wyvern44

Laura Brookes.  I wonder if she’s still in porn?  Had a great scene with James Deen for Nica Noelle in “Cum Inside Me.”

Dani daniels one of the prettiest girls in porn @wyvern44

Dani Daniels – one of the prettiest girls in porn, and also one of the most fun to watch when she’s really feeling it.

Gotta love the 80s hair @wyvern44

Gotta love the 80′s hair.  

Teentrapmegan little slut playing alone @wyvern44


little slut playing alone..

reblog if you need more of me..

Yes, we need more of this little trap.

The incomparable dia zerva @wyvern44

The incomparable Dia Zerva.

Yup @wyvern44


The legendary dia zerva @wyvern44

The legendary Dia Zerva.

Breathlessprincess 53yosouthaussieguy yep @wyvern44




Ummm YES

Only on days ending in Y.

Ok this may not be everyones taste but this is @wyvern44

OK, this may not be everyone’s taste, but this is just about the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen in a video.  Wymiana totally chows down on Hot Kinky Jo’s prolapsed anus.  Totally wild.

Wymiana has two fists in hot kinky jos ass now @wyvern44

Wymiana has two fists in Hot Kinky Jo’s ass now and is really giving it to her. One more set coming.

More of wymiana fisting hot kinky jo different @wyvern44

More of Wymiana fisting Hot Kinky Jo.  Different position.  Watch Jo’s belly bulge in a few of these shots.  Incredible!  Double fisting and prolapse eating coming up in the next two sets.

Hot kinky jo and wymiana in a hot fisting session @wyvern44

Hot Kinky Jo and Wymiana in a hot fisting session.  Wymiana is in up past her elbow in this set.  More coming.

Kaifel30 pantyhose nylon milf stocking @wyvern44


#pantyhose #Nylon #milf #stocking #Legs #Feet #ass #boobs

The one and only Janet Mason.  Beautiful!

Acerogerz you two are awesome cum whore is so @wyvern44


You two are awesome!! Cum whore is so dam horny…. Ever tried pumping ass, cunt or cock together??

Thanks for following! Can’t say we have tried that together but we do have all of the toys needed to make that happen!

will look forward to the time when you make it happen!! Lol😀unit then keep up the great horny vids

This is totally amazeballs.

Mstrhole darlacrane and zoe nixon in bad @wyvern44


@Darla_Crane and Zoe Nixon in Bad Lesbian 4 for @GF_Films.  Highly recommended. More sets from this video on the way. Lengthy tribbing scene.

Great caps!  Darla Crane is a goddess!  Love to watch her tits wobble. Those freckles are sexy as hell and she has an incredible body. Instant wood anytime I see her on the screen.

Mstrhole darlacrane is in my top ten all time @wyvern44


@Darla_Crane is in my top ten all time adult actresses. She and Zoey Nixon have a very hot scene in Bad Lesbian 4 (Girlfriends Films). I’m not really a breast guy, but she could convert me. I think it’s the freckles :-).  Highly recommended video, by the way. Well worth your money. #payforyourporn

Darla Crane is THE BOMB! Best tits in porn. OMG. Could worship them for hours.

Accept no substitutes there is only one rain @wyvern44

Accept no substitutes.  There is only ONE Rain DeGrey.  She’s amazing.

But of course @wyvern44

But of course.

Theresia69 dirtyfrank420 true romance 12 @wyvern44



True Romance.

12 Years a Slave

The Invisible Man

Max delong making a bottoms precum run like a @wyvern44

Max Delong making a bottom’s precum run like a stream. Look closely and you’ll see some massive drippage.  Wow.  Would love to be that bottom.

Mstrhole riley reid and miamalkova have a @wyvern44


Riley Reid and @MiaMalkova have a massage oil lez fest for I Kiss girls. I highly recommend this scene. The tribbing sequence posted here occurs at the end but the build up to this point is well worth your time and money. Wow. Incredibly erotic.

Awesome scene! Great gifs

Fallofthephoenixes the only thing missing here @wyvern44


The only thing missing here is my mouth.

Love Bailey Jay.  One of the sexiest TGirls around.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck this is hot @wyvern44


A tasty treat @wyvern44

A tasty treat.

Tsgirlfriend dickybitches bianca juliana a @wyvern44



Bianca & Juliana

A repeat for my blog, but I just can’t get enough of this… or them!

Hey, cute little transgirls - c’mon over here and let a thug show you some love!

From TS PLAYGROUND 14 (Evil Angel Video).  Bianca Hills and Juliana Souza

Mstrhole milfjanet a retro photo of janet mason @wyvern44



A retro photo of Janet Mason, back when she had hair all over.

And before she had her breasts enlarged. She’s always been a beauty and still is.  She obviously works at it and it really shows.

I thought she was MUCH prettier before she had her tits blown up, but she seems to like it so who am I to criticize? She’s still more beautiful than most women half her age.  

Whoawait a minute no leprechauns no @wyvern44

Whoa…wait a minute. No Leprechauns?  NO LEPRECHAUNS? I don’t think I want to live in a world without Leprechauns.  Next you’ll tell me that the Nac Mac Feegles aren’t real either. Wow.  Talk about a buzz kill.

Milf with girl lesbians milf with girl mature @wyvern44


MILF with girl - Mature with young lesbians - Special: Best of 2014

Mother Lovers Society

Mature lesbians with young girls

Erica Lauren and Kasey Chase from Mother Lovers Society 1 (Sweetheart Video 2010) directed by Nica Noelle.  This was their only pairing.  Sadly, Ms. Chase is no longer in the business.

Four gifs featuring rain degrey and eva cassini @wyvern44

Four gifs featuring Rain Degrey and Eva Cassini from Evil Angel's The Trans Experience.  It’s an outstanding video if you like the shemale genre. This was a particularly hot scene because, well, Rain Degrey!

Mstrhole elexissmonroe and satine phoenix in @wyvern44


@ElexissMonroe and Satine Phoenix in the second tribbing sequence of their RED HOT scene in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix for director Nica Noelle (Sweetheart Video 2008).  Awesome scene. 

Double dip!  Woot!

Mstrhole first of two tribbing sequences @wyvern44


First of two tribbing sequences featuring @elexismonroe and Satine Phoenix in their scene for Nica Noelle in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix (Sweetheart Video 2008).  That’s right, I said TWO tribbing sequences in ONE scene. Elexis is on top for this one and Satine is on top for the second one.  Best scene in the video, IMHO.

Love Elexis Monroe, and this scene rocks.  

Mstrhole arielxoxo and satine phoenix in the @wyvern44


@arielxoxo and Satine Phoenix in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix (Sweetheart Video 2008), directed by Nica Noelle. Great opening scene.

Great scene from a terrific video.

Mstrhole i usually avoid politics on this blog @wyvern44


I usually avoid politics on this blog, but I saw this posted to FB and it was so spot on that I felt compelled to share it here.  Huxley said this in 1958. It seems more true today than ever.

Very true.  How long until even the form of democracy is gone?

Justhottiesandwetpussys wow nice job of spit @wyvern44



Nice job of spit roasting :)

Mstrhole allie haze and natalie moore @wyvern44


Allie Haze and Natalie Moore from Lesbian Tear Jerkers (Girlfriends FIlms 2014).

Allie Haze is the bomb!

Mstrhole darlacrane and jessie andrews in a @wyvern44


@darlacrane and Jessie Andrews in a HOT scene for Girlfriends Films in Lesbian Tear Jerkers.  I never get tired of watching Darla doing girl-girl, especially with someone as cute as Jessie.

Very hot!  Must rent this movie soon!

Unusual passions part 1 brilliant @wyvern44


Part 1 


Unusual passions hot more of this please @wyvern44



More of this please!

Coitusandcarnage happy birthday annette @wyvern44


Happy Birthday, Annette Haven

In my view the most beautiful adult actress ever.

Gremsta76 sweetalicewells or even if youre @wyvern44



Or even if you’re just a sucker for colorful block letters. :)

Damn yes!!

Either.  Or both. :-)

Mstrhole i dont usually do web scene reviews @wyvern44


I don’t usually do web scene reviews, but @theJessiPalmer completely rocked my world in her most recent scene for Kin8tengoku. It’s part of their Threesome Collection. Well worth your hard earned cash, believe me.  These two Japanese guys really show Jessi a good time. Creampie and oral money shots too. Highly recommended. 

Agreed.  It was a fantastic scene.

Worthlessrapemeat the7thblogger @wyvern44





Master likes it when I shove my hand down my throat. He likes to watch my eyes roll back as I choke and gag on it.

I should have slave do this sometime.

Whyd you take my caption?

Don’t steal captions ppl. Just make sure your fuck hole acts like this though


The lovely Veronica Avluv. Always a treat.

Mw2469 coop921 jcuttertv @wyvern44




she is so cute ….and hot !!!!

She is so sexy.  Pretty face and love her hot body, especially those beautiful titties.  Awesome gif set.

Katee Owen.  Beautiful tits.

Mega shemale us yes want @wyvern44


Yes!  Want!

Pussy pumping action from extreme mothers rough @wyvern44

Pussy pumping action from Extreme Mothers (Rough and Beyond) featuring some mature Russian ladies.  Set two of two.  Enjoy.

Some pussy pumped screen caps from extreme mothers @wyvern44

Some pussy pumped screen caps from Extreme Mothers (Rough and Beyond).  First of two sets.

Mstrhole going through the archives this @wyvern44


Going through the archives this evening (no, I was NOT watching the Olympics, thank you very much), and found these gems from Road Queen 16 featuring two of my all time favorite ladies, Deauxma and Dia Zerva. Enjoy.

Definitely worth a reblog.

Mstrhole tbt with brooke lee adams first on @wyvern44


#TBT with Brooke Lee Adams first on camera anal in Massive Asses 5 with Michael Stefano. Directed for Elegant Angel by Mason.

Great first anal scene.  Mason is a gifted videographer/director. 

Mstrhole one more for tbt brooke lee adams @wyvern44


One more for #TBT.  Brooke Lee Adams goes backdoor with Mick Blue for Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses Vol. 17, directed by William H.  I really miss Brooke Lee Adams. Who can ever forget her completely awesome scene with Darryl Hanah in Mother Daughter Exchange Club 10?

Love that ass.  Miss her work in the porn world.  Hope she’s doing well in whatever she chose to do after porn.

The queens of tribbing sinn sage and elexis @wyvern44

The queens of tribbing – Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe.  This one is from Lesbian Sex 8 (Girlfriends Films)

Fresnoslutcunt slutty cumdump wants her cunt @wyvern44



I’d eat that in a heartbeat.

Mstrhole its a great night for finding buried @wyvern44


It’s a great night for finding buried treasure. Some captures from one of my favorite volumes of Lesbian Seductions (volume 30) featuring the amazing Veronica Avluv and the totally tasty Jessi Palmer. Enjoy.  More archive caps coming later in the week.  I don’t want to flood your timelines.

The Pornstar I’d most like to fuck…

Sluty anal wife the lovely and oh so @wyvern44



The lovely, and oh so talented, Veronica Avluv.  Sadly, thanks to the runaway douchbagery tolerated by Brazzers on their forums, she won’t be shooting for them anymore.

Preferablyreal preferably real real amateurs @wyvern44


Preferably Real - Real Amateurs, Real Wives, Real Sex

Follow the links in our Tag Cloud to find more of what turns you on!

What makes this a great photo is her smile.  She’s comfortable with who she is and enjoys showing herself to the camera.

Littlepinkpussies melissa ashley for als @wyvern44


Melissa-Ashley for ALS Scan [x][x]

(via gooncity4)

An oldie but a goodie.  I wish she was still in porn.

Last set from monster fotzen 2 @wyvern44

Last set from Monster Fotzen #2

More pussy pumping action from monster fotzen 2 @wyvern44

More pussy pumping action from Monster Fotzen #2.  I might have volume 1 around here somewhere.  1 more set coming.

Some screen caps from monster fotzen 2 @wyvern44

Some screen caps from Monster Fotzen #2

Milfaubrey reblogsexy @wyvern44





Taste all that the Swinger Lifestyle has to offer!


Only the finest! Come see my archive. Follow me @ More than 42 000 Posts and over 9000 Followers

I do the only problem is i dont have any right now lol ;)

Could use some right now myself.

Throwbackthursday with brittany stryker from i am @wyvern44

#ThrowbackThursday with Brittany Stryker from I Am Curious Black (Caballero - 1987) with F.M. Bradley and Robby Dee

Throwbackthursday with the one and only brittany @wyvern44

#ThrowbackThursday with the one and only Brittany Stryker, one of my all time favorite porn stars from the 80’s. These are caps from Caballero's I Am Curious Black, and she performs here with Robby Dee and F.M. Bradley.  First of two sets.

Mstrhole mother lovers society 10 is a @wyvern44


Mother Lovers Society 10 is a wonderful video which I highly recommend in this glowing review.  It stars Riley Reid, Kimber Day, Magdalene St Michaels, Keira Kelly, India Summer, Claire Robbins, Eva Karera, and Dana Vespoli (who also wrote and directed it).  Every scene is a winner and the final scene with Riley and Dana is one for the ages.  Yum!

Nice review.  Looks like a really hot movie.

Fresnoslutcunt reblog or like my pic please @wyvern44



I’ll do BOTH.  Never get tired of looking at this gorgeous woman.

Ritaroberts56 horny and lonely @wyvern44


Horny and Lonely Matures @ Looking for fuckbuddies - @Twitter

Looks like someone has spent some time with the pussy pump…  Yum!

Two of my favorite performers sinn sage pegging @wyvern44

Two of my favorite performers, Sinn Sage pegging Elexis Monroe.  Yum!

Lezemgif hot and mean fucking the straight @wyvern44


Hot and Mean - Fucking the Straight Outta Dani # Veronica Avluv, Dani Daniels

This was a GREAT scene.  Worth the cost of a Brazzers membership all by itself.

Ritaroberts56 urgent thousands of @wyvern44


URGENT: Thousands of divorcees looking to meet local males for no strings attached fun…Feel free to message them and ask them what you desire…They answer all your questions and meet up with anyone that is local to them and that gets their juices flowing…;-) Its completely annonymous and 100% FREE!!!

This is a photo of a beautiful woman.  What a great smile.  Lovely.

Pumpthatjuicycunt mmmm i just want to fill my @wyvern44


Mmmm I just want to fill my mouth and go to work licking this pumped pussy.

Nicely pumped.

This is just too fucking hot not to reblog what @wyvern44

This is just too fucking hot not to reblog.  What a gorgeous woman in an incredibly erotic pose.

Lovetoeatyourpussy imacocklvr @wyvern44









Taste all that the Swinger Lifestyle has to offer! Trăiesc pentru sex !! Amo fare sesso !! :-)

YES; I Eat PUSSY… And I can not get Enough… Any suggestions on how to get more???   

Love and Kisses, Maryann

Without a doubt.

Guilty as charged.. Daddy, can I have more?!? I crave this!! Unff!!!

Mmm love it

Not only do I LOVE EATING PUSSY   I’m a perfectionist when it cumms to sucking her cunt and making her squirm

Yep, I love it.

Best part of sex with a woman, IMO.

Nothing i like better than a happy ending @wyvern44

Nothing I like better than a happy ending :)