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XanderBear @xanderbear

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Big red bear, love macs, food and complaining.. oh yeah, love dick too! Also have a major soft spot (or hard spot depending on where you put your hand) for bears, cubs, huskies and most in between! Woof y'all! - XanderBear (@xanderbear)
Yum yum @xanderbear

Yum! Yum!

Xanderbear turned 5 today now show me your penis @xanderbear

XanderBear turned 5 today! Now show me your penis.

Post winery piss whos thirsty @xanderbear

Post winery piss. Who’s thirsty?

Walkerall wow perfect @xanderbear


wow, perfect


Good morning need cuddles httpmobliu7bhp @xanderbear

Good morning. Need cuddles.

Fucking adorbz @xanderbear

Fucking adorbz.

Bear tum 818 that cock @xanderbear



That cock.

Thats gonna hurt so good goin in @xanderbear

That’s gonna hurt so good goin in.

Ive jacked off to this picture so many times @xanderbear

I’ve jacked off to this picture so many times.

Good morning need cuddles httpmobliszkve @xanderbear

Good morning. Need cuddles.

Wellcoached how about a drink from the tap @xanderbear


How about a drink from the tap, bro?

Spartacubs progress shots him too @xanderbear


Progress shots

Him too. 😍

Him @xanderbear

Him. 😍

I love dick in my mouth httpmobliod8wu @xanderbear

I love dick in my mouth.

Good morning hot dudes look what you did to me @xanderbear

Good morning hot dudes. Look what you did to me.

Grover3 inchargedad themercuryjones chris @xanderbear




Chris Porter and Coach Samuel Colt 

Coach has learned to spot the pussyboys on the team.

If she’s out of sight, she’s out of mind and he can enjoy the fag’s blow job.

Where did this come from? Must see.

He needs sat on @xanderbear

He needs sat on.

A blooming cock flower @xanderbear

a blooming cock flower.

Yes again @xanderbear

Yes again.