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Really 18+ Only and totes N.S.F.W XXXX A blog about being an submissive Emo sissy slut. On the outside im just a regular boi but on the inside im a submissive Emo sissy slut called Poppy. Like any little girl i love cute fluffy pink things and dressing up but i also love nasty kinky pornography. *Blushes* Mainly i'm into: - Cross dressing - Traps - Female superiority - Sissy maids - Male Humiliation - Matriarchy - Forced Fem - Hypnosis - BDSM - CBT - Femdom - Chastity - Pegging As well as anything that is kinky and involves dominant girls and naughty submissive bois.*Giggles* I ONLY post good quality stuff that i find hot and that turns me on.Usually this will be naughty kinky stuff but as i'm a girly gurl as well as a nasty kink whore i also like to post pictures of pretty girly things like: - Dresses - Make up - Hair styles - Fashion - Cute Things I also like to look for pretty real girls i can copy off and be totes gel of. *Lolz* I really hope to make lots of new kinky friends here whilst leaning how to be a prettier more submissive Emo slut. Thanks for reading Xx Poppy xX P.S. I love talking to new people ESPECIALLY WOMEN please message me here on tumblr or one of these other places Twitter: Yahoo Messenger: Gmail: Dont be shy im just a slut after all lolz xx

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