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Young Beautiful Saggy Tits @youngbeautifulsaggytits

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Photos of young beautiful women but that have tits that sag and hang down, preferably with nipples pointing at her shoes. - Young Beautiful Saggy Tits (@youngbeautifulsaggytits)
Youngsaggystretchmarked love my wifes saggy @youngbeautifulsaggytits


love my wife’s saggy boobs

Me too.

Playful chubby fuck pig with hanging tits @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Playful chubby fuck pig with hanging tits

Picture of my live in housekeeper for the 6 months @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Picture of my live in housekeeper for the 6 months I lived in Zambia.

After the first week I told her she needed to be nude at home if she wanted to keep her job.  She started crying as she showed me her sagging tits the first time.

It didn’t take long for her to like it and become my sex toy…I loved how her tits swayed as I took her (several times a day),  I hated leaving but I bet the next tenant will be pleasantly surprised!

Follower submission love her happy look as well @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission.

Love her happy look as well as the stretch marks on her tits.  I’m sure she’s warm to sink into…

Repeat follower submission i cant help but @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Repeat follower submission.

I can’t help but imagine how this shot came to be taken:  she’s forgotten to make the bed or some other offense, and so she is forced to be humiliated by having her fully nude body and <gasp> sagging tits put on the Internet.

I can almost hear the sobbing…

She made a snide comment to her girlfriend and is @youngbeautifulsaggytits

She made a snide comment to her girlfriend and is being punished with her worst nightmare:  having her girlfriend’s entire art class see her naked and worst of all see how her huge tits sag down her chest, even the nipple droop to the floor.  She knows many of the people in the class!

She begged her girlfriend for mercy but she insisted she needs to learn to behave.

She just wants to die.

Follower submission my woman has uneven tits i @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission:

My woman has uneven tits. I want to ruin her left one and leave her right one the same. I’ve been really stretching her left. She comes when I play with her nipples.

I like the thought process but next time we need to see her face.

Repeat follower submission weve seen this cute @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Repeat follower submission.

We’ve seen this cute little sex toy before…I really like the depiction of “everyday life” in which her normal state is to show her gloriously sagging tits.  She looks like she’s been bred too, so she’s acting as a role model for her kids as well.

A good girl (I suspect that it’s a rare day in which she isn’t taken for pleasure by her man)

This sexy girl makes me want to grab her by the @youngbeautifulsaggytits

This sexy girl makes me want to grab her by the ankles, put her on her back, and watch those tits sway to the “beat” as I take her.

Yes @youngbeautifulsaggytits


My girlfriend gets off acting as my sex slave @youngbeautifulsaggytits

My girlfriend gets off acting as my sex slave.  She has always been ashamed of her breasts but I like them and like to show them off.

I raised the stakes recently by putting on her slave collar and tying her up naked, and then inviting my friends to view and comment on her body and especially her saggy tits.

She said that experience was mortifying but loved how free she felt.  We repeated the experience often and now I take her to special clubs and “exhibit” her.  She feels beautiful and her confidence has soared.

Follower submission she is obviously excited to @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission.

She is obviously excited to be sharing herself with us, as her hand creeps to rub herself.  Nice sage and pretty face.  A breeding or 2 would help perfect her sag I think…

Recently i told my new wife that i had fantasies @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Recently I told my new wife that I had fantasies of her with drooping, sagging tits.  She’s very religious and believes it’s a wife’s duty to make her husband happy in every way.

So, after a bit of a struggle she’s agree to help me ruin her breasts.  We took all her bras and burned them.  Each night I pull and twist them by the nipples to get her pert breasts sagging.

This is the result after 2 months…still more to go and I look forward to our nightly sessions.

My wife loves how this affects me, but sometimes I catch her looking in the mirror very fretfully…

Repeat follower submission this sweet little @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Repeat follower submission.

This sweet little f-toy has has responded to our request for a better photo of her sagging breasts.  Yummy.  Love how her nipples droop to point at her toes (very sexy)

I’ll bet her man loves how those tits sway & move when he takes her (often I suspect).  I’m sure that she knows to how to throw away her inhibitions and act the a wild slut to drive him crazy.

Good girl.

Follower submission love how they hang needs @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission

love how they hang, needs breeding to perfect

I’m making an exception to my “must show face” rule since he is so sincerely and obviously smitten with her sweet hanging titties

I agree that a breeding would improve her sag immensely…in fact over time I can see her nipples point demurely towards to floor.   

Bliss @youngbeautifulsaggytits


Follower submission are these saggy this girl is @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission:

Are these saggy?

This girl is so sweet I’m breaking my rule on pictures that don’t show faces.

Darling,  you have just the right amount of sag for a young girl to be incredibly sexy.  I bet the boys go crazy for you.  The form of your areola and nipples is exquisite. I guarantee that whoever you give yourself to loves the way they move as he takes you.  Don’t ever be shy about them, they are wonderful.

If you find the courage, I’d love to see more of you, little girl, either privately or for posting.

Follower submission cute girl just start to @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission

Cute girl just start to sag…perhaps after her first breeding?  A few more and she will be perfect.

Repeat follower submission abused and used another @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Repeat follower submission:

abused and used

Another picture of the woman who finds it very stressful to show he sagging boobs to the camera…she has such a woeful look she’s very sexy.  I wonder if part of her shame is knowing these pictures are for the Internet…

Follower submission nice looking woman but if @youngbeautifulsaggytits

Follower submission.

Nice looking woman but if this is the follower’s idea of saggy tits I think he needs to spend a bit more time reading the blog!


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