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YouTied @youtied

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"Full Spectrum Domination" of the female gender. Pretty girls, Glamour, Nudies, Bimbos, Stalking, Hunting, Take-Down, Beating, Restraint, Guns, Knives, Bondage, Gagging, Ropes, Chains, Cuffs, Domination, Kidnapping, Abduction, Stripping, Nudity, Humiliation, Degradation, Helpless, Defenseless, Powerless, Torture, Rape, Sadism, Submission, Obedience, Enslavement, Training, Mind Control, Blackmail, Extortion, Incest, Slave Trade, Auction, Mutilation, Amputation, Snuff, Dismemberment, Cannibalism, Dolcett. Repeat. QuickLinks: boobs rape torture - YouTied (@youtied)
Urbanmyth123 when he said he wanted to feel her @youtied


When he said he wanted to feel her tongue piercing flicking over his balls she was more than happy to oblige him with such a simple request, Little did she know that he had omitted the fact that his cock was an obstacle she’d have to deal with first. next time maybe she won’t be so fucking eager to please him.

Violateherworld youre older not worth much @youtied


You’re older. Not worth much. So we sold you to a snuff film film outfit.

Violateherworld your pain lessens mine ill @youtied


Your pain lessens mine.  I’ll stop when you beg me to rape you….

Masteroromance its time to go back to @youtied


It’s time to go back to school!….

A degrader a tremendous gift that you should @youtied


A tremendous gift that you should give a nasty inferior whore only when it has been perfect for you in every way.

A degrader this is how you show love to a @youtied


This is how you show love to a inferior fucking nasty whore.

A degrader how useless despicable owned cunts @youtied


How useless despicable owned cunts who aren’t servile and adoring enough are tied up by Master A to have their worthless udders beaten.

A degrader make an idiot whore hurt and debase @youtied


Make an idiot whore hurt and debase itself for your amusement. Then beat and spit on the dumb bitch and make the scum thank you. The pathetic stupid cunt will be filled with love and gratitude for you for treating it with the respect that it deserves.

Absolutexfemalexsubmission that emotionless @youtied


That emotionless look on her face as she waits to follow the next order. That’s all she lives for, that’s all she is good for.

Hogged cunt @youtied

hogged cunt

Violence gets my dick hard humiliateddarling @youtied



His crops had failed and now he had no way to pay the Lord his taxes, let alone see his family through the winter. He did have a pretty young daughter though. The band of outlaws who roamed the forests were always looking for fresh cunt and she fetched just enough for her father to pay his taxes with a little leftover for some ale. He couldn’t have afforded her dowry anyway. 


What happens next, cunt?

Violence gets my dick hard strap on sluts @youtied







Women enjoy raping just as much as men do

Evilgif and with a crack her world went black @youtied


..and with a crack her world went black

Masochistictendencies no janice that is not @youtied


“No, Janice, that is not enough. Keep on sucking. Keep on until I tell you to stop.”

She looked up at him, not yet ready to admit defeat, not yet ready to obey his every whim when it came to sucking off random strangers he brought home.

Yet, she knew in her heart, she had asked for this. She was a bitch, a whore, his whore, and she was doing this because it made her feel good, better than she had ever felt.

She licked her lips and slipped them over the condom covered dildo once again and began shoving it deeper into her throat as he watched.

Gaggedfts after resisting for a while her @youtied


After resisting for a while, her lovely eyes have changed their expression…

She is now quietly listening to what her captor is saying :)

Brutalfulfillment extremesadistic main @youtied



main interests.

Oooh look! Sportsball.


Brutalfulfillment squirm for me bitch squirm @youtied


Squirm for me, bitch. Squirm all you like.

Lipstixxx noir lipstixxx is back in black @youtied


Lipstixxx is back (in black).
See the full video at Futile Struggles.

Lipstixxx noir lipstixxx is back in black @youtied


Lipstixxx is back (in black).
See the full video at Futile Struggles.