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"Full Spectrum Domination" of the female gender. Pretty girls, Glamour, Nudies, Bimbos, Stalking, Hunting, Take-Down, Beating, Restraint, Guns, Knives, Bondage, Gagging, Ropes, Chains, Cuffs, Domination, Kidnapping, Abduction, Stripping, Nudity, Humiliation, Degradation, Helpless, Defenseless, Powerless, Torture, Rape, Sadism, Submission, Obedience, Enslavement, Training, Mind Control, Blackmail, Extortion, Incest, Slave Trade, Auction, Mutilation, Amputation, Snuff, Dismemberment, Cannibalism, Dolcett. Repeat. QuickLinks: boobs rape torture - YouTied (@youtied)
You suck that fucking cock cunt @youtied

You suck that fucking cock, cunt. 

Correct proper use of mouth cunt @youtied

Correct, proper use of mouth-cunt. 

Bindable kg3436 winnipeg gurl69 being all @youtied




Being all tied up has Always a intense pleasure of mine ;)

The best pleasure to see !


Sleepy cutiepie if you want to see my posts @youtied


If you want to see my posts, follow me. If you want to get to know me, do it

Nakedcollaredgirl ooh can we take her home @youtied


Ooh! Can we take her home Master?

Sensualhumiliation defenceless @youtied



Ukbdsm wife ready for some abuse @youtied


Wife Ready for some Abuse

The dark basement good haul today on the docks @youtied


Good haul today on the docks!

The dark basement the two pretty secretaries @youtied


The two pretty secretaries moaned and struggled in despair as they woke from their drug-induced stupor

The dark basement provillain @youtied



Faye Reagan Snatched, Stripped and Fucked

Now HERE’s a Custom Video I can get behind! Masked Intruder breaks into lovely model’s house, holds her down, strips her, Forces his cock into her mouth and then takes her roughly from behind. THAT’s what it is to be a Villain!!

A ski mask suits you provillain!

Violent rape fantasies a great ending to a @youtied


A great ending to a first date.

The dark basement true love @youtied


True love💖💜💙❤💟💗💚💛

Boobs and snuff snuff boobs @youtied

Boobs and snuff. 

Snuff boobs!

Itamefemales the one of the right is 20 more @youtied


The one of the right is 20% more expensive, but her face is beautiful, and she has more boobs. I will buy her.

Vegasbondage hiheellover proudly re blogged @youtied



Proudly re-blogged by Follow for more of only the best high heel pics. Submissions are always welcome and appreciated. Nudity is not required. Just keep the heels on.

Note to my followers: If you are “in to” high heals , follow this man’s site!

Gaggedandforeverbound she regretted hitting on @youtied


She regretted hitting on and teasing the quiet girl from math class.

Gaggedandforeverbound consider yourself lucky @youtied


Consider yourself lucky that I was so lenient on you here for trying to get away. Next time it will be a lot stricter.

Gaggedandforeverbound dont want to pay rent @youtied


Don’t want to pay rent? That’s fine, believe me. You’ll just stay like this until your check clears.

Ballgaggedbitches follow us @youtied


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