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"Full Spectrum Domination" of the female gender. Pretty girls, Glamour, Nudies, Bimbos, Stalking, Hunting, Take-Down, Beating, Restraint, Guns, Knives, Bondage, Gagging, Ropes, Chains, Cuffs, Domination, Kidnapping, Abduction, Stripping, Nudity, Humiliation, Degradation, Helpless, Defenseless, Powerless, Torture, Rape, Sadism, Submission, Obedience, Enslavement, Training, Mind Control, Blackmail, Extortion, Incest, Slave Trade, Auction, Mutilation, Amputation, Snuff, Dismemberment, Cannibalism, Dolcett. Repeat. QuickLinks: boobs rape torture - YouTied (@youtied)
Tickler4u god i love tickling women @youtied


GOD I LOVE tickling women!!😍😍😍😍😍

Blindkpop @youtied



Stemur prison guard visits female inmate in @youtied


… prison guard visits female inmate in solitary confinement …

Stemur emma is treated very badly at infernal @youtied


… Emma is treated very badly at Infernal Restraints dot com …

Sublime degradation back talk will not be @youtied


Back talk will not be tolerated.

Sexslavefantasy justsomeholestofill any good @youtied



Any good trained slut should like your cock as soon as she sees it unless told otherwise.

Yes, there are some very greedy and impatient whores that have to be constantly pushed back because they are such hungry bitches. But I wouldn’t call them well trained…

Synechode i must obey i am a cockslave i must @youtied


I must Obey
I am a cockslave
I must Obey

Degradedominatehumiliate dont look back at me @youtied


Don’t look back at me you heard me stupid whore get your ass up there and unpack my stuff. 

D0mesticati0n destroythewhore2 nothing is @youtied



Nothing is too degrading or pitiful to get the man she wants.

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Sir Max 💕 Fuckwhore Foxy

Hypnoticbreastmilk after moving into the swanky @youtied


After moving into the swanky gated community, Kat quickly identified her next target. Linda was a recently-divorced single mother living all by her lonesome a few homes down the street. Her kids were grown and had families of their own, and her ex had left her the house and had moved to a different state. She didn’t have many friends; many in the community believed the lies her ex spread, and blamed her for breaking up what seemed like a perfect marriage. She had been shunned, and her kids hardly called any more. So, when Kat introduced herself, the two quickly became friends.

One afternoon, Kat invited Linda over for an afternoon of girl talk and maybe getting dinner later. Never one to shy from a good mixed drink, Linda happily accepted a custom creation. Kat’s famous Irish Coffee. It was potent, and the effects of the alcohol and the other milky ingredients quickly went to her head. They laughed, talked, and as the hours ticked by, the talk got more and more sexually charged as Kat got Linda to open up about her desires and kinks.

“Kat, it’s been wonderful”, Linda started as she stumbled trying to get up off of the couch, “but I must go and lie down…”. “Nonsense!”, Kat interjected. “This is your home now…”, as she lowered her blue dress, revealing her milky white breasts. Linda’s mouth hung open and her eyes fixated on the delicious nipples on her new friend. Trying to string together a coherent sentence… “Kat… what…. no… beautiful… I mean… no… must go… suck them… Kat… what…”. Kat walked over and put a finger over Linda’s lips. “Shh now… you can’t resist them and regardless of what your mind thinks, your body will obey me.”, she she took her hand. “Follow me.” Kay lead Linda upstairs to the guest bedroom. “This is your room and studio now. Lie on the bed.” Linda tried to fight it, but like a robot, her body did exactly what Kat commanded. Laying on the bed next to her, Kat placed her right nipple over Linda’s mouth who began suckling hungrily from the tasty milk faucet.

Pulling her dress down, Kat pulled Linda’s breasts free. “Let me tell you what your life will be like now. You’ve been drinking my breast milk all day. My milk has an effect on women. They become addicted to it. It’s like a drug to them that they can’t refuse. Just like you now. My milk has been working it’s magic and has reprogrammed your brain to crave it. It’s your life source. Your fountain of youth. Just as important as the air you breathe, you need my milk to survive. I own you now. You’re going to live here and be my little milk slut. What you told me earlier really opened up the possibilities for you. You see, Linda. I produce adult movies and need good looking sluts like you for them.”

Stroking her hair and whispering now, “At first, I saw you as someone I could make some basic girl next door, horny milf porn. But after you told me all about your fantasies that your ex never indulged with you, you’re going to be in so many more features… gang bangs, spankings, bondage, anal training, toys, lesbian… Linda, I’m going to make you a star. Even now, your mind is already warming up to the idea. That’s the milk again. Taking your free will and programming you to agree with pretty much everything I say. My thoughts are your thoughts. You don’t need to think any more. No need for that. Just obey me. Obey me, and you get your milk. Now, tonight you can go back to your home one last time. Pack up only your lingerie, heels, boots, makeup, sex toys, and any adult movies you have. Everything else will be sold to fund your movies. Drink from me. Sink deeper into my control.”

What a stupid fucking cunt @youtied

What a stupid fucking cunt.

Whatever5656 what made christina famous out of @youtied


What made Christina famous. Out of nearly 1200 sets I think this is her sexiest, number 202.

Femsubdenial littlesubshay and i are talking @youtied


@littlesubshay and I are talking on the phone and they sent me a link to this gif set because they knew I’d really like it. I open it and enjoy, making little comments like “Ooo! Nipple tickling, too!” and finish and get to the bottom… and… they say…

“See, this is something that I’m ‘meh’ on.”

LOL. Here I was thinking that they were presenting me with a nice fun button to presssssssss. Nope!

So deflating! :-P They were instead referring to a conversation we’d had last night about this ask when we were talking about limits vs things you dislike vs things you just don’t enjoy.

Then again… if they’re just meh about it, but it’s not a limit, that makes my lil sadist wheels start to spin. ;-)

Justtopasstimesometimes ashlee monroe @youtied


Ashlee Monroe

Halibabenudes darlin darlin darlin @youtied


darlin darlin darlin❣

Helenofdestroy photo shoot for my 2015 x mas @youtied


photo shoot for my 2015 x-mas cards