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- Doll (@yumyumasian)
The office you should wear a pair of expensive @yumyumasian

The Office
You should wear a pair of expensive designer boots to the office, as they will give you more confidence, which may increase your performance at your work.

The Club
If you are going to the club for a night out, then make sure you wear a pair of designer boots, as they will make any outfit look that much better. If you plan on doing some dancing, then don’t worry because there are plenty of designer boots that provide you with plenty of comfort, which means you can dance the night away without hurting your feet.

To A Classy Restaurant
Planning on going to a classy restaurant? If so, then make sure you throw on a pair of elegant designer boots and you will blend right in with the restaurant’s environment.

If you are going to any of the above places, feel free to wear a pair of designer boots. 

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